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Vanish January 27, 2007

Josh - 4:21 CST

Beat FFIII the other day. Finally. I don't remember having so much trouble on the final boss in the original version. Sheesh.

Working on a combination of Portrait of Ruin, Seiken Densetsu 3, and F.E.A.R. right now. Pretty close with PoR, and about 3/4 done with F.E.A.R. Maybe halfway done with SD3. I forget how long that game is.

Also, what post office is closed on Saturday? I was going to mail out THONG stuff, and this is the first Post Office I've ever been to that's closed on a Saturday. Sheesh.

Arros Raikou is hosting on Monday, so don't forget to send him some mail along with stuff for me! :)

It's been ages since I've played these.

Dear Ouro

It's a pleasure writign in again! Anyway, when I checked RPGamer earlier today, I noticed that, at the top of the homepage, there are options to view the site in different languages. Is this something that was just recently implemented, or has it been there for a long time? (If the answer is that latter, then I'm definitely not that sharp, having never realized it before...)

Anyway, if last week's topics are still open
* Any series you'd like to see a sequel for?
Megaman Legends. I'm DYING for a Megaman Legends 3...

* Any games you're playing that you think other people should be playing? Why?
Megaman Legends. It's SO underrated.

* Give me some inventive ways to use my DS stylus.
Maybe it's no too inventive of an idea, but have you ever played Rez or Okami? I think that DS installments of those games would rock!

* We've got that Wiimote thingy. There are plenty of videos out there of people using it to do goofy things. What would you like to see it used for in a game?
Wii installments of the aforementioned games would also rock. Furthermore, I feel that there aren't any console light gun games that really make you feel the recoil of the gun that you fire. When the Wii remote is place in the Zapper, I'm hoping that it can rumble when you press the fire button. Maybe the rumble could even be enhanced when placed in the Zapper. Maybe it won't perfectly simulate the feeling of firing a gun, but it would go a long way. That would also establish a universal light gun controller for Wii games, so that people won't have to make their own light gun peripherals. I so wish a Megaman Legends 3 game could play this way

To quote Steampunk, “Megaman Legends and Tron Bonne forever!!!!”


Hey, I enjoyed the Megaman Legends games. They were pretty darn fun. Though the controls were a little wonky, they were definitely better than many RPGs I'd played then. They really should make some sort of spiritual sequel, I think. The weird part about it is that they'd have to keep the graphics cartoony somewhat. Could you image a photo-realistic Megaman? That would be would blow my mind.

I never played Rez, but I have Okami. When I first played the game, I was actually kinda shocked that it wasn't originally planned for the DS, considering how the art stuff works. It just screams "use the stylus!" I kinda hope to see an installment of some nature on that system, just to see what they could do with it.

The Wiimote...I've been waiting to play a game with it of the FPS type (I think there are some, but as I have no console, well...), so I'm still in the dark about the whole "aim and shoot" tactics. I think a cool way to use that would be for System Shock-type games. You know, those FPS/RPG hybrids. Those games have always been a favorite of mine (and I CANNOT wait for Bioshock), and it would be pretty neat to do it on the Wii. Actually, if it was one of the horror games like those...imagine running down a hallway, you run into something, and you FREAK OUT. You start flailing, and you can't -aim- because you're wigging out. THAT is how tension should work. I would love to see them use it like that.



Someone needs to explain Ar tonelico to me. RPGamer describes Ar tonelico as "...[Y]ou create your own heroine and bond with her through an unforgettable journey exploring the world of the Levatiel." For the record, that would be four kinds of awesome. However, everything I've read about it at the official site mentions nothing of the sort.

What exactly do we know about Ar tonelico?



All we go.

You don't actually -create- from what I hear, since each character is part of the story. It's sort of you have a base character that you can customize in many ways. As for other basic stuff about the game, go here. Hope that helps, because there really isn't that much info out there, oddly enough.

Growing up is hard to do.

Hey Matt/Ouro/Random Other Host,

I'm an occasional Q&A contributor, but what I have to say today isn't as much of a question as an observation. In general, I have a problem with the plot of the vast majority of RPG's that are out or scheduled to come out soon. Let me start by saying that gaming obviously has "grown up", as is evidenced by the prevalence of Mature-rated games or anything Rockstar has ever put out. There are so many games in the action/adventure and strategy genre that are definitely geared towards an adult audience... that is, those of us who grew up with games when we were kids, but are now adults and don't look for exactly the same content anymore.


Yeah, it's an odd phenomenon, but it makes sense. When those games first came out, they were ultimately geared towards children. Then, they grew up. Games gotta evolve with the people!

Now my question.... why does it seem that RPG's have obviously not "grown up" along with other genres? How many more times do we have to endure the stereotypical story of young-boy-hero saving the world from evil-empire? It's not only old, it's beyond dead... smashed, beaten into the ground, recycled into futility, pain-inducing. Yet we as gamers still put up with it. I can't tell you how many reviews and commentaries I've read, both here and elsewhere, in the last few years that all have a stipulation such as "well, if you can get over the cliché story and stereotypical characters, this is a great game!" But.... an RPG is a ROLE-PLAYING-GAME, and now most of these games seem to have one central theme that is completely unoriginal and the only variety is in gameplay.

Dead Horse

Ow! That hurts!

I don't get it. I'm 26 years old and have been playing RPGs for at least 10 years. But I'm an adult now... I no longer associate myself (if I ever did) with a 12-year-old boy orphan from some far-flung backwater village, on some quest to save the universe and I'm the ONLY one who can do it. It just seems to me that the story elements are gone. We willingly admit all the time that some of the most hyped games have bad plots, yet we still say, "but it's still a good game and worth playing!" Will we still be saying the same thing when PS6 is released and FFXXVII has a hackneyed plot about a preteen hero saving his village from rampaging chocobos?

I guess my overall rant is just that action games tend to have adult-appealing plots (Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Halo, Silent Hill.... there's many more) but RPG's don't anymore. Why does an RPG story have to be cutesy or cliché or uninspired in order to be an RPG? The only really "adult" RPGs I can think of in recent years are the Elder Scrolls games, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy VII, Koudelka & Shadow Hearts (the first one at least), and the Knights of the Old Republic games. There are probably a couple more, but that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. So much else seems to be geared towards children story-wise but the gameplay is contradictory to that. Just take Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.... tremendous, awesome, very strategy-related, thought-provoking, and somewhat difficult in gameplay... but with a story that only a ten-year-old would actually find entertaining. Here’s a game with play seemingly geared towards adults that begins with a children’s snowball fight in a school playground! FFXII is another one... while not necessarily geared towards children, the story is arguably very poor with mundane paper-characters, but with very challenging gameplay.

Maybe it's just in the style of RPGs in general.... they started as games geared towards kids because ALL games were geared towards kids back then. But now those kids are adults.... and the stories are still for kids. I'm just frustrated. I long for the type of story where a grizzled middle-aged Knight-warrior (like Auron or Cyan or Balthier) is the central character in a truly dynamic story. I'm tired of playing as spunky or pissed off teenage boys!

Thanks for reading... I'm just curious if you or any other readers feel the same way!


First off - FFTA? Difficult? Thought-provoking? Awesome? Please, email me later, and I'll give you my address so you can send me some of what you're smoking. :)

Anyway, yeah. RPGs are a different breed, and I can give you one really, really, good reason why. Japan. Most RPGs come from Japan, while many of the other genres that we get here come from the US. Have you ever played the Fallout games? Those games are chock-full of adult content, and they're some of the best RPGs I've ever played. But anyway, Japan. There are a tremendous amount of games in Japan that revolve around little cutesy characters running around doing whatever they need to in a game, in pretty much all genres (except sports. I don't think I've seen a chibi Peyton Manning yet). Hell, Japan's unofficial mascot might as well be Hello Kitty. Over there, it's not necessarily associated with being childish, so much as that sort of thing is relatively normal in their culture. When I was wandering around Japan, you really couldn't walk 10 feet in an urban area without being solicited by someone selling some item with some little anime character on it.

But there are exceptions of course, like Survival Horror, but that genre definitely isn't geared towards children anyway. Most FPS games we play come from the US, as do a lot of action games.

There's room for debate here, definitely. There are plenty of adult-oriented animes, for instance, which rather counteract my argument here. Hopefully my rant helped a bit, though.

Tengo el gato grande en los pantalones.

Bob, it's right underneath us!
I know!

Ahem- the alien from Metaluna and the Venusian pickle were both fought by me in Tengai Makyou IV. Along with one fixed fight when Hollywood Tycoon Ron Terry sent them after me in his office. I don't know how I forgot to mention that, but now you know ... The Rest of the Story.

Well then, so you don't wanna read MY reviews of Sakura Wars titles, eh?
Fine. Read THIS for the first game, THIS,63797/ as a very brief take on the second, and THIS for the third. None of these are written by me.


So, it's an interactive anime? Talk with girls, keep their morale up, and ensure that they win in battles. Ok...odd combo of dating/fighting. I guess it's your thing, As for mech action, I'll stick with localized Front Mission.

Why read about the third? Because I've gotten midway through it, of course! And it's awesome. Coquelicot is quite possibly the cutest character I've ever seen in a game. And there are quite a few anthropomorphized animals running around doing dastardly deeds: the first battle was against a rabbit wearing the suit the Walrus wore in Alice in Wonderland, with red sunglasses and wielding a big pair of hedge clippers, under the Arc de Triomphe. Having been to the Arc de Triomphe, seeing it in this way was a hoot.

Quick notes about Lunar: Magic School. The single most interesting part of the game is the final two chapters when there are six characters in the party. Even then, though, a LOT of random battles are in the way. And the enemies aren't pushovers, meaning all of these random battles will require some attention.

I don't claim to have understood everything in the story, because I would get bored trying to decipher loads of Japanese text in a row, but it seemed curiously forgetful. Seriously: if a woman enchants a student into setting fire to all the unimportant buildings in town (conveniently enough), wouldn't it be a natural course of action to devote resources to stopping her? Same for the man who put alien-looking things onto the student presidents, making them adversaries. What the hell was up with that? If you haven't read my trio of Shining Force 3 reviews, I ask that you do that now. I did my best to make those a good read.


I scanned through the first one, since it's the only one I'd be able to pick up and play, since I don't import that often. As for Lunar, well...I don't claim to understand anything written in Japanese (except the syllable 'no;' I can recognize that), so this is over my head.

Phantasy Star mention, eh? Be prepared. Phantasy Star 1 is hard (I never finished it) thanks to lengthy first-person dungeons that are brutal. Phantasty Star 2 is also hard even though it's not in first-person, thanks to true mazes and enemies that get really brutal. 3 is a good example of 'great concept, mediocre execution.' 4 is awesome, and also the only one I've actually finished (even though I've played all of 'em).


Well, PS isn't in the collection, oddly enough. I'll have to grab this at some point soon, though.

I'll finish with a few more remixes. FFIV: SMRPG: Symphony of the Night: FFVI: and a Chrono Trigger I hope I didn't send before:

Oh, god, I wish I had that pretty mind back!


I only listened to the first few seconds of each on of these, because the hotel I'm staying has internet that rivals dial-up. Especially when everyone else in the hotel is using the internet (seriously, it took me 10 minutes just to get the first half of the first song).

FFIV - I liked it. A lot. Didn't expect the upbeat tempo in the middle.
SMRPG - Eh...not bad.
The other ones were pretty good, but I didn't find them anything spectacular. The FFIV wins this round.


And here we go...

Arros Raikou is hosting on the 29th.

It's still close near the top, and it's about to get closer...

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight takes a moment to rest (12.2% HP remaining).

Damage Phase:
Draconn falls to Tile 50.
JDX falls to Tile 53.
Slashlen is burned!
JDX is burned!
JDX is full of fury!
Draconn is burned!
Draconn is full of fury!
Leaper is burned!

Movement Phase:
Leaper moves to Tile 53.
BLG moves to Tile 42.
Draconn moves to Tile 51.
Alan Tse moves to Tile 30.
Slashlen moves to Tile 54.
JuMeSyn moves to Tile 4.
Vicissitude moves to Tile 44.
JDX moves to Tile 55.
kupomogli moves to Tile 13.
Tabor moves to Tile 57.
Tabor falls to Tile 55!

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Luca Blight

Great, now Ouro outranks me.

Answer to #L43: C. 1000g
Well, most of you were able to identify this from the first Ys game!

Who of the following gets stronger when the sun goes down?

A. Angela
B. Hawk
C. Duran
D. Carlie
E. Kevin
F. Reise

THONG Question

Answer to #43:B. Grog.

This probably wasn't as hard as I hoped it would be. Diego kills Clint, Cliff kills Kira, and Kira kills Diego. Grog is only weak to magic, which no one uses, so he's the winner.

#44.Difficulty: Easy, Potch: 150
This company comes from the minds who were part of Squaresoft at some point, and they now develop their own games!

A. Mistrunner
B. Mistsleeper
C. Mistwalker
D. Miststorm
E. MisterMisty


Well, looks like Sony finally fixed a bunch of problems with backwards compatibility. Is this a step in the right direction for Sony, and is it enough for them to regain some ground? What do you guys think? The PS2 had the largest selection of RPGs out of last-gen's consoles, and now...what will happen? The Wii and the DS are looking to be top contenders right now, but will Sony be able to keep up? Sound off!
***Josh hates the USPS.

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So uh...I guess Monday I'll try again. -.-


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