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Avast January 22, 2006

Bucket - 8:57 CST

Ohisashiburi, as they'd say in Japanese. It's Rebecca, otherwise known as Bucket, and I've finally made my return to Q&A.

My plans of world domination were derailed by a well-timed Apocalypse spell in SOCK that ended up leaving me with not even enough points to buy the collection of Matt's mom's cookie recipes (please do not ask me what my final total was, it's pathetic.) On a personal note, since we last met, I have acquired 3 new gaming systems (a PS2 and the 2 models of the Nintendo DS; I have a white DS Lite now), moved (along with my family, darn), have spent the past year and some months at my first real long-term job. My massive backlog, however...grows and grows. There's just too much good stuff coming out...

Anyways, on to the letters...Man, this is so much easier when someone's got your back.

Tales are for Wagging

I used to be a big fan of the Tales series. Tales of Destiny (I and II) and Tales of Symphonia were all awesome games. At first, I was excited when more Tales games than I could shake a stick at were being released. Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Swords of Legendia, some handheld ones, and wasn't there a Tales of Rebirth or something? Anyway, I got so overwhelmed, I actually stopped paying any attention. Have you picked up any of these new Tales games? Any recommendations?

Thanks, Vicissitude


Sorry, Vic, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of any of the Tales games. I do know that there's a Tales of Phantasia on the GBA which is supposed to be a re-release of the original game on the Super Famicom, but I'm not sure if/when it fits into the series.

Girls just want to shout KAMEHAMEHA! and blow the living daylights out of Majin Boo

Hey Bucket! Nice to have a girlīs opinion on whatīs going on!

I know that FF12 has showed up on *every* Q&A for a while now, but I couldnīt resist to express my opinion. Am I the only one that DIDN`T like this game? And by not liking, I mean I actually STOPPED playing it at its very beginning. I simply couldnīt stand the battle system. Thatīs the exact same reason I quit Phantasy Star Universe. Dontīget me wrong, Iīve beaten every FF and PS game in the past, except FF11 and PS Online. So, all the games that I didnīt get to play in my favourite series had one thing incommon: the hideous MMORPG-style batle system. But I think thatīs a blessing in disguise, it has kept me away from WOW: Burning Crusade ^_^


It also saves you tons of money for other games, too, doesn't it?

Now answering the questions in Ouroīs last collum: What games do you play to get a time-off RPGs? I usually play fighting / racing-flying sims, my favourite being Gran Turismo and Ace Combat. Oh, Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Neo is awesome! You can really feel the power flowing through SSJ4 Gokuīs blasts!


Right now I'm dividing my time between The Sims 2 (I'm attempting my first Legacy Challenge, which consists of raising 10 generations starting from one Sim and seeing how well you do at the end) and Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (really great game, by the way; it has been well worth the wait since its prequel.) I'm also playing Elite Beat Agents but I will most likely be turning that in soon for trade credit for FFIII or FFVI.

I've played the first two Dragonball Z fighting games for the Playstation 2 but I would really like to see how the Wii handles a DBZ fighter (that is if I ever get my hands on one.)

Any series I'd like to see a sequel for? Suikoden, definitely. I must say Iīm in love with this one. And I think because of a simple reason: the story goes on in every installment. Being a Dungeon Master for several years (good old days...), I find it interesting to see a story developing along time. I may be wrong, but i think thatīs the only RPG with a story that stretches through such a great time period (DQ might be this way too, Iīm not sure, since Iīve only played #8).


Suikoden I is on my backlog, I bought it for $50 at Anime Boston and played about, say, an hour on it before I put it away in favor of my DS. It would have been nice to play the first game through and try to track down the 2nd but that's something that will have to go on the backburner for now. Sequel-wise, I'd like to see some new Golden Sun games, at least with some improvements to the battle system.

Any games Iīm playing that I think other people should be playing? Why? Suikoden, for the reasons stated above. For fans of the series and newcomers alike, I really suggest visiting Awesome site, lots of info.

See you, Alael

I love to push Harvest Moon on anyone and everyone. Grow veggies! Pick mushrooms! Cook food! Meet people! Flirt with the opposite sex! Get involved in love triangles! The game mechanics are pretty much the same from platform to platform, and for starters it's relatively easy to find the two Game Boy Advance games. (Oh, and for everything Harvest Moon related, check out Ushi no Tane. Highly recommended.)

Cool Things To Do With Your Gaming Peripherals, Volume #42

Hey Josh,


Uh, well, I'll take it, I guess.

I saw you were short on letters, so here are some answers to the questions you proposed:

"Any series you'd like to see a sequel for?"

RPG: Skies of Arcadia
Non-RPG: Beyond Good and Evil


Non RPG sequel time, yay! Along with a sequel, I'd like to see quality re-releases of the Earthworm Jim games. Now those games were FUN. I watched the cartoon religiously and can quote Pete the Puppy's anti-fear mantra rather well (considering that it wasn't even HIS to begin with, it's from the Frank Herbert book Dune.)

"Any games you're playing that you think other people should be playing? Why?"

I'm currently playing Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria, which I'd highly recommend: the battle system is excellent, the graphics/sound are good and the main character's split personality is a nice twist. I'm not far enough into the game to comment meaningfully on the story, but it's certainly been a fun (and relatively challenging) play so far.


I'd like more people to be playing Lost they can help me get past this one boss.

"Give me some inventive ways to use my DS stylus."

Use it to spear olives in a martini.


I have this bad habit of holding it in my mouth. It's got toothmarks on it now. If my dog happens to be around, I will tickle her with it. (With the end that was NOT just in my mouth in case you were wondering.)

"We've got that Wiimote thingy. There are plenty of videos out there of people using it to do goofy things. What would you like to see it used for in a game?"

Most ideas that come to mind aren't particularly RPG-related, but here goes:

(1) Would there be a better game anywhere than Katamari Damancy for the Wii, where you use the motion sensors in the Remote and Nunchauk to roll the katamari? Methinks not.

(2) I'd love to see a Guitar Hero-type rhythm game where you use the Remote to conduct a symphony orchestra (or choir). For epic gaming moments, it would be hard to beat "conducting," say, Siegfried's Funeral March, from Wagner's *Goetterdaemmerung* (or, more obviously, the Ride of the Valkyries), while conducting a renaissance choir (in, say, Josquin's *Missa Pange lingua*) could be pretty great, too. Throw in "Bohemian Rhapsody" and you're golden. Especially if Nintendo is serious about moving past the core gamer demographic to snag parents and other family members, I think this could be a big hit.

(3) Okay, picture this: "Grumpy Old Man," You play a crotchety old curmudgeon with a nasty cane and a worse attitude who ambles through your suburban town spreading your message of misanthropy and disrespect. You use the Remote to cane young whipper-snappers who get in your way, for example, and use the Nunchauk to surruptitiously pinch the butts of women young enough to be your granddaughters. It's basically GTA for the octogenerian set. ;)

Thanks for taking my letter. Laters,

I'm sure Namco would like the idea of Katamari on the Wii but you'd probably have to radically change the gameplay since you'd only have one thumb joystick rather than 2 on the Playstation. The conductor idea sounds pretty cool, too, especially since music/rhythm games have really gained in popularity.

The discussion arose between me and my friends on what Dance Dance Revolution would be like with the Wii. I was thinking of motion sensors to strap around your ankles (that would prohibit all that fun spinning around and fancy footwork, though) and waving the Wiimote around like a barbell or (worse) a glow stick. You wouldn't even need a pad or anything, you'd just have to move your feet in the right direction.

Oh, and for idea #3: That is just so crazy it might WORK...Why did I just think of Leisure Suit Larry as an 80-year-old?

And I thought I was out of the loop

Hey Ouro (and possibly Bucket)

There's one problem frequenting a NA RPG site, and that is that they will always get games before you, and something on said game will be spoilt for you! FF12 is a prime example. I still have all but a month of waiting before the game reaches my sometimes grubby hands, and I already know the basics of the storyline.


Don't think of it as a downer--it could be helpful. You know where to go and what to do, and hopefully this won't detract too much from the experience.

Anywho sorry Ouro, i'm already in the hands of a MMORPG called Utopia. Now if only I can survive this 3 way civil war during an actual war I might get a war win.
Bainick's honor has flucturated between Peasent and Duke in his war!


Utopia, huh? Is it a tactical MMORPG? Sounds interesting...


Ouro, my man, wassup dude? Always props to ya man. Down to Earth and one hottie of a girlfriend.


If we're talking about Alicia, she's not my girlfriend. I prefer to think of her as a piece of art that just likes to hang around me.

So I have to agree with you, I'm sick of the port scene. I'll just come right out and say it, I love roms. I'm a rom whore. I rom it up. My set up is I use my Sony 40" LCD HDTV as my computer monitor, and I set Zsnes resolution to 1320x768 which is the highest my tv goes up to and it throws most games into widescreen, and super huge nice resolutions. A: The games look better than most ports would ever look on any of the existing systems (cept the PS3 but, yeah we haven't seen any on it yet), and B: I've got access to the entire library of that system, and since cool people have invented the USB super nintendo port, it's better than the original or any port could ever hope. So I'm not real excited about the port of Final Fantasy VI. Yeah, it would be cool to play it on a train, or while waiting for the doctor, but I'd rather play it on a big screen. Wouldn't you?


I appreciate the old version, definitely, because it's one of my favorite games. However, for someone who doesn't ROM (anymore), it's great to have it to take with me. Not only that, but it'll be nice to play the game relatively glitch-free for once.

Big-screen is great for many, many games. I like them for big, graphical expositions. Cutscenes, action games, FPS, etc. Older RPGs, on the other hand, don't really have that stuff. While I am getting tired of ports, I wholly approve of the FFVI one. It's really about time we got it.

But I'm going to rally your suggestion of topic. Sequels. As long as they're not a capcom sequel, I'm all about them. Capcom sequel meaning some weird obscure feelings trying to be resurrected in the second but not done rather well at all and kind of stale, though Megaman 2 is still way too cool. BoF2 though, come on. What I'd give anything for is a prequel to Final Fantasy VI, and a sequel to it. I mean, come on, Imagine hordes and hordes of Espers running against the sunset up against a mighty magitek army? I think it would be amazing. And then a sequel to VI, mankind dooms itself by recreating some artificial magic again. I think the people at square need to be more creative, game companies in general I guess. There are so many things they could do with the universes they've already created, it's sad that they don't utilize their qualities to the full potential. I would want to see a full on remake of FFVII though rather than just a port of it to the psp, just because the graphics have dated so much, and the tech demo is just way to cool. And last but worth somethin, Sakaguchi was an Exec. Producer of Final Fantasy X. And I don't think they should ever quit making new Final Fantasies. It's cool that a game series has a XIII or a XII in it's title, it let's me know (at least) that I'm still alive, still doin what I love, and others are doin it for the love too. You can't argue with that. Anyway, you're the man Ouro, rock the Force, and I'll do the same, Marine style.

Peace sometime in the east,
Ian William?

P.S. It's all about the Family in RPG's. After all, trust your family, trust nobody at all.


FFVI could have a neat prequel, with the whole Esper thing, but a sequel would be...well, the same thing as the main game. At least story-wise. FFVI was wrapped up pretty nicely, letting the world rebuild. The thing is that while worlds are neat to mess around with, what honestly is new? I suppose you could have new characters (or just playing as different ones that you met in the original game), and a new story, but then what? You still have the same world, with the same locations, enemies, and cultures. Take FFX-2. The battle system was stellar, but a good 80% of the locations you visited were in FFX, as were the NPCs. Whoopadeedoo. Give me something new.

Take care, man. I'll call in the A-10s to help you out if you need it!


I actually played the 10-hour free trial of WoW and wasn't wowed into buying it. Leveling up is boring. I like story. Zohar Gilboa

Ditto. I HATE grinding. And while Guild Wars doesn't exactly have a great story, at least it's fun, and nearly grind-free. It's more about just being the best through skill rather than levels and items.

Hi, I downloaded a song from your site's MIDI archive a really long time ago. I'm talking like six years here. Anyway, the title of the song is Mountain Road. I was wondering, do you know what game it's from? I can't remember and I really want to play that game, whatever it may be. Thank you.


Ok, the one I found was from Ys. I'm just guessing, but you the I found you can check here. Hope that helps!


I was saving mail for Bucket for today, so that's why yesterday was...absent! :P

Aurelius claims the PSU shirt!

Arros Raikou will be cohosting on January 29.

Ethers are out of stock...again. You greedy bastards.

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Luca Blight

Great, now Ouro outranks me.

Answer to #L42: C/D/E. Lance/Reflex/Corrosion
This one's my fault. I typed 'Reflex' when I meant 'Reflect, which would have been the answer. Corrosion and Lance are learned at relatively the same time, though, so those are the -new- correct answers. I'll go ahead and give Reflex points too. Sigh.....

If you were to buy a Sapphire Ring from Pim, how much would you spend?

A. 200g
B. 500g
C. 1000g
D. 1500g
E. 2000g
F. 5000g

THONG Question

Answer to #42:A. Jungle
I always hated fighting those damn Pygmies.

#43.Difficulty: Hard, Potch: 450
Clint the Duelist, Grog the Dragoon, Diego the Sniper, and Kira the Sky Lord all get into a fight. Assuming that the strengths and weaknesses inherent in each class are all equal across the board, everyone attacks everyone else at exactly the same time, and the only way to die is to be hit by your weakness, who is left standing?

A. Clint
B. Grog
C. Diego
D. Kira
E. Everyone dies!


Well, yesterday was my one-year mark. I've now worked here for one revolution of the Earth. I'd do something to my column, but I think I'll wait until my 100th column, which is coming up relatively soon...

Big thanks for Bucket, for doing the cohosting! 'Twas a pleasure. Now, everyone will have to deal with Matt for the week, but I'm sure he's not hurting for letters. ^^;

See you later!
***Josh has shin splints.

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