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The Falcon, Hunter Wilcox - October '99- 2:00AM PDT

Hi. I'm sure most of you are wondering where in the world Brad went. Well, okay, some of you are probably just wondering where the letters went, and aren't too concerned with Brad. A few of you might actually just be curious as to who I am, and why I'm in his column. Either way, neither the letters nor Brad will be making an appearance today, due to unpredictable circumstances.

Brad will probably be returning tomorrow, assuming he can manage to scrounge up some internet access from overseas. You see, it seems the authorities finally caught onto Brad's involvement with Chocobo's Mysterious Druglab. Mark warned him time and time again to be discreet, or else something like this would occur. Unfortunately, he slipped up somewhere along the routes and word got to the cops. Mark denies all involvement of course, leaving Brad as the scapegoat. They say it's a cutthroat business. It appears they're right.

If you're actually wondering who *I* am, I'm just another one of the everyday workers. Don't worry, I probably won't be making a regular appearance here. I've never been very good at this sort of thing so I'm desperately hoping he shows back up tomorrow so I don't get dragooned into putting together a column for everybody. Not that I don't love you folks, I just don't feel that it's morally correct to burden you great people with my dry sense of humor. Trust me on this.

Please keep sending all questions, comments, concerns, math problems, etc., to Brad. He'll get back to ya ASAP. In the mean time, have a good one, and take it easy. That's an order.

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Hunter says: Please, ask him, not me. I'm just a proxy. :o

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