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Ahhh, the return of bad spanish to a column is a beautiful thing... so I get back to my mailbox after my ONE day off (as if I didn't work hard enough for you people ;D ;D).. and it's nearly empty. Well, I shouldn't say that it was nearly physically empty, but more like the fact that it was filled with email for someone else. Unfortuneately, I didn't have the forwarding address for this "Lolita" person, whom, from the amounts of decent questions she received, probably does a Q&A column herself. But I wouldn't print in my column something addressed to, nor pertaining to someone else, that would be unethical. So I just threw every last email with that name on it away, just in case someone ELSE tried to be unethical or something about it. I'll probably have to do that to every mail I get like that.. from now on... which sucks, because I really would have posted some of those questions, had they been directed at me. :)
Heh, heh, heh. I never said I had to play fair.
Anyway, on to more important things. It's been a rough night. Not fun at all. I'd explain, but, well, you don't want to know. Well, okay, some of you do, but I'm not going to tell you anyway, because I don't dump all my personal problems out into this forum. However, if you're cute, female, and like to listen, you may drop by my house and say, "Hi. I'm cute, female, and I like to listen.".. and we'll figure something out. If you're cute, male, and like to listen, uh, go do some interior decoration, or.. uh, something.

YES MOVING ON... hi! .. like I said, shortish column, it'll probably be less than the best I've ever done, but well, I was actually considering for the first time since I started on as Q&A.. not doing a column... but that would have been so.. unlike me. :) I'm much more likely to post a crappy piece of column-like waste than not post at all.. funny thing is, you love me for it.

On with the show....

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I actually have Thousand Arms sitting here... but I FF6 just snagged me.. I love that game.
In Brad's Head
Why is it that that which is good for us in the long run is so hurtful, or bad for us.. in the short run?
...that's totally been the theme of my week. is going to be a long week.
I dig the big firebird myself!
*** FF8 Last Boss Spoilers, of a sort ***
I would just like to thank that magical bird of fire. Yes, that's right! PHOENIX! Without Phoenix's lucky little pinion I would never have beaten Final Fantasy 8. That big birdy brought me back to life twice and did substantial damage to Ultimecia. Thanks Phoenix, you saved me! WOO! Man, I did not expect there to be a 4th battle with that wacky sorceress. I only had Quistis and Squall and almost all of Quistis' magic had been blown away! It was quite amazing, just thought I'd share that boring little bit...

Boffo Bob

I used the pinion once.. but it was more of an experiment, and once I figured out that I didn't really know what it's full effect was, (could I get the GF, could I possibly do something better with it..?) and the fact that it was expended, led me to not using it again, and I pretty much beat the game without really using it again.

Final Fantasy.. on the track!
The other day, I was glancing through the paper in an attempt to find the comics (they still show Calvin and Hobbes reruns in some papers, thank goodness) and I happened across a section on horse racing. There was some big series of races in Melbourne (I think) the other day, and it got lots of press. What caught my eye was that a horse named Final Fantasy won his race by a pretty huge margin. Is this significant? If so, should we try to solve the age-old "which FF is the best" debate by naming a horse after each game and racing them against each other?

-Toni, reporter of omens

FF1 would be the horse that all the old men in the arena bet on. "Old horses are the best horses. They just don't race like they used to!" would be the call. FF4 horse-betters would be much in the same boat, except they'd need their horse to have PERSONALITY, and character development. FF6 horse fans would be those people who needed a horse that didn't look like it was falling apart, but really wanted a great balance between effectiveness, and looks. FF7 horse racers would all be new school wannab-- er, people who liked a horse with a handsome face, but had serious internal flaws, like horsewife-beating and the such. FF8 horse lovers would be after the horse that just didn't race like the other horses did. Did it's own thing. Looked good, got the job done, but took it's own path. Goth-horse, if you will. ;)

Son of a Subma-- *RADIO EDIT*
I just want to know if the translation of FF6 in the Anthology is the dame as Ted Woolsey's in they swear in the game and do different things, or is there still lines like "Son of a Submariner?" and when Locke says "Nuts" when it's obviously damn.

As far as I've gotten, (Which, okay, isn't far yet..) .. I've not noticed any difference in the translation. We'll see as time progresses.. well, maybe next weekend when I have a little more time to -- oh wait, I'm going on vacation this weekend. Doh!

Bradz #1 FAN!
Hey Brad,

That's funny. I did the exact same thing you did... I bought Thousand Arms and Suikoden II on the same day, and I haven't even touched Thousand Arms. Did that 'cause I'm afraid it won't come with the goodies later. Suikoden II does rock all over the place, though... Heh heh. By the way, my Suikoden I data (which I dutifully kept for like a year and a half, just on the word that Suikoden II could use it... I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find everyone again!) worked just fine. I have yet to notice any benefits of this, though... But am I right in thinking that you can get the hero from the first game and Gremio if you saved him? If so, COOL! By the way, this may sound stupid, but where is the land of Suikoden II compared to I? Why don't Victor and Flik talk about the previous war? Those are my only complaints about this game. Well, I'll get out of you hair now, you busy guy... Later.

Happy trails,


P.S. Agreed with your Soul Reaver review totally, dude. Notch on!

Heh, yeah. I've got Thousand Arms just sitting there. I think the prospect of joining the dating market again in a 16 year old form is just frightening. I love Altus games though, them and Konami make up like my major drool-factor RPG makers. More Ogre Battle games! More Ogre Battle games! As for the Suikoden stuff, my Suikoden data just didn't work. I'm thinking about replaying Suikoden 1, (if I ever have the time.. ) and then doing 2 over again as well. But eh, well, that's on the back burner. As for getting the Hero, yes you can.. he has a combo attack with the Hero from the 2nd game, which, as I hear, takes butt and kicks names. Gremio I know has a recipe for you.. (that good ol' stew!) ... and Viktor and Flik do talk about the previous war, just not much. Moved on, I guess. As for Soul Reaver.. well, I liked the game, but when thrown to the criteria, it just looks like it came out a lot worse than it probably should have. (shrug) Oh well. Later, Ben!

Adel, Smell, krell.. jell...o.. aw hell.
*** FF8 Spoilers, you know you want to touch them... ***
What'up Monkey boy,

I have a just a quick question about disc 4 of FF8....

How in God's name do you destroy Adel?

It seems that whenever I fight her (or him, er it! yeah), I either kill off Rinoa or I get whooped by Adel's badass spells. What exactly is the quickest way of defeating this bitch?

Right now I'm using Squall @ lvl 41, Zell @ 30, and Quistis @ 25 and I have all summons from Disc 3 except Doomtrain, Eden, Cactar, and Bahamut

Well, first off, STOP HITTING RINOA. I don't know for sure, because I figured from the beginning that if Rinoa dies (and she's only got like 8000 HP), it's over. Use Cure on Rinoa when she gets low on HP (I used Leviathan's Recover Command).. and then, I don't know whack Adel until the cows don't come home no more. If you've got to, use Aura. I didn't have a problem with this battle at all, but many people have. I wonder if I just got off easy? :)

Triple Triad Physical Card data info
Well, I was hoping other people could have supplied you w/ info about the Triple Triad cards, but I guess it's up to me. Oh well. Anyway, I got mine at Software Etc., but I'm positive they'd be in Babbages or the other affiliates of that store. As for the physical appearance of the cards, they're almost exactly like the cards shown in the game (couple minor differences in borders; the GF cards have "G.F." written on them (and/or stamped in foil) and the character cards have the character names written on them (ditto about the foil)). The cards sell for $4 for a randomly-sorted (pfft, yeah right) pack of 10. Roughly 11 out of every 20 cards I've purchased have been TT game cards. The others are pretty, albeit useless, artwork cards. Each pack also includes 1 copy of the "Carddass Masters" rulebook (in Japanese, naturally) and 1 single-sided background card (presumably for use in creating the board; it has the design of the "backs" of the cards). The cards themselves are 2-sided, with blue background on one side and pink/red on the other. Hope that helps. And no, you can't have my Mini-Mog card... unless you happen to have a Selphie card. ^_^
Just my two copper, bronze, and alloy coins,

John Z

Dude, I found a full boxed set for $60.. I just might get it. Of course, I still stand by the fact that it'd suck to try and figure out plus combos in your head.

Howdy Hi Ho.

I love Suikoden. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on S2. But there is one thing gnawing at my existence. Something that has caused many an argument among me and my colleagues.



I actually personally say 'Soy-yoo-koh-den', though if we have any girls with cool voices who want to give us a nice sounding pronunciation, I will be assured to post it... remember, only one spot.. so make yours stand out ;)

Would you like to touch my Quickies?

OH please tell me that they brought back the CUP GAME, you know roll the dice in the cup.

Yes, they brought back the dice game, though it's a lot harder to make any money at it, since you can't double your bet, or bet even more than 3k per game. (sigh)

Words from the Wise One:

...Well, there ya go. If ya'll would address your mail correctly, we'd have a bigger column tonight. Sheesh! Kids these days.. sending things to the wrong place. :) I swear. Anyway, off to bed with this one... night all!

Brad "Yo, Ding-Dong, man, Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong, man, yo!" Lohr Did I get that right, Kev? :(

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