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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - October '99- 01:00 PDT

Hey kids, and welcome to RPGamer street! I am Bradford the Q, and today's letter is.. .. .... today's letter is SUIKODEN 2 ROCKS. Yes. Today's letter.. is "Suikoden 2 Rocks". The number for today, is 7. Duh.

Yesterday's column was actually quite a good deal, I'd thought. I liked it. You liked it. I liked it. You liked it. *I* liked it. *You* liked it.

I liked it.

You liked it.

Er.. sorry, sometimes I get stuck in a rut. Anyway, I honestly got about 30% of the email that I normally get, (maybe this is normal for the weekends..? What, you people don't fiend over videogames all weekend? Come on! RPGamer loves you!) .. so we're actually looking at a possibly short column, but .. well, we'll see.

The Big "V" will be back tomorrow. The magic 8 ball says that you guys should call her Steve. Every last one of you. :)

Got Questions? Problems?

Ask Steve
heh, heh, heh, (s)he's gonna kick my butt...

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In Brad's Head
Writing Column during intoxication... not a quality product, but damn funny.
'course, you spend most of the next morning re-writing...
I like pizza, Steve
Suikoden 2
Yeah, I'm just wondering who you use in your party for Suikoden 2. I use

Front: Humphrey Flik Viktor
Back: McDohl Futch Hero

Don't tell me thats not a kick ass line up, because it is. Nothing but old Suikoden 1 people in my party!

I actually beat the game last night.. and I used Georg (this man destroys..!), Humphrey (.......), Wakaba (Sci-Fi Wakaba!), the Hero, Lo Wen, and Millie (Booomerang ATTACK!)

Heh, heh, heh..
Oh great and wise Oracle, hear my plea:

Do the people who send 80% of the Final Fantasy 8 questions to you realize that they are answered in the Tutorial? As the game progresses, the Balamb Garden Network gets updated and the information listed in the Tutorial changes. Every character's limit break including Rinoa's Angel Wings, every GF's skill, and the GF abilities are all described. There is even information about certain story elements in case someone didn't pay attention or missed something. Doesn't getting asked the same inane questions over and over again get annoying?

-- The Sage

See, Oracles and Sages are both great wise men. So we look out for oneanother. To answer your question though, yes, it does get annoying. But I can't claim entire immunity to the kind f laziness brought about by not wanting to look something up. It's pretty bad. Even in this article, it's a rare time that I actually go to look something up. (shrug).. lots of times, I ask my good friend over in the News Dep't, Hunter Wilcox, (who, btw, knows everything when I'm want of a good answer). Also, you guys don't see all the FF8 questions that I don't print. Which are generally repeats of a question that I more often than not, answered during the previous 5 days. It can be annoying, but, well, just like sitting around in a cave posing as some chick who knows everything.. it's all just part of the job. ;)

Oooh.. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...
Greetings you oracly Oracle you,

I just recently started Star Ocean: The ”nd Story, and I am having a problem already.

In the guide I was using, it stated that if you managed to use the PickPocket skill on the fortune teller in Clik before it is destroyed, you can get an awesome item called Mischief, and a Marvel Sword if you stole from another guy in Mars. Being the "gotta-have-em-all-Pokémon-Syndrome" guy I am, I started on the TEDIOUS task of getting 40,000 FOL for a Bandit's Glove. (Very hard to do at the beginning of the game.)

After a whole day of battling, I managed to get the 40,000 FOL and got Claude's skill in PickPocketing to 10. I bought the Bandit's Glove, but for some strange reason Claude fails at pickpocketing anybody EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! He doesn't have the Dextrious talent, but that shouldn't keep him from stealing anything at all should it? Are all my money, skill points, and most importantly, TIME all used in vain? What am I doing wrong?

Raistlin X

Heh.. I did the exact same thing, actually. Went through the exact same process.. just to find out that yes, indeed. You do need the Dexterity Talent in order to lift anything off of anyone.. ..and the worst part is, you can't learn any skills before then that can unlock Dexterity. The only way to do it is to make sure Claude (or Rena if she's the lead) has Dexterity as a starting talent.

Heh, finally, someone caught it...
hey Brad,

the whole "Wakaba (sci-fi Wakaba!) " wouldn't happen to be a Cibo Matto reference, now would it? If so...rock, on. They're rad.


Yes! It is. :)

Chrono Cross Artwork CD?
Yo!, Oh Great Oracle....

Out of curiosity, does Square plan to release an art disk of sorts with it's upcoming Crono Cross? That would totally rock! The idea was great with Final Fantasy Anthology and I'm sure a lot of people would like to see this done with CC. Peace out, Man!


I don't see that happening, unfortuneately.. if we see something like that, it'll be in the news section, however.

Ooh.. oh! I'm the big O! Feel me, yeah!
1. I know this is kinda dumb, but is it possible to play the FF Anthology music CD on a regular CD player? I'm kinda ashamed I don't know.

2. I know that you can't save PS1 games on a PS2 memory card, but is it possible to save PS2 games on a PS1 memory card?

3. Have you seen the Triple Triad trading card game? How is that supposed to work when you flip someones card? Is the card 2 sided with a blue and a red side, or what?

1.It's a regular music CD.
2. I'm not entirely sure how the backwards compatibility on the PS2 will work. We probably won't know for sure until it's released.
3. No clue. :) I still want the cards, however. I think the worst part of it all would be trying to figure Plus Rule combos, in your head!


Hello! I am bob from Denmark! I like goat cheese!

Hi Bob! I'm Brad! I like cheese too!

I write, dear Oracle, Because I am about to embark on a quest so perilous that 'tis nary a person who hast e'er tried it. Everyone must know of my quest, so that they may know it can be done. going Xenogears a second time....a feat no sane person has ever accomplished. Wish me luck. Adieu.
Maou Jakkii

That is crazy.. I mean, I had fun going through Xenogears.. but I haven't wanted to go back through again since. Maybe someday when I have time...

Words from the Wise One:

Yeah.. not a lot there. Thanks to Josh, for the Q-Feel mp3. Things are happy now in the land of 80's ... anyway, I'm taking the one day of my weekend and runnin' with it. You all have fun with Veronica this weekend. Later!

Brad "And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!" Lohr

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