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OooOooh... that's right.. First 'morning' update. My physics teacher is actually out of town right now, so she cancelled the 4 HOUR lab class I normally have this morning. So I got some extra sleep last night (..and there was much rejoicing.. *cheer*), and here I am this morning. Now seriously, you don't have much time left to get those art questions in. I'm a buy guy! I don't stop by my house during the middle of the day to be able to forward those things across (that was the reason that I had to push it off till tomorrow. I really hadn't received any questions yet.. but I wasn't going to get home until it was time to write the column, and I honestly don't expect Aimo nor Lore to be up at the godawful hours that are the normal times for my updates.) ... but anyway, you have very little time left for fanart questions.

Oh, yeah. Lest I forget again, my best friend is still looking for that Q-Feel mp3. Anyone who has it, or knows where to get it, email me. Good things could happen. The song is Dancing In Heaven.

Other than that.. let's just see if I'm still good... the morning after!

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Templton, you poor misunderstood .. 'lad'/'gal'?
O Mighty Oracle of all that is good and holy.

I was reading your column yesterday and I noticed that some one said that Templton was a girl. Now being the Suikoden fanatic that I am, I quickly looked though both Suikoden 1 and 2 to see if this was true and it is' nt. Templton is definitly a guy. In Suikoden2 I used Richmond to investigate Templton and the second time he says (quote he has been traveling north to complete his map end quote). It would appear that you were right O Mighty Oracle and one of your lowly servents was misinformed. For we must all cower in front of you because of your gerat gaming knowledge.

Yes! Yes! Cower! .. or.. actually, this hopefully solves the issue. Now if 'he' weren't such a weenie, and he'd join your fighting party.. then you could take 'him' to the baths, and find out. I was actually kinda shocked when I found out Wakaba (sci-fi Wakaba!) was actually a chick. One of my favorite characters, even after that! ;D

Okay, the ego wouldn't let me out of the house unless I printed this..
::to the tune of "American Pie"::

"We started singin' oh my, this here oracle guy.
Gotta question, e-mail brad and he will quickly reply...

His section rocks, to Big O we deem high, saying 'monkeys are the keys to our lives......., monkeys are the keys to our lives.....

Did you know this monkey boy's jedi mind trick can and will destroy...
And he uses it like a toy...

So DON'T GO THERE with your questions please, as his deadly technique will
make you think you're Steve.
And he might....just do that to meeeeeeee.

Oh but we don't care, Brad kicks some ass,
And he's funny as hell to the questions we ask

And what is that dirty smell....
GOOD GOD! It's Mark's moldy section!

Oh! all the more reason to love this oracle guy
as he updates even when he's about to die.
And thats sure one HELL of a guy
Oh yes, he is our Q and A dude!!!

We started singin' oh my, this here oracle guy. Gotta question, e-mail brad
and he will quickly reply...

His section rocks, to Big O we deem high, saying 'monkeys are the keys to our
lives......., monkeys are the keys to our lives....."

*hums along*.. heh heh heh.

Okay, now I know that I wasn't cheating.. cuz THIS is cheating.
*** Star Ocean 2 Spoilerish stuff, don't read if you don't want to know ***

Another quick tip for those out there who can't beat that last boss of SO 2, there is a certain combinations of two items which can make you invivncible (sort of). Equip the items "Peep Non", and "Lunatic Ring" at the same time. The Lunatic Ring makes you invincible (all attacks do 0 damage) but always dizzy. Peep Non prevents you from being dizzy. Viola. A few caveats, though. One if you are hit with the spell "Curse", the protection stops working (its really kind of a glitch anyway, so don't ask me why). Secondly, after a small number of battles, sometimes one, sometimes a couple, the Lunatic Ring vanishes, so this won't help for the Survival Battle at the arena. But it works damn well on that final boss. (heh heh heh....)

The Fnorder

Heh.. Fnord, eh? I much prefer your evil twin, The Fjorder. But oh well, he doesn't cheat as much in So2 as you do. :) But thanks for the info.

I'm almost sure that I've answered this before...
Here's some FF8 queswtions that are really pissing me off.

ONE: What in double hockey sticks does Rinoa's Angel Wing limit break do? The first time I saw it along with the Angelo option, I went "Ooh, neato mosquito, what does this do?" So I used it. Then these big ass wings come out of nowhere and lift her up for a sec and then disappear. I go, "Ooh, that was really cool looking." Then it goes back to the battle and I go, "Now wait a minute, that didn't do anything at all!" So what does it do?

TWO: Is there anyway to get Adamantine somewhere in the game without having to Card Mod my Minotaur GF card? I want those kick ass weapons that use it to upgrade. I only need 3 Adamantines anyway, not the 10 that the Card Mod gives me and I like keeping my GF and Player cards.


--The Geek

ONE: She starts going beserk with magic. I didn't notice it the first time either, but she starts going nuts with the stuff. Not sure if it takes the magic out of your stock or not.
TWO: Fight Adamantoises (they're on the BEACH part of an island just north of Dollet).. you should win it from them.

FF8 Dragon Info
*** Minor FF8 Enemy Information Spoilers ***

Hola Bradito...

...all the "Dragons" in FF8 have a "Breath" attack (I think, I'm not sure about Blue Dragons). And all of them have a certain element.

Grendal - Lightning
Hexadragon - Fire
Ruby Dragon - Physical

So, if ya wanna protect against Breath from a high lvl Ruby Dragon, boost your Vitality and cast Protect on your guys.

Or you could just use Lvl down and turn them into pansies :)


Using Tonberry's Lvl down was the exact technique I used vs high Lv Ruby Dragons. Those guys are just mean, otherwise.


I love my son, I love God, but most of all I love my Mug Root Beer. It's so true.

Forsake your son! He is not holy enough to be near that of Mug Root Beer!

Words from the Wise One:

Yikes. I didn't realize how little stuff for today's column wouldn't be art-focused. But a lot of Art questions did come in. Hopefully, tomorrow's column will be a big huge art extravaganza. :) I hope so.. I mean, I'm not much into art myself, as per the fact that I just CANNOT draw worth beans... but I'm glad people are out there doing fanart, because it all looks great, and it's a cool way for people to go out and express how they interpret these games. In fact, all of our Interaction areas are great avenues for ya'll to express how you see the games, and how you'd like to see games. So go visit them all. They're all great. Anyway, enough of my happy pep talk of other people's columns. See you guys tomorrow!

Brad "Moot'n'Cheese" Lohr

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