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Xenogears Day!
The Oracle, Brad Lohr - October '99- 01:05 PDT

Well, the big day.. Xenogears Day. And here with us is Michael Murray, to answer all your Xenogears questions.. or well.. all the ones I was sent. It wasn't exactly a star turnout.. I'm pretty sure we'll have Aimo from the Anime Contest next week, I'll have to get in contact with him/her real quicklike and hook it up.

Anyways, some neat stuff going on.. I'm a text parsing machine. I really am. You wish you knew.. well, some of you do. But only some.

Egads I'm tired.

... weekend.. only.. 2 days more...

Er, anyways, after two 9 hour days, and a 10 hour workday.. plus columns waiting for me to write once I get home.. it can get kinda crazy over here. .. but I thank ya'll for puttin' up with my bitching about it just about every night. I still get great comments from a lot of you saying how much you love the column, how much you love Brak.. Hey Brakky Wakky! .. etc. And well, anyway, enough mushy stuff. Unless yer a girl. Then we'll talk, email, uh, hehe.. waiiit.. quick, start-column-change-subject-mode!

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Just before we go on, I'd like to note that there will be numerous Xenogears Spoilers mentioned, in all likelyhood.. I'm not going to mark each one, so if you don't want Xenogears Spoiled, well, today just isn't your day.

Disk Two Blues..
Ok, I've got a simple question. It's not hard, it's not long, it's not esoteric. I just want a definite answer by someone who knows what they're talking about. My question:

What the hell was Square thinking with Disk 2? Seriously. I just want to know if they ran out of time, or money, or were honestly trying something different. Why did it feel so chopped up? Were there major subquests taken out, or were things like Rico's parents always meant to be solved only in passing? Why did all the anime scenes congregate here, and all the battle on Disk 1? Are battle and anime scenes antagonistic to each other in Square games?

Please provide me with an answer, or I'll have to spend my valuable money and vacation time flying over to Japan, tracking down the game's designers, and yelling at them until they give me an answer. Which probably wouldn't do any good, as I don't speak Japanese. Thanks.


Michael: Have fun in Japan, and congratulate Yasunori Mitsuda on the Creid album for me.

Honestly I was disappointed with the second disc. It did feel chopped. Budget is likely the answer. That or time. They either ran out of time or money. There were probably several sidequests cut out. Come on people, who else wanted a Chu-Chu death quest? Or how about more on Ramsus? Oh, and there was a sidequest (on disc 1) that showed Rico's father being the Kaiser.

Why does that always happen? I know! It's because they're Square and they don't care. Right? Nope. I was fiddling with the debug mode, and I noticed that there were in fact many more movies on Disc 2. Maybe disc 2 was trying something different, so they did assemble most of the movies for it. Disc 1 rocked.

..*mumbles something about disc 2 development strangely coinciding with a large marijuana bust in Japan*

Peanut Butter Crecens
Hey Brad of Creamy Peanut Butter and Xenogears dude,

This has been bugging me for the longest time. In the Zeboim civilization in disc 2 of Xenogears, in the back of the city where the parking lot is that you do Emereldas side quest, there's this gate. Normally I would assume that the doors you find behind this gate are just there for show, but if you turn the camera, the human sized (not the gear sized) door has a hallway going from it into a new area... I tried everything, but I can't go through that door... can you guys tell me whats up?

*Michael gets up, approaches Brad, and starts scooping out the Peanut Butter*
Yum. I spent hours and hours (yes, I really did) here. The truth is, the gate to the Emmy sidequest is comepletely on the other side of Zeboim City. It's a pothole. Get out of the Gears and press X. Here is where you will find the way.

Yeah, I spent quite a bit of time at that point too, and I knew something was there, but not where exactly... oh well.

Xenogears 2? Yeah, you wish! .. upon a star.
Hey Brad,

I was curious if you or anyone you know might have heard if Square was doing a sequel to Xenogears?


*Fresh from a good teeth brushing, Michael returns to answer a question*
Today we can rejoice... sort of. There is no official word, but we have heard rumors about it. When an artist for the Xenogears team was questioned ox XG2 recently, the reply gave a hint of the possibility of a sequel being in the works. If anything, the game is probably about 1-10% complete. And even that's stretching it. Also, the team is currently busy on Chrono Cross (at least some of them). But that game is almost done, and the team needs a new project...
The good news is that we'll be keeping you updated at our web site. (a.k.a. The Nisan Sanctuary). We'll update with any news of the future for Xenogears when we get it. Keep an eye out.

Yes, you too can get shameless plugs for your site if you are a Q&A guest person.. boy aren't you all jealous?

Amano Fans Unite! (Part 2)
Amano currently has an art show going in New York up until the 31st of October. Directions are on an ad near the back of the FF8 strategy guide. Also, if there's a Kinokuniya bookstore nearby that person who asked the Q...they sell a great variety of Amano artbooks and calenders and whatnot.


Ooh, I'd like to go to New York, not because of Amano, (what can I say, art just doesn't do it for me.. ) .. but there are tons of neat things there.. like.. kids.. and.. monkeys.. in.. the zoo...

Amano Fans Unite! (Part 3)
Well, I don't know where to get _original_ Amano art, but Amano fans may be interested in knowing that Amano painted the Sandman 10th anniversarry poster (very nice), and is doing the art for a special new Sandman Graphic Novel. Sandman is, of course, one of the greatest and most critically acclaimed comics of all time. Even if you're not usually into comics, I still HIGHLY reccomend you check it out. It really is like nothing you've ever read before...

-Bryan Berg

.. and the zoo might have goats too.. but be careful... you could put an eye out!

They don't make RAM in Japan...
Hey there Steve,

Is it true that there was a big earthquake in Japan that caused the price of RAM to go up around the world? If so, do you think that will affect the cost of Playstation 2?

Thanx man.

Actually, the earthquake you're thinking of was in Taiwan, and it already has increased RAM prices.. I don't know if that will have an effect on the PS2, but if they don't lower the price, I wouldn't be suprised to see it cited as a cause, even if it's not true. Naughty!


That looks like the same banana that was in the microwave.... Watch out, 'tis radioactive.

Well, the Turtles like that kinda stuff... they're not mutants because of a freak accident in the bathroom with an electric razor, you know.

Hello,you are funny dude.....Steve.... Go to if you like the card game from FF8.... Something about online Triple Triad,isn't it cool?

I have to go now bye see you other time ....maybe....Steve....Thanks.....

..Thanks, Steve.

My name is Steve too! Wait, no its not.

Shut up, Steve. You're not fooling anyone.

Peanut butter doesn't go well with Ranch Dressing...

Heh, with a little vermouth, it'll taste just fine.

Well, seeing as how Zac is now known as Zacarena, and seeing as how he is also now anime (ala the "Zacarena's New Look, courtesy of Goggleshng), well....
*stomach churns*
Does this mean that Zac, err... Zacarena, is one of those naked anime chicks Thor hangs around with?

*vomits, wipes chin*
-A Blue Guitar

Heh, no, with that body, Zacarena couldn't fit into my er.. a.. basement.. wi.. heyyy.. who are you working for?

Hey there, Brad!
What do you look like? Are you hot?

Well, I have a picture from five years ago here, or one more recently here.. also there's the Anime Brad of which I am quite fond of here. And I usually run about 97~98 degrees. Not a very large incidence of overheating. ;)

Words from the Wise One:

Michael's Closing Words: I've probably had more fun writing this than you've had reading it. That's okay though. The real Xenogears stuff is here (Nisan Sanctuary). Shameless plugs are great. So all of you, get those browsers going to We're waiting for you.

Brad: What else can I say? oh! I know.. SUIKODEN 2!!

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