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Smells like Cartoon Planet!
The Oracle, Brad Lohr - October '99- 01:00 PDT

It smells like...! TUNA FISH... heh.. sorry. I love this mp3.. it's so funny. If you've never heard/watched Cartoon Planet, I wholly suggest you do so. It's funny stuff. Maybe if you all are good, I'll give you more Cartoon Planet mp3s. Maybe. If you're good.  ZORAK PRISON POD.. BRAK BRAK..!

Anyways, I was a full fledged little CGI monkey today. I was database creatin', form-fillin... I was a nightmare on the internet.. yeah... Okay, I'm out of it. 9 hours straight kinda makes the mind go *bzzt, BzZt*, and frizzy frazzle.. so if I'm not my normal self, well, them's the shakes, sometimes.

I've gotten a lot of responses on FFA, lots of dissappointment out there. Which is sad. FF6 is by far my favorite Final Fantasy game. 8 was good, don't get me wrong. I really liked 8.. but there's just something about 6 which I really love. Maybe it was dropping Mog off a cliff. :)

</wickedstreak>.. right. Anyways, Steve.. time to move on. I think we'll do some questions.. a little answers.. and after all that.. I'll just ramble about how tired I am and then post a picture of ninja turtles in weird situations... hey.. if the formula works.. don't rock the boat!  WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE SPACE GHOST??

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Sleeeeeeeep.. sleeeeeep
Dear Brad "Thundara Maker" Lohr..

Heh.. I makin' da Thundara for joo!

Tanks fer being my source of humor in the morning. You're funny and are the 4th person who have an anime pic of them.

You're welcome. :)

1: What do you consume to keep you awake so long?

Children. *ch0mp* .. and orange soda.

2: Do you purposely avoid sleep?

Not really.. I just never am close enough to my bed during other times of the day in order to fall into it..

...9: Do you enjoy sleep?

...can't tell ya til I get some. Sleep that is.

11: Are you hallucinating now?


13: Do you see 7 numbers above this?

..7.. Your name is Steve!


Lamer of the week award!
in ff8 you do need the magazine those people must have had them and not known it becasue if you dont have the magazine and go to a junk shop the weapon will not be in the choices to change the weapon so hahaha ask that person who said the first time if he did find out he needed the mag and ehll say yes btw THERE HASTO BE HIDDEN CHRACHTERS THERES SPACE FOR AT LEAST 3 maybe ward kiros and laguna or edea, seifer and his 2 cronies

the jollysailor

I'm sure they found the magazines without knowing it! I tend to believe Paws over you. :) Sorry, maybe it's because she pronounced Shiva for me. Maybe it's because she doesn't sound like a 3rd grader grammatically ;) .. and btw, there doesn't HASTO BE NUTTIN .. I mean, there were like 4 extra spaces in the FF6 line up... but .. thanks for the speculation. Well.. maybe not. :P

Late night Grandia Fascination
As you may know, the November issue of OPM came out with a playable demo of Grandia! I thought the game's mechanics, the graphics, and the music was great, but the script and voices just didn't do it for me. Have you seen it? Played the Saturn version? Had fantasies about the game late at night? Maybe I went too far :)


I actually haven't played Grandia. But that won't stop me from buying it, with all likelyhood. I've heard it called one of the best RPGs of all time by several people... I just might pick up OPM to check out the demo...riiiight. :) After I finish S2, FFA, (and by that time), probably Thousand Arms.. ...your name is Steve!

You will respect my authori-tah!
I am just e-mailing about the Draw Anime Brad contest. I must say that I do not know why Aimo's entry recieved first place. I mean, the contest was to *DRAW* Anime Brad, but whats this I see, a lens flare! Also under closer inspection, you can see that everything such as the border lines are perfectly designed and accurate. That is not talant, I could whip that up with Adobe Illistrator and Photoshop in no time. I am disgusted at that other artists talant such as the Weird Al Flag one were placed behind because they had talant!
Please reconcider this, and respond to me.


Actually, there was never any specification on the form of production of the anime art.. and the only judge on the contest was myself. I liked that one best. The other ones were quite excellent, I agree, but I liked the Aimo one best. I'm sorry if you don't agree, but well, them's the shakes, as I like to say... Steve.

I'll kick your Butz!
I've heard that Square translated the main character in FF5's name as "Bartz" rather than the previously accepted "Butz". Oh well, I guess it was a smart move, but I've gotten used to the name Butz...


Originally, the name was "Butz".. but for some back-end reasons, well, they changed it to Bartz. I don't like it either. Oh well. Guess there's not much to do about it. Tally up another user complaint about FFA.. :/

Playstation Cost Analysis
I heard from a friend that Sony will be lowering the Playstation 2's price significantly. To a much afforable level (under $300). Any word about this?

-Corlnel Klink

I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking that the PSX will be launched around that price, actually, but that the price will come down sharply.. I did okay in Economics.. but we'll see. ;)

Amano Worshippers Unite... over there.
dear |RPGuru,

I am seriously interested in purchasing original Amano artwork. I am willing to pay considerable amounts of money and am wondering if you could provide any information to help me where to begin.

Michael Harnest

In the style of my predecessors, I do not aspire to the title of "RPGuru", but.. whatever. Also, I'm not much of an Amano fan. I just.. don't like his art. I know lots of you do, and hey, that's your thing. But I honestly don't like it. At all. Oh well.. that doesn't stop me from lettin' ya spend the money on it. If anyone's got any leads.. drop me a line. I'll hook it up.

Brad on Triple Triad
O great Oracle,

I was looking through my English Literature book today at school, and I happened to come across the definition of the word "carbuncle". I thought it would be defined as a "neon blue rabbit with a thing in his forehead", but actually, "carbuncles" are "puss-filled skin inflamations, something like boils", in the literature books' own words. Gross, huh?

Hours later, I came across something in a different book, also unintentionally, which says that the name "Alexander", means "helper of humanity". Coincidence? Maybe tomorrow I'll find something about cactrots and tonberries (I perfer to call them pugs, really)...

Oh yeah, could you explain the "plus" rule to me in the Final Fantasy card game? The tutorial doesn't help at all, and I always loose to it. I'll tell ya, my cat sure has alot of bruises on it...:)

See you later.

-Zack S.

Heh, that's weird. The Carbunkle thing, at least. As for the Plus rule in FF8, well, look at the card sides. Same works when one card you play matches exactly to TWO of the adjacent sides. Plus works when two of those adjacent sides add to the same amount. So if you have two cards played in the field with a card between them, and the sides that face the empty slot are 4, and 1.. .. then you play a card that a 5 matches the 1, and a 2 matches the 4, you'll get a Plus.

FF6 Opera FMV Info..

I was playing FFVI again, to revel the good ol' days. However, I was told that there is a FMV cinema during the opera scene, or some such. Funny thing is, last night I got through the Opera fandango, through the assault on Kefka's lab. There was no opera scene FMV during the opera, just the sprites moving around and doing their thing, the same as it is in the SNES version.

So, where would that FMV be found, if it is, in fact, the opera scene? It would kinda suck if you could only view it through the bonus menu.


Well, as I've been told several times today.. the only way to see the opera scene from FF6 in FMV is through the bonus menu after beating the game. :/ Sorry, kids.

More FF6 info...
It's true, battles do run a lot slower on the PSX version of FF6. However, that's not impossible to fix. Simply go to config and change the battle speed to a higher setting. This deals with most of the slowness. You might want to change the battle message speed too, cause it's too friggin' slow as it is.


Hey, using the menu config options for what they're used for... ! Crazy!


You are not k-rad, therefore you will not use the word k-rad ever again. So says dguy.

k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.k-rad.... :) Shut up, Steve.

hi Secret Evil I'm taking over YOUR HEAD signals!


do you know anything about this? It's 100% official, off Square's site...

What kind of Oracle would I be if I didn't know about a big press thingie out in Japan by Square? .. don't answer that. Especially you.. in the back.. with the hair. Yeah, you. .. don't push it. RPGamer will of course have news as soon as it hits the streets, (and often times before).. .. so keep tuned.




...*innocent look*

Words from the Wise One:

As predicted, I'm tired. Here's a ninja turtle picture.. have fun, and we'll speak tomorrow.

... You want the banana..? Come get some!

Brad "You kids stop your complaining, or I'll pull this column over and turn around and go home!" Lohr

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