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Hello.. this ain't mouseterpiece theatre, kiddies... put a seatbelt on and hold on... it's.. MR BRAD'S WILD RIDE!

Okay, I'm weird. I don't know.. remember the Anime Brad contest (See yesterday's column for more details)... complete rules can be gotten .. uh well, when someone breaks a rule, I'll just disqualify them.. if you're worried about seriously not making it, let me know when you send something in ... as for the rest of it.. heeeeere's the column!

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Yes sir-ma'am, I beat FF8 this morning. Great ending.
In Brad's Head
"This Space for R-- HEYY
You know, after FF8, I didn't think I'd enjoy going back to Soul Reaver... I do. That game rocks.
Veronica's not the only one who listens to Bach.. that man's a frickin' genius..
Anyone says hentai, Ellone art.. ..and they'll get hurt.
*** Smallish type FF8 Spoilers on the Rocks, please.. ***

I was wondering if you guys could find me some offical square art of the adult ellone, I do enjoy drawing the ff8 characters and a pic of ellone would really help!
There might be a CG that has ellone in it, but im on the 3rd disk, i just landed the ragnorok, and i havent seen a CG of her yet or I wouldnt be asking you, also, squall in my game is on lv 39 and I hurt around 2000 on the average hit! I refined a phoenix pinion (i think thats what its called) in to 100 fiagas, junctioned it, and my attacks up to 128! that last part had nothing to do with anything, but!


No I'm not talking to myself. I have zero art talent whatsoever. Which reminds me.. go check out the Draw Anime Brad Contest in yesterday's column... And get your name in lights.. or something! Also, to answer this person's unstated question .. yes, there is an appearance made in FMV by Ellone, but it's the ending. Which I saw. And liked. RooOOock!

No, really.. I'm a cat person.. honest!
Hey Brad

I was reading back the last couple of days (I missed the last few Q&As. Hope Veronica's okay.) And in Saturday's column there was a question about the FF4 ending theme included in the ending music of FF8. I thought it was kinda cool. But there's something wrong. Besides the exclusion of Ramuh (which I didn't even realize until I read the column) Square apparently left something else out, unless I just missed it somewhere. Nowhere, in the entire game, is the title music from FF4!!! In every FF (the onese released in the U.S., anyway) they always play that music at some point in the game. But nowhere in FF8 do they play it, as far as I can tell. I was disappointed when the introduction music came up. But I thought, They'll have it in the New Game, Saved Game screen, like they did in FF6. Again, I was disappointed. But I figured, oh well, they'll stick it in somewhere. Nuh-uh. Nothing. Not even in the ending (I beat it last week). I've also noticed a strange evolution of the moogle. In the first game I ever saw them (FF6, if they didn't appear earlier) They appeared like squinty-eyed teddy bears with wings. Now it looks more like a cat, or ewok. And what's more, the single antenna seems to have disappeared all together. They're stomping on one FF tradition after another! Soon, we probably won't see ANY characters, no matter how minor, name Biggs or Wedge, or (as unthinkable it may seem,) NO CID!! The people at Square are starting to butcher Final Fantasy! If they are not stopped, they may finally have the pure audacity to replace chocobos with *shudders* HORSES! Rpgamers of the world unite! Viva la revolucion! Final Fantasy FOREVER!!!

Dias Diem

Heh, the crystal theme plays at the "Game Over" screen. If you wait long enough. Which most of you don't, because you're so pissed off. But take some time.. aim at the cat before you throw the controller... get an extension cord so that it takes longer to go and get the controller.. and you too can hear the Crystal theme.

Teepo kicks trees. ..okay, so I spent an hour doing it. It was fun...
Why the *blip* does nobody ever put out some decent BOF4 coverage? Its all FF8,FF8,FF8. We get the point! Wheres some quips about other games, dang it??!!! AARRGGHH!!
. . .please?

Er, well, if I got stuff other than FF8 questions.. well, we'd be talking. As for other type of coverage, well, we grab stuff as we see it, man.. if you see more stuff out there, let us know...

Talk Dirty Starcraft with me, baby..
*** Starcarft Spo-- oh, who cares ***

Hey brad, you know how in Starcraft (not the expansion pack), Fenix died? Well, I knew he really wouldn't die, because I knew all wounded protoss units turned into dragoons. And his name is pronounced "phoenix". C'mon. :P

Er, keep playing, young jedi.. he gets to go to the big fishbowl in the sky later...

Who's your favorite race? Protoss for me all the way!

I play Terrrans almost exclusively.. but Protoss are a definite 2nd.. Zerg just don't match my style.

What ever happened to Zac? That dude just dissapeared from the loop. I'm not complaining, though... :p

(s)He underwent a sex change operation and due to complications, has recently resigned from RPGamer... too much time spent playing with his/her new .. "toys"...

What ever happened to Gauntlet Legends for the PSX? I haven't heard anything about it for a long time. I don't care what anyone says! I think it's an RPG! Um....could you guys review it, for my dead hamsters sake? It died years ago, but still...

Heh.. Gauntlet.. what a great game. As far as I know.. it's out on the N64.. but there isn't a PSX port out yet.. as for if/when it's coming.. .. well, we don't cover it. Not my call on that one.

Am I the only person in the world that dislikes Final Fantasy 8 for REAL reasons, not bandwagon-reasons? I mean, I think character development in that game is great! I just hate every last one of these new systems (junction, draw, extra EXP for deathblow, ect), even though I usually love innovation (I know its hard to believe now that I said I hate that stuff, but its true :p). This stuff is BAD innovation. But this is only my opinion....*sigh :(*

No, you dislike FF8 for what you feel are 'different' reasons. But you're still wrong. It's fun. Go play it again. If you don't like it again then.. play it AGAIN. Lather, Rinse, Repeat until you agree that your name is Steve.

See you later.

Come on ride the train.. and ride it, *Choo choo!*
*** Don't look, don't look! Aahh your eyes! (FF8 Spoiler Warning) ***

hey Brad the Oracle (from the Matrix?) Did you once cook cookies for little bald boys who constantly bent all of your spoons??? And the question that really matters: Who was the Shinra worker who was operating the Cait Sith Dolls that were in ff7? Oh, and here's a ff8 question, cause all of the letters to you have to have one: On Disc 4, you can't enter any of the towns, but you can go back to Tears' Point and just look around. I got an item called "Solomon Ring" and when I tried to use it a message came up that read, "Can't summon GF." So, I tried to use it in battle and wasn't able to. How do I use it? Thanks.



I'm not from the Matrix! I'm not a black ol' lady, damnit. .. and I can't bake, anyways.. get it right next time.
The guy's name is Reeve.. and as for the Solomon Ring... get 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Remedy+'s (refine these using one of Alexander's advanced medicine techniques, 6 Molboro Tentacles (by far the hardest of the items to get..)... Once you have these items, use the ring, the items will be consumed, but you'll have a brand shiny new toy train to go choo-choo with. Doomtrain rocks. Awesome status defense capabilities.

Brad and Sara? Heh, I like the name Sara.. but better when it's Sarah.
Some quick questions for you:

1) Is there any chance that you will ever get together with Sara the Seer from Ys: The Vanished Omens? Sure she's dead and all, but you could have your phoenix friend revive her or something.

2) I think that now Ramuh's been retired, he should bunk up with the little old man from the first Zelda game. Sure he talked funny, but he could whip some ass if he was attacked. (Ow, another fireball!). Whaddaya think?

~Antestarr (member of the few, the proud, the folks with original screen names)

1. Probably not.. I'm too busy trying to pretend to be a chick in this Delphic cave to go out woman hunting.. especially dead ones.
2. Hahaha... now that'd be a sight... maybe someone could make OLD MAN RPG.. or something. I dunno, it's late. :)
.. oh, and of my internet nicks, several of mine are quite original. The Light Eternal have I not seen anywhere else... nor Ryteria, or orf. I go by all three, though TLE is sadly becoming more of a past thing, as it's kinda long for IRC.. all 100% Brad-originals.. though orf might mean something dirty in Korean or something. .. *wink wink*

Uh, oh.. caught him again..

Yesterday I played Final Fantasy 8 for the first time, and heard the song used for Edea, ?Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinsec.? Upon listening, I realized that the words sung by the Chorus were spoken in the same exact manner as Jerry Goldsmith's "Suite from the Omen," one of the themes used in the 1976 file, "The Omen." In the "Suite form the Omen," the Latin words are: Sanguis..bibimus..corpus..edimus (Blood we drink. Flesh we eat.)

I remember reading somewhere that "One Winged Angel" borrowed words from the "Carmina Burana Suite." I think Nobuo Uematsu borrow melodies from "The Omen."

If anyone out there has some input on this, please E-mail me:

-Horton, J.E.

Heh, stealing melodies... oh no! That's horrible. It's cool music though.. and the animation for that movie that it first appears in is truly amazing. What a game.. I'm glad I finished it this morning.. on to Soul Reaver... then Suikoden 2! Woohoo!

Mark Jordan.. on probation..!
Oh great and powerful OZ,

Please tell me when Mark Jordan is going to get off his lazy ass and update the music section? HHMMM?


Well, as he says it, there ain't 'nuff music in his box to justify an update.. someone call up TSSF, and tell him we need help! .. I recently listened to "Man with the Machine Gun" by TSSF, and props to him, that thing sounds good.. I love it. :)

Bountiful..or nearly so... Quickies

"Chickenwuss! Chika CHIKA! Wu, wu, wuss.... CHICKENWUSS! Chickchick..... Chickenwuss........ Chicken. Chicka.... WUSS! Chickenwuss."

Quote from Seifer the Pokemon.

Heh.. Seifer-chu.. holder of nasty gunblade and ultimate cutesy attack!

Here goes,

I think Suikoden II is the greatest RPG ever created...


Must finish Soul Reaver, Must Finish Soul Reaver.. Can't Sleep, Clowns will eat me... er, doh!

Words from the Wise One:

Whew.. start another week of insomnia and Q&A, woohoo! Mannnn..I gotta be up in 4 hours... C++ test at 8:30. Lay-ter!
Uh-oh, that's not good..
I see the arm.. and the glue.. it's not the Shredder this time!

Brad "Cuz I've got one hand in my pocket.. and the other one's in my.. ..other.. pocket.." Lohr

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