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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - October '99- 01:00 PDT

Here is my column.. short and stout... er, doh. In taking over for Veronica halfway through the day, I've received a very noticeably short list of emails for the day. Sorry to you Sunday readers, but that's just the way things go sometimes... again, I apologize.

In exchange for the bad news of a lousy column.. well, just short. But size matters, anyways... the big announcement.

Our first Guest Appearance from the Peanut Gallery, (that is, first chance for someone out of the crowd to be picked solely on how well they do at something, instead of how well I just like them...) is going to be... *drum roll*

The Draw an Anime Brad Contest

Submissions will be due by the time next Monday's column goes up, and the person will be announced then. If you haven't seen a picture of me, here are two:
Pic 1 and Pic 2. Anime Heather pics will be looked at, deemed neat, but will not be accepted in the contest.
Hentai Heather pics will be looked at...looked at again... if they're good, given a gawk or two more, then not shown to Heather. But what can ya say...

On another note, Veronica has suffered a neck injury. She's not paralyzed below the neck, but well, maybe the NEXT truck that hits her can do that.. er, that is.. she was out and about with that 2x4, when she ran into the Beyond The Beyond RPGrrl crowd. When she stated that BTB didn't quite make it into her top 10.. the 7 BTB fanatic women gave her all the 2x4'in she'd ever dished out, and a little more. She should hopefully return either next weekend, or the weekend after that. If Thor comes back first, well.. heh.. we'll leave that on the "Conspiracy Theory" platter, heh, heh.

On with the show.

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Sup oh great Oracle that knows all and sees all I know you weren't doing the column yesterday, but a question came up about why Ramuh was replaced by a lightning bird. Well, in FF8 these summon creatures are your pets that you'd use to attack opponents. How awkward would it be to have an old man as a pet? I thought so.

I think Square had to change it because of that.

-Stan "cringing from seeing the word "thwap" Su

Yeah, with items like the Pet House, I'd be inclined to agree with your take on things. And well, I had a pet old man for a while but he kept on breaking things with his cane... so I flushed him down the toilet. hehe...

Get out of my NT box.. and into my car...
Alright, I give up. I recently got a PSX dex drive and I'm having a hell of a time trying to get it to run in NT4.0. I'm guessing my com ports are setup fine, because my palm pilot syncs with the same serial port without a problem. For some reason the dex drive won't work there, though. It also works just fine if I boot back to win95 (my ports are configured the same in 95 and NT, to the best of my knowledge). If anybody has any experience with this, or has had this prob before, or even has ideas on how to fix it, tell me, please. :) Stupid box says it's supposed to work in NT...

--Hunter "Peregrine" Wilcox

PS: Brad, are you touching my ass again?

Anyone who can help him.. (besides the obvious psychological work that needs to be done).. drop me a line. And yeah, I'm touching it with my FOOT you perv.. :P

Run-on Paragraph, anyone?
I read through these sections at RPGamer and all I see is Final Fantasy 8. I know that there is a huge marketing strategy and Square is behind all of it, but I don't see why the game is worth talking about this much. True, the FMV and Graphics are spectacular but that's not what makes an RPG. Am I right? The story is good but it doesn't need to be thrown into a 50 hour game. If square could take out all the tedious unnecessary stuff that is in the game and added more story and character elements then the game would be great! I think games like Suikoden should be praised at good RPG's not because they have good graphics or marketing, but because the story is true and inspiring and the characters are deep. The game doesn't have any tedious parts to it and it keeps a good pace in-between fighting and the story elements. I think that Suikoden should be more recognized and talked about because of these aspects and FF8 shouldn't be praised so much because when your really think about it there is a lot more that could have been done to make the characters and story better. I know that you will see this as a stupid letter but maybe its because you see FF8 as a masterpiece because of the graphics and marketing genius. If you look beyond that and think of why and RPG is and RPG than you will realize that Square has become almost corrupt because of its lack of story and character development in such a long game. If a game is 50 hours there should be more.

Oh baby.. start the Suikoden2 vs FF8 debate.. OH I LOVE IT

Veronica's .. uh, phoenix in shining.. uh.. armor?
Hey Brad, I actually have some questions for ya, let me see...

Doesn't everyone nowadays.. :)

1) Is there any sort of time placed on LoM's release date? I heard in #rpgamer a range of months, I was wondering if you knew anything more specific...

Currently there is no 'official' release date for LoM in the United States. Keep lookin' back here, though, as soon as we know, you know.

2) About the guy who wrote in denouncing Quetzacotl (and actually all birds), all I have to say is what the hell? God forbid Square changes something... yeesh. Oh, and as a phoenix, I must respectfully ask for that guy's home address ;)

I'd have to say I like Ramuh better, but Quez doesn't leave the lightning spot in bad jam. There's just something highly pleasing about that old man rainin' down destruction like it was nothin' to him...

3) What happened to Veronica? Am I gonna fly over there and heal her, or what?

Heh, after that run in with the Beyond The Beyond Grrrl crowd, she'll need all the help she can get...

4) Why don't GFs/Espers/Summoned monsters ever get pissed about being at a human's beck and call... I mean, come on, if they were laying on the mack, and all the sudden you're standing there nekid in the middle of a battlefield... well, you wouldn't like it, would you?

Heh, well, you kicked the crap out of them.. they do what you want because you could do it again if you had to.. duh. As for catching them in embarassing situations, well, why the heck do you think it takes so long to summon them? Do you answer the phone on the first ring if you're in the WC?



Words from the Wise One:

In exchange for a small update..I give you.. another Cows Factory special action figure pic! Here she is! ..see you guys tomorrow...

They're the world's most fearsome fighting teeeam!

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