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Whoa.. it's like, October now. How crazy. Well, I told you I'd have a full sized update today, and, well, it looks to at least be a normal sized one, however full that may be. I am still sleep deprived and whatnot, but it'll be the weekend very very shortly, and well, no Q&A column to do, you guys get Veronica back for another two days, then it's back to me.. anyways, kids.. be nice to Veronica this weekend, and if you're not.. well, I'll be asleep, but I'll wake up Monday.. and if I hear about it, there could be evilness in your mailbox the next day. And that's just naughty.
I'm much too tired to be attempting to be clever today. And if I get one more letter about how sexy Paws' voice is, I'm going to like, be mean. rar.

Anyways, here's today's column... next week I should have a guest appearance... stay tuned to find out who it is!

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o/` It's a Cruel, Cruel, Cruel Weekend.. now I'm gone..!

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Information Society.
Great Oracle at Delphi!,(it was Delphi right?)

I have had similar problems when playing against Martine, the former headmaster of Galbadia Garden who sits next to the mayor's house at FH. He takes forever to cycle through his cards and finally pick one.

Also, I had the same problem with the Random rule, but usually if you go to another city which has different rules than the one you came from and play there and play for a while until you learn one of their rules.(ex: after playing once or twice at the other town it will say "_____ rule has spread"), you can then go back to the first place and they will play by that town's rules instead of Random. When you go back to the original town they will suggest a game with the rules of the town you just played in(ex:"I see you know rules not from this region. Lets play a game with _____'s rules and ours."

Finally, Mr. Monkey can be found in a forest north of Dollet. Set your ability to Enc-None and walk around pressing X until it says you saw a monkey, you can then throw a rock at it or hum(It doesnt matter which you do but you have to go back to him a couple times after doing other stuff because this is part of a subquest).

Okay hopefully you understood what the hell I was talking about and you will put this up since I wasted valuable playing time writing this -Luke

Who says Brad don't call down the info for you kids? Here it is. Don't kill anybody with this information, I don't want it traced back to me.

Smack yer sister, for me.
Oh Great Oracle

I just bought my copy of Suikoden II. Great game, but I've got a question about the instruction manual. In it, it says "When you are through with a play session, open the disc cover and remove the disk after it has stopped spinning. Then turn off the power." What?! Have I been doing things the wrong way ever since I got my Playstation? Is this really the way to do it? Am I the only person to turn the Playstation off, then take the game out?

The Dark Lord over Flying Monkeys

Heh, that's not a monkey.. I'll show you a monkey.. anyways. I'm glad Suikoden 2 is so good.. I might get to it sometime before Thousand Arms comes out.. or not. :/ As for your question.. use common sense when dealing with your Playstation. Do not subject it to anything your little sister could not take. And treat your Playstation with more care than that.. think of it as how you would treat your little sister if you actually liked her. Sick thought, I know. But be gentle, little sisters can be replaced, and so can Playstations, but let's just put it this way... little sisters take a lot more punishment.

Card Game answers (again-ish)
Hey Mr Oracle dude. (I live in Southern CA)

I also have that card freezing's no glitch. It's just to make the game realistic by having the NPC look at his card and think if he should put it in or least I think this is the case. And also, to reset the random rule, talk to a guy standing at the water in the Balamb town, play him cards, then press quit..all the rules will reset back to normal for everywhere in the game. Well, if the place initially has random, then it's still gonna have random. But if the place didn't have random in the first place, waalaa, it's gone! Well, later!


There's the info, kids.. have at it.

Hello Hello! While *sliding* I found your place! But are are *spitting* the *sick colors* about First *Camper*. Do not be *spitting* the *sick colors* again, especially not ever! It would be too much *frumple*.

So sad that I with the *many fingers* had to move to *heavy space*. Now we not share the *playground*. Be *spitting* at me more, but always smiley time!

- darB

Many hellos to First *Camper* of the *level*! I am *smelling* you much and I am not joke! It is many GO GO since *dancing* on this *playground*.. Hello to my *house*! I make the GO GO, or else NRRGGhhHH and *juice flowing* is commencing!

Hey, I know where the real Bakersfield is...
o the almighty and spiffy laser eye sight plastic missle launchin 30th aniversary bashin Brad Lorein Oracle action figure hyper ex plus alpha! (whew)

Er, that's a mouthful, ain't it?

Ya gotsta help me out pally! all I have is a leather Jacket, an SMG with armor peircing bullets, a customized magnum, a potted daisy, a magic 8-ball and my pal dogmeat and im being chased by the master and enclave soldiers! Only you can save me by answering these questions:

Huh? What? I'm half asleep here.. let's move on, shall we? :)

Question the first) In the 1st level on soul reaver how do I solve that puzzle with those 2 things where if you step on one the other lowers (you know after you kill the first ghost vampire)

Go into the Spiritual Plane and you won't be heavy enough to push the one you land on down. Make sure you've pushed one to the up position beforehand so you can make the jump across. (Dude, that was straight from gameplay memory too, I rock. :P)

2) Which fallout do you enjoy more? 1 or 2

I really haven't played much of 2 yet. I don't have the time, really.. but I hear 2 is better. I can't really make a good call on that. One of my friends, Matt, went to the release party for Fallout2 though, and he had a real blast.. they had full standups with the guy from the status screen.. with most of the pictures from the Talents thing.. (like the guy deflecting bullets and such).. very cool. He also got a Fallout2 shirt. In fact, he was wearing it today. You are so jealous.

3) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow (sorry couldnt resist)

... 7 (And yes, I catch the reference)

4) Whose yer favorite fallout NPC? (Mines Goris and Dogmeat!)

Heh, the guy in the shop at the town with the punks in the back.. I don't know his name. He was just funny. He kicked the utter crap out of me once when I tried stealing from his shop. :)

5) Just how skilled are you at starcraft? I challenge you sir look for dogmeat976 and prepare to do battle!

I found my Broodwar CD in the drive today, and wondered just how long it had been there.. I haven't played in a while, but someone find this guy on and kick his butt for me. If nobody does this, (And I will get email about it, then you all will have failed me, and well, I'll just tell ya this. I can utterly waste Veronica in Starcraft. You don't want her to be your Starcraft Mascot.

by the way I saw your Adam Sandler refrence (its a veritable forest down there) and yer starcraft refrence (apathy overwhelming) one more thing, you are the coolest QA guy yet cos you like Fallout. Now what do you say you get veronica and the 3 of us go into the enclave base Bozars screamin!

...if that's a lewd inference, she's way too young for me, eh.. besides, you must ph33r the 2x4...

PEACE! The Infamous Westward Stabber, hero of vault 13, and the chosen one of arroyo.

Yeah, I'd LIKE to be able to answer this...
I really need to know, what are your initial reactions to suikoden 2 it would mean alot to me because I have been waiting for this game since late october of 1996. Right after the Yankees defeated the Braves.

Thanks alot Chris.

I actually have the game, but haven't had time to play it yet.. my list goes like this:
1. Finish FF8
2. Finish Soul Reaver
3. Write review for Soul Reaver
4. Start Suikoden 2.

Hey, nice wings!
*** Angelo sez: FF8 Spoilers are for people who don't complain when they see them. woof. ***

Hullo Brad, oh mighty oracle question-answerer. ^_^ (It's me again. Tee hee.)

I've got an FF8 question for ya (no worries, no spoilers) Just something funky that happened that I wanted to ask you about. I was using Rinoa in battle and she got her ass whupped, so her Limit Break arrow thing came on. I clicked over to use her Limit Break and it gave me the option for something called Angel Wings. Rinoa grew big, purdy angel wings, hovered in the air, then fell back to the ground. As far as I could tell, the Break didn't effect any of the party members or any of the enemies. Now here's my question: What was that and what was it supposed to do? At first I assumed it was some sort of healing move, just cause she grew angel wings and was glowing, but there was no increase in HP or anything like that. I looked through the instruction booklet, but the only Limit Breaks for Rinoa that they mention are the ones that involve Angelo... ^-^;;


Actually what happens there is Rinoa starts going psycho with magic attacks. She'll start blowing spells out like nothing else.. you just gotta sit back and watch. I wondered the same thing the first time she did that, it wasn't until she actually CAST HOLY that I realized that she wasn't doing what I told her to do, and was doing her own thing.


This isn't Warcraft in space!

It's much more sophisticated!


I have a cool Starcraft Techno Remix mp3 with him saying that.. it's awesome.

Words from the Wise One:

Ahh yes.. it is time for me to brandish unflinchingly the evil sword that is abuse of position. A friend of mine is making an 80's mp3 collection CD, and he's basically 2 mp3's short of having everything he ever wanted. Uh, so, if you know that these mp3's exist.. let me know. Please don't mail them to me, as uh, I don't really want to download the files *COUGH*, I mean, we own them already, and would like to have backups.. er, *cough* That is, if there were a working link that one could download it from possibly a website or something, and it were in my mailbox or something, we could just test the link to see that it worked, without ACTUALLY downloading the file.. you know what I'm saying. The songs are:

Dancin' in Heaven, by Q-Feel
Make a Circuit With Me, by the Polecats
Both are original versions, not remixes.

As far as the legals are concerned, I'm not advocating in any way the illegal transfer of someone else's music. I think it's horrible. I think it's wrong. I think you guys should just get over it and realize that it's going to happen regardless of wether you want it to or not. Oh, that wasn't hidden text er, *ahem*.. you get me. Talk to you kids on Monday.. later!

Brad "Deep Child was booOOorn to be willllld..." Lohr

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