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Well, well, well.. here we are again, another day, another Q&A. Hey. That rhymes. :) Anyways, hope the day was good to ya, it wasn't too bad to me, had some fun. I'm now quasi-competent in MySQL, and have spent more time trying to play with korn shell scripts than the average human should ever have during their lifespan. Heh, but it was a fun day. Anyways, got a lot of neat stuff in for today...

Yes, today. I've been getting a lot of email about this "hidden text" thing. I don't understand these inane ramblings about "bring back hidden text" or whatever they're saying.. I mean, there is no hidden text. And if there were, it wouldn't be .. easy to find .. or .. in the same location every day .. or anything like that. Never, notme, nuh-uh.

Another thing, a nice big shoutout to Spencer, my main man, it's his birthday today, so Happy Birthday, Spencer.. now like 10,000 people have read about it, and just think.. that's like 9,500 people who didn't care.. and another 500 who are just like, "uh, who's spencer? GIMMIE HIDDEN TEXT RARARRA" .. okay, so the numbers are more like 500 on the "I just don't care" and 9,500 in the "hidden text ravenous zombie" category.

Speaking of ravenous zombies, I had this weird dream last night. And it's like the second time I've had the same dream, yet it's happened in fairly distant (as related time-wise) instances. It's weird. But it has girls in it. And just odd stuff. I dunno.. I'm such a player.. or something.

Heh. Speaking of playing, that's something I totally haven't had time for these days. AND WHAT IS UP, with some people? I got an email today that was like, "How do you pronounce Quistis Trepe", "What do you think of FF8", and "How do you pronounce SeeD?". All of this followed by, "Hey, I read the column all the time!" .. come on, dude.. I mean.. you know you were just looking at JD's Christina pictures the whole time.

Anyways, I'm gonna move on, I might actually have time to slide a lil' FF8 in tonight if I hurry up... heh heh heh.. on with the show.

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Hi Brad. I've been reading this column for a VERY long time (I remember Q&AK) and I must say your sense of humor is one of my personal favorites! :-)

Anyways, enough flattery...

Tell us about yourself. You have stated you like Wild ARMs, plus I've heard references to some "old-school" RPGs, yet you also profess love for FF8. Does this mean we finally have an RPGuru who enjoys each RPG for what it is, instead of being dedicated to a specific genre?

So you're in college? What's your major?

How long have you been playing RPGs? What about Pencil&Paper RPGs? Anime? And lastly, if you had to name a few of your very favorite RPGs (not what you think are the best, but YOUR favorite to play) what would they be?

Enough questions for now...

Later! -Todd


Heh, personal questions.. well, I guess lots of people are wondering about the man behind the keyboard.. or maybe they're not, but I'm just egotistical enough to want to talk about myself for a while, so here goes... to start out with, I remember when AndrewK was a new guy on the scene, back in the olllllld days before it was, when Vestal ran the site. Little did I ever think I'd be doing this.. talk about weird.

Anyways, as for 'old-school' vs. 'new wave' or what not, it's not that I appreciate all the blathery blah or blippedy blop, it's just that I'm easy to entertain. A cheap date, or whatever. I had fun with Beyond the Beyond, I dug Legend of Legaia, I still go back and work a little closer to finishing all 7 characters in SaGa Frontier from time to time.. I don't know. I own most PSX RPGs, and well, very few of them were very disappointing. I'm a lover of just playing games for the games.. right, next.

My major is Computer Science and Mathematics.. both. Yes, I'm sadistic. I'm about in my third year, but probably won't graduate until 5 or so.

As for how long I've been playing RPGs, well, let's just put it this way. I've been playing them long enough to have picked up Dragon Warrior 2, say, "Whoa! This is so much more cool than Dragon Warrior 1!, and well, I was old enough to actually purchase Final Fantasy 1 when it first came out, with my own money. Now where's my cane?... as for P&P RPGs, I dig them. I play AD&D as regularly as I can with a couple friends, (the aforementioned Spencer, of course, Heather, one of my other friends, Kevin, and Matt) .. when we all have time, which is actually quite rare, sadly enough. I'm not very into anime, I'm not really against it, but I don't watch TV at all either, so, I guess it's just more of a lack of ability to actually operate a television.. (I seriously can not for the life of my operate the Digital Sattelite System we have here at home), than actual dislike for those shows of the anime persuasion.
Not being able to find hidden text and then writing me email about it just proves how inept you are, so nyah.
As for my personal favorites as far as RPGs go, like I said ealier this week, Star Ocean 2, Tactics Ogre, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, FF3a/6j, Lufia 2, Vandal Hearts, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lunar:SSSC, and Castlevania:SOTN come to mind. Other than RPGs, I dig Mega Man X games, shooters (Raiden Project/194x/Einhander), Metroid games (!), what else.. oh geez. I like a lot of stuff. Zelda games are tons of fun.

Math Fiends?! Cool! Where do I sign up?

Being the all-knowing Oracle, what did you think of Chrono Trigger? And, having answered that, is it really stupid of me to sit listening to Chrono Cross' opening theme most likely a YEAR before it'll be released over here, weeping because I'm so nostalgic? (Bad grammer. No biscuit)

-Psychocat and her loyal Math Fiends

I liked Chrono Trigger a lot. I loved the combo attacks, they ruled. Not to mention the music for that game was over the top. If the music for Chrono Cross is anything like the stuff for CT, then I blame you not for listening to it well in advance. Haven't heard it myself, honestly. :)

Now where do I sign up to be an evil math fiend!?

Pervertie! Pervertie!
Top of the monkey to ya.

I've only got one question and I'm gonna nail you to the wall til I get an answer (hehehe...). Or something. Anyway. As someone new to the Playstation in general (me) I need some direction. What are your favorite 5 or 6 PSX RpG's? I went out and got Tactics Ogre a while back and that game ATE UP ALL MY TIME...but I finished it now. I need a new pasttime!

Oh yeah, in case you aren't that familiar with the NeverEnding Story (one of my all-time favorite movies), I do believe the Southern Oracle was a neat little statue that gave a window between Atrayeu (sp?) and Sebastian, then crumbled up and died. But she did have some big 'uns.

Thank you for your time, your effort, and most importantly your underwear.


See above for favorite PSX RPGs, but other than that, you can't have my underwear! They're special! My mom gave 'em to me. So there. As for the Oracle having large breasts.. well, I don't. Sorry to disappoint you.. can you stop wearing my underwear on your head? Dude, no, stop, give back the lamp, OH SHOOT.. ergh. Kids these days.. oh well, another one for Thor to chop up and sell as "sack of dead monkeys" (No monkeys were harmed in the answering of this question, in fact, the monkeys had a jolly time beating the comatose body of Omar while frolicking around in my under--- HEY YOU GUYS!!!)

The dude is strong in this one..!
Now that's a pro sayin it right there. I got a few Qs for you to A for me (Uh no pervs read that please). Well not all of them are Qs but some. So HEEEEEEEEERE it goes.

1. Do you like Anime?

2. If so, which is better Akira or Vampire Hunter D (You HAVE to choose one)

3. Bad call on letting Micheal Greenhut as Weekend guy, he's so unoriginal (Sorry Mikey)

4. Why don't you have invisible type, that is the COOLEST. C'mon, everyone's using it! Please please please.

5. I know you're a little new but you really should put pix on here, if not of HOT CHICKS then an anime drawing of you or your dog or SOMETHING, Please.

6. So far other than those few things afore mentioned, You are really kickin'(You should use that word at least once a day KICKIN'!)!

AND PLEASE Print this. It's just a nice letter and if you do I'll send you a CDM with you vs. Jim Carey or something just please, I've never gotten printed before, PLEASE

-Psychic Psycho

Heh. Dude, chill. Here are your answers!
1. Not particularly, (see above)
2.No I don't have to do anything! But you do! If you ever want to be printed again, I want an email saying just how much cooler my "Dude"s are than your "DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"s! so nyah!
3.Greenhut isn't the weekend guy, that's Zac. Greenhut hasn't done weekend Q&A in a while now. Funny, he did Editorials, I do editorials, he did Q&A, I do Q&A. It's like, "Let's try this again, without the whole making a fool of myself and getting fired part.." er.. hehe
4. There is no hidden text!
5. Uh, I don't have a dog. And I, uh, hate, hot chicks, or something. But here's a pic of me when I was a lot younger, and another of my friend Heather and myself. Yes, that table we're sitting at is one made for children. It's only about 20 or so inches off the ground. She fit in the chair. It got stuck on my butt. I have wider hips than she does. .. that's just.. not right.

And just when you thought I was weird...
My Lord Oracle,

The Kingdom of Chevva has been under siege for many days now by the Shik'Raks. They demand our knowledge of a thing they call "The Final Fantasy", or something to that effect. The Shik'Raks speak of some sort of "video game", the eighth of the series. The translation of their native tongue is confusing, but we've made this out: They ask us how far the Great Oracle has gone into the game thus far. They say that they have completed this ritual, whatever it is. They wish to challenge ye. They believe that thou hast not the power to defeat this "Final Fantasy 8" before they. I have been sent from Lord Chevva, across the Death Marshes and Plains of Skye to find thee, atop the mountain of Enlightenment. We must tell the Shik'Raks what they need to know, lest we all be killed. Please, Mighty One, answer their question! But wait... I forgot. My Lord Chevva says they also wish to know thy view on "Final Fantasy 8"'s music... Especially "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" and "Liberi Fatali". We know not what these meaningless ramblings may translate to, but we ask of you, please save us from the Shik'Raks!

-Messenger Jamas D'Lagato The Chevvan Empire

uh.. .. hm... uhm.. heh. Yeah, I probably won't finish FF8 before a lot of people. I spend my free time trying to understand WHAT THE HECK people like you are talking about! .. but other than that, I think it's a fun game, I can't wait to play a little more of it, and I'm about halfway through disc 2. And honestly, I think my only disappointment with FF8 is that while there are some VERY good tunes in it, the overall quality of the music just isn't up to my normal expectations. Oh well, still a fun game though.

I got axe for you!
Don't feel bad. Poseidon didn't like Odysseus and everything turned out well for him.

Crystal Method kicks ass. Cranberries do not.

You've got the most balanced column in a while. This is good. Please have hidden text.
Hi I'm lame and can't find hidden text!
Since you will hear 10,629 times tomorrow, Cid used a hammer in FF4, not 2.

Sword Masters Rock!
~Light Magus

I don't feel bad, don't worry. ;) .. the Cranberries do TOO kick ass. Their first album, some Super Metroid, well, there's a few hours of good fun. I don't know what you're talking about. There is no hidden text. .. well, on my cartridge, it says, "FF2". I'm not into Japanese elitism, and besides, FF4 is quite a different game than the one I played, due to all the changes they made. So, no, he uses a hammer in FF2.

Gotta Catch 'em All!
Greetings, "dude" from "another planet" masquerading under the "alias" of "Brad",

I bring you Love, Joy, Peace, and Other Nifty Crap. But first, you must answer me these questions three.

1) I have FF8 and I am enjoying it much, but.. where is the prelude music? It seems to have taken leave of us all. Maybe Square forgot to send it its paycheck. Who knows? Well, you should, and that is why I am asking you. >:E

2) Is it just me, or is Pokémon taking over the world?

3) This is the only question you must answer correctly to be the True Q&A Person. What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Extra Credit) Do you have an anime picture of you we can mutila--er, improve?

Answer these questions, or large rocks will fall on your head.

- A.E.Isthill, lord of typos and creator of "bepeokep"

1.The prelude music plays when/if you die.
2. Yup. It is.
3. 42, of course, "duh".
4.No, but if someone makes one, they get a special spot in my room for 30 minutes, and big props in the column, how does that sound?

Wickedness Overwhelming!
I was in the shower this morning, listening to the radio, when it was announced that our radio station, 92.5 KISS FM was giving two free Dreamcasts by 2:55PM that day, and the drawing was on the same day. It was currently 1:30, so I biked down to Toys R Us, where the drawing was located.

I met and talked with the DJ present, as well as the sizable crowd of about 100-175 people present during the event. I stayed for about an hour and a half, engaged in a Mario Golf tournament which had all four controllers able to play, something I had never seen before.

Then, the moment of waiting came. The two names were picked, none of which were mine. I did however, win a free movie, the Mod Squad, of which I have never seen. While I was in line to get the movie scanned, a mother who had won one of the Dreamcasts waited patiently, she turned around and asked

"What game should I pick up for my son, he's been wanting one of these?"

I looked over at the nearby shelf, and saw a limited selection of games. As my eyes glazed over them, I asked how old her son was, and he was my age, 15. I saw the title Pen Pen Tricelion, one copy left ( I don't know why) For those of you who aren't famalir with the game, it's similar to chocobo racing, and just as bad, with even more cuteness.

I laughed my ass off as soon as I walked out of Toys R Us that day, knowing that he may have the Dreamcast, but at Toys R Us, you can't return a game once you have opened it.

I'm vengeful, I know. Please print this letter, you rock Brad!

That is evil. Totally, completely, and unerringly evil. I LIKE IT.

Creamy, not chunky Quickies

My daughter Timothy seems to like you. Just remember, I'm watching you. Oh yeah, FF8 is pretty good (there's the rpg portion of the email).

Yeah, I like her too, 'cept for that weird glint in her eyes every time she starts calling her own name out in be-- oh nevermind.

Is it just me, Wise One, or does the Headmaster Cid from FF8 look like Robin Williams?
- SmartLaine

I dunno, with all the hair Robin Williams has, I was thinking he looked more like Angelo, Rinoa's dog...

I like peanut butter when it's chunky.
-Cap'n Bob the Pelican

No way, man, I'm a creamy PB type all the way.

G'day, O Oracle =D! I was wondering, is RPGamer having another costume contest this year? Thanks for your time, and good job so far!
~Almighty Cheese & Bishounen Goddess Shosetsu

I would assume so, yes.. no official word has come down the line to me, however.

Just you like any videogame music soundtracks? And if you do, which ones are your favourites?

Well, I own the FF7 OST, and would like others. I like a lot of Square's music, but I dig Star Ocean 2, Vandal Hearts, Suikoden's (Which is highly, HIGHLY recommended), and lots of other ST's as well.

Words from the Wise One:

You know, I just don't have the umPh left to write my concluding comments today. 'cept for one thing, that Vector test I took yesterday? 90 out of 90. rah rah! .. I want ice cream.

Brad "Strawberry cheeeeeseecakee.....*drool*" Lohr

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