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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - September '99- 01:00 PDT

Dude. That's Californian for 'hello'. And various other things, dependent upon context. But regardless, hello, and welcome to the new RPGamer Q&A weekly experience, or as I like to call it, "The Oracle".

First, off, an introduction. My name is Brad Lohr, and I've been working with RPGamer for a few months now as the editorials columnist. I've neglected it so much that they figured "Hey, this guy would make a great person to have do a 5 day a week column!". Er, that is, JD came up to me and begged me to take his place, because due to all his recent success as an RPGamer Icon, (and part time diety), he has too many supermodels hanging out with him. Do we pity him?

Yes. We do.

Anywa-- what? Why do we pity him? "Oh my gawd! I broke a nail!" Over and over again all day would drive YOU nuts too.

Moving on.

Right. As I was saying, my name is Brad, and this column is now known as "The Oracle". Why? Because "Ask Brad" sounds dumb. That, and I'm into that whole Greek Mythology thing. At Delphi, there was an Oracle, see, and you climbed the long hill, like, did something really fruity for the Oracle, asked your question, and it answered, generally in a riddle. A really tough one. One that more often than not, you interpreted incorrectly and ended up doing the wrong thing, or so the stories go. Unfortuneately, budget cuts being what they are, I have no hill, and I really can't make you do fruity things, (though I might try), and I've got plenty else to do rather than try to think up stupid riddles and try to be clever, so what I'm really just trying to say, in this lovely about-to-be-runon-sentence of mine, is that I just like the name, "The Oracle", and well, that's what matters.

Geez. I get sidetracked easily. But that's what makes me fun. woo!

I'm 21 years old, live on the beach in central california (west of Bakersfield, on the beach, if you wanted it to be more precise), in Pismo Beach, California. No. I. Do. Not. Surf. So don't ask. The last time I did, some sneaky character came by and stole my monkey right off my hotel desk. Talk about uncool. Anyways, I think I've rambled enough for this early in the morning, I need to get to the letters.. and here they are!

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FF8, Soul Reaver
Brad's very mini-FF8 review
You have some pretty big shoes to fill, ya know. I have one question (actually two.)
1. Do you have FF8?
2 If yes, do you like it?


1. Yeah, I've got FF8, and am currently playing it, slowly but surely.
2. Yes, actually, I'm having a good time, though it seems odd for me to be as far into the game as I am (halfway or so through disc 2) yet still regularly dealing less than 200 hp worth of damage with an attack. Maybe I just suck. :(

And do you, Mrs. Qwer, er, Kwau...
Does ANYONE out there know how to pronounce "Quistis Trepe"?

- Martinct

I'd go with "Kwiss-tiss Trayp" though I'm sure others would go in different directions with it..

Headline: Reader's ill-fated petname brings death to family
Dear Braddy..

Awhile I had a chance to buy Xenogears or Wild ARMs. I bought Wild ARMs. Any comments? Any...suggestions?


Several suggestions, yes.
1. Don't call me Braddy.. that name just.. sucks. (sends call out to hitman, points to reader's name)
2. Unlike Thor, I actually did like Wild ARMs. If you want a game with a neat cowboyish-western feel, which is pretty fresh, and isn't half-bad all around, (graphics seem to be kinda goofy), then go with Wild ARMs. If you're looking for a storyline that will keep you thinking for weeks, (and that's just the time it takes you to understand what they're talking about, actually pondering the philosophical questions brought up requires several years, I'm sure), then go with Xenogears. I have both, and enjoyed both.

FF8 PC: The Final Frontier
Is there any word on when Final Fantasy 8 is coming to the PC?

-Eep Dong

Well, I just went to eidos' site and they don't even list it in their Upcoming section, so uhm, let's see what the magic 8 ball says. (Oracles may never answer with "I don't know", but in cases of emergency may rely on outside sources of information, easier to place the blame if they're wrong, wink wink)... "Answer Hazy, ask again". Heh. Uh, talk to you tomorrow, I guess.. :)

Psychos like this live in YOUR neighborhood too, kids! money for money...for FF8. Don't tell me to get a job! I have one damnit! Bills too many.... Urge to kill strong...must do something. No! FF7 cds scracthed up..not playable. Xenogears boring...played it too much.

Someone will pay....somewhere....

- Rambar

Hold still, damnit.. it's hard to aim this tranquilizer gun when you're walking like a zombie with bad gas..

I just want to say that you're one of my favorite RPGamer persons ever. We
think alot alike, and you seem smart. I know that doing this column will
take alot of your free time, so I wish you luck.

-Zack S.

Yes, well, *blush* yes, uhm, hee, I can understand that, I relate completely! I think much like myself, and find myself to be one of my personal favorite RPGamer staff ever.. !

[Note: Yes this was real. If I ever do another editorials update, er, that is, WHEN I do the next one (this weekend, really!).. I'll post a flame I received, should balance the karma wheel, well, 'cept that this guy seems even keel, and the guy who didn't like me sounded like a tard. er, that is..]

k now that the crap games like FF8 and the new Dreamcast system have gone by and the freaks have beaten FF8 in the first 3 days of owning it. Now i got a question since i unlike so many others didnt care to buy ff8 till like 4 months when it hits gold and goes down to 20 bucks, but question is should I get thousand arms, FF8 or Vandel Hearts 2 (I get 1 game every 3 months basically)

- Mike Ribar

While I completely think your attitude about FF8 and the space heat-- er, Dreamcast sucks, you said the three magic words! Vandal Hearts 2! I totally loved the first one and would wholly suggest the sequel to anyone who asked. Which is why having a Q&A column rules. 'Cuz people ask you. I'm also getting Thousand Arms, that one looks good. I already have FF8 and can say I don't regret getting it in the least.

FF8:Psychological Analysis
Dammit, they ran out of hot dogs in the cafeteria. Doesn't that bother you?

-Zell Dincht

Personally, not really. I think Freud would have something to say about Zell's hot dog obsession. :)

Celbrity Deathmatch: Rydia vs. Sega Dreamcast
Mmm... I remember the good ol' days of Rydia. Who needs a Dreamcast when you can have Rydia? Mmm... yeah.


Well, with how hot the DC runs, I'd say you're a lot more likely to have it keeping you warm at night than Rydia. Though the green hair is decidedly cool. We need scripts for video game celebrity deathmatch.. send 'em in. :)

FF8, frying the capitalist pig for dinner...
ok, i personally havent played FF8 but i've heard the following:
you dont get $ from battles, SeeD pays you, and if you screw things up, your SeeD ranking goes down

i shouldn't listen to everything i hear, but i mean, that cousl really put a damper on things in an RPG


In this case, the rumor mill is true. You get no money at the end of each battle, and the only way I've seen so far to earn cash is through your SeeD ranking payments every half hour or so (anyone have an exact time between them?), at which point the money is given to you, no matter where you are (isn't direct deposit great?) and then you're free to use it. Frankly, though, money is not as big an issue in FF8 as it has been in any FF game before it, I jumped a couple SeeD rankings at the very beginning, (it's not hard, there's a written test you can take as many times as you want, and you can go up 30 levels total I believe if you take them all), and haven't gotten near to running out of money yet. Without giving away too much of the goodies, I'll say that FF8 takes care of ya just fine, without the big money issue.


Words from the Wise One:

Well, that's it. My first Q&A update. Hope you enjoyed it. I actually did have fun doing this, and well, we'll just see how much fun it is after I get hundreds of emails tomorrow with varying opinions on just how cool I am (or the other way around). Anyways, it is getting late over here, so ya'll have a day. A fun day, even. Maybe an FF8 day, if you're so inclined. I'm out. Be good.

Brad "The Q, the Whole Q, and nothing but the Q" Lohr

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