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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 22 '00

Yo. So I've had an interesting week, which ended up last night with me having an interesting discussion with my exg/f... (loads of fun, I assure you :P) ..anyhow, I guess she's really pissed off at me now or something, since I didn't wanna play drama games and get all emotional. Bah. What a waste of time. :/

Dunno why people hafta be like that. Askin' all them weird questions, 'n stuff.

Mumble... somehow this sorta makes me glad I'm not super popular and having had dated like 30 women before starting to settle down.. I don't think I could be comfortable with that many chicks walking around with the exg/f flag set to "1".

Anyhow.. so we're on the weekend.. where I get to sleep in late and make fun of Google all day.. er, or somethin'. :)

Let's just get this thang done!

Hey, let's talk, turkey.

What's the matter Col. Sanders... CHICKEN!?

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Haha.. that FF8 Rhapsody thing is stuck in my head...
It's better than pop music though..
...Oooh.. Pop Musik! Talk about!
Question and Answer
Insane rambling from an insane fan.. wheee
Dear Mr. Brad Lohr Sir,

For once (or is this twice?), I have some irrelevant questions instead of an irrelevant remark! Onwards into obscurity!

1.) What's your fastest time on Minesweeper? Or are you a Linux or Mac man?

I don't know, I think I've gotten 11 seconds on beginner.. I did once date a girl who was an expert Minesweeper player. Linux, though linux can run on the Mac too, but I'm not much of a Mac guy.

2.) Anticipating Chrono Cross? Or just plain broke?

Anticipating Chrono Cross regardless of monetary situation ;)

3.) How in the world can my life be so busy during the summer that I got an RPG three days ago AND STILL HAVEN'T PLAYED IT???

... welcome to the -real- world :P

4.) Out of curiousity, how many games (if any) of the "Summer of Adventure" have you/will you sink your hard-earned cash into?

Already got LoD (if that counts), I'll probably get WA2, Vangaurd Bandits, and Chrono Cross, though I might pick up somemore.. depends on cash situation.

5.) Why in the heck is Persona being re-released? I thought people thought it was a bad game the first time around (of course, I loved it, but, then again, I'm me).

It's an interesting game. I want to go back and give it a real run through once.. it's not really a bad game, just different.

6.) What in the world are you doing with your summer?

40 hrs of work/wk, sleeping a bit more.. and playing lots of Asheron's Call. :o

7.) Have I asked too much already?

Not really, I usually get a lot of questions on the weekends, I'm kinda used to it after almost a year. :)

Alright, I have no better way to end this than with a nice, happy haiku:

I can see the trees
Can you see the trees? I can.


Your Humble Servant,
Insanerest of AOL

Well, duh!
As you know by know, all of Square's games for Playstation have white discs. So when I opened Threads of Fate, I thought the first thing I would see is the classic white disc. It's Blue! How can that be? Why did Square continue this tradition for so many games only to dump it near the end of the Playstation development? Thank you, Brad.

The amazing Chicken

Tobal No.1's disc is silvery :) Though most of the other ones ARE white. Googleshng offers the following theory, "They switched to blue because they're secretly cheating on Sony and drooling over the Dreamcast. 8)"

I'm going greek with this one

Waaaaaaaaazzzzzzzuuuuuupppppppp!? Chrono Cross is only 25 days away, but I still don't know how to say it. "Kroh-noh" Cross? Or is it "Kraw-noh" Cross? Assistance from Paws would be nice, but I'll respect your opinion. Oh, hey, I know I'm behind the times, but I just got the Chrono Cross OST. ::applause:: Yes, thank you, I know, I'm the greatest. Just to get off this ego trip, I've got another question. Do you, the fountain of all RPG knowledge, know officially how Square is abbreviating the names of CC characters into 6, uh, characters? Yamaneko into "Lynx" is something I think I can get used to, but Star Kid into "Starky" bites.


WhaadadfadfdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapP!~!@ ... (the official battle cry of RPGamer staffers at E3)

Anyhow, I gotta get back to the greek roots for this one, and go "Kro-no" not "Kraw-no". ALWAYS been how I said it. Hope that helps. :)

Ack.. hey now!
Ok, so I bought Tactics Ogre from eBay for $40. I hope it's a good as you always say it is. Otherwise I'll be very upset and have to hold you responsible. And then bad things will happen that your monkeys can't protect you from.


I said *I* loved the game.. I didn't say ANYONE else in the world would love the game.. but well, if you're exactly like me I suppose you would. I admit to having an odd taste in games, which makes me very much love Tactics Ogre (which I still need to beat, I'm such a lop).. but don't hold me responsible (and the monkeys are much more powerful than you could ever imagine, so DON'T EVEN TRY IT BUCK-O) .. if you don't like it. Was that a run-on sentence? :)

SO2.. rockin' nuts and lovin' it!
Hi Brad!

Well, Star Ocean 2 is almost done. I'm done the Cave of Trials and have the silver trumpet and all that good doo doo. Problem is, I can't figure out how to summon the boss with the trumpet. I know you need to play the "Evil Melody," but when I do nothing happens. Am I missing something?

frum "Toe Jam?" Rand

Make sure you're on the overworld, play the melody, and walk around.. that's how you do it, if my memory serves correctly. Then again, maybe she doesn't like you!

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Uhm.. dunno!
This is driving me nuts. I've beaten Vagrant Story numerous times already (cause it's just about the bestest darned game I ever did play) and I've gotten every command chain ability on the list. Why is it then that I don't have Phantom Pain? I WANT this chain but its like theres a glitch in the game and it won't give it to me though I've worked my way through the entire game! IS this a glitch? Anyone else have this problem? Help?

Ashley "yes, my name really IS Ashley" C.

I pity da foo!
Im playing wild arms 2 and im on the first disk and i just beat the first diablo tower and i need to get my levels up and i cant find a good place besides monster island and that isnt really good for leveling up so i need your help!
Rico, Suaaavee...
This is in response to a letter sent in about Rico's role in the whole Kislev ordeal in Xenogears. Radrisol commented upon it, but not with a lot of detail. I sent in a letter a while ago detailing this, but it was never printed.

Anyway, I think there are a lot of small things that hint at Rico's true history. First of all, the Kaiser dislikes demi-humans; that's told in the game. And I also seem to remember some npc saying something about the Kaiser having a son. Now, if the Kaiser DID hate demi-humans, it's reasonable to believe that he would throw his son out upon realizing that he was a demi-human, either out of dislike or embarassment. Also, Rico must share the DNA of the Kaiser, as the door to his room opens for him (I don't believe that it really malfunctioned.) So.. hm.. I had more points.. but I forget what they were. Oh well, I had just played through the Kislev section of the game when I wrote the other letter. Anyway, my point is, Rico is the Kaiser's son. And perhaps he didn't know it, but something was keeping him in Kislev even after he was granted freedom (that's pointed out in the game, as well). I wish I remembered what other evidence there was.. but oh well, somebody else will remember other things. Anyway, thanks for listening. And if you don't print this, I'll send it to Goog on Monday. :)

Are you threating me!?!?! I am the great Bradholio!

Faya "Oh damn.. I just realized you need a two part name for this to work."

Here ya go, an answer!
*** ToD Spoilers.. sorta. ***

Yes, there is a second ending. If you beat Leon the first time you fight him, I believe that the game ends there, actually, and Stahn, Rutee, and Mary all continue on their way happily.

Well, I could be wrong about the details of that.. It's been a *long* time since I've played ToD. But I do know that beating Leon gives a different ending.

-- P. J. "Speed" Reed

Oh dear.. this is too good.

Is this the real life?
Is this Final Fantasy?
Caught in a PSX game
No escape from the FMV
You'll be here... why?
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a SeeD boy, I need no sympathy
Seed rank's easy come, easy go
How much trivia do you know?
Any way the feather blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

Rinoa... tried to kill Matron
Irvine pointed at her head
Pulled his trigger, she's not dead
Rinoa, the parade had just begun
But now I've gone and blown it all away
Rinoa, ...whatever.
Didn't mean to save your life
If you're not awake again this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on, because nothing really matters

Too late, GFs have come
Can't remember back in time
Body's aching... and my mind
Goodbye everybody - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the dream
Rinoa, ...whatever - (any way the feather blows)
I don't really care;
I sometimes wish I'd never seen a Forest Owl!

I see a little silhouetto of a SeeD
Squallamouch, squallamouch will you dance the Waltz badly?
Quezacotl's lightning - very very frightening.. me!
Guardiano, Guardiano,
Guardiano, Guardiano,
Guardiano Forcero - magnifico-o-o-o-oh

But I'm just a orphan boy and nobody loves me
He's just an angsty boy with Laguna for family
Seifer, spare his girlfriend from that monstrosity!
Easy come easy go - What did I once know?
Bahamut, No! We will not let you know - let him know!
Bahamut! We will not let you know - let him know!
Bahamut! We will not let you know - let me know!
Will not let you know - let me know (never never never-)
Never let you know - let me know
Never let me know - ...whatever.
No know, No know, Know? No, no!
Oh memoria, memoria! Memoria let me know
Diablos is a devil put aside for me
for meee..
for meeeeee!!

So you think you'll kompress time, any reason why?
I don't want to keep fighting you, but you just won't die
Old lady - can't do this to me lady
Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Nothing really matters?
I'm wrong, I can see
Something really matters - something really matters to me

Any way the feather blows...

Gee, Brad, if my woman we're gone I'd be just livin' it up with games and pizza. Geez, I hate that "quality time" crap.


Brad: The pizza and games flow freely indeed, I assure you of this! However, that's not really inhibited by her presence, as the whole quality time BS scenario thing is nicely avoided by the fact that she's totally not that needy of a woman. PIZZA, GOOD!

See! See! Blinkey Brad does flip me off!!! See!? I used my digital camera to take a picture while he was doing's true, I tell ya.....ahhhhhhh.......SOMEBODY NEEDS TO FEED THE BABYSITTER!!!! *faint*

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Brad: (Attached is badly done imitation blinkeyme with middle finger up) <--- You know this is libel! hee hee

Yeah, they said that RPG Maker was made to let people make and share their RPG creations with each other. Share-not sell. So, they basically poo-poo-ed my idea. My money-making scam is ruined!!...oh well.


Brad: This guy had asked me privately if he could sell the RPGs made with RPGmaker, and had also asked the company themselves.. this was the reply that I got when I asked him what they said. :)

Brad,I was wondering,in a few past fanfics,I've noticed an almost illiterate character named Proffesor Daravon. I was wondering who this is and what game he comes from. Thanx for the answer.

Brad: He comes from FFT, and is someone who talks and talks and talks and talks and ends up putting people to sleep.


Brad: Pickle.

!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a nerd !!!!!!!


Brad: You ain't FAT.. you ain't NOTHIN'! YOU AIN'T NOTHIN'!

there is no more god

Brad: *burp* ... but there is still fillet mignon.

I `m poor so I went to the park and killed some animals but I didn't get any money.

Brad: It's those cheap park animals.. I bet you didn't get much experience either. :( You gotta go somewhere like a haunted forest or a ghost ship.. then you'll be rollin' in the dough!

post this message...and say something funny too

Brad: No, I won't succumb to your evil wishes, Celery Boy! ... er.

Subject: just a reminder..."50,000 battered women every year..."

Brad: And here I've been eating them plain. :o

Wrapping it up...

Awright.. no more bitching about women for today.. maybe more tomorrow, you never know when it comes to me.. I'm a wild and exciting guy... you know. Or somethin'.. I should really shower and get dressed.. (yawwwWWwwn) love this morning work stuff (grin).

Brad "I LIKE PORK!" Lohr