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Enix loves me.

To the new guy:
Doesn't the prospect of the new Dragon Quest stand-alone game just fill you with tingly feelings all over? I mean, think of it: actually swinging a sword (albeit a crappy plastic facsimile of one) at your TV screen... now, that's just got to be worth a few laughs.

What worries me most is the fact that it's a stand-alone system. I'm concerned that this might mean less of a chance of it coming to the US, a higher price, or both. As a professional guest-host, what is your opinion on this?

Accept no substitutes!

If it happens to float across the Pacific, I'll buy it. I'm always ridiculously attracted to games that involve me directly interacting with the screen. DuckHunt, World Class Track Meet, the new EyeToy that is set up in my local gaming store...in fact I think that my PowerPad may be coming out of moth balls after this is posted.


Hey, i havent been here for quite a while so whatever happend to Duffster

Andrew is over in Japan, and for a while continues on with the column. However, the servers weren't being nice and posting his column when they should and so Google has stepped back into the Q&A role.

The Last Laugh:

Alright, That's it for me today. Everyone's favorite slime should be back tomorrow. Send lots of letters to make Google happy.
While you wait with baited breath for tomorrow's column, enjoy some nostalgia.

Onswah "Sitting In" @rpgamer.com

I found a roll of steel pennies today.

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