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I'm sick of writing two intros per day. You have no IDEA how difficult it is to write intros that make sense while trying to suppress the urge to just ramble on about your life. You wouldn't think it would be a big issue, but it really is.

Today's Tips:

  • Haste status does NOT let you take two actions per day! Let's just clear that up right here and now: Haste status allows you to guess twice on every question. Lisez les RULES, merci.



He was hard at work. He had recovered from his terrible injuries, and he was determined to make up for his terrible oversights. It had been days since he had had a great sleep, but he knew that he was running out of time. He had to do something - anything - to help in the horrible fight against the Guardians, especially after they had destroyed everything near and dear to him in Insburgh. Shaky and overcaffeinated, he was getting close to an incredible and devastating discovery...


The strange door has disappeared!

Battle Window              Points upon Revival: 125
insert battle theme...

Currently in Play:
  • Black Market Monkey
  • Trickymage-A
  • Trickymage-B
  • Trickymage-C
  • Trickymage-D
  • Trickymage-E
  • Trickymage-F
  • Trickymage-G
  • Trickymage-H
  • Trickymage-I
  • Trickymage-J

Action Window

FirstAid reaches Level 14!

~Sean~~ attacks! Swinesoul takes 36 damage!
Arpijy attacks! Mystic Moose-A takes 22 damage!
Tasukete attacks! Verminstrel dodges the attack!
Strawberry Eggs uses a White Mage's Star! Strawberry Eggs' Wht level increases by 1!
UFJ uses a White Mage's Star! UFJ's Wht level increases by 1!
Sundoulos attacks! Swinesoul takes 53 damage!
Vyselocke uses an Exp. Tripler! ERROR's obtained Experience is tripled for the day!
Sandy casts Blizzara! Verminstrel takes 50 damage! Hunter takes 57 damage!
SuperKyle attacks! Mystic Moose-B takes 47 damage!
Leviathan attacks! Swinesoul takes 30 damage!
BigWook uses an Exp. Tripler! ERROR's obtained Experience is tripled for the day!
Seiryu attacks! Mystic Moose-A takes 31 damage!
FoxKelfonne casts Quake! Verminstrel takes 178 damage! It's super-effective! Mystic Moose-C takes 101 damage! Hunter takes 72 damage!

Verminstrel is defeated!
All Guild of Magus members receive 35 Experience and 32 Gold!
Nightwolf receives an additional 32 Gold!
UFJ reaches Level 14!

Leaper begins chanting again, staring up into the sky! The clouds become thicker, and the storm intensifies! Three lightning bolts strike down suddenly! Mystic Moose-B takes 106 damage! Swinesoul takes 91 damage! Mystic Moose-C takes 99 damage!

Swinesoul and Mystic Moose-C are defeated!
All Guild of Magus members receive 58 Experience and 21 Gold!
Nightwolf receives an additional 21 Gold!
Boojum reaches Level 14!
Lost Boricua reaches Level 14!

Xlash attacks! Mystic Moose-A takes 31 damage!
ERROR uses a Level-Up Star!
ERROR gains five levels, reaching Level 26!

Ken fires the Guild Cannon! Mystic Moose-A takes 41 damage!
Raaj uses a Black Mage's Star! Raaj's Blk level increases by 1!
Goddess Atma uses a Level-Up Star!
ERROR gains four levels, reaching Level 30!

Kharamain casts Fira! Hunter takes 41 damage! Mystic Moose-A takes 41 damage!

Hunter and Mystic Moose-A are defeated!
All Hidden Hand members receive 296 Experience and 164 Gold!
Kharamain reaches Level 22!

Kharamain casts Fira! Mystic Moose-B takes 37 damage!

Mystic Moose-B is defeated!
All Hidden Hand members receive 123 Experience and 54 Gold!
Raaj reaches Level 20!

All enemies are defeated! Anyone else to attack a monster is too late!

Mike uses a Gold Tripler! Mike's obtained Gold is tripled for the day!
Shadowchancellor attacks! Heltje suffers 36 damage!
Ourobolus is poisoned! Ourobolus suffers 25 damage!
Joshua uses a White Mage's Star! Joshua's Wht level increases by 1!
Straadin uses a Fighter's Star! Straadin's Fgt level increases by 1!
Aurelius casts Cure! Aurelius gains 50 points!
Boojum casts Drain! Heltje suffers 12 damage! Boojum gains 12 points!

Heltje is KO'd...
All Guild of Magus members receive 2 Experience and 10 Gold!
Nightwolf receives an additional 10 Gold!

Nightwolf uses a Fighter's Star! Nightwolf's Fgt level increases by 1!
Lost Boricua uses Strong Medicine! Lost Boricua gains 95 points!
Carabbit casts Cura! Carabbit gains 200 points!
Adam uses a Fighter's Star! Adam's Fgt level increases by 1!
Alexander attacks! Nightwolf suffers 31 damage! Alexander steals 50 Gold!
Nightwolf counterattacks! Alexander suffers 43 damage! Nightwolf steals 154 Gold!
Flamethrower casts Blizzara! Tyraraven suffers 46 damage! Jwcooley suffers 46 damage!

Tyraraven is KO'd...
All Order of Beorn members receive 1 Experience and 1 Gold!

CW uses a Black Mage's Star! CW's Blk level increases by 1!

Sundoulos' job levels are restored!
Timbit's job levels are restored!

ProtoMan is revived with 125 Points!
Patternscribe is revived with 125 Points!
Killa B is revived with 125 Points!
IceNine is revived with 125 Points!
Frammy is revived with 125 Points!

One Black Market Monkey appears!
Ten Trickymages appear!

Black Market Monkey immediately throws a sidewalk sale! (It's on the down-low, so don't tell anybody. Apparently, he has some one-of-a-kind items up for sale. See the store below for more!)

Don't go it alone!

Guild of Magus

Creator: Sandy
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Order of Beorn

Creator: Sundoulos
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Brotherhood of Lief

Creator: FirstAid
Type: Open
You are free to join this guild as long as your total level is 8 or less.

SOCK Intelligence Agency

Creator: Joshua
Type: Invite Only
The SIA has no open positions at this time.

The Healing Shield

Creator: Bainick
Type: Open
May freely join if the following is fulfilled:
The player was never a part of another guild.

The Hidden Hand

Creator: Raaj
Type: Semi-Open
The Hidden Hand intends to act as a highly coordinated and organized guild. Members must have AIM and be able to discuss SOCK nightly (on Tuesday to Friday) - preference will be given to those who are intending to become proficient in advanced or unusual classes, but others will be considered as well.

Alpha Centari

Creator: Cacticus
Type: Open
Alpha Centari is open to anyone who has any word in their Sock or Real name start with an A or a C.

...New stock every week!

   Melfort Item Shop   
Item Effect Price
Antidote Cures Poison. 25 Gold
Eye Drops Cures Blind. 25 Gold
Smelling Salts Cures Confusion. 25 Gold
Metronome Cures Slow. 35 Gold
Alarm Clock Cures Sleep. 35 Gold
Soothe Lotion Cures Frozen and Burn. 40 Gold
Gold Needle Cures Stone or Paralysis 75 Gold

   Melfort Weapon Shop   
Weapon Equipped Effect Price
Mythril Sword
Fgt 3
Power 15; Break% 3
Obtained Pts + 10% while equipped.
60 Gold
Gold Sword
Fgt 6
Power 25; Break% 15
Obtained Pts + 25% while equipped.
125 Gold
Diamond Sword
Fgt 10
Power 40; Break% 2
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
200 Gold
Killer Sword
Fgt 12
Power 30; Break% 5
Critical Chance + 25%
250 Gold
Crystal Sword
Fgt 13
Power 55; Break% 15
Obtained points + 25% while equipped
350 Gold
Fgt 15
Power 45; Break% 5
Counterattack Chance + 50%
350 Gold

   Moonward Armor Shop   
Armor Equipped Effect Price
Mythril Armor
Def 3
Break% 5
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
100 Gold
Iron Breastplate
Def 5
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 20%
100 Gold
Mythril Shield
Def 6
Break% 3
Absorbs up to 40 points completely
80 Gold
Full Plate
Def 9
Break% 1
Phys. Damage - 25%
150 Gold
Leaden Chestplate
Def 13
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 35%
300 Gold
Def 15
Break% 5
Cancels/re-counters any counterattacks against you
250 Gold
Rich Man's Armor
Arm 16 or Mer 10
Break% 5
Damage is inflicted in Gold rather than Points.
500 Gold

   Melfort Accessory Shop   
Item Effect Price
Hawk's Eye Obscure and Obscurega spells will not affect wearer. 200 Gold
Hermes' Sandals Bestows Haste status upon wearer. 500 Gold

   Melfort Mote Shop   
Item Effect Price
Libra Mote Publicly reveals detailed information on one target. 20 Gold
Cure Mote Target gains points equal to 2x consolation pts. 30 Gold
Decoy Mote 25% chance that monster attacks will hit target. 50 Gold
Imbue Mote Bestow any status-inducing spell that you have learned upon one target's weapon. 150 Gold
Reverse Mote Inflicts Reverse status with 75% probability. 150 Gold

   Black Market Monkey's Shop   
Item Effect Price
Shuriken Does 2-3x unarmed attack power to one target, ignoring defenses. Used with "Throw". 75 Gold
Rename Card Permanently changes your displayed nickname to anything you choose. 125 Gold
Exit Pass Allows for unrestricted leave from a Guild. 150 Gold
Ninja Star Does 3-5x unarmed attack power to one target, ignoring defenses. Used with "Throw". 150 Gold
Rare Candy Levels up another item or piece of equipment. 250 Gold
Merchant's Medal ??? 500 Gold
Blue Mage's Badge Accessory: Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Blu level. 1000 Gold
Thief's Badge Accessory: Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Thf level. 1000 Gold
Soul Locket If held when KO'd, prevents any Experience loss. 1000 Gold

Point Benchmarks
...Spend your points on rare items!

Benchmark Prize Choice
50 pts Fighter's Sword (Fgt 2; Power 15; Break% 1)

Wizard's Rod (Blk 2; Power 3; Break% 10; MagPwr + 10%)

Point Doubler (Doubles day's Pts when used)
75 pts Defender's Shield (Def 2; Break% 5; Absorbs 20 Pts of Dmg completely)

Cleric's Robe (Wht 2; Break% 20; Wht Magic Exp. Costs - 25%)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used)
100 pts AGG (Accessory: Gain bonus Gold when you write in a Q&A letter)

APG (Accessory: Gain bonus Points when you write in a Q&A letter)

AEG (Accessory: Gain bonus Experience when you write in a Q&A letter)
125 pts Everybody's Mace (Weapon: No prerequisite job level; Power 10; Break% 3)

Everybody's Guard (Armor: No prerequisite job level; Break% 10; Phys. Dmg. - 10%)

Wait Mode (Item: Freezes Sock 2 in time for user's choice of between 1 and 3 days.)
150 pts Guild Permit (Allows user to create a guild.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough experience to reach the next level.)

Blue Mage's Medal (???)
200 pts Point Doubler (Doubles day's Points when used.)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used.)

Exp. Doubler (Doubles day's Exp. when used.)
250 pts Staff of Aid (Weapon: Prereq. Wht 5; Power 5; Break% 10; Doubles power of Cure spells.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Steal a random item from enemy or opponent with 75% prob.)

Warp Stone (Item: Change points with another player, chosen at random.)
300 pts Mind Break (Armor: Prereq. Def 7; Break% 15; Magic Damage - 50%)

Goldgrabber (Weapon: Prereq. Fgt 5/Mer 12/Thf 1; Power 20; Break% 2; Gain 10% of target's Gold with successful attack.)

Hawk's Eye (Accessory: If equipped, Obscure and Obscurega spells have no effect upon you.)
350 pts Everybody's Lance (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 25; Break% 3)

Everybody's Shield (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Absorbs up to 50 pts of damage completely.)

Thief's Medal (???)
400 pts Deep Pocket (Accessory: Increases Item Capacity by 2.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Attempts to steal random item from target with 75% probability.)

Iron Boots (Accessory: Prevents wearer from getting knocked over.)
475 pts Exp. Tripler (Item: Triples day's Experience when used.)

Bullseye (Armor: Blu 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. that any monster attack will be directed at wearer.)

Magnetic Apron (Armor: Mer 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. of obtaining any items used against you.)
550 pts Gold Tripler (Item: Triples day's Gold when used.)

White Magic Staff (Weapon: Wht 8; Power 5; Break% 10; White Magic Exp Costs -50%)

Black Magic Staff (Weapon: Blk 8; Power 5; Break% 10; Black Magic Exp Costs -50%)
625 pts Point Tripler (Item: Triples day's Points when used.)

Thiefknife (Weapon: Thf 5; Power 20; Break% 5; 25% prob. of stealing with successful attack)

Quickening Armor (Armor: Def 15; Break% 20; Eva + 25%, Can make a bonus guess on one question each day.)
700 pts Reliant Blade (Weapon: Fgt 14; Power 60; Break% 1)

Blazing Cloak (Armor: Blk 14; Break% 5; Absorbs Fire Damage, Doubles Power of Fire Magic)

Super Sneak Glove (Item: Steals user's choice of a random item, equipped weapon, or equipped armor of target with 75% probability.)
775 pts Tome of Vocations (???)

Bonus Blade (Weapon: Wpn 5; Power 50; Break% 2; If Target's Armor breaks with attack, gain half their current Experience as bonus.)

Countercrit Armband (Armor: Arm 5; Break% 5; Critical hits are cancelled and countered with a critical hit.)
850 pts Point Tripler (Triples day's Points when used)

Gold Tripler (Triples day's Gold when used)

Exp. Tripler (Triples day's Exp. when used)
925 pts Iron Safe (Item: Prevents Gold loss if held upon defeat.)

Soul Locket (Item: Prevents Exp. loss if held upon defeat.)

Level-Up Star (Item: Grants target with exactly enough Exp. to reach the next level.)
1000 pts Reflect Ring (Accessory: Imbues "Reflect" status while equipped.)

Opal Ring (Accessory: Wearer's magic is rendered unreflectable.)

Scholar's Medal (???)
1100 pts Everybody's Blade (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 50; Break% 3)

Rare Candy (Item: Levels up another item or piece of equipment.)

Energizer (Item: Permanently increases target's unarmed attack by 2.)
1200 pts Everybody's Protector (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Phys. Dmg - 20%, Magic Dmg - 20%)

Guild Permit (Item: Allows user to create a guild.)

Bolsterer (Item: Permanently increases a weapon's attack power by 10%)

Prize Shop
Want something special? Start saving up...

Prize Points Required
Q&A Guest Host Position 1500 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 3000 Points
PS2, PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 game of your choice 5000 Points

Yesterday's Answers

b) Truce Canyon (160 Gold)
What in the world was going on with this question? The teleporter at the End of Time is what this question was implicitly referring to, as many of you managed to figure out. Nice job, actually- I thought that would stump more of you. And of course, even though someone "smart" could place an X in three different places to make victory a possibility, it is ALSO theoretically possible for someone with no brain to choose squares such that they'd lose in any of those other circumstances (and thus, there's no "guarantee").

e) Blue (180 Points)
All four characters have their own colour of Mime-cape, but Blue is not one of them.

Today's Questions
Today's Consolation Points: 25

While fighting battles, spellcasting can get really annoying to people in the next room if it's done by Jessica, who often screeches "Althena, lend me your [something]" in a terribly irritating voice. What, exactly is that something?
(170 Points)

a) Power
b) Fortune
c) Light
d) Love
e) Strength

Garnam's Mayor's name is shared with a ship found in which of the following games?
(200 points)

a) Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
b) Grandia III
c) Skies of Arcadia Legends
d) Chrono Trigger
e) Xenosaga: Episode II

Submission Form

Honesty is important! Don't spoil the game. Keep in mind that masqueraders will be obvious, since two submissions under the same name will cause me to fire an e-mail to the true competitor based on my records, where I can verify their actions. Anybody caught cheating in this manner will be immediately removed from the competition!

Please fill out your nickname and your actions for the day! Place your answer choices in the respective boxes (don't worry about being precise with wording or anything), and write your action in the action box. You can equip or unequip stuff once per day without taking your action up, too. Examples of actions could be "I want to attack Li'l Ant!" or "I want to buy two Eye Dropses!" or "I want to buy a Wood Sword and Smelling Salts, and I want to equip the Wood Sword!"

Today's Guess(es) for the first question:
Today's Guess(es) for the second question:
Actions for today:

Yay banner!

Click here for the Official Rule Guide!


1 Alexander MD
Fgt Lv 11
Points 3945

2 Seiryu
Def Lv 10
Points 3856

3 LufiaLvr
Wht Lv 10
Points 3806

4 Aurelius
Wht Lv 12
Points 3710

5 Alael
Def Lv 15
Points 3707

6 Genjuu
Sum Lv 12
Points 3459

7 Knighttrain
Blk Lv 17
Points 3403

8 Nightwolf
Thf Lv 15
Points 3358

9 Jess
Wht Lv 12
Points 3279

10 Leviathan
Fgt Lv 10
Points 2892

11 Sandy
Blk Lv 13
Points 2889

12 Shinuzzo
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2784

13 Leaper
Blu Lv 16
Points 2767

14 Goddess Atma
Fgt Lv 19
Points 2723

15 Arros Raikou
Fgt Lv 9
Points 2661

16 Cacticus
Wht Lv 10
Points 2562

17 Carabbit
Wht Lv 15
Points 2548

18 CW
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2485

19 Raaj
Blk Lv 20
Points 2482

20 Sundoulos
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2459

21 Adam
Fgt Lv 11
Points 2430

22 FoxKelfonne
Blk Lv 14
Points 2389

23 Xlash
Thf Lv 14
Points 2381

24 JuMeSyn
Wht Lv 11
Points 2358

Sum Lv 30
Points 2335

26 Flamethrower
Blk Lv 11
Points 2270

27 Straadin
Def Lv 10
Points 2256

28 Slashlen
Fgt Lv 17
Points 2241

29 Ken
Blk Lv 12
Points 2089

30 MrMSty
Blk Lv 22
Points 2044

31 Purelunatic
Fgt Lv 7
Points 2016

32 Jeremy V.
Def Lv 8
Points 1895

33 Gaijin
Blk Lv 12
Points 1876

34 Draconn
Fgt Lv 14
Points 1835

35 Lost Boricua
Blk Lv 14
Points 1784

36 BigWook
Wht Lv 24
Points 1744

37 FirstAid
Wht Lv 14
Points 1648

38 Ourobolus
Blk Lv 11
Points 1530

39 Prism
Wht Lv 11
Points 1529

40 Kharamain
Blk Lv 22
Points 1524

41 SuperKyle
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1513

42 Ice^Tiger
Blk Lv 7
Points 1469

43 Fang
Def Lv 9
Points 1449

44 Shadow Chancellor
Wht Lv 11
Points 1424

45 Strawberry Eggs
Blk Lv 11
Points 1374

46 Tasukete
Blk Lv 12
Points 1351

47 Kolphyre
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1284

48 Witecat
Def Lv 8
Points 1282

49 Bainick
Def Lv 9
Points 1259

50 DMJ
Fgt Lv 11
Points 1235

51 Weretiger Rei
Wht Lv 8
Points 1170

52 Mike
Fgt Lv 10
Points 1150

53 Macstorm
Def Lv 6
Points 1119

54 UFJ
Wht Lv 14
Points 1103

55 Vyselocke
Thf Lv 21
Points 1079

56 Brian J. Blottie
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1060

57 Joshua
Wht Lv 21
Points 1030

58 Koala Bob
Blk Lv 12
Points 902

59 Arpijy
Fgt Lv 9
Points 893

60 Thinkfreemind
Fgt Lv 6
Points 881

61 Belthasar2
Fgt Lv 10
Points 799

62 Boojum
Blk Lv 14
Points 738

63 Maggie
Blk Lv 9
Points 659

64 ~Sean~~
Fgt Lv 11
Points 539

65 The Dark Chevalier
Blk Lv 8
Points 466

66 BLG
Blk Lv 12
Points 329

67 Jeffrey
Def Lv 4
Points 310

68 Waterfiend33
Fgt Lv 8
Points 221

69 Cloud_2049
Wht Lv 3
Points 203

70 Timbit
Fgt Lv 8
Points 125

71 IceNine
Blk Lv 5
Points 125

72 Bucket
Def Lv 3
Points 125

73 Dracus
Fgt Lv 3
Points 125

74 Killa B
Fgt Lv 1
Points 125

75 Ziphakiel Valkrist
Def Lv 1
Points 125

76 ProtoMan
xxx Lv 1
Points 125

77 Frammy
Fgt Lv 1
Points 125

78 Patternscribe
Fgt Lv 1
Points 125

79 Jwcooley
Fgt Lv 1
Points 79

80 Heltje
Fgt Lv 6
Points 0

81 Tyraraven
Fgt Lv 4
Points 0

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