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So, you heard me over in the main column: The contest will very likely be getting closer to an end, the way I see it, by the end of next month. By 2008, I hope that we have a winner. Sadly, I'll be leaving shortly after then, but I'd be more than happy to keep in touch with any one of you- it sounds sappy, but I feel like I've gotten to know a few of you fairly well over the course of this whole thing, in some kind of weird, indirect way.

One other thing: Due to a medical reason and because the Ontario Election is tomorrow, I have a lot of extra things on my plate, and so I won't be producing a column yet again. Yeah, yeah- just take the day and go do something real.

Today's Tips:

  • Oh, go whine somewhere else. If there aren't any enemies to fight, there aren't any enemies to fight. Either take your anger out on a contestant you hate, or be patient and wait for the next flock of enemies. Twiddle thumbs in the meantime, or take advantage of the fact that I've seriously allowed you to massively abuse Stars.
  • Remember to check your e-mail, and the ol' junk folder from time to time. Prism, I'm 100% sure that I sent you a message after last column that got lost in the shuffle somehow! But, I'll send another today, just in case.



The King of Moonward had lent us his personal hovercraft. He had told us just after our conversation the day before, after we had told him the story about the Guardian of Light. Moonward, being a kingdom including a number of small island towns and villages scattered around the continent, used to need the hovercraft for royal visits and the like, but now, he had said, he had no use for it.

"Take care of it!" the King said, standing with a couple of other soldiers and Shayla.

"Don't worry!" Aunt Angelina called back with a wave. We needed to take care of it; the only way to get to the Monument of Light without an aircraft was to cross the shallows of the northeast and head over the small eastern landmass, home to the cities of Adumon and Glacia. However, there was one small problem.

We had been moving along at a fairly good clip, nearing the small, bustling town of Melfort, when Lily cleared her throat to address it. "Mmm- we still haven't discussed one thing. Adumon and Glacia--"

"They're at war," Sly broke in. "Yes, it'll be tough to find our way across."

I had learned in a history class not long ago that Adumon and Glacia have been perpetually at war for the last hundreds of years. The war was, in fact, over the encapsulated Thermos and Frigozo, the Elemental Guardians of Fire and Ice. As the natural climate of the area was very cold, Adumon originally claimed Thermos in order to have direct control over the temperatures of the region. However, only a few years had passed and the people of Adumon realized that the land around them was quickly becoming desertified. After a famine and a panic, a few treaties had been hastily signed with Hillstad Castle, the original bearer of Ice Guardian Frigozo, and Adumon gained possession of *both* Guardians. With both under the control of Adumon, the temperatures were more easily regulated, and a pleasant, tropical environment was quickly attained- one that was highly favourable. Nearby Glacia was, both figuratively and literally, left out in the cold, and it wasn't long before the two cities were bitter rivals. A couple hundred years ago, after a few large-scale battles, Glacia wrenched control from a devastated and weakened Adumon and seized control of them both. Since then, they had been stolen back and forth several times; Glacia was the current holder of them both, if I recalled correctly. As a result, despite the ongoing battles, the city had become a popular resort town for those oblivious to the events around them.

"We've got to be careful," I said. "Gorex battlefield, at the centre of the continent- that's where the tanks and soldiers are lined up. If we're seen in the wrong place at the wrong time..."

"...they might think that we're spies for the other side," Sly finished. "We need to think of a plan before we get there- some diversion- so that we can cross the continent and arrive at the Monument."

"One thing we also need to be careful of," Wooley spoke softly, "is that since this fight is over Elemental Guardians... is it not possible that Mazell could show up there too, to wreak havoc? He's shown up everywhere else we've gone."

Sly brushed his hair back. "If those Guardians go out of control, a whole lot of people could be in grave danger. We've got to be ready to take action if anything goes wrong."

Angelina cleared her throat. "Yes... yes, we do. But, first and foremost, we need to concentrate on getting to the Light Monument. A great seal of Light must be broken there, and then we can finally meet this sacred Guardian. This is the path that we must take if we ever want to end this cycle of destruction- we can't just spend these precious minutes chasing after Mazell and destroying the very creatures that hold our world together."

"Yet," Wooley continued, "We cannot just afford to let the Guardians run amok, either. Thus, we must move as quickly as we possibly can to the Light Monument!"

Sly went into the cabin as I sat out on the deck of the hovercraft, continuing to chat with Veronica, Lily, Seth, my dad, and my Aunt. We had a lot to do...



The strange door has appeared again!

Battle Window              Points upon Revival: 125
insert battle theme...

Currently in Play:
  • Swinesoul
  • Mystic Moose-A
  • Mystic Moose-B
  • Mystic Moose-C
  • Verminstrel
  • Hunter

Action Window

[Editorial Note: Adam should have reached Level 11 last time, yet I forgot to indicate this. Sorry!]

Macstorm uses an Exp. Doubler! Macstorm's Experience is doubled for the day!
Draconn uses a Level-Up Star!
Draconn reaches Level 14!
Sandy casts Cure! Sandy gains 68 points!
MrMSty uses an Exp. Tripler! MrMSty's Experience is tripled for the day!
Ken uses a Black Mage's Star! Ken's Blk level increases by 1!
Vyselocke uses a Level-Up Star!
MrMSty gains two levels and reaches Level 22!
Tasukete uses a Black Mage's Star! Tasukete's Blk level increases by 1!
FirstAid casts Cure! Seiryu gains 100 points!
Kharamain uses a Point Tripler! Kharamain's Points are tripled for the day!
ERROR uses a Level-Up Star!
ERROR reaches Level 21!
Shinuzzo uses a Defender's Star! Shinuzzo's Def level increases by 1!
SuperKyle attacks! ProtoMan suffers 50 damage!

ProtoMan is KO'd...
All Order of Beorn members receive 1 Gold!

Shadowchancellor uses a Point Doubler! Shadowchancellor's Points are doubled for the day!
Bainick attacks! Frammy suffers 19 damage!
Frammy is KO'd...
All Healing Shield members receive 2 Gold!

Sundoulos uses a Level-Up Star!
Sundoulos reaches Level 13!
Flamethrower casts Blizzara! Killa B suffers 45 damage! Patternscribe suffers 40 damage!

Killa B and Patternscribe are KO'd...
All Order of Beorn members receive 3 Gold!

A booming voice echoes: "DOUBLE KILL...!"

Nightwolf uses a Level-Up Star!
Nightwolf reaches Level 15!
Koala Bob uses a Black Mage's Star! Koala Bob's Blk level increases by 1!
Arpijy uses Healing Herbs! Arpijy gains 40 points!
CW uses a Black Mage's Star! CW's Blk level increases by 1!
Prism casts Cure! Prism gains 50 points!
Boojum casts Quake! IceNine suffers 149 damage! Heltje suffers 74 damage! Tyraraven suffers 83 damage!

IceNine is KO'd...
All Guild of Magus members receive 2 Experience and 10 Gold!

Ourobolus is poisoned! Ourobolus suffers 25 damage!
The storm continues to swirl! Two lightning bolts streak down from the sky! But they don't hit anything...
BigWook uses a Point Tripler! BigWook's points are tripled for the day!
Aurelius casts Cure! Aurelius gains 50 points!
Cacticus casts Cure! DMJ gains 55 points!
Cacticus changes the guild name to "Alpha Centari"!
~Sean~~ casts Enfire! Sean's physical attacks become imbued with the fire element!

Bucket is revived with 125 Points!
Jwcooley is revived with 125 Points!

One Swinesoul appears!
Three Mystic Moose appear!
One Verminstrel appears!
One Hunter appears!

Don't go it alone!

Guild of Magus

Creator: Sandy
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Order of Beorn

Creator: Sundoulos
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Brotherhood of Lief

Creator: FirstAid
Type: Open
You are free to join this guild as long as your total level is 8 or less.

SOCK Intelligence Agency

Creator: Joshua
Type: Invite Only
The SIA has no open positions at this time.

The Healing Shield

Creator: Bainick
Type: Open
May freely join if the following is fulfilled:
The player was never a part of another guild.

The Hidden Hand

Creator: Raaj
Type: Semi-Open
The Hidden Hand intends to act as a highly coordinated and organized guild. Members must have AIM and be able to discuss SOCK nightly (on Tuesday to Friday) - preference will be given to those who are intending to become proficient in advanced or unusual classes, but others will be considered as well.

Alpha Centari

Creator: Cacticus
Type: Open
Alpha Centari is open to anyone who has any word in their Sock or Real name start with an A or a C.

...New stock every week!

   Melfort Item Shop   
Item Effect Price
Antidote Cures Poison. 25 Gold
Eye Drops Cures Blind. 25 Gold
Smelling Salts Cures Confusion. 25 Gold
Metronome Cures Slow. 35 Gold
Alarm Clock Cures Sleep. 35 Gold
Soothe Lotion Cures Frozen and Burn. 40 Gold
Gold Needle Cures Stone or Paralysis 75 Gold

   Melfort Weapon Shop   
Weapon Equipped Effect Price
Mythril Sword
Fgt 3
Power 15; Break% 3
Obtained Pts + 10% while equipped.
60 Gold
Gold Sword
Fgt 6
Power 25; Break% 15
Obtained Pts + 25% while equipped.
125 Gold
Diamond Sword
Fgt 10
Power 40; Break% 2
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
200 Gold
Killer Sword
Fgt 12
Power 30; Break% 5
Critical Chance + 25%
250 Gold
Crystal Sword
Fgt 13
Power 55; Break% 15
Obtained points + 25% while equipped
350 Gold
Fgt 15
Power 45; Break% 5
Counterattack Chance + 50%
350 Gold

   Moonward Armor Shop   
Armor Equipped Effect Price
Mythril Armor
Def 3
Break% 5
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
100 Gold
Iron Breastplate
Def 5
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 20%
100 Gold
Mythril Shield
Def 6
Break% 3
Absorbs up to 40 points completely
80 Gold
Full Plate
Def 9
Break% 1
Phys. Damage - 25%
150 Gold
Leaden Chestplate
Def 13
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 35%
300 Gold
Def 15
Break% 5
Cancels/re-counters any counterattacks against you
250 Gold
Rich Man's Armor
Arm 16 or Mer 10
Break% 5
Damage is inflicted in Gold rather than Points.
500 Gold

   Melfort Accessory Shop   
Item Effect Price
Hawk's Eye Obscure and Obscurega spells will not affect wearer. 200 Gold
Hermes' Sandals Bestows Haste status upon wearer. 500 Gold

   Melfort Mote Shop   
Item Effect Price
Libra Mote Publicly reveals detailed information on one target. 20 Gold
Cure Mote Target gains points equal to 2x consolation pts. 30 Gold
Decoy Mote 25% chance that monster attacks will hit target. 50 Gold
Imbue Mote Bestow any status-inducing spell that you have learned upon one target's weapon. 150 Gold
Reverse Mote Inflicts Reverse status with 75% probability. 150 Gold

Point Benchmarks
...Spend your points on rare items!

Benchmark Prize Choice
50 pts Fighter's Sword (Fgt 2; Power 15; Break% 1)

Wizard's Rod (Blk 2; Power 3; Break% 10; MagPwr + 10%)

Point Doubler (Doubles day's Pts when used)
75 pts Defender's Shield (Def 2; Break% 5; Absorbs 20 Pts of Dmg completely)

Cleric's Robe (Wht 2; Break% 20; Wht Magic Exp. Costs - 25%)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used)
100 pts AGG (Accessory: Gain bonus Gold when you write in a Q&A letter)

APG (Accessory: Gain bonus Points when you write in a Q&A letter)

AEG (Accessory: Gain bonus Experience when you write in a Q&A letter)
125 pts Everybody's Mace (Weapon: No prerequisite job level; Power 10; Break% 3)

Everybody's Guard (Armor: No prerequisite job level; Break% 10; Phys. Dmg. - 10%)

Wait Mode (Item: Freezes Sock 2 in time for user's choice of between 1 and 3 days.)
150 pts Guild Permit (Allows user to create a guild.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough experience to reach the next level.)

Blue Mage's Medal (???)
200 pts Point Doubler (Doubles day's Points when used.)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used.)

Exp. Doubler (Doubles day's Exp. when used.)
250 pts Staff of Aid (Weapon: Prereq. Wht 5; Power 5; Break% 10; Doubles power of Cure spells.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Steal a random item from enemy or opponent with 75% prob.)

Warp Stone (Item: Change points with another player, chosen at random.)
300 pts Mind Break (Armor: Prereq. Def 7; Break% 15; Magic Damage - 50%)

Goldgrabber (Weapon: Prereq. Fgt 5/Mer 12/Thf 1; Power 20; Break% 2; Gain 10% of target's Gold with successful attack.)

Hawk's Eye (Accessory: If equipped, Obscure and Obscurega spells have no effect upon you.)
350 pts Everybody's Lance (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 25; Break% 3)

Everybody's Shield (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Absorbs up to 50 pts of damage completely.)

Thief's Medal (???)
400 pts Deep Pocket (Accessory: Increases Item Capacity by 2.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Attempts to steal random item from target with 75% probability.)

Iron Boots (Accessory: Prevents wearer from getting knocked over.)
475 pts Exp. Tripler (Item: Triples day's Experience when used.)

Bullseye (Armor: Blu 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. that any monster attack will be directed at wearer.)

Magnetic Apron (Armor: Mer 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. of obtaining any items used against you.)
550 pts Gold Tripler (Item: Triples day's Gold when used.)

White Magic Staff (Weapon: Wht 8; Power 5; Break% 10; White Magic Exp Costs -50%)

Black Magic Staff (Weapon: Blk 8; Power 5; Break% 10; Black Magic Exp Costs -50%)
625 pts Point Tripler (Item: Triples day's Points when used.)

Thiefknife (Weapon: Thf 5; Power 20; Break% 5; 25% prob. of stealing with successful attack)

Quickening Armor (Armor: Def 15; Break% 20; Eva + 25%, Can make a bonus guess on one question each day.)
700 pts Reliant Blade (Weapon: Fgt 14; Power 60; Break% 1)

Blazing Cloak (Armor: Blk 14; Break% 5; Absorbs Fire Damage, Doubles Power of Fire Magic)

Super Sneak Glove (Item: Steals user's choice of a random item, equipped weapon, or equipped armor of target with 75% probability.)
775 pts Tome of Vocations (???)

Bonus Blade (Weapon: Wpn 5; Power 50; Break% 2; If Target's Armor breaks with attack, gain half their current Experience as bonus.)

Countercrit Armband (Armor: Arm 5; Break% 5; Critical hits are cancelled and countered with a critical hit.)
850 pts Point Tripler (Triples day's Points when used)

Gold Tripler (Triples day's Gold when used)

Exp. Tripler (Triples day's Exp. when used)
925 pts Iron Safe (Prevents Gold loss if held upon defeat.)

Soul Locket (Prevents Exp. loss if held upon defeat.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough Exp. to reach the next level.)
1000 pts Reflect Ring (Accessory: Imbues "Reflect" status while equipped.)

Opal Ring (Accessory: Wearer's magic is rendered unreflectable.)

Scholar's Medal (???)

Prize Shop
Want something special? Start saving up...

Prize Points Required
Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case 1000 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 1500 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 3000 Points
PS2, PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 game of your choice 5000 Points

Yesterday's Answers

c) 7 (175 Points)
They were a little bit annoyingly hard to count because the daisy has a two-frame animation that changes pretty rapidly. There are 7 petals, however.

b) Final Fantasy II (175 Points)
Pangaea is the name given to the single supercontinent that existed in prehistoric times. The only Final Fantasy game to consist of a single supercontinent is Final Fantasy II; the massive world is connected from one side to the other, and all locations of interest, save for a couple of tiny islands, exist on that continent.

Today's Questions
Today's Consolation Points: 25

You are playing a game of temporal Tic-Tac-Toe with Spekkio. You have "X"es marked on Leene Square (1000 A.D.), and Proto Dome (2300 A.D.), while Spekkio has "O"s marked on Mystic Mountain (65,000,000 B.C.), and Earthbound Island (12,000 B.C.). Where can you place your third X to guarantee a victory?
(160 Gold)

a) Tyran Fortress (65,000,000 B.C.)
b) Truce Canyon (600 A.D.)
c) Guardia Forest (1000 A.D.)
d) Medina Village (1000 A.D.)
e) Bangor Dome (2300 A.D.)

It doesn't matter which character wants to be a Mime; which colour of Mime-cape will you never see on any of your party members in Final Fantasy V?
(180 points)

a) Red
b) Pink
c) Yellow
d) Green
e) Blue

Submission Form

Honesty is important! Don't spoil the game. Keep in mind that masqueraders will be obvious, since two submissions under the same name will cause me to fire an e-mail to the true competitor based on my records, where I can verify their actions. Anybody caught cheating in this manner will be immediately removed from the competition!

Please fill out your nickname and your actions for the day! Place your answer choices in the respective boxes (don't worry about being precise with wording or anything), and write your action in the action box. You can equip or unequip stuff once per day without taking your action up, too. Examples of actions could be "I want to attack Li'l Ant!" or "I want to buy two Eye Dropses!" or "I want to buy a Wood Sword and Smelling Salts, and I want to equip the Wood Sword!"

Today's Guess(es) for the first question:
Today's Guess(es) for the second question:
Actions for today:

Yay banner!

Click here for the Official Rule Guide!


1 Alexander MD
Fgt Lv 11
Points 3808

2 Seiryu
Def Lv 10
Points 3676

3 LufiaLvr
Wht Lv 10
Points 3626

4 Aurelius
Wht Lv 12
Points 3480

5 Alael
Def Lv 15
Points 3455

6 Genjuu
Sum Lv 12
Points 3279

7 Nightwolf
Blk Lv 15
Points 3229

8 Knighttrain
Blk Lv 17
Points 3223

9 Jess
Wht Lv 12
Points 3099

10 Sandy
Blk Lv 13
Points 2709

11 Leviathan
Fgt Lv 10
Points 2694

12 Arros Raikou
Fgt Lv 9
Points 2661

13 Leaper
Blu Lv 16
Points 2587

14 Cacticus
Wht Lv 10
Points 2562

15 Goddess Atma
Fgt Lv 19
Points 2543

16 Shinuzzo
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2541

17 JuMeSyn
Wht Lv 11
Points 2333

18 BigWook
Wht Lv 24
Points 2321

19 Vyselocke
Thf Lv 21
Points 2311

20 Raaj
Blk Lv 19
Points 2302

21 CW
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2287

22 Shadow Chancellor
Wht Lv 11
Points 2269

23 Sundoulos
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2261

24 Flamethrower
Blk Lv 11
Points 2245

25 FoxKelfonne
Blk Lv 14
Points 2209

26 Adam
Fgt Lv 11
Points 2205

27 Xlash
Thf Lv 14
Points 2201

28 Carabbit
Wht Lv 15
Points 2168

Sum Lv 21
Points 2155

30 Slashlen
Fgt Lv 17
Points 2061

31 Straadin
Def Lv 10
Points 2058

32 Ken
Blk Lv 12
Points 1909

33 Jeremy V.
Def Lv 8
Points 1895

34 MrMSty
Blk Lv 22
Points 1864

35 Purelunatic
Fgt Lv 7
Points 1818

36 Gaijin
Blk Lv 12
Points 1696

37 Draconn
Fgt Lv 14
Points 1655

38 Joshua
Wht Lv 21
Points 1635

39 Lost Boricua
Blk Lv 13
Points 1509

40 Mike
Fgt Lv 10
Points 1502

41 SuperKyle
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1485

42 Ice^Tiger
Blk Lv 7
Points 1469

43 FirstAid
Wht Lv 13
Points 1468

44 Fang
Def Lv 9
Points 1424

45 Ourobolus
Blk Lv 11
Points 1375

46 Prism
Wht Lv 11
Points 1349

47 Kharamain
Blk Lv 21
Points 1344

48 Kolphyre
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1284

49 Witecat
Def Lv 8
Points 1282

50 Bainick
Def Lv 9
Points 1234

51 Strawberry Eggs
Blk Lv 11
Points 1194

52 Tasukete
Blk Lv 12
Points 1171

53 Weretiger Rei
Wht Lv 8
Points 1170

54 Macstorm
Def Lv 6
Points 1119

55 UFJ
Wht Lv 13
Points 1078

56 Brian J. Blottie
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1060

57 DMJ
Fgt Lv 11
Points 1055

58 Arpijy
Fgt Lv 9
Points 893

59 Thinkfreemind
Fgt Lv 6
Points 881

60 Boojum
Blk Lv 13
Points 726

61 Koala Bob
Blk Lv 12
Points 704

62 Maggie
Blk Lv 9
Points 659

63 Belthasar2
Fgt Lv 10
Points 619

64 ~Sean~~
Fgt Lv 11
Points 507

65 The Dark Chevalier
Blk Lv 8
Points 466

66 BLG
Blk Lv 12
Points 329

67 Jeffrey
Def Lv 4
Points 310

68 Waterfiend33
Fgt Lv 8
Points 221

69 Cloud_2049
Wht Lv 3
Points 203

70 Timbit
Fgt Lv 8
Points 125

71 Bucket
Def Lv 3
Points 125

72 Dracus
Fgt Lv 3
Points 125

73 Ziphakiel Valkrist
Def Lv 1
Points 125

74 Jwcooley
Fgt Lv 1
Points 125

75 Heltje
Fgt Lv 6
Points 48

76 Tyraraven
Fgt Lv 4
Points 17

77 IceNine
Blk Lv 5
Points 0

78 Killa B
Fgt Lv 1
Points 0

79 ProtoMan
xxx Lv 1
Points 0

80 Frammy
Fgt Lv 1
Points 0

81 Patternscribe
Fgt Lv 1
Points 0

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