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Hmmm. I don't know what I wanted to say today, but I wanted to say SOMETHING. Grr. It's like I forgot where I put my keys, in a way. *sigh*

Today's Tips:

  • I'm quite surprised by this, but some of you are still unclear on the difference between Regular Levels obtained through Level-Ups, and job levels. Remember: Whenever you gain enough experience, you increase in level by one. This is your OVERALL level. At every single level up, you get to make a choice: Which job do you want to level up? Every single time you gain an Experience level, you get to boost your skill in any job by one level as well. Thus, over time, you can gain combinations of abilities. When you use a Black Mage's Star, your Black Mage level gets boosted by a BONUS one, while your experience level remains the same.
  • On the scoreboard, you should see two things below your name: A class, and a Level. The class is simply the class that you have advanced the furthest out of all of your choices for job levels. The number indicates your overall experience level. Thus, it's possible that (and more often than not, it's true that) the number doesn't indicate your skill level in the class shown. If it reads "Fgt 8" it isn't necessarily true that you've achieved the 8th Fighter Level: It means you've reached Level 8, and your most-advanced class is Fighter. There, I won't repeat this again!

Da da da~


"I will be staying back. I have to help my people rebuild." Shayla's composure had returned. It was a day after our big battle with Diamante, and we had finally had a decent rest. We were all seated around a quiet table in a bar in the nearby town of Renon, where we could find some decent shelter. The king of Moonward had graciously decided to spend the morning with us.

"You know, your people will be so happy to have you working alongside them to get things back to normal," Elia commented. Shayla looked over and gave a frown.

"Things will never be 'normal.' But, I have to do what I can. They look up to me, and it's my responsibility to be a leader. So many families have been destroyed- so many homes torn to pieces. This is all the work of Mazell."

"We will avenge!" Wooley cried out, putting his fist into the air. Angelina gave him a strange look.

"I'll avenge you." My Aunt made a face and then cleared her throat. "It's about time that we made a confession. It involves you, Daniel, as well as myself, and your father."

Everyone looked over in interest. Aunt Angelina looked to everyone for attention. After a moment of silence, the king spoke up, his voice moistened by his milky tea. "Well, what is it already?"

"Aha. You'll remember that Mazell originally kidnapped and held Wooley and myself hostage, right? Hasn't anyone ever wondered why that is?" Receiving blank stares from everyone, she continued. "You see, we are a special, er, family. I was born with the ability to hear a special voice, and so was your father. So, Daniel, were you. Back on that day, way back in Deonn- the day that your father and I were kidnapped, Daniel, we heard the call. You did too. Do you remember?"

Everyone looked at me, and my face flushed. "Uhhh... " I thought back to that day. I knew what the answer was; I had been messing around outside my apartment building with a friend of mine, when all of a sudden, the strangest headache had hit me. I saw nothing but blue for a split second, and I had nearly fainted, but it passed as quickly as it had started. When I had come to my senses, all hell had broken loose- monsters had swarmed the apartment, and it hadn't been long before my dad and aunt were in the clutches of the demons.

"That light, Daniel... that was the Guardian of Light speaking to you." Angelina finished softly. Dad looked a little bit uncomfortable, but the rest of the large group looked somewhat puzzled.

"I don't see what this has to do with anything," said Seth. "Doesn't this just prove that you're all a bit... unscrewed?"

"No." My Aunt shot him a look of death. "This is not a time for cheeky insults."

"It's true..." my dad spoke up. "We knew that day was coming. We knew that this was our destiny. Darkness made its move on that day, and we- the three of us- are the defenders of light. It is our duty to protect life from the force of darkness."

Veronica snorted in pent-up laughter. "I'm sorry, I don't get it."

The King looked over uncomfortably. "I really must use the bathroom. I shall return."

With dubious glares and murmurs coming from around the table, Lily stood up. "You don't think this is possible? Look what you've discovered over the past month, for heaven's sakes! We've fought DEMONS, we've explored an entire other world, and we've witnessed the very supporters of our world turn against us! Why do you think these three are mixed up in this..." - she gestured to Daniel, Angelina, and Wooley - "... in the first place? If you people aren't going to take them family seriously, then we don't stand a chance. We're a team, here. We've fought hard together, and we aren't about to start treating the CORE of the team as if they belong in some institution somewhere!"

Veronica smiled. "I've never... heard you talk like that before. But how can we believe this kind of stuff?"

Finally, I spoke up. "Yeah... and why haven't *I* heard of any of this before? This is all kind of sudden- and a little bit scary." "Why would we lie?" my Aunt countered, putting her hands on her pudgy hips.

"Why would you wait so long to tell us about this?" Sly leapt down from the table he had been sitting on in the background and took a step forward.

"Well," Wooley started, "If we had told you this before, NONE of you would have believed it. After you came to rescue us, Daniel, we knew that you had gathered together a crew of real heroes. You've been so strong, and I'm proud of you. But now that you have all seen what kinds of forces are at work, I think that you can believe."

The emotional discussion quieted as we finished our breakfasts; we, including myself, all took the time to absorb this bizarre new information. After a few more minutes, the king walked out and took his seat once more, and my aunt broke the silence.

"What we've really earned is a break. We have a long road ahead of us, but I suggest that we take today to prepare ourselves in the safety of this town."

Sly's icy-blue eyes twinkled. "I know where my father is headed next, so we-"

"We talk about what's next tonight. Everyone, rest your muscles and your brains for now." Angelina's sharp voice rang on a note of finality.

That's the day that I learned that I was far more "special" than I had ever realized. What was the significance? I was about to find out...


The Godmaster; the creator. Full of chaos, full of pain.
His desire and rage alike will devour all
Please, somebody... stop him. Grant him peace.
I will grant you aid in the face of defeat...


The strange door has appeared again!

Battle Window              Points upon Revival: 125
insert battle theme...

Currently in Play:
  • No monsters or summons are currently in play!

Action Window

Bainick reaches Level 9!
Bainick casts Blizzard! It's super-effective! Ifrit takes 18 damage!
Slashlen uses an Experience Doubler! Slashlen's Experience is doubled for the day!
BLG reaches Level 11!
BLG uses a Level-Up Star!
BLG reaches Level 12!
Xlash reaches Level 14!
Ken uses a Black Mage's Star! Ken's Blk level increases by 1!
Adam uses an Experience Tripler! Adam's Experience is tripled for the day!
Adam reaches Level 10!
Goddess Atma reaches Level 20!
ERROR reaches Level 20!
Ifrit leaps high up into the air and sends a searingly-hot meteor down to fry the scoreboard from the bottom up! Bucket suffers 55 damage! Bucket is burned! Jwcooley suffers 67 damage! Frammy suffers 64 damage! Killa B suffers 83 damage! Killa B is burned! Patternscribe suffers 74 damage! ProtoMan suffers 70 damage!
ERROR uses a Level-Up Star!
FoxKelfonne uses an Experience Tripler! FoxKelfonne's Experience is tripled for the day!
FoxKelfonne reaches Level 13!
Vyselocke uses a Level-Up Star!
Sundoulos attacks! It's super-effective! Ifrit takes 50 damage!
SuperKyle attacks! Ifrit takes 36 damage!
Alael attacks! Ifrit takes 52 damage!
Shinuzzo uses a Quick Mote! Shinuzzo can now take two more actions!
Shinuzzo uses an Experience Tripler! Shinuzzo's Experience is tripled for the day!
Shinuzzo uses a Level-Up Star!
Shinuzzo gains two levels, reaching Level 13!
Arpijy uses Healing Herbs! Arpijy gains 32 points!
~Sean~~ casts Enblizzard! Strawberry Eggs' physical attacks are temporarily enhanced with the ice element!
Strawberry Eggs casts Blizzard! It's super-effective! Ifrit takes 21 damage!
Ourobolus reaches Level 11!
Ourobolus is poisoned. Ourobolus suffers 25 damage!
UFJ uses a White Mage's Star! UFJ's Wht level increases by 1!
Maggie reaches Level 9!
JuMeSyn casts Cure! JuMeSyn gains 50 points!
FirstAid uses an Experience Tripler! FirstAid's Experience is tripled for the day!
Carabbit casts Poisona! The poison is lifted from DMJ's body!
Draconn reaches Level 13!
Draconn attacks! Ifrit takes 44 damage!
Sandy casts Cure! Sandy gains 68 points!
Alexander reaches Level 11!
Genjuu reaches Level 12!
Leaper reaches Level 15!
Leaper uses a Level-Up Star!
Leaper reaches Level 16!
Two bolts of lightning blast down from above! Ifrit takes 63 damage! Ifrit takes 104 damage!

Ifrit is defeated!
All Guild of Magus members receive 112 Experience!
FoxKelfonne reaches Level 14!
Mike uses an Experience Tripler! Mike's Experience is tripled for the day!
Mike reaches Level 10!
BigWook casts Cura! BigWook recovers 100 points!
Tasukete uses an Experience Tripler! Tasukete's Experience is tripled for the day!
Tasukete reaches Level 12!
Raaj uses a Black Mage's Star! Raaj's Blk level increases by 1!
Seiryu reaches Level 10!
Kharamain uses a Black Mage's Star! Kharamain's Blk level increases by 1!
Shadowchancellor casts Cura! Shadowchancellor gains 200 points!
Gaijin uses a Level-Up Star!
Gaijin reaches Level 12!
DMJ reaches Level 11!
DMJ uses an Antidote! But her poisoning has already been lifted and the Antidote is returned to her!
Purelunatic reaches Level 7!
Cacticus casts Cure! DMJ gains 50 points!
Flamethrower casts Blizzara! Bucket suffers 42 damage! Jwcooley suffers 48 damage!

Bucket and Jwcooley are KO'd....

All Order of Beorn members receive 1 Experience and 2 Gold!

Belthasar2 reaches Level 10!
Belthasar2 uses a Defender's Star! Belthasar2's Def level increases by 1!
Boojum uses a Black Mage's Star! Boojum's Blk level increases by 1!
Nightwolf reaches Level 14!

Belthasar2's job levels are restored!

Don't go it alone!

Guild of Magus

Creator: Sandy
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Order of Beorn

Creator: Sundoulos
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Brotherhood of Lief

Creator: FirstAid
Type: Open
You are free to join this guild as long as your total level is 8 or less.

SOCK Intelligence Agency

Creator: Joshua
Type: Invite Only
The SIA has no open positions at this time.

The Healing Shield

Creator: Bainick
Type: Open
May freely join if the following is fulfilled:
The player was never a part of another guild.

The Hidden Hand

Creator: Raaj
Type: Semi-Open
The Hidden Hand intends to act as a highly coordinated and organized guild. Members must have AIM and be able to discuss SOCK nightly (on Tuesday to Friday) - preference will be given to those who are intending to become proficient in advanced or unusual classes, but others will be considered as well.

Apple Cider

Creator: Cacticus
Type: Open
Apple Cider is open to anyone who has any word in their Sock or Real name start with an A or a C.

...New stock every week!

   Moonward Item Shop   
Item Effect Price
Antidote Cures Poison. 25 Gold
Smelling Salts Cures Confusion. 25 Gold
Weapon Protector Halves Weapon's Break% for next attack.
30 Gold
Armor Protector Halves Armor's Break% next time attacked.
30 Gold
Alarm Clock Cures Sleep. 35 Gold
Healing Herbs Boosts Points by 25-40. 40 Gold
Strong Medicine Boosts Points by 75-100. 75 Gold
Gold Needle Cures Stone or Paralysis 75 Gold
Fighter's Star Increases Fgt Level by 1. 200 Gold
Defender's Star Increases Def Level by 1. 200 Gold
White Mage's Star Increases Wht Level by 1. 200 Gold
Black Mage's Star Increases Blk Level by 1. 200 Gold
Level-Up Star Grants exactly enough Exp to reach the next level. 500 Gold

   Moonward Weapon Shop   
Weapon Equipped Effect Price
Wood Sword
Fgt 1
Power 10; Break% 5
20 Gold
Mythril Sword
Fgt 3
Power 15; Break% 3
Obtained Pts + 10% while equipped.
60 Gold
Gold Sword
Fgt 6
Power 25; Break% 15
Obtained Pts + 25% while equipped.
125 Gold
Diamond Sword
Fgt 10
Power 40; Break% 2
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
200 Gold
Flame Sword
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Fire-E damage
25% chance of burning target
175 Gold
Ice Brand
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Ice-E damage
25% chance of freezing target
175 Gold
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Thunder-E damage
25% chance of paralyzing target
175 Gold
Crystal Sword
Fgt 13
Power 55; Break% 15
Obtained points + 25% while equipped
350 Gold
Falcon Sword
Fgt 15
Power 30; Break% 2
Attacks twice; attacks can be directed at same or different foes
350 Gold
Light Sword
Fgt 15
Power 50; Break% 3
Light-E damage; Obtained Pts + 10%
400 Gold
Eye Gouger
Wpn 1
Power 50; Break% 5
50% chance of blinding target
250 Gold
Iron Hammer
Wpn 2
Power 70; Break% 2
50% chance of missing; target's armor Break% + 5
350 Gold
Mad Sickle
Wpn 3
Power 55; Break% 10
25% chance of confusing target
300 Gold
Mythril Bow
Wpn 4
Power 50; Break% 10
Attacks long-range; Crit% + 5.
350 Gold
Slumber Whip
Wpn 5
Power 60; Break% 5
25% chance of putting target to sleep
350 Gold
Seeker Missile
Wpn 5
Power 20; Break% 2
Attacks long-range; attack cannot be evaded.
500 Gold
Mage Masher
Wpn 7
Power 60; Break% 2
25% chance of inflicting Silence status on target
400 Gold
Sanctuary Sword
Wpn 10 or Drg 2
Power 60; Break% 10
Can hit even those who are protected by a Sanctuary spell
750 Gold
Barrier Smasher
Wpn 20
Power 65; Break% 15
Ignores Deflect and Protect Status.
1000 Gold
Pain Sword
Drg 10
Power 100; Break% 5
25% chance of casting "Pain" on top of regular attack.
1000 Gold

   Moonward Armor Shop   
Armor Equipped Effect Price
Leather Vest
Def 1
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 10%
20 Gold
Mythril Armor
Def 3
Break% 5
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
100 Gold
Iron Breastplate
Def 5
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 20%
100 Gold
Mythril Shield
Def 6
Break% 3
Absorbs up to 40 points completely
80 Gold
Full Plate
Def 9
Break% 1
Phys. Damage - 25%
150 Gold
Fire Armor
Def 10 or Wht 15
Break% 3
Immune to Fire
100 Gold
Blizzard Armor
Def 10 or Wht 15
Break% 3
Immune to Ice
100 Gold
Thunder Armor
Def 10 or Wht 15
Break% 3
Immune to Thunder
100 Gold
Leaden Chestplate
Def 13
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 35%
300 Gold
Bonus Armor
Def 15
Break% 10
Obtained points + 25% while equipped
250 Gold
Def 15
Break% 5
Cancels/re-counters any counterattacks against you
250 Gold
Arm 1
Break% 5
25% chance of breaking attacker's sword
Phys. Dmg - 10%
150 Gold
Arm 2
Break% 5
25% chance of breaking attacker's staff
Magic Dmg - 10%
150 Gold
Sentinel's Armor
Arm 3
Break% 5
Receive 1/4 normal damage while covering others.
Phys/Magic Dmg - 10%
400 Gold
Stealthy Garb
Arm 4 or Thf 2
Break% 3
Evasion + 25%; Magic Evasion + 25%
500 Gold
Spiked Armor
Arm 6
Break% 10
Returns 100% of Physical damage to attackers.
500 Gold
Mega Shield
Arm 10
Break% 5
Absorbs up to 70 pts of damage per day;
Evasion + 10%
600 Gold
Ultra Armor
Arm 20
Break% 5
Phys. Dmg - 40%; Magic Dmg - 40%
1000 Gold
Armor of Support
Drg 10
Break% 10
Phys. Dmg - 20%; Magic Dmg - 20%
Grants access to all Sil spells up to Level 10 while equipped.
1250 Gold

   Moonward Accessory Shop   
Item Effect Price
Blindna Ring Prevents Blindness 150 Gold
Iron Boots Prevents being Knocked Down 150 Gold
Stona Ring Prevents Stone, Paralysis 200 Gold
King's Rock 25% chance of knocking down targets when physically attacking 400 Gold
Black Belt Counterattack to physical attacks with equipped weapon 600 Gold
Shell Bell Gain bonus points equal to half the damage done whenever damage is dealt by you to another 750 Gold

   Moonward Book Shop   
Item Effect Price
Tome of Valiant Strength It's indecipherable... 500 Gold
Tome of Endurance It's indecipherable... 500 Gold

Point Benchmarks
...Spend your points on rare items!

Benchmark Prize Choice
50 pts Fighter's Sword (Fgt 2; Power 15; Break% 1)

Wizard's Rod (Blk 2; Power 3; Break% 10; MagPwr + 10%)

Point Doubler (Doubles day's Pts when used)
75 pts Defender's Shield (Def 2; Break% 5; Absorbs 20 Pts of Dmg completely)

Cleric's Robe (Wht 2; Break% 20; Wht Magic Exp. Costs - 25%)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used)
100 pts AGG (Accessory: Gain bonus Gold when you write in a Q&A letter)

APG (Accessory: Gain bonus Points when you write in a Q&A letter)

AEG (Accessory: Gain bonus Experience when you write in a Q&A letter)
125 pts Everybody's Mace (Weapon: No prerequisite job level; Power 10; Break% 3)

Everybody's Guard (Armor: No prerequisite job level; Break% 10; Phys. Dmg. - 10%)

Wait Mode (Item: Freezes Sock 2 in time for user's choice of between 1 and 3 days.)
150 pts Guild Permit (Allows user to create a guild.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough experience to reach the next level.)

Blue Mage's Medal (???)
200 pts Point Doubler (Doubles day's Points when used.)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used.)

Exp. Doubler (Doubles day's Exp. when used.)
250 pts Staff of Aid (Weapon: Prereq. Wht 5; Power 5; Break% 10; Doubles power of Cure spells.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Steal a random item from enemy or opponent with 75% prob.)

Warp Stone (Item: Change points with another player, chosen at random.)
300 pts Mind Break (Armor: Prereq. Def 7; Break% 15; Magic Damage - 50%)

Goldgrabber (Weapon: Prereq. Fgt 5/Mer 12/Thf 1; Power 20; Break% 2; Gain 10% of target's Gold with successful attack.)

Hawk's Eye (Accessory: If equipped, Obscure and Obscurega spells have no effect upon you.)
350 pts Everybody's Lance (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 25; Break% 3)

Everybody's Shield (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Absorbs up to 50 pts of damage completely.)

Thief's Medal (???)
400 pts Deep Pocket (Accessory: Increases Item Capacity by 2.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Attempts to steal random item from target with 75% probability.)

Iron Boots (Accessory: Prevents wearer from getting knocked over.)
475 pts Exp. Tripler (Item: Triples day's Experience when used.)

Bullseye (Armor: Blu 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. that any monster attack will be directed at wearer.)

Magnetic Apron (Armor: Mer 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. of obtaining any items used against you.)
550 pts Gold Tripler (Item: Triples day's Gold when used.)

White Magic Staff (Weapon: Wht 8; Power 5; Break% 10; White Magic Exp Costs -50%)

Black Magic Staff (Weapon: Blk 8; Power 5; Break% 10; Black Magic Exp Costs -50%)
625 pts Point Tripler (Item: Triples day's Points when used.)

Thiefknife (Weapon: Thf 5; Power 20; Break% 5; 25% prob. of stealing with successful attack)

Quickening Armor (Armor: Def 15; Break% 20; Eva + 25%, Can make a bonus guess on one question each day.)
700 pts Reliant Blade (Weapon: Fgt 14; Power 60; Break% 1)

Blazing Cloak (Armor: Blk 14; Break% 5; Absorbs Fire Damage, Doubles Power of Fire Magic)

Super Sneak Glove (Item: Steals user's choice of a random item, equipped weapon, or equipped armor of target with 75% probability.)
775 pts Tome of Vocations (???)

Bonus Blade (Weapon: Wpn 5; Power 50; Break% 2; If Target's Armor breaks with attack, gain half their current Experience as bonus.)

Countercrit Armband (Armor: Arm 5; Break% 5; Critical hits are cancelled and countered with a critical hit.)
850 pts Point Tripler (Triples day's Points when used)

Gold Tripler (Triples day's Gold when used)

Exp. Tripler (Triples day's Exp. when used)
925 pts Iron Safe (Prevents Gold loss if held upon defeat.)

Soul Locket (Prevents Exp. loss if held upon defeat.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough Exp. to reach the next level.)
1000 pts Reflect Ring (Accessory: Imbues "Reflect" status while equipped.)

Opal Ring (Accessory: Wearer's magic is rendered unreflectable.)

Scholar's Medal (???)

Prize Shop
Want something special? Start saving up...

Prize Points Required
Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case 1000 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 1500 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 3000 Points
PS2, PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360 game of your choice 5000 Points

Yesterday's Answers

d) Hexagons (150 Experience)
I can only assume that it's some kind of ice attack. You could have made the same assumption, realizing that snowflakes are six-sided, to make an educated guess (it was, after all, a BLUE dragon).

b) One of Capcom's first RPGs (200 Points)
Si Ma Yi, he was a bad dude, way back in Capcom's Destiny of an Emperor. Now there's an oldie- I don't know if it's a goodie; I never played it.

Today's Questions
Today's Consolation Points: 25

How many petals do each of the daisies on Super Mario RPG's level-up screen have?
(175 Points)

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
e) 9

Which of the following Final Fantasy games had the most "Pangaealike" world?
(175 points)

a) Final Fantasy
b) Final Fantasy II
c) Final Fantasy VII
d) Final Fantasy VIII
e) Final Fantasy IX

Submission Form

Honesty is important! Don't spoil the game. Keep in mind that masqueraders will be obvious, since two submissions under the same name will cause me to fire an e-mail to the true competitor based on my records, where I can verify their actions. Anybody caught cheating in this manner will be immediately removed from the competition!

Please fill out your nickname and your actions for the day! Place your answer choices in the respective boxes (don't worry about being precise with wording or anything), and write your action in the action box. You can equip or unequip stuff once per day without taking your action up, too. Examples of actions could be "I want to attack Li'l Ant!" or "I want to buy two Eye Dropses!" or "I want to buy a Wood Sword and Smelling Salts, and I want to equip the Wood Sword!"

Today's Guess(es) for the first question:
Today's Guess(es) for the second question:
Actions for today:

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1 Alexander MD
Fgt Lv 11
Points 3423

2 LufiaLvr
Wht Lv 10
Points 3276

3 Aurelius
Wht Lv 12
Points 3255

4 Seiryu
Def Lv 10
Points 3226

5 Alael
Def Lv 15
Points 3210

6 Leaper
Blu Lv 16
Points 3112

7 Genjuu
Sum Lv 12
Points 2929

8 Nightwolf
Blk Lv 14
Points 2879

9 Knighttrain
Blk Lv 17
Points 2873

10 Jess
Wht Lv 12
Points 2749

11 Leviathan
Fgt Lv 10
Points 2501

12 BigWook
Wht Lv 24
Points 2491

13 Boojum
Blk Lv 13
Points 2451

14 Straadin
Def Lv 10
Points 2358

15 JuMeSyn
Wht Lv 11
Points 2333

16 Shadow Chancellor
Wht Lv 11
Points 2319

17 Carabbit
Wht Lv 15
Points 2293

18 Sandy
Blk Lv 13
Points 2291

19 Arros Raikou
Fgt Lv 9
Points 2223

20 Cacticus
Wht Lv 10
Points 2212

21 Goddess Atma
Fgt Lv 19
Points 2193

22 Ken
Blk Lv 12
Points 2134

23 Flamethrower
Blk Lv 11
Points 2070

24 Shinuzzo
Fgt Lv 13
Points 2069

25 Sundoulos
Fgt Lv 12
Points 2068

26 MrMSty
Blk Lv 20
Points 2064

27 Xlash
Fgt Lv 14
Points 2026

28 Raaj
Blk Lv 19
Points 1952

29 CW
Fgt Lv 13
Points 1902

30 Slashlen
Fgt Lv 17
Points 1886

31 Jeremy V.
Def Lv 8
Points 1870

32 FoxKelfonne
Blk Lv 14
Points 1859

33 Mike
Fgt Lv 10
Points 1859

34 Vyselocke
Thf Lv 21
Points 1838

35 Adam
Fgt Lv 10
Points 1767

36 Gaijin
Blk Lv 12
Points 1721

37 Kharamain
Blk Lv 21
Points 1619

Sum Lv 20
Points 1605

39 Ice^Tiger
Blk Lv 7
Points 1469

40 Purelunatic
Fgt Lv 7
Points 1433

41 Fang
Def Lv 9
Points 1399

42 Draconn
Fgt Lv 13
Points 1305

43 SuperKyle
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1292

44 Witecat
Def Lv 8
Points 1254

45 Strawberry Eggs
Blk Lv 11
Points 1169

46 Lost Boricua
Blk Lv 13
Points 1159

47 Prism
Wht Lv 11
Points 1124

48 FirstAid
Wht Lv 13
Points 1118

49 Macstorm
Def Lv 6
Points 1094

50 Brian J. Blottie
Fgt Lv 12
Points 1060

51 Ourobolus
Blk Lv 11
Points 1050

52 Kolphyre
Fgt Lv 12
Points 899

53 Bainick
Def Lv 9
Points 884

54 DMJ
Fgt Lv 11
Points 825

55 Tasukete
Blk Lv 12
Points 821

56 Weretiger Rei
Wht Lv 8
Points 820

57 UFJ
Wht Lv 13
Points 728

58 Thinkfreemind
Fgt Lv 6
Points 706

59 Koala Bob
Blk Lv 13
Points 676

60 Maggie
Blk Lv 9
Points 659

61 Arpijy
Fgt Lv 9
Points 633

62 ~Sean~~
Fgt Lv 11
Points 475

63 The Dark Chevalier
Blk Lv 8
Points 466

64 Jeffrey
Def Lv 4
Points 310

65 BLG
Blk Lv 12
Points 304

66 Belthasar2
Fgt Lv 10
Points 269

67 Waterfiend33
Fgt Lv 8
Points 221

68 Cloud_2049
Wht Lv 3
Points 203

69 Timbit
Fgt Lv 8
Points 125

70 Dracus
Fgt Lv 3
Points 125

71 Ziphakiel Valkrist
Def Lv 1
Points 125

72 Heltje
Fgt Lv 6
Points 122

73 IceNine
Blk Lv 5
Points 115

74 Tyraraven
Fgt Lv 4
Points 100

75 ProtoMan
xxx Lv 1
Points 30

76 Patternscribe
Fgt Lv 1
Points 26

77 Frammy
Fgt Lv 1
Points 11

78 Killa B
Fgt Lv 1
Points 2

79 Bucket
Def Lv 3
Points 0

80 Jwcooley
Fgt Lv 1
Points 0

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