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Sock 2

We have a few months left to go, in all likelihood. I know, it's a long haul, but we'll be there before you know it, I assure you.

Today's Tips:

  • Items with an unclear description might require something special in order to be utilized. If you have something that you can't seem to do anything with right now, just hang onto it: You might find a way to in the future.
  • If you find yourself lagging behind in levels, it might be a good idea to try latching onto a guild. If not, then make absolutely sure you get "Experience" questions correct! They're there to give you a leg-up.
  • You cannot, as an action, say "I want to target the enemy with the least HP," and likewise, you can't say "I want target the contestant with the least points." These are hidden to you. You can, however, use your OWN points- or your summons- in creating actions. For instance, "I want to attack myself, but only if my summon's HP is less than 100!" is perfectly legal (though a rather strange action).

OK, let's get this week started.


We had dealt with the guards, and they went down without too much trouble.

"Daniel, this was a really great idea. I don't think we made enough noise to be noticed by any other guards!" Wooley was pretty excited.

"And look!" Lily appeared to have stumbled upon something. "There's a little trapdoor going underground, from the looks of it, hidden by some rocks here. Do you think this might lead right into the basement?"

It looked old and unused, but we made our way down through the rotting door, and found ourselves in a musty, rancid-smelling pit. Torches burned on the walls, and a corridor led under the castle, making it evident that this would lead us in the right direction.

"Ugh, what stinks so bad?" Veronica cried out.

"Ohhhh... it is the bubbling brew that I use to make my concoctions, my love."

We whirled around, and noticed a strange-looking, very old humanoid dressed in a blue cape and hunched over a vast and eclectic collection of strange-looking items. He looked up at us with a toothy, horrifying smile.

"Don't look so surprised, my friends. I've dwelled here for a dozen dozen years, just waiting for people like yourselves... the rats are good company in this forgotten pit of darkness."

"Who are you? Why do you call us your friends?"

"My name? It is Zaile. I am ever pleased to meet you. The others, they think me dead. I used to be a slave for His Majesty, but I made my disappearance long ago. Little do they know how close I remain... I've been waiting, FEEDING off of the life around me, in the hopes of giving a little help to anyone who would go in there and show that... Mazell... what it means to be mortified."

Shayla looked a little bit fearful. "We have to go. This corridor; does it lead to the dungeon?"

"Why yes... but please, stay for a bit. Keep me company. I'd be very happy to exchange some of these items, if only you'll give me some..." --he closed his eyes and sighed deeply-- "... life..."

Shayla looked at everyone else sternly. "We don't have time. We must hurry along! This could be a trap!"

Zaile looked almost hurt. "Help an old and frail one- I only wish to help you..."

"Y-you know, it does look like there are some useful items there..." Lily looked hesitant. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to at least check things out before we move on..."

A cry cut through the dead air of the dungeon. There were a bunch of monsters down here in this old path; there was no doubt about that. As we debated what to do with this strange character, time ticked by...


Battle Window              Points upon Revival: 75
insert battle theme...

Currently in Play:
  • Terror-A
  • Terror-B
  • Terror-C
  • Terror-D
  • Demon Guard-A
  • Demon Guard-B
  • Shadowcat
  • Conjurer
  • Electabuzz (Summon)
  • Mud Demon
  • Thing
  • Glalie (Summon)

Action Window

Demon Guard-B is covering Fire Knight!

Brian J. Blottie attacks! Demon Guard-B covers Fire Knight! Demon Guard-B takes 13 damage!
Goddess Atma attacks! Demon Guard-B covers Fire Knight! Demon Guard-B takes 22 damage!
Tragically, Goddess Atma's Killer Sword snaps into pieces...
BLG casts Blizzard! It's super-effective! Fire Knight takes 28 damage!
Carabbit attacks! Demon Guard-A takes 9 damage!
FoxKelfonne shouts "Chill out, guys!" and casts Blizzara! It's super-effective! Fire Knight takes 96 damage!
Demon Guard-B takes 48 damage!
FirstAid casts Cure! Seiryu gains 60 bonus points!
Knighttrain casts Blizzard! It's super-effective! Fire Knight takes 33 damage!
Vyselocke attacks! Demon Guard-B covers Fire Knight! Demon Guard-B takes 15 damage! Vyselocke gains 12 Gold!
ERROR casts Blizzara! It's super-effective! Fire Knight takes 104 damage! Demon Guard-A takes 49 damage!

Fire Knight is defeated!
All SIA members receive 87 Experience and 50 Gold!
BigWook gains a level, reaching Level 11!
Joshua gains a level, reaching Level 10!
Knighttrain gains a level, reaching Level 9!
Vyselocke gains a level, reaching Level 11!

Electabuzz uses Thunderbolt! Demon Guard-A takes 86 damage!

Demon Guard-A is defeated!
All SIA members receive 37 Experience and 15 Gold!

Nightwolf uses a Level-Up Star! Nightwolf gains exactly enough Experience to reach the next level!
Nightwolf gains a level, reaching Level 11!
Koala Bob casts Blizzard! Demon Guard-B takes 15 damage!
Lost Boricua casts Aero! Demon Guard-B takes 33 damage!
Raaj casts Blizzara! Demon Guard-B takes 46 damage!

Demon Guard-B is defeated!
Raaj receives 295 Experience and 120 Gold!
Raaj gains a level, reaching Level 12!

All monsters are defeated! Anyone else to target a monster is too late!

Bainick uses a Warp Stone! Bainick's points are switched with Laurie's!
UFJ attacks! Electabuzz takes 9 damage!
Alael uses Healing Herbs! Alael gains 31 bonus points!
Slashlen attacks! Glalie takes 33 damage!
Xlash attacks! Patternscribe takes 36 damage!
Arpijy uses Healing Herbs! Arpijy gains 31 bonus points!
Arpijy's Silence wears off!
Flamethrower attacks! Frammy suffers 17 damage!

Frammy is KO'd... (You'll take your next turn to be revived.)

All Order of Beorn members receive 1 Gold (and no experience)!

Strawberry Eggs attacks! Tyraraven suffers 17 damage!
Laurie casts Cure! Laurie gains 30 points!
Four Terrors appear!
Two Demon Guards appear!
One Shadowcat appears!
One Conjurer appears!
One Mud Demon appears!
One Thing appears!

Don't go it alone!

Guild of Magus

Creator: Sandy
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Order of Beorn

Creator: Sundoulos
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Brotherhood of Lief

Creator: FirstAid
Type: Open
You are free to join this guild as long as your total level is 4 or less.

SOCK Intelligence Agency

Creator: Joshua
Type: Invite Only
The SIA has no open positions at this time.

The Healing Shield

Creator: Bainick
Type: Open
May freely join if the following is fulfilled:
You need to have begun the competition as Defender or Healer and have at least 2 levels combined of either to join!

...New stock every week!

   Zaile's Items - Note: Prices are NOT in Gold!   
Item Effect Price
Antidote Cures Poison. 25 Points
Smelling Salts Cures Confusion. 25 Points
Echo Herbs Cures Silence. 35 Points
Flex Herb Cures Immobilize and Disable. 50 Points
Gold Needle Cures Stone or Paralysis 75 Points
Holy Water Cures Haunt or Curse. 75 Points
Vaccine Cures Virus. 75 Points
Remedy Cures all negative status. 150 Points
Energizer Increases Unarmed Attack Power by 2 permanently. 200 Points
Fighter's Star Increases Fighter Level by 1 permanently. 200 Points
Defender's Star Increases Defender Level by 1 permanently. 200 Points
White Mage's Star Increases White Mage Level by 1 permanently. 200 Points
Black Mage's Star Increases Black Mage Level by 1 permanently. 200 Points
Bolsterer Increases a Weapon's Power by 10% permanently. 250 Points
Rare Candy Levels up another piece of equipment when used. 250 Points

   Zaile's Weapons - Note: Prices are NOT in Gold!   
Weapon Equipped Effect Price
Wizard's Rod
Blk 1
Power 3; Break% 10
Magic Power + 10%
75 Points
Staff of Senselessness
Src 4
Power 15; Break% 10
50% chance of inflicting "Confuse" with attack
250 Points
Fgt 18 or Sck 9
Power 60; Break% 10
25% chance of instant KO
950 Points

   Zaile's Armor - Note: Prices are NOT in Gold!   
Armor Equipped Effect Price
Summoner's Cloak
Sum 5
Break% 10
Summon Sacrifice Costs - 25%
250 Points
Force Armor
Def 14
Break% 5
Halves all elemental damage.
300 Points
Chicken Suit
Drg 3
Break% 5
Triples obtained Points and Experience,
but causes Confuse status (cannot be prevented)
1000 Points

   Zaile's Accessories - Note: Prices are NOT in Gold!   
Item Effect Price
Fighter's Badge Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Fgt level. 750 Points
Defender's Badge Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Def level. 750 Points
White Mage's Badge Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Wht level. 750 Points
Black Mage's Badge Unlocks abilities from three levels above current Blk level. 750 Points

   Zaile's Motes - Note: Prices are NOT in Gold!   
Item Effect Price
Might Mote Bestows "Might" status. 120 Points
Focus Mote Bestows "Focus" status. 120 Points
Immobilize Mote Causes "Immobilize" status to one target with 75% probability. 120 Points
Disable Mote Causes "Disable" status to one target with 75% probability. 120 Points
Protect Mote Bestows Protect status on one target. 100 Points
Ray Mote 35-70 Light-E dmg to one target. 80 Points
Umber Mote 60-110 Dark-E dmg to one target. 120 Points

Point Benchmarks
...Spend your points on rare items!

Benchmark Prize Choice
50 pts Fighter's Sword (Fgt 2; Power 15; Break% 1)

Wizard's Rod (Blk 2; Power 3; Break% 10; MagPwr + 10%)

Point Doubler (Doubles day's Pts when used)
75 pts Defender's Shield (Def 2; Break% 5; Absorbs 20 Pts of Dmg completely)

Cleric's Robe (Wht 2; Break% 20; Wht Magic Exp. Costs - 25%)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used)
100 pts AGG (Accessory: Gain bonus Gold when you write in a Q&A letter)

APG (Accessory: Gain bonus Points when you write in a Q&A letter)

AEG (Accessory: Gain bonus Experience when you write in a Q&A letter)
125 pts Everybody's Mace (Weapon: No prerequisite job level; Power 10; Break% 3)

Everybody's Guard (Armor: No prerequisite job level; Break% 10; Phys. Dmg. - 10%)

Wait Mode (Item: Freezes Sock 2 in time for user's choice of between 1 and 3 days.)
150 pts Guild Permit (Allows user to create a guild.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough experience to reach the next level.)

Blue Mage's Medal (???)
200 pts Point Doubler (Doubles day's Points when used.)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used.)

Exp. Doubler (Doubles day's Exp. when used.)
250 pts Staff of Aid (Weapon: Prereq. Wht 5; Power 5; Break% 10; Doubles power of Cure spells.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Steal a random item from enemy or opponent with 75% prob.)

Warp Stone (Item: Change points with another player, chosen at random.)
300 pts Mind Break (Armor: Prereq. Def 7; Break% 15; Magic Damage - 50%)

Goldgrabber (Weapon: Prereq. Fgt 5/Mer 12/Thf 1; Power 20; Break% 2; Gain 10% of target's Gold with successful attack.)

Hawk's Eye (Accessory: If equipped, Obscure and Obscurega spells have no effect upon you.)
350 pts Everybody's Lance (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 25; Break% 3)

Everybody's Shield (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Absorbs up to 50 pts of damage completely.)

Thief's Medal (???)
400 pts Deep Pocket (Accessory: Increases Item Capacity by 2.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Attempts to steal random item from target with 75% probability.)

Iron Boots (Accessory: Prevents wearer from getting knocked over.)
475 pts Exp. Tripler (Item: Triples day's Experience when used.)

Bullseye (Armor: Blu 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. that any monster attack will be directed at wearer.)

Magnetic Apron (Armor: Mer 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. of obtaining any items used against you.)
550 pts Gold Tripler (Item: Triples day's Gold when used.)

White Magic Staff (Weapon: Wht 8; Power 5; Break% 10; White Magic Exp Costs -50%)

Black Magic Staff (Weapon: Blk 8; Power 5; Break% 10; Black Magic Exp Costs -50%)
625 pts Point Tripler (Item: Triples day's Points when used.)

Thiefknife (Weapon: Thf 5; Power 20; Break% 5; 25% prob. of stealing with successful attack)

Quickening Armor (Armor: Def 15; Break% 20; Eva + 25%, Can make a bonus guess on one question each day.)

Prize Shop
Want something special? Start saving up...

Prize Points Required
Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case 1000 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 1500 Points
DS or PSP game of your choice 3000 Points

Yesterday's Answers

b) Final Fantasy XII (70 Points)
Say what you will, but there's no question here. They're both composed by the same awesome Sakimoto, and both Breath of Fire: DQ and FFXII have some similar-sounding tracks.

b) Green Hair (75 Points)
OK. Honestly, I really can't believe how much of a landslide this is. They're all just different wavelengths of light! Wait until you see the tally. Purple: 8; Green: 43; Red: 9; Pink: 1; Yellow: 4. Crazy. What RPG hero even has green hair?! Oh, I know- the hero of DQIV. Oh yes.

Today's Questions
Today's Consolation Points: 15

If your favourite thing ever is getting magic bounced off of you by a couple of siblings, then what most likely is your name?
(70 Gold)

a) Mindy
b) Sandy
c) Gilly
d) Cindy
e) Jenny

Consider the following screenshot:


What game is this from?
(80 Points)

a) Hybrid Heaven
b) Panzer Dragoon Saga
c) Septerra Core
d) Star Wars Galaxies
e) None of the above

Submission Form

Honesty is important! Don't spoil the game. Keep in mind that masqueraders will be obvious, since two submissions under the same name will cause me to fire an e-mail to the true competitor based on my records, where I can verify their actions. Anybody caught cheating in this manner will be immediately removed from the competition!

Please fill out your nickname and your actions for the day! Place your answer choices in the respective boxes (don't worry about being precise with wording or anything), and write your action in the action box. You can equip or unequip stuff once per day without taking your action up, too. Examples of actions could be "I want to attack Li'l Ant!" or "I want to buy two Eye Dropses!" or "I want to buy a Wood Sword and Smelling Salts, and I want to equip the Wood Sword!"

Today's Guess(es) for the first question:
Today's Guess(es) for the second question:
Actions for today:

Yay banner!

Click here for the Official Rule Guide!


1 Aurelius
Wht Lv 9
Points 1308

2 LufiaLvr
Wht Lv 6
Points 1246

3 Slashlen
Fgt Lv 15
Points 1113

4 FoxKelfonne
Blk Lv 10
Points 1100

5 Lost Boricua
Blk Lv 11
Points 1090

6 Knighttrain
Blk Lv 9
Points 1074

Blk Lv 12
Points 1065

8 Arpijy
Fgt Lv 8
Points 1056

9 Mike
Fgt Lv 6
Points 1040

10 Boojum
Blk Lv 9
Points 1022

11 Kharamain
Blk Lv 11
Points 998

12 Alael
Fgt Lv 8
Points 980

13 Brian J. Blottie
Fgt Lv 10
Points 972

14 Ken
Blk Lv 9
Points 955

15 Shinuzzo
Def Lv 7
Points 938

16 Leaper
Blk Lv 10
Points 848

17 Sandy
Blk Lv 11
Points 838

18 MrMSty
Blk Lv 10
Points 818

19 Carabbit
Wht Lv 7
Points 817

20 Nightwolf
Blk Lv 11
Points 800

21 Jess
Wht Lv 8
Points 759

22 DMJ
Fgt Lv 8
Points 756

23 BigWook
Wht Lv 11
Points 720

24 Straadin
Def Lv 8
Points 718

25 Arros Raikou
Fgt Lv 7
Points 687

26 Goddess Atma
Fgt Lv 14
Points 659

27 Flamethrower
Blk Lv 7
Points 644

28 JuMeSyn
Wht Lv 8
Points 643

29 Ice^Tiger
Blk Lv 6
Points 642

30 The Dark Chevalier
Blk Lv 6
Points 633

31 Cacticus
Wht Lv 8
Points 605

32 Jeremy V.
Def Lv 7
Points 589

33 Tasukete
Blk Lv 9
Points 570

34 Bainick
Def Lv 5
Points 569

35 Purelunatic
Fgt Lv 6
Points 559

36 Heltje
Fgt Lv 4
Points 553

37 Joshua
Wht Lv 10
Points 545

38 Gaijin
Blk Lv 8
Points 537

39 Timbit
Fgt Lv 8
Points 523

40 Alexander MD
Fgt Lv 8
Points 516

41 Leviathan
Fgt Lv 9
Points 513

42 Fang
Def Lv 9
Points 508

43 Shadow Chancellor
Wht Lv 7
Points 499

44 Seiryu
Def Lv 3
Points 491

45 Raaj
Blk Lv 12
Points 479

46 Witecat
Def Lv 6
Points 467

47 Vyselocke
Def Lv 11
Points 462

48 Sundoulos
Fgt Lv 8
Points 450

49 Xlash
Fgt Lv 11
Points 444

50 Kolphyre
Fgt Lv 11
Points 437

51 Thinkfreemind
Fgt Lv 6
Points 436

52 Draconn
Fgt Lv 9
Points 395

53 Maggie
Blk Lv 7
Points 391

54 UFJ
Wht Lv 10
Points 383

55 Adam
Fgt Lv 8
Points 382

56 Prism
Wht Lv 7
Points 378

57 Genjuu
Blk Lv 9
Points 341

58 Weretiger Rei
Wht Lv 6
Points 331

59 Belthasar2
Fgt Lv 7
Points 317

60 BLG
Blk Lv 9
Points 313

61 Jeffrey
Def Lv 4
Points 310

62 Waterfiend33
Fgt Lv 8
Points 305

63 Cloud_2049
Wht Lv 3
Points 299

64 Koala Bob
Blk Lv 7
Points 292

65 CW
Fgt Lv 10
Points 285

66 SuperKyle
Fgt Lv 10
Points 258

67 Strawberry Eggs
Blk Lv 7
Points 257

68 ~Sean~~
Fgt Lv 7
Points 250

69 Ourobolus
Blk Lv 9
Points 241

70 Macstorm
Def Lv 4
Points 235

71 FirstAid
Wht Lv 8
Points 210

72 Bucket
Def Lv 3
Points 170

73 IceNine
Blk Lv 5
Points 115

74 Laurie
Wht Lv 6
Points 113

75 Killa B
Fgt Lv 1
Points 85

76 Dracus
Fgt Lv 3
Points 80

77 Alukien
Fgt Lv 1
Points 40

78 Ziphakiel Valkrist
Def Lv 1
Points 40

79 Smiley Elf
Fgt Lv 1
Points 30

80 Jwcooley
Fgt Lv 1
Points 20

81 Otaku Nick
Blk Lv 1
Points 20

82 ProtoMan
xxx Lv 1
Points 6

83 Patternscribe
Fgt Lv 1
Points 5

84 Tyraraven
Fgt Lv 4
Points 3

85 Frammy
Fgt Lv 1
Points 0

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