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Sock 2

Well, well, well! Hopefully this week doesn't end up as rushed as the last. I will be out of town on Friday, as I warned last week, so there won't be a column then. That's part of the reason why I zooooomed to get last Friday's up; I hate missing a lot of time. I'm just a little worried that I might have made a mistake here or there because of it, so, as always, keep your eyes on the scoreboard to make sure that everything looks right.

Today's Tips:

  • Viruses are very dangerous, because they prevent you from shopping AND from gaining Experience. Take great precautions against this.
  • Stone and Paralysis are dangerous as well, because chances are slim that you will recover on your own. Set up contracts with others who can heal you in order to protect yourself; getting slammed with one of these status ailments could put a giant damper on your game!

Here we go!


With most of the monsters defeated, the great man turned to us.

"That was rough. It's a good thing that I showed up."

We were tired and battered. And now Elia was gone.

Shayla spoke up. "We thank you kindly for your help. May we ask your name?"

"It's Seth. These two are Mack and Red. We're from the city just over yonder." He motioned with his head to the lights behind him. "I'm actually the leader of the village, and when we saw the swarm, we knew someone was in trouble. Do you outsiders know of Mazell? He pretends as if it's his god-given right to run this place."

"They took our friend!" Veronica blurted out. "Why would they take her away?"

"I don't know. She'll probably be turned into a slave for Mazell, and his disgusting wife Gorgant."

Veronica frowned, and then set her jaw. "She saved my life. It's my turn to save hers."

"My sister was also taken by Mazell," dad explained. "We're on a quest to get these two back."

Seth's eyebrows shot up, before he gave a hearty laugh. "You guys? You can't be serious. If you thought that these enemies were tough, you don't want to KNOW what some of the monsters patrolling his palace are like."

"We have no choice in the matter. We're going in. This Mazell can't be allowed to do the things that he's been doing." Shayla sounded resolute. After the entire situation was explained to Seth, his broad shoulders dropped a bit and he seemed a little more somber and understanding.

He gave a hearty sigh. "One way or another," he said, "you have got to take a rest back at Mendley. You're in no shape to do any more fighting until you've had a good meal and a long sleep. Besides, we have a great city in the making; the whole town was originally designed as... well, you'll see."

With that, we turned and made the hour's walk to this new town, lying in the shadows of a formidable mountain range, placing all of our trust in this friendly stranger.


The greatest of scourges
Shall only be lifted
When all under its influence
Are liberated at once.

Battle Window              Points upon Revival: 60
insert battle theme...

Currently in Play:
  • Naughty Mage-A
  • Naughty Mage-B
  • Hadestallion-A
  • Hadestallion-B
  • Mischievio-A
  • Mischievio-B
  • Shroud
  • Cometex
  • The Watcher (Summon)

Action Window

Bainick gains a level, reaching Level 5!
Witecat gains a level, reaching Level 5!

Saboteur's Initiative allows it to go first!

Saboteur-A blows an icy wind!
Koala Bob suffers 14 damage!
ProtoMan suffers 14 damage!
Frammy suffers 16 damage!
Shadowchancellor suffers 15 damage!
Boojum suffers 17 damage!

Saboteur-B casts Sleepga!
But it didn't work on Koala Bob!
Laurie falls into a deep sleep!
Brian J. Blottie falls into a deep sleep!

Saboteur-C is doing something sneaky in the background...

Joshua casts Cure! Joshua gains 48 bonus points!
Shinuzzo attacks! Vacuumare-A's 16 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
~Sean~~ attacks! Hadestallion-A's 21 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Vyselocke attacks! Hellspawn jumps out of the way!
Jeffrey attacks! Vacuumare-A's 5 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Brian J. Blottie is fast asleep...
Alael attacks! Vacuumare-A's 18 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
LufiaLvr attacks! Vacuumare-A's 15 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Bainick attacks! Mischievio-A takes 15 damage!
Raaj casts Thundara! Vacuumare-A groans and takes 14 damage! Vacuumare-B's 30 damage doesn't seem to affect it!
Gaijin casts Fire! Saboteur-A takes 12 damage!
Draconn attacks! Shroud takes 11 damage!
Shroud counterattacks! Shroud casts Sleep! But it doesn't work on Draconn...
JuMeSyn attacks! Saboteur-B takes 16 damage!
Waterfiend attacks! Vacuumare-B's 23 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Straadin attacks! Vacuumare-A takes 22 damage!

Vacuumare-A is defeated!
Straadin receives 166 Experience (and no Gold)!
Straadin gains a level, reaching Level 8!

Tasukete casts Thunder! Vacuumare-B's 19 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Lost Boricua uses Healing Herbs! Lost Boricua gains 35 bonus points!
Maggie attacks! Mischievio-A takes 20 damage!
Aurelius attacks! Hellspawn takes 18 damage!
Hellspawn counterattacks! Hellspawn casts Haunt! Aurelius is haunted by something terrible... Hellspawn passes away!
BLG casts Fire! It's super-effective! Cometex takes 26 damage!
Sundoulos attacks! Hadestallion's 23 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Arros Raikou attacks! But Cometex zooms easily out of reach!
Alexander attacks! Saboteur-B takes 21 damage!
Adam attacks! Vacuumare-B gives a dreadful groan and takes 7 damage!
Ken's eyes flash white as he casts Aero! Vacuumare-B takes 18 damage!
Arpijy attacks! Vacuumare-B takes 22 damage!
Flamethrower casts Blizzard! Hadestallion-A's 17 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Leaper casts Comet! Saboteur-A takes 162 damage!

Saboteur-A is defeated!
All Guild of Magus members receive 25 Experience and 9 Gold!
UFJ gains a level, reaching Level 10!

SuperKyle attacks! The Watcher takes 25 damage!
SuperKyle's Fighter's Sword breaks, tragically...
Sandy casts Aero! Mischievio-A takes 13 damage!
Shadowchancellor attacks! Cometex takes 9 damage!
MrMSty casts Aero! Saboteur-B takes 23 damage!

Saboteur-B is defeated!
All SIA members receive 37 Experience and 13 Gold!
Joshua gains a level, reaching Level 8!
Vyselocke gains a level, reaching Level 9!

Ice^Tiger attacks! Hadestallion-B's 9 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
DMJ attacks! Hadestallion-B's 22 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
The Watcher casts Libra!

Xlash Level 8: Fgt 6 Def 2
Experience: 194/250
Gold: 87
Equipped Weapon: Gold Sword
Attack Power: 33
Equipped Armor: Defender's Shield
Equipped Accessory: APG
Other Items: Level-Up Star, Venom Edge, Level-Up Star, Goldgrabber

Mike attacks! Vacuumare-B takes 21 damage!
Kolphyre attacks! Saboteur-C takes 39 damage!
Purelunatic attacks! Vacuumare-B takes 20 damage!

Vacuumare-B is defeated!
Purelunatic receives 166 Experience (and no Gold)!
Purelunatic gains a level, reaching Level 6!

Knighttrain casts Thunder! Saboteur-C takes 20 damage!
BigWook attacks! Hadestallion-A's 23 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Kharamain casts Thundara!
Hadestallion-A's 32 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Hadestallion-B's 34 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Leviathan attacks! Hadestallion-A's 17 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Jess uses Healing Herbs! Strawberry Eggs gains 28 bonus points!
Timbit attacks! But Cometex zips quickly away from the attack!
UFJ attacks! Cometex evades that attack too!
Seiryu attacks! Hadestallion-A gives a horrible groan and takes 2 damage!
Fang attacks! Hadestallion-A takes 23 damage!
Boojum casts Thundara! Shroud de-materializes to avoid the attack! Cometex takes 25 damage!
Carabbit attacks! Hadestallion-A takes 17 damage!
Cloud_2049 attacks! Hadestallion-B's 13 damage doesn't seem to affect it...
Strawberry Eggs casts Blizzard! Hadestallion-A takes 15 damage!
Slashlen attacks! Hadestallion-A takes 34 damage!
Belthasar2 attacks! Saboteur-C takes 21 damage!

Saboteur-C is defeated!
Belthasar2 receives 220 Experience and 76 Gold!
Belthasar2 gains a level, reaching Level 7!

Laurie is fast asleep...
CW casts Fire! Hadestallion-A takes 14 damage!
Nightwolf uses a Warp Stone! Nightwolf's points are switched with SuperKyle!

Hadestallion-A casts Quick! Shroud receives an extra action!
Hadestallion-B gives a horrifying groan and sucks up Uncle Guido! He is sucked out of the competition!
Mischievio-A attempts to snatch up an accessory! But Leaper's Accessory was safe!
Mischievio-B stabs repeatedly with a sharp fork! Lost Boricua takes 8! 13! 8 damage!
Shroud casts Slow! Boojum is slowed to a crawl...
Shroud emits an undescribably dreadful sigh! Cloud_2049's Experience is reduced by 15!
Cometex casts Reflect! A magical wall of light appears before Cometex!

Hadestallion-A glows with an eerie light. Hadestallion-A's wounds heal by 7 points!

Two Naughty Mages appear!

FoxKelfonne isn't feeling too good...
FoxKelfonne is poisoned! FoxKelfonne gets a virus!
Ken isn't feeling too good... Ken is poisoned!
Leaper isn't feeling too good... Leaper gets a virus!
Nightwolf isn't feeling too good... Nightwolf is poisoned! Nightwolf gets a virus!
Sandy isn't feeling too good... Sandy is poisoned!
UFJ isn't feeling too good... UFJ gets a virus!

The Watcher is watching...

Don't go it alone!

Guild of Magus

Creator: Sandy
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Order of Beorn

Creator: Sundoulos
Type: Invite Only
You will be notified in case you are given an invitation- you may not freely join.

Brotherhood of Lief

Creator: FirstAid
Type: Open
You are free to join this guild as long as your total level is 4 or less.

SOCK Intelligence Agency

Creator: Joshua
Type: Semi-Open
While the SIA currently has no open positions, it invites would-be agents with unique skills, information, or other significant contributions or offers to apply if seriously interested in joining.

The Healing Shield

Creator: Bainick
Type: Open
May freely join if the following is fulfilled:
Must be mainly Defender or White Mage (To at least a 50:50 ratio of half def and/or wht mage:half other occupation/s), and have a lower or equal to level than Bainick.

...New stock every week!

   Mendley Item Shop   
Item Effect Price
Antidote Cures Poison. 25 Gold
Smelling Salts Cures Confusion. 25 Gold
Weapon Protector Halves Weapon's Break% for next attack.
30 Gold
Armor Protector Halves Armor's Break% next time attacked.
30 Gold
Alarm Clock Cures Sleep. 35 Gold
Echo Herbs Cures Silence. 35 Gold
Metronome Cures Slow. 35 Gold
Healing Herbs Boosts Points by 25-40. 40 Gold
Flex Herb Cures Immobilize and Disable. 50 Gold
Gold Needle Cures Stone or Paralysis 75 Gold
Holy Water Cures Haunt or Curse. 75 Gold
Vaccine Cures Virus. 75 Gold
Shuriken If "Throw" command is known, does 2-3x unarmed attack power to one target when used, ignoring defenses.
75 Gold

   Mendley Weapon Shop   
Weapon Equipped Effect Price
Wood Sword
Fgt 1
Power 10; Break% 5
20 Gold
Mythril Sword
Fgt 3
Power 15; Break% 3
Obtained Pts + 10% while equipped.
60 Gold
Gold Sword
Fgt 6
Power 25; Break% 15
Obtained Pts + 25% while equipped.
125 Gold
Fgt 8 or Blu 4
Power 20; Break% 5
4x normal damage against undead monsters.
150 Gold
Venom Edge
Fgt 9
Power 30; Break% 5
50% chance of poisoning target
140 Gold
Diamond Sword
Fgt 10
Power 40; Break% 2
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
200 Gold
Flame Sword
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Fire-E damage
25% chance of burning target
175 Gold
Ice Brand
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Ice-E damage
25% chance of freezing target
175 Gold
Fgt 10
Power 35; Break% 3
Thunder-E damage
25% chance of paralyzing target
175 Gold
Crystal Sword
Fgt 13
Power 55; Break% 15
Obtained points + 25% while equipped
350 Gold
Eye Gouger
Wpn 1
Power 50; Break% 5
50% chance of blinding target
250 Gold
Iron Hammer
Wpn 2
Power 70; Break% 2
50% chance of missing; target's armor Break% + 5
350 Gold
Mad Sickle
Wpn 3
Power 55; Break% 10
25% chance of confusing target
300 Gold

   Mendley Armor Shop   
Armor Equipped Effect Price
Leather Vest
Def 1
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 10%
20 Gold
Mythril Armor
Def 3
Break% 5
Obtained points + 10% while equipped
100 Gold
Iron Breastplate
Def 5
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 20%
100 Gold
Mythril Shield
Def 6
Break% 3
Absorbs up to 40 points completely
80 Gold
Full Plate
Def 9
Break% 1
Phys. Damage - 25%
150 Gold
Gold Shield
Def 10
Break% 15
Absorbs up to 120 points completely
150 Gold
Fire Armor
Def 10
Break% 3
Immune to Fire
100 Gold
Blizzard Armor
Def 10
Break% 3
Immune to Ice
100 Gold
Thunder Armor
Def 10
Break% 3
Immune to Thunder
100 Gold
Leaden Chestplate
Def 13
Break% 5
Phys. Damage - 35%
300 Gold
Arm 1
Break% 5
25% chance of breaking attacker's sword
Phys. Dmg - 10%
150 Gold
Arm 2
Break% 5
25% chance of breaking attacker's staff
Magic Dmg - 10%
150 Gold
Sentinel's Armor
Arm 3
Break% 5
Receive 1/4 normal damage while covering others.
Phys/Magic Dmg - 10%
400 Gold

   Mendley Accessory Shop   
Item Effect Price
Poisona Ring Prevents Poison 150 Gold
Peace Ring Prevents Confusion. 150 Gold
Blindna Ring Prevents Blindness 150 Gold
Insomnia Ring Prevents Sleep 175 Gold
Stona Ring Prevents Stone, Paralysis 200 Gold
Black Belt Counterattack to physical attacks with equipped weapon 600 Gold

   Mendley Mote Shop   
Item Effect Price
Fire Mote 10-15 Fire Damage to one target. 20 Gold
Blizzard Mote 12-18 Ice Damage to one target. 25 Gold
Thunder Mote 15-20 Thunder Damage to one target. 30 Gold
Aero Mote 10-30 Wind Damage to one target. 40 Gold
Protect Mote Bestows Protect status on one target. 100 Gold
Shell Mote Bestows Shell status on one target. 120 Gold
NulFire Mote Protects one target from next Fire attack. 80 Gold
NulFrost Mote Protects one target from next Blizzard attack. 80 Gold
NulShock Mote Protects one target from next Thunder attack. 80 Gold
Poison Mote 75% chance of inflicting Poison status on one target. 50 Gold

Point Benchmarks
...Spend your points on rare items!

Benchmark Prize Choice
50 pts Fighter's Sword (Fgt 2; Power 15; Break% 1)

Wizard's Rod (Blk 2; Power 3; Break% 10; MagPwr + 10%)

Point Doubler (Doubles day's Pts when used)
75 pts Defender's Shield (Def 2; Break% 5; Absorbs 20 Pts of Dmg completely)

Cleric's Robe (Wht 2; Break% 20; Wht Magic Exp. Costs - 25%)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used)
100 pts AGG (Accessory: Gain bonus Gold when you write in a Q&A letter)

APG (Accessory: Gain bonus Points when you write in a Q&A letter)

AEG (Accessory: Gain bonus Experience when you write in a Q&A letter)
125 pts Everybody's Mace (Weapon: No prerequisite job level; Power 10; Break% 3)

Everybody's Guard (Armor: No prerequisite job level; Break% 10; Phys. Dmg. - 10%)

Wait Mode (Item: Freezes Sock 2 in time for user's choice of between 1 and 3 days.)
150 pts Guild Permit (Allows user to create a guild.)

Level-Up Star (Grants target with exactly enough experience to reach the next level.)

Blue Mage's Medal (???)
200 pts Point Doubler (Doubles day's Points when used.)

Gold Doubler (Doubles day's Gold when used.)

Exp. Doubler (Doubles day's Exp. when used.)
250 pts Staff of Aid (Weapon: Prereq. Wht 5; Power 5; Break% 10; Doubles power of Cure spells.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Steal a random item from enemy or opponent with 75% prob.)

Warp Stone (Item: Change points with another player, chosen at random.)
300 pts Mind Break (Armor: Prereq. Def 7; Break% 15; Magic Damage - 50%)

Goldgrabber (Weapon: Prereq. Fgt 5/Mer 12/Thf 1; Power 20; Break% 2; Gain 10% of target's Gold with successful attack.)

Hawk's Eye (Accessory: If equipped, Obscure and Obscurega spells have no effect upon you.)
350 pts Everybody's Lance (Weapon: No prereqs; Power 25; Break% 3)

Everybody's Shield (Armor: No prereqs; Break% 5; Absorbs up to 50 pts of damage completely.)

Thief's Medal (???)
400 pts Deep Pocket (Accessory: Increases Item Capacity by 2.)

Sneak Glove (Item: Attempts to steal random item from target with 75% probability.)

Iron Boots (Accessory: Prevents wearer from getting knocked over.)
475 pts Exp. Tripler (Item: Triples day's Experience when used.)

Bullseye (Armor: Blu 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. that any monster attack will be directed at wearer.)

Magnetic Apron (Armor: Mer 5; Break% 5; 50% prob. of obtaining any items used against you.)

Prize Shop
Want something special? Start saving up...

Prize Points Required
Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case 1000 Points
Q&A Guest Host Position 1500 Points
DS or PSP game of your choice 3000 Points

Yesterday's Answers

c) Jidoor (35 Points)
I always had issue with this statement, too. As far as I could tell, in the World of Balance, Kohlingen is DUE north of Jidoor, so it should be equally "westernmost" in my mind.

b) Confuse (50 Points)
The tally was as follows: Blind 9; Confuse 25; Silence 21; Sleep 5; Slow 3. Isn't that strange? Close, though!

Today's Questions
Today's Consolation Points: 12

Which of the following spells in the original Final Fantasy Tactics has a description containing a blatant english error?
(50 Experience)

a) Float
b) Sleep
c) Regen
d) Slow
e) Death

In Sock 2, the name of one contestant is a compound word containing the names of two heroes from two different RPGs. Which games do these heroes come from?
(50 Points)

a) Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story
b) Breath of Fire III and Suikoden II
c) Final Fantasy VI and Skies of Arcadia
d) Vandal Hearts and Xenogears
e) La Pucelle Tactics and Magical Starsign

Submission Form

Honesty is important! Don't spoil the game. Keep in mind that masqueraders will be obvious, since two submissions under the same name will cause me to fire an e-mail to the true competitor based on my records, where I can verify their actions. Anybody caught cheating in this manner will be immediately removed from the competition!

Please fill out your nickname and your actions for the day! Place your answer choices in the respective boxes (don't worry about being precise with wording or anything), and write your action in the action box. You can equip or unequip stuff once per day without taking your action up, too. Examples of actions could be "I want to attack Li'l Ant!" or "I want to buy two Eye Dropses!" or "I want to buy a Wood Sword and Smelling Salts, and I want to equip the Wood Sword!"

Today's Guess(es) for the first question:
Today's Guess(es) for the second question:
Actions for today:

Yay banner!

Click here for the Official Rule Guide!


1 Arpijy
Fgt Lv 7
Points 758

2 Aurelius
Wht Lv 8
Points 723

Blk Lv 11
Points 705

4 LufiaLvr
Wht Lv 5
Points 694

5 Sandy
Blk Lv 10
Points 673

6 Raaj
Blk Lv 9
Points 634

7 Carabbit
Wht Lv 7
Points 617

8 Tasukete
Blk Lv 7
Points 608

9 Slashlen
Fgt Lv 9
Points 598

10 Mike
Fgt Lv 6
Points 598

11 MrMSty
Blk Lv 8
Points 590

12 Knighttrain
Blk Lv 6
Points 587

13 Alael
Fgt Lv 8
Points 552

14 Draconn
Fgt Lv 7
Points 543

15 Leaper
Blk Lv 10
Points 536

16 Cacticus
Wht Lv 7
Points 535

17 Boojum
Blk Lv 8
Points 532

18 Brian J. Blottie
Fgt Lv 8
Points 520

19 Lost Boricua
Blk Lv 8
Points 505

20 Kharamain
Blk Lv 9
Points 503

21 Ice^Tiger
Blk Lv 6
Points 499

22 Xlash
Fgt Lv 8
Points 487

23 FoxKelfonne
Blk Lv 9
Points 485
"Poison/ Virus"

24 Jeremy V.
Def Lv 7
Points 482

25 JuMeSyn
Wht Lv 6
Points 482

26 Leviathan
Fgt Lv 7
Points 477

27 DMJ
Fgt Lv 7
Points 454

28 Arros Raikou
Fgt Lv 7
Points 428

29 Ken
Blk Lv 9
Points 426

30 Shinuzzo
Def Lv 6
Points 423

31 Timbit
Fgt Lv 8
Points 413

32 CW
Fgt Lv 8
Points 409

33 Gaijin
Blk Lv 7
Points 404

34 Laurie
Wht Lv 6
Points 400

35 Jess
Wht Lv 8
Points 399

36 The Dark Chevalier
Blk Lv 6
Points 381

37 Sundoulos
Fgt Lv 8
Points 374

38 Purelunatic
Fgt Lv 6
Points 371

39 Flamethrower
Blk Lv 5
Points 363

40 Goddess Atma
Fgt Lv 13
Points 360

41 Joshua
Wht Lv 8
Points 347

42 Thinkfreemind
Fgt Lv 5
Points 343

43 Shadow Chancellor
Wht Lv 7
Points 311

44 Kolphyre
Fgt Lv 9
Points 311

45 Jeffrey
Def Lv 4
Points 310

46 Vyselocke
Def Lv 9
Points 308

47 Waterfiend33
Fgt Lv 8
Points 305

48 Straadin
Fgt Lv 8
Points 301

49 Cloud_2049
Wht Lv 3
Points 299

50 BigWook
Wht Lv 8
Points 292

51 Heltje
Fgt Lv 3
Points 291

52 Belthasar2
Fgt Lv 7
Points 291

53 Fang
Def Lv 8
Points 265

54 Maggie
Fgt Lv 5
Points 233

55 Weretiger Rei
Wht Lv 5
Points 207

56 Witecat
Def Lv 5
Points 202

57 UFJ
Wht Lv 10
Points 201

58 Bainick
Def Lv 5
Points 199

59 Genjuu
Blk Lv 9
Points 181

60 Seiryu
Def Lv 1
Points 181

61 BLG
Blk Lv 8
Points 173

62 Bucket
Def Lv 3
Points 158

63 Nightwolf
Blk Lv 9
Points 156
"Poison/ Virus"

64 Alexander MD
Fgt Lv 6
Points 146

65 Adam
Fgt Lv 7
Points 134

66 Strawberry Eggs
Blk Lv 5
Points 125

67 FirstAid
Wht Lv 7
Points 123

68 IceNine
Blk Lv 5
Points 115

69 Macstorm
Def Lv 3
Points 105

70 ~Sean~~
Fgt Lv 6
Points 104

71 SuperKyle
Fgt Lv 10
Points 86

72 Killa B
Fgt Lv 1
Points 85

73 Dracus
Fgt Lv 3
Points 80

74 Prism
Wht Lv 7
Points 64

75 Koala Bob
Blk Lv 6
Points 60

76 Ourobolus
Blk Lv 9
Points 50

77 Patternscribe
Fgt Lv 1
Points 41

78 Alukien
Fgt Lv 1
Points 40

79 Erunion
Blk Lv 1
Points 40

80 Ziphakiel Valkrist
Def Lv 1
Points 40

81 Smiley Elf
Fgt Lv 1
Points 30

82 Tyraraven
Fgt Lv 4
Points 20

83 Jwcooley
Fgt Lv 1
Points 20

84 Otaku Nick
Blk Lv 1
Points 20

85 Frammy
Fgt Lv 1
Points 14

86 ProtoMan
xxx Lv 1
Points 6

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