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October 10, 2006

Matt Demers - 23:06 EST

I HAD THE MOST interesting exchange this morning. I got back from home last night to an empty cupboard, and so I decided to stop by Tim Horton's (a North American fast food chain, for reference- the most popular in Canada; not so big in the US). They have a new item on the menu: A "Breakfast Sandwich" of some variety, but it is only served before 11:00, and the current time was 11:01. At the counter, an old lady asked me what I wanted. I countered with "Can I order a Breakfast Sandwich, or is it too late?" The lady flatly started shaking her head mid-sentence, looking all disgruntled; welcome to the service industry! In any case, I then told her that I'd like a Toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese. What did she say?

"I thought you said you wanted a Breakfast Sandwich."

I wasn't really sure how to handle that unexpected response, but the absurdity almost made me burst out in laughter. She then screamed across the floor: "Cheryl, do we have any Breakfast Sandwiches left?!"

Cheryl: "Ah, we got one."

DsgrntlLADY: "We got one."

Matt: ...

Matt: Maybe next time. I think I'll take the bagel.

After all, if there's only one of something left, who knows how long it's been sitting there? In any case, I thought that the lead-up conversation was too funny not to share with you guys, so there you are. Oh, and for reference, the bagel was yummy.

A question trilogy.

Hey, it's Lazzie again. You know, the "incoherent" fellow who loves Level-5 and can't decide on whether Advance Wars is an RPG or not. Well, I have a few more points of discussion to fire at you while I'm on a boring nightshift at work, so prepare yourself!


Weapons ready.

First, I have a game that has a surprisingly dedicated legion of fans: Tales of Symphonia. Now, there is a lot to like about ToS: it has some entertaining characters, a very engaging and action-packed battle system compared to many other RPGs, and it has all of the little things that have made the Tales series great for so many years. But still, I have to say, I'm very surprised at how popular it is! The storyline is loaded with cliches (one of my friends refers to it as "Tales of Final Fantasy X", as the similarities between the two games are numerous), the writing is on the weak side, the audio and musical score are both around average, and the visuals, while appealing, are nothing terribly special. The point is, why does this game, that is very good but not orgasmically fantasic, have such an enormous legion of fans? I mean, you go to gamefaqs or something, and it's second only to Super Smash Bros. Melee in total traffic for the Gamecube section; virtually every Tales series user poll and survey I've ever read is dominated by ToS characters and what have you. So, why is this? Are the game's characters, storyline, and art more universally appealing than I believe them to be? Is it because it stands out among very few good RPGs for the Gamecube (even if I believe Paper Mario 2 is a better game)? Or am I totally missing something? Enlighten me, oh great and powerful Matthew.


Ah, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was more interesting in my eyes, too. We have to remember, though, that there are relatively few games out there for the Gamecube that could be classified as RPGs. Thus, I'll bet that a greater-than-average fraction of RPGamers will have bought the game out of all Gamecube-owners than would be the case for most PS2 RPGs. To get around that wordy kludge with an example, this was exactly the case for me back when I owned a Nintendo 64 but not a PS1. I actually found multiple ways to PRAISE games like Quest 64 because, well, I was starved for new RPGs! That's not to say that ToS isn't deserving of a lot of praise; certainly, there are many merits to the game. But, I think that that's the reason that it gets so much buzz.

And second, I must bring you to the attention of one of the more underrated RPGs of all time: Skies of Arcadia. I spent many an hour playing this baby on my Dreamcast back in the day, and the more recent Gamecube port is also a blast and a half. I totally recommend it to anyone that likes a good, solid oldschool RPG experience with some newschool RPG elements (the 3D visuals, mostly). But I also wonder: if they ever decide to make a sequel for this game, can you imagine the possibilities of air piracy on the new generation of consoles!? I mean, you take the absolutely gorgeous sky sailing through exotic locales and make it even more beautiful, implement the motion-sensing properties of the Wii or PS3 controllers for sailing, directing attacks, and camera use, and manage to recapture most of the atmosphere and feel of the classic, critically-acclaimed original, and you have yourselves a blockbuster of an RPG! Of course, being the rabid fan that I am, I would probably die happy if Level-5 bought the license from Sega/Overworks and gave the hypothetical SoA 2 the DQ VIII treatment, but that might be dreaming a little too hard. Still, what's preventing someone from giving us a sequel!? It doesn't even need to have Vyse or any storyline connection to the first game, either; if you give me a game about magical sky pirates that recaptures the brilliance of the original then I'll probably be satisfied. So what are your thoughts? Does or doesn't this awesome game deserve a sequel?


Now, I haven't played this one, but I'm fully aware that there were big plans to create a sequel a couple of years ago. Where those plans have led, I cannot tell you. But certainly, it has at least been hinted in the past that a sequel was more than just a possibility. Who knows what the future will bring? Believe me when I say that I'll be watching any Level-5 game-in-development closely, but that's quite speculative for now!

I've heard all sorts of praise about the original game, and I wish that I had given it a whirl back in the day. It's one of those games that few people have negative things to say about; that in itself is pretty alluring.

And now to make my array of fanboy questions a trilogy, how about them new classes in FF V? So far we know about the Necromancer, Gladiator, Oracle, and Cannoneer. I dunno about you, but I'm stoked. The class system was far and away the most entertaining part of FF V, and the idea of having said class system even classier has me salivating. Of course, I'm also very intrigued by the game's new translation and visual makeover, as well as the obligatory new bonus dungeon and super-weapons, but it's those four classes that have me the most excited. But wait a sec... have you even played FF V? Well, if you haven't, you've been missing out on a very solid entry in RPGdom's most vaunted series. I totally recommend checking out the GBA version of this baby in a month or so.

And that's it. Another week, another trio of incoherent questions for el slimerio. Thanks for listening!



Lazzie! I've played Final Fantasy V through more than once, and I think it's a unique and lovable game with a degree of challenge that is not present in most other Final Fantasy games. For some reason, people gripe about it more than other FF games, but I really enjoyed a lot of the neat and original ideas throughout the storyline, and I thought that the character development was a big step up over that of FFIV, which everyone seems to love unconditionally. It's also the last real "crystal" stories, because goodness, FFIX doesn't count as one of those.

Thanks for your letter!

Leaky FFXII... and future-talk.

Hey Slimey,

I've read the Q&A section for a long time now and really have come to enjoy 'em. Im going to mostly be talking about a love of yours, Dragon Quest! When Dragon Quest VIII came out in America I jumped at the opportunity to play it. Since then ive played and beat the original DW 1-3, hunted down 7 and got that (havent beat it....), and sadly I did resort to emulation to get 5 and 6. Now I know your stance on emulation, mine is the same, I just really had to try the ones that were impossible to get through normal means.


It's a bit of a conundrum, I know. What is a gamer supposed to do when a company refuses time and time again to bring to translate a game from your all-time favourite series? Back in the day, I broke down and played them too, illegally, but I know that all of you know that I'd be bouncing off the walls with anticipation if DQV or VI were ever announced for a North American translation anyway. Square Enix would definitely not miss out on my dollars!

My emulation problem leads to some big news actually. What was your reaction when you found out about the leaked Final Fantasy XII. I myself was beside myself with, the game wasnt even released yet. I suppose thats what happens when the release date for a game gets pushed back by years rather than months.


I've heard the same, and I think that it's awful. The first thing that comes to mind is to wonder how something like this happens in the first place; I mean, wouldn't somebody inside the company have to be paid off to be the first to post a copy online or something? It seems highly dishonest, and the people that would take advantage of this really disappoint me. It's true that the game has been delayed for -a long time- but I really think that the intent was to make a better game for us.

Okay, back to my newest love, Dragon Quest. What are your thoughts on all the new games coming to America such as DQM: Joker, the new Wii DQ, and the just released DQH: Rocket Slime. I love the fact that Square-Enix is giving some attention to their strongest asset.



Dragon Quest: Joker looks absolutely phenomenal. I've played through both of the DQM games that have been released in North America so far, but I never expected them to transform the style into one similar to last year's DQVIII. I'm really looking forward to it; it's just one more reason be a DS owner. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is supposedly a blast, despite the fact that it's really easy. I don't have the game yet, but I won't let it pass me by. The Wii's Dragon Quest Swords is a HUGE reason that I'm buying the system, which is a little bit embarrassing, considering that we know next to nothing about the game at this point. I saw that Golem attacking in the E3 Nintendo Press Conference Trailer and fell in love *snap* like that.

And what about what is going to get some comparisons to DQ, Blue Dragon. I may end up having to sell my spleen to get a Xbox 360 if Mistwalker's work is as amazing as it looks. Im getting a Wii, thats not an option (or so I tell myself to justify my spending...). And a PS3....i dont think so, at least not anytime soon. they would have to release 3 games on that thing for me to finally take notice. 1)MGS4 (which will come out down the road), 2) A new game by Euda's team ( of ICO and Colossus fame), and 3) Dragon Quest 9 ( which im hoping for the wii, but with standard control options). What 3 games would have to come out on the PS3 for you to seriously consider it?

Anyway, Ive ranted on long enough, hope your weekend was amazing.



Thanks! It was a decent weekend, all in all, even if it was really quick.

I'm with you on your next-gen choices, too. Wii is something that I'm going to get with 100% certainty. There are too many games that I'm anticipating for that system, and it would also give me the opportunity to play games like Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, that I missed on the Gamecube. Like you, the other two are hit or miss for me. While Blue Dragon looks REALLY neat, and so does White Knight (though maybe not to quite the same degree for me), and obviously, Final Fantasy XIII is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, I'll end up following my series in the end. Dragon Quest will determine where I end up; if it is developed for the PS3, there's no question in my mind that I'll buy that console down the road. If not, then all bets are off.

Enchanted Arms: The Reply

Well, you were asking for info, soooo:)


Oooh... on Enchanted Arms? The floor is yours.

I have to say I liked the game, in fact it helped to change my mind about the 360 being pointless, which I didn't see happening:P

I'll start with what I didn't like before I get to the good stuff. First up, the 'tutorial' part at the treats you/your character like a dribbling idiot, incapable of using the a button...seriously, you never have to do anythng except press the a button to do something, it comes up on the screen as an instruction when you get close enough to something anyway, and the guy tellng you things still thinks you won't be able to figureout without being given a really patronising lecture, and being told you are stupid every five seconds...gah! It also starts really slowly. The battle system isn't anything special, but it's not awful to play so..


Well, you have to take into consideration that the majority of Xbox 360 owners probably don't play RPGs as their chief genre. Maybe they're just making absolutely sure that everyone is on the same page. Otherwise, maybe they (the developers) were the dribbling idiots.

Right, the good: the golems are pretty awesome:) They all look different, collecting them is a nice passtime and collecting money to buy them helps to give you something else to focus on while leveling. The good thing is you don't have to use them if you don't want to as they are pretty much optional, so long as you take good care of your humans. You can't teach them new moves either, so be prepared to keep replacing them regularly if you do use them. It's quite a decent length as well, and the story and character development unfolds really nicely once you've got past the annoying beginning.

Unfortunately my XBOX died on me 37 hours in so I can't say anything else....I really,really want to know what happened, and if one of the characters is who I think he is, and what happens between someone and someone else....damn this is hard to talk about wihout spoilerating it for people....statute of limitations hasn't run out on this one yet:P



Heh heh. Well, thanks for being considerate, either way, and thanks for your report on one of the 360's first true RPGs! I don't know why consoles love breaking down so often, but it's something we all have to live with. (I just bought my second PS2 last summer, as you might remember...)

Mwahahaha... impressionable newbies!!

Matt, where's the beef? I want to know!


At your local Wendy's, according to a 1980's ad campaign. I actually attempted to get some Wendy's at a service station aside the great Highway 401 on the way home last Friday, but the lineup was something like twenty-three people deep. Yes, I went to Tim Horton's instead to fill up.

Grr, I have yet another amendment to the Fire Emblem Knowledge Compendium. Not a big one, but after getting Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu in the mail I have pored over its manual and realized that Sigurd and his son Celice can promote! So promotion of the lord began with FE4, not FE5!

Oh, and Monshou no Nazo and Seisen no Keifu arrived in very nice condition. Shipping wasn't cheap, but they came from Japan. I've dealt with the seller before and haven't had problems. Any RPGamers seeking a reliable Japanese game seller, Yamatoku is a good one.


Good to know! I'm sure the information will be much appreciated.

It's hard to imagine a Fire Emblem without Lord promotion, but I wonder if there was anything in place to compensate for that, like a greater likelihood of gaining stats at level-ups or something.

So you thought the track of the Red Ruins sounded kinda like the previous Panzer Dragoon Saga music? How's this one strike you? I'll have you know that this one finds Edge on foot, in a caravan he runs into fairly early and can keep visiting every now and then.


I see. Yes, this one doesn't sound quite as much like PDS, I have to admit. Still nice though; there's something distinctly Final Fantasy X-ish about certain parts of it. Either that, or I'm just crazy.

I'll go back to Oz for a bit now. Your reply implied that you haven't read any of the books (if you have, butt in now!). The movie is great, certainly. But a LOT was added to the Oz mythos in later books. I'll just sprinkle a few highlights around now:


Well, I don't know if I've read any official chronicles or not, to be honest! I got out a fairly thick book from the library when I was really young, and it contained many adventures that extended beyond the events that happened in the movie. However... it was just one book, and it's probably been at least twelve years since I read it. Ouch.

First off, we have a recurring villain! Roquat the Gnome King first showed up in Ozma in Oz, where he had transformed the royal family of Ev (another magical country in that same general area) into ornaments. Dorothy managed to get an egg onto him, and as eggs are poisonous to gnomes he gave it up. He remembered that defeat though, and tried invading Oz by digging a tunnel under the Deadly Desert - too bad Ozma made him thirsty and got him to drink from the Water of Forgetfulness, so that he was quite amenable to marching his soldiers home. And because he'd forgotten his name, he became Ruggedo. He tried keeping Betsy, another ordinary girl, in the Gnome kingdom and got dethroned for it. Then he met up with a boy who'd learned a magic word that could transform anything into whatever he wanted - that ended with him and the boy being turned into walnuts and then drinking the Water of Forgetfulness again. He kept popping up after that, though I haven't read these books in a long time - I believe his last appearance was after he'd been transformed into a vase from which he could only be released after a seven armed woman dropped it - then LO AND BEHOLD a seven armed woman dropped the vase about 5 books later!


Yikes. It's a good thing I don't have a transforming power like that, or the people in my Dynamical Systems class today would likely have involuntarily been turned into plates of chinese food. Man, was I hungry...

That was a long paragraph. So here's a shorter one, with a little music from Skies of Arcadia! You have access (intermittently) to a Gamecube, Matt: along with your avowed inclination to purchase a Wii soon. You owe it to yourself to take this game out for a spin. Oh, the music? It's from the Ixa'takan kingdom - which will mean more to you after playing the game.


Isn't it interesting how uncommonly-mentioned games get talked about all at once? I doubt I'll get the chance to play it anytime in the near future, but the music is nice enough in an earthy sort of way, I'll grant you that.

More Oz now. Aside from the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, and Cowardly Lion (all of whom have back stories that get fleshed out later) there is a veritable menagerie of characters who show up. Take the Hungry Tiger; a green-and-orange tiger that talks, and is terribly hungry for fat babies but can never bear to eat any. Or the Patchwork Girl - if a scarecrow were made out of a quilt and filled with insulation, you'd kinda have her. Although in the making she got a touch too much Whimsy and it made her personality interesting. Or the Glass Cat - pretty much what it sounds like, except it moves around and has organs you can see work through the glass. Oh, and it talks too. Everything in Oz talks. Jack Pumpkinhead is self-explanatory, especially to someone who saw Return to Oz. Plenty of interesting environments too, such as there actually being two Yellow Brick Roads - on the other one a gigantic porcupine named Chiss can throw its spikes at people and there are monstrous plants that eat anything they find unless someone is whistling, which holds them at bay.


Now that is disturbing. Fat babies? It's too bad that the books didn't blossom into something incredibly famous. Alas, for we could have had "Law and Order: Emerald City". That Patchwork Girl makes me feel like gripping my face in agony, by the way.

Probably some of this has been incorporated into an RPG I haven't played. But I'm just scratching the surface. Now I want to flip through a lot of Oz books to get ideas....


Well, there are a lot of RPGs out there... but I'd say that the majority of items there are fairly original!

And now I'm going to through a guesswork track at you! Your hint is that this is a Genesis track. Something tells me other RPGamers will recognize this one pretty quickly.


It sounds a little bit like a "YOU GOT I. BLADE!" screen in an earlier Mega Man game, to be honest with you. THOSE I have played, though, and I know it's not from that series; that would be especially obvious as it's a Sega game. I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to what this is, for fear of tomatoes and other edible projectiles being, um, projected.

Speaking of the Genesis; please annotate for us, Master Slimey, every instance of Sega console experience on your resume. Yes, EVERY instance - shouldn't take long if you're so inexperienced as you've related in the past.


You're absolutely right.

I've played about five minutes of a Sonic game of some sort (I don't even remember which one, exactly) and about half of Shining Force II. THAT, my friend, is it, unless someone erased my memory underhandedly, though I don't really remember that ever happening. Wait a second...

My Sony experience? In the summer of 1997 I watched a friend play Final Fantasy Tactics for a bit, in what must have been the winter of 2001 I watched a different friend play a bit of Dragon Quest VII, in December 2002 I played a bit of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, in the winter of 2004 I played a bit of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (grooving to the music mostly) and watched the DQ player spin out a bit of Xenosaga 1 and Dark Cloud 2, then my aforementioned borrowing of a PS2 long enough to play FFIX in the summer of 2004. If I have any other Sony memories to relate they aren't surfacing.


Well, that's not TOO terribly terrible then. You missed out on a fair bit, but so did I! I didn't have a PS1, as you'll remember, so I have a few gaps too. I'll remember that, though, for the next time a Final Fantasy IX question surfaces in the contest. You have no excuse! <3

I'm gonna whet your appetite for playing Lunar 2 by giving you this: Leo is an interesting character, gotta say. And his theme is quite good.


It's very, ah, military-y, isn't it? It's all right.

And now, Sir Slimey, your analytical aptitude is called into application. I would be intrigued to hear exactly what you think is the reason Dragon Quest titles are the top sellers in Japan, above even Final Fantasy. As well as why the titles do not produce comparative results outside the Land of the Rising Sun.


It might be a cultural thing. It might be a traditional thing. It's really hard to say. I don't know any Japanese gamers, but it might be that the average video gamer in Japan has a different concept of what makes a good RPG than the average North American. Certainly, Dragon Quest is atypical in that even recent sequels are SO true to the feel of old games. Perhaps it's that difference that makes it appealing for a public that lapped up the original games. Maybe Enix didn't release enough copies of the later Dragon Warrior games to the US; I believe that fewer than 100,000 copies of Dragon Warrior IV ever shipped to this side of the Pacific, and then Enix disappeared from North America altogether for awhile. During that time, Square really gathered steam with its Final Fantasy series, which grew to dwarf Dragon Warrior, leaving it nigh-forgotten by the time DWVII was released in 2001. Now that VIII has been released, the series is growing again; I believe that it has sold nearly three times as well as VII (and rightfully so).

I feel like I'm blowing a lot of smoke but spinning my wheels. I don't have a concrete explanation. It's only my dream that one day, Dragon Quest grows into a must-have staple of RPGs in the land of English-speakers as well.

I've dived into Sword of Vermillion lately, and by the time you get to this letter may even have completed it. In case you weren't paying attention to my speaking upon this title to Emperor Ourobolus, it's a 1990 Genesis RPG which employs some irritating mechanisms (I refer you to a letter he probably dealt with Sunday Oct. 1, as I don't want to retype all that). I'm still playing though. For all the drudgery this thing is providing, there are still a few items that I find unique. I love how I took some villager's advice, trudged through a cave that was optional, and found a little girl in the cave who sold me an amazingly useful spell book that heals me completely for 2 MP. Considering only the weakest healing spell, which cost 6 MP, had been located by me at this point, I'm happy. I currently have 130 MP so dying won't be easy. I don't necessarily like having to find a map in order to see more than 1 meter around me in any direction, and navigating dungeons without a map is a PAIN especially since I need lanterns to pierce the darkness, the inability to carry more than 8 items at once is mighty confining, the lack of any clear signals about what that new piece of equipment did to me means I have to keep looking carefully at my statistics before and after, and the need to actually 'TAKE' from a chest after I open it is incredibly time-consuming, but for some reason I keep playing. And I don't recall seeing a village where everyone was old and I had to go off and defeat the guy who had stolen the village's collective youth in any other title - though my experience is not the be-all and end-all.


Hey- there's a reason that the games of today's world are different than they used to be. Some things that are obvious to us now weren't necessarily apparent back then. It would be easy to make oversights like the open-->take annoyance when very few RPGs have hit the scenes at all. What is irritating? What is good? The only way to find out is to make mis-steps along the way. Of course, I'm glad you're taking the good and the original with the bad.

Remember the Rainblood I mentioned last time out? This is their theme: Commentary? It works masterfully for me.


You're a crazy music man. I have to pause my music an average of 3.778 times per JuMeSyn e-mail in order to listen to what you have to show me. Luckily, most of it is pretty good. ;)

I brought up the idea of wounding leading to the ability of enemies to permanently kill characters with Josh. He thought it would lead to very sad players and overworked programmers. Dis/agree?


It'd be cool. And such a thing would only be irritating in the wrong type of game. Obviously, if a main character falls in a game like Fire Emblem (which already happens) it's dealt with by means of a side scene. On the other hand, it would be positively cool to have a large-scale Final Fantasy-like RPG adopt different storyline branches depending on who lives and dies throughout the game. And finally, there would be a point to carrying 99 Potions with you wherever you go!

And for another installment of Shining Force III's terrible English voice acting: Eldar/Elder (take your pick on the spelling here), being a bird warrior, is pretty darn useful. But when she uses a special attack inherent to her currently equipped weapon (these tending to be pretty painful looking), she says that. Oog.

We're done for now. Regarde le riche!


Mmm, mmm. I think that the SFIII production studio is where they sent the second-cut from some audition for a high school play somewhere. These have all been pretty bad indeed!

Thanks as always, JuMeSyn! Or hey, can I call you JMS? That could be your "Disc II name"!!


So, I finally saw my brother this past weekend, and thus I began to play some Xenosaga: Episode III! Aside from a random jazz music in the opening scene, I've actually been fairly impressed with the music. And while the footsteps are loud, they aren't intolerable. I'm absolutely bonkers over how detailed the Database is. Wow!! Overall, it really seems that certain things alluded to in Episode III really should have been included in what was an abbreviated Episode II, which would also help to explain why number two was so annoyingly short. I'm really impressed so far with the game, and I'm looking forward to playing it a little bit more!


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#339. c) Kumamoto - 700 points/1,400 points for Gaijin
For some reason, last names which include the symbol for star (hoshi) are only found in that part of central Kyushu Island, according to Q&A's Japanese correspondent-at-heart, Gaijin Monogatari. Interesting to know, no?

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Ever see that Bugs Bunny cartoon with he and Elmer Fudd doing opera? Yeah, the 'spear and magic helmet' routine is going through my head. Guess it's better than the Rabbit of Seville bit.

Ki-ill da waaaaa-bit, ki-ill da waaaaa-bit, ...

Hey there Matt. How was Thanksgiving? Lots of food an gaming I hope? Mine included both of these as well as the traditional Scrabble game between myself, my mother, and my grandmother. I am happy to say that I emerged triumphant. ;)

Oh my GOD! I totally forgot to talk about Scrabble in my Intro!! I played Super Scrabble (expanded board, Quad tiles, etc) with my brother on Sunday and had the best game we've ever played. I came back to win amazingly at the last turn, but the score was an unbelievable 925 to 907. Total-points-wise, it was out best game of all time by a large margin, since between the two of us, we scored three Bingos; Chris got seven and I got three. Wow. It was a crazy, crazy game.


That's all for this edition.

For next time, I'm interested to see what your opinions are on the black sheep of the SNES era of Final Fantasies. I touched on it above, but why do you think that it isn't quite as liked as other games? I'm curious to see what you have to say!

Until then, adios, and take great care.

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What I Want to Play:

1. Final Fantasy III

2. Final Fantasy XII

3. Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn

4. Final Fantasy V

5. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

What I'm Playing:

1. Disgaea II

2. Fire Emblem GBA

3. Xenosaga: Episode III

SOCK's Scoreboard

Summon in Play:

HP: 4,425
1. Erika
58,061 pts

2. BigWook
55,506 pts

3. LufiaLvr
50,679 pts

4. Aurelius
46,919 pts

5. JokingChimer
43,343 pts

6. Draconn
41,488 pts

7. Kanato
39,900 pts

8. Prismatic
35,385 pts

9. Arpijy
35,070 pts

10. Boojum
34,006 pts

11. Alexander
33,048 pts

12. Alan Tse
31,377 pts

13. JuMeSyn
29,379 pts

14. Belthasar2
29,338 pts

15. Ourobolus
27,640 pts

16. MagRowan
24,524 pts

17. Purelunatic
22,869 pts

18. Arros Raikou
22,794 pts

19. MrMSty
22,380 pts

20. TV's Adam
21,971 pts

21. Thinkfreemind
21,936 pts

22. DMJewelle
21,840 pts

23. BLG
19,292 pts

24. Erunion
19,255 pts

25. Hunter B
17,536 pts

26. Kharamain
17,127 pts

27. Jwcooley
17,115 pts

28. Macstorm
16,601 pts

29. Leaper
15,895 pts

30. Dermot
15,336 pts

31. Cap
14,930 pts

32. Bucket
14,183 pts

33. Vigilante
13,870 pts

34. Gaijin
13,138 pts

35. Carabbit
12,165 pts

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