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Crashing Boom-Bang Attack
October 4, 2006

Matt Demers - 22:40 EST

I DIDN'T GET a whole lot of sleep last night, I'm afraid. I went to bed late in the first place, but a couple of hours after I dozed off, I awoke to a monster storm outside. Hail pounded on the windows, the wind was howling, and there were huge crashes of thunder that came again and again at a nearly alarming rate. I guess that's the price one must pay for a glorious October day like the one we had yesterday. It felt like mid-summer on my walk home from campus!

I sadly haven't touched Disgaea 2 in a week and a half now. That will change this weekend; mark my words. It's a holiday weekend, so I'm going to take SOME time off to relax and not worry (much) about school. I'm right at the end of Fire Emblem too. I really miss gaming. *sigh* ... Once school is finished, though, I really hope to get my claws back into the good things in life, so I remain optimistic!

Enough about me. Let's go to the mailbox.

New, pure, non-online Final Fantasy games, but hold the mayo, and um, extra pickles.


As you may or may not have guessed from my last letter, I am a pretty big Final Fantasy fan. Iíve enjoyed each game that Iíve had the opportunity to play. However, with school/work/social life/family/etc going on, it is very difficult to keep up with the latest gaming information! The only Final Fantasy stuff I hear about anymore is the online games that are coming out. The last Final Fantasy game I had the opportunity to play was FF X-2 and I loved it just as much as X (which Iíve heard that there are numerous people that despise this game and X-2, which is okay). I figure this is easier to do instead of looking everywhere so here is my question: has there been any other Final Fantasy game that has come out that isnít online play (which Iím pretty sure you can play them without being online, but what fun is that), that isnít recycled into a compilation, or doesnít need a GBA or other connecting gaming device? In other words, I want a pure non-online Final Fantasy game that has a new story. Once again, I figure Iíd ask the man himself, save me some time, and get the answers without any hesitation.


There haven't been too many, I'm afraid. The closest things to what you're looking for aren't close at all, because the only "new" games I can really think of are FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, neither of which is anything remotely resembling a pure Final Fantasy game.

This might be a silly question, but have you played older FF games? If you haven't, I'd highly recommend giving Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls or FFIV Advance a try. Otherwise, you can always look forward to Final Fantasy XII, which is being released in just a few weeks' time! It's definitely not an online game, and it's sure to have a brand new and interesting story.

Anyway, I'm totally with you on the "don't have enough time" point. It's the story of my life these days. I wish I was a kid again.

Secondly, this doesnít involve RPGís, but I think itís a good topic anyways. I noticed that you stated that you watched House, M.D when you have time, which if you are like me, that time is scarce! I really donít watch a whole lot of television, but that is one of the few shows that I do make time to sit down and watch (Also, Family Guy, American Dad, 24, if you care to know!). It pisses me off that the show has to take a break for BASEBALL, AHHH, but what can you do? As you said, some of the cases are a little out there, but my question to you is this: do you think that any of those cases that they try and remedy on that show are actually true to some extent, if not the entire case? I know people are creative, but damn, if some of those arenít real, then the imaginations of the writers are just incredible! What about Hugh Laurie? I believe he was born to play the role of Dr. House. Just curious about your thoughts?!




Absolutely!! He's fantastic at generating the sarcasm that his character thrives upon, but what I really love is that despite the usual attitude, he's really great at portraying the occasional touch of heart here and there. I'm annoyed that we won't see any new episodes for awhile, but there's not a whole lot we can do about it, is there?

And indeed; even though I think some of the diagnoses are off in left field, I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to seeing what concoctions those writers can come up with every week!!

Thanks for writing in! Watch for Final Fantasy XII on Hallowe'en day or shortly thereafter.

Pokťmon, 2007 edition.

Happy First Year birthday Matt.

So i'm in the nexus at the moment Matt, the waiting zone. Kingdom Hearts 2 will be in my hands on Friday 'drool' and Suikoden 5 probably Monday 'dog drool' Anyway a quicky question for you What do you think on the new ways for evolving pokemon I want that Glacia and Leafia to complete my Eevee colection!

Bainick likes listening to music such as Gorrilaz at 1.4 times the normal speed but it totally ruins the effects of the flute in Eve by Yasuhiro Misawa


Hey, Bainick!

Do you want to know what's funny? Back when I first played the original Pokťmon, I was so absorbed in it that I went and made my own little game on the side, and made up new ideas for the little critters. One of those ideas was a grass-type Eevee that I called "Floreon." Well, it seems that this thing will actually exist, at long last! Who knows what the english name will be, though? Oh, wait... it's Leafia? That's idiotic. Argh.

I'm a big fan of a lot of those new ideas!! I especially like the gender-specific evolution, which might give them reason to bring back the Nidorans that I used to love.

I've also heard other really exciting things about Diamond/Pearl. Apparently there are going to be some all-new evolved forms for several nigh-forgotten about Pokťmon dating all the way back to Red/Blue, and indeed, some of them have been spoiled for me by the many links that I can't help but follow. In all honesty, this game is setting up to be one of my most-anticipated for next year. And I'm proud of it!

"Hey, *D*." "What's up, *D*?" "Hey, it's the Big D!" At least they weren't calling me the "dumb arse."..

D said: "I'm surprised that I haven't received any e-mails inquiring about a certain oddity about this part of the column as of yet."


Yep, I said that.

Oh? Personally I haven't noticed anything recently, well not since the second Apocalypse anyway. (That was only the multi-coloured names btw, with me wondering if the short 3 letter names could only have 3 status effects!) But I am kind of oblivious to it I guess.


I've definitely thought of that too, and with characters like "CW" in the mix, it will be difficult to reflect multiple statuses if need be. If I knew html better, I'd be able to do some funky thing where a competitor's name flashes from one colour to another, but I'm just not in a high enough level yet. Time to do some level-grinding!

Actually, I'd say that my html skills have gone from being nonexistent to being quite capable as the result of doing this every day for the last year. To those of you who think that the idea of html is an intimidating one, well, so did I. It's actually ridiculously easy to pick up!

I guess I'll try to keep my eyes peeled, but it wouldn't do me any good.

Otherwise. Does the Sims count as a puzzle game, or do you beat up bad guys in it? ;)
(O.k. I shouldn't expect the zelda response to be that precise!)


The Sims is a glitch-ridden pile of overratedness. That doesn't really provide an adequate classification, I suppose. I know that it's a very popular and very engaging game in many ways, but ugh! Every single person that I've ever met who has played it goes on and on and on about how amazing it is, but inserts something every other sentence to like "Yeah, and then the stupid wife got stuck in my swimming pool and she wouldn't get out and then she drowned" or "The son just started walking around in his underwear outside all night and refused to come in and then he died of starvation and now there's some ghost haunting my house so I just started a new family."

Those are not signs of well-programmed games! Hopefully Maxis doesn't introduce similar annoyances when Spore sees the light of day (if it ever does).

Oh, and it's a simulation. Duh. ;)

P.s. I just wanted to call you D. In retrospect, maybe "SlimeyD" would of been better. (Slimey Delight anyone?)


Slimey D! Each bottle of Slimey D combines five summery fruit flavors to create a rich citrus punch bursting with great gooey taste and contains Vitamin B1, plus a full day's supply of Vitamin C. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thanks for the mail!

Silmeria 'n' socks


And congratulations on your one year anniversary! May the next be as good as this one!


Why thank you, kind sir! It's been a pleasure.

And yay on the new items too. Looks really neat! BTW, I'm very excited about the "hidden" items. I'd love it if there were a way, for example, to get copies of previously created co-host items. Who knows? Maybe there is?


WHO KNOWS?! Actually, I know. In fact, the answer is "of course there is!" I can't wait for people to start discovering. <3

If one was to utilize all parts of the contest, they would eventually stumble upon something exciting. I'm so excited, by all this excitement!

One thing I'd like to ask you, because I've forgotten the answer: you played the original Valkyrie Profile at all? Some stuff has been going around in my head as I've been playing #2, and I want to know if I can at least send in mail about it without spoiling anything.


Actually, I haven't, appallingly enough!! That's one reason that I'm looking forward to playing Silmeria, sooner or later. It's anybody's guess as to when I'll get the opportunity to, but I feel like I missed out on something big the first time around, and not having a PSP, I missed out the second time as well!

So, I guess I could say "be careful, for now." Fair enough?


Mmmm... sleepy! But must stay awake. Interesting thing: When you spend half of your waking hours for a week doing a crazy assignment, you start to see equations when you shut your eyelids. You know how you can see weird "bright shadows" of sorts if you stare at an object for a long time and suddenly close your eyes? Well, Monday night, I got into bed, shut my eyes, and saw summation signs and "d/dx"es floating around in front of my face. AHHH!


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Answers to October 3rd's Questions

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#335. a) 3 minutes - 2,000 points
Yep! That's all it took for Mach Pizza to deliver your order in Earthbound, in case you were in dire need of a quick pick-me-up and you were in the middle of nowhere with only a phone booth in sight. Great job, to those of you who guessed this one right!

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can you explain the battle system or tales of te abyss? from the videos i've seen it looks super fast paced

I could, but then I'd have to KEEL you! Actually, Tales games do tend to be very fast-paced. If you've ever played Star Ocean, their battles are somewhat similar to that style, except that combat generally occurs in two dimensions. I hope that helps!

Hiya Matt,

Just sending in a quickie. Anyone else left wondering, where the hell does all my allocated games money go? AND I still have to buy a new TV, a Wii, KH2, various other RPGs and a new iPod!


Genjuu loves pizza. Especially pizza-flavoured pizza.

Think of it this way; if no one had to worry about money, video game publishers probably wouldn't exist in the first place, which would suck even more. And you wouldn't get your pizza. (Mmm, pizza.) I guess your only choice is to get an eleventh job, regrettably.

I have been playing wizardry v heart of malestrom for some time now and for some reason the orb of llygalm(or something like that) was taken away from me and the 3rd level
any ideas how to get it back or do i need to restart but i would hate to do that please someone help me

Man, it's too bad our old buddy Xlash wasn't around to help out here! I can't imagine, though, that the game would be so evil as to force you to start over if a single item gets taken from you. I say track down the bast'd who snatched it from you and show him who's boss!


That's all I've got for today!

So apparently, it looks like Sony is finally starting to feel the effects of its recent bad luck or bad decision-making in the business world, as their stock has fallen a considerable amount over the past few days on worries over the PS3. Is this just another sign that Sony's sunset is coming to pass? Or is it completely meaningless in the scheme of things? Will the PS3 reign supreme or be cast aside?

Only time will tell. Let me know what you think of the whole thing, and you might just see yourself on Q&A one day!

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