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Lap Two November 1, 2005

Matt Demers - 01:19 EST

LOOK ALL around you; see what you can see.
There might be a billy goat, or a big oak tree.
No matter what you gaze upon, just keep this in mind:
Be thankful you have eyes, or else you would be blind.

This has been random poetry corner, brought to you by me. Try it yourself! Start with the first sentence that comes to your mind, and build a four-liner around it (bonus points if you can stretch them out to have many verses). Me? I'm just bored. Why don't we look at the newest pile of letters instead?

You're welcome Bainick

Hey Matt.

To start from last times ending, (or to finish at the beginning of the middle take your pick) I'm slowly and painstakenly rebuiding my Morrowind game (I can't even kill a winged gaurdian yet!) whilst slogging through Pokemon Emerald on y DS and shooting down spacecraft in the below par Star Fox for the Gamecube. Here's hoping that Makai Kingdom will be in the store tomorrow when I drive 100km to get there! (whoopee). Sigh! Anywho for those who aren't in the know, Planescape Torment is from the same Universe (but not the same plane) as Baulders Gate. It even uses the same setup, Not that i've ever played the game just read through a magazine gameguide from one of the oldest gaming mags down under. So do u byGaming Magazines in this age of Modern technology of the WWW and is there any reason why you buy the magazines for (like bonus D.V.D's etc). Are there any news on release dates for the pokemon games for the DS. And what is Ys the Ark of Napishtim like. I have the game but were currently have an XBOX instead of MY beloved Playstation 2 I can't even play my newly aquired FF 7 that cost me as much as if it had just been released!

Thanks Bainick


Well now, I'm not sure what unfortunate set of circumstances has prevented you from having access to your own console, but to put it bluntly, "Man, that really sucks."

All things considered, Ark of Napishtim looks to be a solid action-RPG that looks rather nice and plays rather smoothly. Hopefully, in the end, you will think the same.

Video gaming magazines are things that you'll almost never find in my item list. It's not a rule, but it almost is... I just find that the editorials and articles feel so SPUN towards a group of people that I just don't fit into. The bias towards droolworthy graphics is almost tangible, and while it's not as bad as the TV programs that cover video games, it's ALMOST as bad. If that weren't bad enough, I find that there are an unconscionable number of advertisements in such publications... there IS a point where "too many" bridges into "unreasonably many".

Finally, as of yet, there t'ain't no news on the western front yet, or on the eastern front, or any front you care to talk about. Given that the Pokémon series hasn't exactly done poorly over here, though, I don't think you have much to worry about. You'll hear about it as soon as RPGamer finds out, so just watch with patience.

We need spies!

Hey Andrewmatt/Mattrew or something,
Just wondering but, what with all the Japanese games (read: RPGs) that haven't come here, is there any chance remotely that someone Japanese Literate could sneak over there and throw a preview or two our way of what we're missing? Just for something cool to drool over. Even if it isn't something the American Public would "understand" per se?

Either that or yell at the guys who make the videogame systems to STOP MAKING SINGLE-REGION GAME SYSTEMS! You know what I'm talking about. Bahamut Lagoon, Radical Dreamers, Super Robot Wars, etc, etc.

Yeah, I modded my PS2, yeah, I use AR Max Freeloader, so what? It's the only way to play some of the better games I've seen (my opinion of course).

Arigatou Gozaimashita.


You may not know it (and you wouldn't believe we're so on top of things), but there IS someone at RPGamer that is responsible for translating updates from Japanese websites in order to provide up-to-date information on this here English site. I'd like you to meet Adrienne Beck, who has been an incredible asset to the site.

Also, take a browse through the games list... there are all sorts there that were only released in Japan. Sure, we might not have every single title ever released, but I'd say that all-in-all, we're not doing half bad.

Before I go, I just want to say beware! The mod police are going to be after you now... maybe we'll see you on COPS in a few months.


I'm a huge fan of the Xeno series. And hate that the game is going to end at three. Do you think all 6 will be made under a different name. Becuase I can see very few sales for Xenosaga 4. Maybe something like Xenostory becuase the Shion and Co. story arc ends at 4... and it will still have the 2 confirmed characters chaos and KOS-MOS? Finally how you think the game will work with the storyline cut in 1/2???


Xenosales do seem to have languished with the second episode, reportedly, and I feel the pain too, because I can't help but wonder if the series would have seen Episodes 4, 5, and 6 if the titles had sold a bit better.

Since I've only played a bit of the original Xenogears, my original plan was to get up to Episode 5 in Xenosaga, and then go back and play through Xenogears to see what things (if anything) were the same/different/whatever. It would have been nice to see the series come full circle, but I don't think it looks likely; at least, anytime in the near future. The development team looks like it's all fragmented now, and I believe the brains behind the original games jumped ship, so I've fallen all the way down to the point where I'm just hoping Episode III is decent, makes sense, and ties up loose ends adequately.

I think that the original model of the series was to have different storylines, though, with Shion Uzuki's ending after the third chapter, so I'm really not sure anything will "work" differently. We may never know, sadly!


My question (it's a short one) is: why the hell won't Sony of America let the Phantasy Star remakes be released individually here in the U.S (or Canada, as the case may be), like in Japan? They insist that the games be packaged as a compilation when they are all done. And yet, they allow games like "Britney's Dance Beat," and "Barbie Horse Adventures," and, "Shitty Liscense Game #1187" to be released? What the hell?

Also, do play the first two Lunar games (either the original Sega CD versions or the PSX remakes). They are amazing RPGs... my personal favorites. They can be found easily enough on eBay or Amazon. Also, avoid Lunar: Legend and Lunar: Dragon Song like the plague.



I know! Dastardly Barbie, trying to pull the wool over our eyes while she takes over the video game industry... I'm pretty sure it's all her fault, especially now that the taming force of Ken is gone (He was finally able to see just how FAKE Barbie really was, thankfully.) Anyway, it's because he has departed that she has truly gone insane, and now we're going to have to deal with the lamest final boss in the history of the universe. You've all heard the stories about how "if Barbie's measurements were converted into real life proportions, the person would be 8 feet 7 inches tall, with a 24-inch waist and blah blah blah"...? Well, news: It's true, and you might be next on her list of retaliation targets, especially if you were one of those evil siblings who liked sneaking into your sister's room now and then to take off all of Barbie's clothes and then rip off her head.

Fear my beauty!

Really though, I remember my sister almost getting her way a few times when we'd go to the game rental store. I never had to watch my sister play "Barbie's Mall Mania", but there were a few close calls...

Anyway, I'm not sure what Sony has up its you-know-what, if indeed what you say is true. Maybe you should send them an e-mail of complaint, and they'll see the light. Wouldn't you feel powerful if you were able to single-handedly influence a company as big as that?

That said, I'm not quite sure why this compilation thing is a bad thing... doesn't it end up saving you a few bucks to get the same amount of playing-pleasure? Maybe I'm missing the big picture...

Zelda's darkest secret, revealed!

from a little child , how does zelda grow up? where does he grow up? where is the bomb bag at?

have a nice day!


Okay, a couple of things. Thanks for wishing me a nice day. So far, it's been okay, but there's quite a bit left to go, so hopefully things pan out that way.

Next of all, Zelda is a girl. Key thing, that.

Third of could find out a lot faster by simply visiting the games section of this fantastic website. Do you know how long it's been since I've bagged those bombs? It's been a few years, for sure. Further, while I assume you're talking about Ocarina of Time, there might be some other random Zelda title with such bags, in which case I wouldn't want to mess you up.

In Defense

Dear Matt,
I write not with a question but with a purpose, and that is to defend the oft maligned Suikoden III. I have not played Suikoden II due to its prohibitive price (and that is saying something, given that I spent over $80 on a new copy of Rhapsody), and many seem to use that game as a benchmark for discussing the quality of all other Suikoden's, but I would like to argue that Suikoden III stands out as an exceptional game on its own merits without any comparisons to previous installments.

First, the trinity sight system was brilliant and well executed. Seeing the story through multiple perspectives is an interesting idea, the biggest danger being too much repetition. But the three storylines in Suikoden III are close enough that you get to see certain key events from two or more very different points of view but different enough that the game does not seem repetitive. Furthermore, having three separate stories which only converge in the end allows each main character to interact with only a small subset of the massive cast roster, thus allowing a larger number of the 108 stars to be substantially developed (and thus to not feel superfluous to the story).

Second, the battle system was quite good. Having six characters on the field at once allowed you to use more of your numerous characters at any one time (compare this with the 4 person parties of Suikoden IV and Radiata Stories). The ability to pair certain characters with their mounts and to pull off multiple character combos added additional depth and flair. The tactical army battles and rock/paper/scissors styled duels added some additional variety to combat as well.

Finally, the story in general was quite good, having a good mix of political machinations and earth shattering cataclysm. In particular it was interesting to have two of the heroes actually be enemies for most of the game (Arc the Lad TotS did this rather well also). Unlike the other Suikoden games, the third installment also had actual main characters (rather than a nameless, speechless, avatar) which I find in general makes for better storytelling. This last point is mainly a matter of preference, though, as many people like to identify with the main character and "live" the adventure vicariously. I prefer to be the audience to the game's story, not a participant in it.

This is hardly a complete review, but perhaps it will goad some of the game's opponents to explain more fully their positions.

Thanks for reading,


Thanks for the insight, Pilkman. So it shall be: I open the floor to you all. Why is it so bad? Discuss!

Personally, it doesn't matter to me what a game company does; it would be a miraculous feat to get me to care and feel for 108 different characters, and to develop them substantially enough for me to even know their names would be difficult enough in the first place. Maybe that's one perhaps short-sighted reason I've turned up my nose towards Suikoden games in the past. Getting thirty characters in Chrono Cross was annoying enough to me (yes, I know there were more, I just didn't seek 'em all out).

What do y'all think? Tell him, my people. Why is this game bad? Or is it good? And Pilkman, what do you think of Suikoden IV?

Some of this and some of that

Heyas Matt! I would guess... 30b and 31d. Why? Tidus just doesn't do anything for me!

I've made a further foray into the world of Lunar DS and other than realizing that I wasted a few precious hours of my life, I think I can sorta tolerate it now. Its not that good, but hey, what other RPGs are out for the DS that clain to be better?


Hee hee... you'll have to see what I think! Today's conclusion isn't far away, after all!

Also, you're right... while Lunar is probably the worst RPGs for the DS right now, it's also clearly one of the best, since there are what... two right now, if you include Lost in Blue? I've heard that that game isn't exactly spectacular either. No no, my friend, my gaming dollars are quivering with anticipation for Final Fantasy III and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, both of which should easily vault into the top spots as far as DS RPGaming goes. EASILY.

Actually, I've found my DS collecting a bit of dust lately, because the Warioware game, while fun, is running out of steam... and Mario 64 just isn't the same without the control stick.

My birthday is coming up shortly and I don't know what game I should ask for... Castlevania: Curse of Darkness looks good, but is there any RPG that I should be on the look out for? And don't say DQ8, I already have that one pre-ordered and pre-paid with orders for my mom to pick it up at opening time on release date. She gets a nice tip for doing it too! Yay for moms! :)


Moms are indeed cause for celebration, especially if they're skilled in the kitchen... this is something I've come to appreciate fifteen times more (or so) since I moved away from home five years back.

Um, there are a few things that I sorta-wanna-kinda try, but I don't know if you're interested. Shining Force Neo recently came out, and there's been a bit of outcry about it from some, but overall I haven't heard much. Wild ARMs: Alter Code F is slated for release in the next couple of weeks too, which is a bit tantalizing... I think that that title might be my first adventure into that series, and you might be interested too, whether or not you're already a fan.

So there are a couple of suggestions; take 'em or leave 'em, it's up to you! I don't claim responsibility for leading you astray, though, so don't come back to me whining!!

If you want to play the Lunar(s), or some other games (including a lot of awesome PC RPGs from years gone by - they hasn't been anything too stellar recently), let me know and I can hook you up by mail... if you promise to returm them! I live in Montreal... games would take... 2 days to get there for the price of a double-rental or so... Let me know.

Or I can pick up Lunar 1 mint at a local shop for around $200, which is less than I payed for mine at launch when I lived in Germany. ^_^


$200!? There are NOT many games that I would pay that much for, unless I made a lot more than I do right now. $200!!! that's like THREE OR FOUR normal games, or... oh... sigh... one week of class. *grimaces* (that doesn't seem like very much...)

Also, it's quite unbelievable, the number of people who are willing to bend over backwards to help me out with the Lunar cause. Many, many thanks to all of you... I replied to some of you personally in e-mails and such, but the message is this: I'll come beggin' if I can't find it anywhere else. I'll tell my mom to do a special search for the games for Christmas time, and we'll see if I have any luck (she's remarkably good, for a mom, at scouting for such things... she found Dragon Warrior IV for the NES for me in 1997, NOT using online tactics, if that's any indication).

As for some Qs to A, how about...

1 - What are your favorite non-RPG games? I have a softspot for the Castlevanias, Mega Mans, Zeldas, Metroids and Warcrafts. Except World of Warcraft... too many idiots run around the servers to find decent people to play with... so I quit.

2 - If you could make a non-RPG game into an RPG game, which would it be and how would you do it? I would like to see a true Zelda RPG... Link fighting beside Zelda and Ganondorf against the evil Tingle would be priceless! GRRRR I hate that stupid "guy".

3 - When playing Final Fantasy VI, who do you consider to be your main character? I don't know why, but Celes always takes the lead in my groups...

4 - If Square were to release a Final Fantasy All-Stars game where you get all the characters from all 12 of the games (FF1-11 + X-2)... would you play it? I guess it would be tough to pull characters from some FFs, so it might have to go the way of 8-Bit Theater where they just call the guys by their class names. I think it would be too hard to build a party... Black Mage, Celes, Aeris, Yuffie and Zeid would probably be my party...

5 - What happened to 5 people parties? I miss them terribly. I always find it unfair that the enemies can bring in more bodies to a fray than I can...

Thats enough questions for tonight. Got more candy to eat before going to bed.

Thanks for reading!


No- thank you Sean, for taking the time to construct the wonderful letter. This is setting up to be my first candy-free Halloween ever, and so I'm a bit disappointed, though I'm a bit relieved at the same time, since post-candy-binge-bloat is not a pleasant feeling at all.

To answer your questions five, let me see:

1. My favourite non-RPG games are from a wide assortment. I love old platformers... Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 were two of the best games ever, in my opinion, and Mario World/Mario World 2 were amazing as well. I miss them dearly, but I also like puzzle games. Anyone ever play Tetris Attack or Pokémon Puzzle League?? I kick some SERIOUS ASS in those games, and I would wager I could kick yours, too, no matter how good you claim to be. Oh, and Warioware games are a recent weakness of mine... they are the funniest things, and you can appreciate them whether you have ADHD or not.

2. Ohhh... I don't really know. I don't LIKE RPG-izing games, because the genre jump can ruin things. I shouldn't really say that though, because I really DO like the Mario RPGs so much. Seriously, though, I'm not sure... Zelda would be too weird. Here's a random thought: How about Banjo-Kazooie? There's such a potential for allies and combo-attacks, and witches make great RPG final villains.

3. Final Fantasy VI is unique because there really isn't a main character throughout the whole game. The first half seems like it revolves "mostly" around Terra, but everyone kinda takes a turn in the spotlight. I agree though, I haven't played a single time through that Final Fantasy where Celes hasn't become a central, essential member of my battle crew, and of course, the last half of the game belongs to her. You're probably required to be Celes more than anyone else throughout the course of the game, so maybe that's not surprising.

4. Final Fantasy All-Stars? And pit them in a quest to save the galaxy? I think that's already been done... it's called "Kingdom Hearts". *sigh* ... in reality, the most killer party of four ever would be Squall, Sabin, Rydia, and Rosa. Black Mage, though, from FF1, would kick some ass... FEAR the dreaded force of the XXXX spell!

5. I don't know... I miss FOUR-person parties, myself, which have gone mysteriously missing in both Final Fantasy and Star Ocean. If anything, that's one good point about Final Fantasy IX, for sure.

Playonline just ain't what it used to be?

Dear Matt

A while back, I recall that someone quizzed you with a bunch of questions, one of which asked what GBA RPG involves a man who follows in his father's footsteps by customizing and dueling with automobiles, and some people thought the answer was Robopon. But I think Car Battler Joe is the actual answer, since the description said "automobiles," making me wonder how people could think it was describing Robopon. I don't think many people even heard of Car Battler Joe, since it is a really low profile game (it isn't even listed in RPGamer's game index), but it got good review scores, making it a sleeper hit, so to speak.

Now here's my question. When I first visited some years ago, it was an online strategy guide for Final Fantasy IX, X, Chronicles, and The Bouncer. I used it a lot whenever I got stuck on or wanted secrets in any of these games (except Bouncer, which I don't own). But nowadays, is a homepage for Final Fantasy XI, and there seems to be no trace of those strategy guides anywhere. It would be a shame if they were all gone, because they were a lot more useful than anything you could find on Is there any way we can still access those guides or are they gone for good?

And if you need anymore reason to play Planescape: Torment and don't mind spoilers, check this out:



Three things: a) I only know about Robopon through a brief Nintendo Power article, back in the day; b) I didn't use PlayOnline in the first place, but I'm not surprised they've turned it into a FFXI cesspool, since that has been all the company has focused on intently for the last four years, ABANDONING its other fans entirely...*wink*; and c) I hate spoilers!!! Nothing spoils a game like a spoiler... so I haven't looked, in the case that I actually do play this game one day-- as of now, it's goin' on the ol' Christmas list!

*brrrring!* Insert healing-sound!

Hey Matt!

You need an elixer, bud. *uses elixer on WonderSlime*. I didn't see a topic request for the collumn, so I'll just comment on two RPGs that I'm really looking forward to.
I read the impression of Legend of Heroes, and I'm really happy that there may finally be a decent RPG for the PSP.
Old school to boot. What do you think, Matt? Will it be good, in your own opinion?


Well, I've been a strict non-supporter of the PSP's nefarious cause... how DARE they jeopardize the great Nintendo handheld monopoly?? Anyway, around where I live, I've seen roughly equal numbers of NDSes and PSPs floating around in public, so I think they're both doing at least okay. HOWEVER, both of the systems are undeniably in dire need of some quality role playing games, and so I'm sure PSP RPGamers will pick up whatever they can get their grubby hands on. Of course, "old school" means "more probably likeable" in the terms of me, so that can be nothing but good, except for the fact that it's on the PSP, in which case it can be nothing but SAD (since I'm not droppin' $300 to play one silly game).

And secondly, I'm looking forward to Wild Arms: Alter Code F. I've played all the series, and I'm really keen on seeing this remake of the one I love the most. My only concern is the ARMs upgrade system. I liked it better in the first one where you could upgrade each ARM's individual components to their maximum attainable amount. The way used in part three may have allowed for a more individualized customization of each weapon, but there's just something about blowing something away with a maxed out Arch Smasher....warm tingly feelings abound. Am I just too old school? Happy Halloween, Matt. May your night involve many sugar rushes!



Oh, me too!! I'm so looking forward to this chance to finally get into this series at long last, though I wish I had had the opportunity to play the original. Ohhh well, I'll take what I can get. Hopefully it's not a disappointment, but this has turned into one of my biggest holiday wants other than DQVIII. In fact, if I were to extend my Top-3-Most- Wanted to "Top 4" instead, this would probably be in the number four spot.

Oh yeah, and there is no such thing as TOO old school... you're talking to a giant fan of Solar Jetman, Kid Icarus, and the original Tetris.


So keep sending them in!! You guys make my day every day, and I'm lovin' it, to quote a popular fast food chain's somewhat annoying current advertising campaign. What else should I say here, now? I'm fresh out of stuff to talk about! I... I... what's happening to me? Ahhhh....

I'd better hurry up and finish the socky (sake?) stuff before I get sucked away by this strange force! You guys really bit the bullet on the questions yesterday, by the by... there was a fair amount of response, but a large proportion of you got neither question right, and not a single person got both correct! Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, many of you guessed Disgaea for #30, and that's not a bad guess. I'll tell you right off the bat that I didn't even PLAY Pokémon Red. out of the remaining four, I invested at least 95 hours into each. Disgaea was the one I spent the 95 upon. Dragon Warrior VII, however, took me 180 hours to get past both dungeons and beat the final-final challenge several times over, so that trumps Disgaea. In Dragon Warrior IV, though, you may remember, I spent enough time to get every single character up to Level 99 manually, back when I was young and stupid, and I'd estimate that that took a good 200 hours of my time. However, I GOTCHA, because Pokémon Ruby is the winner. My brother and I really got into fighting and strategizing against each other, and it became a bit of an unhealthy obsession for awhile. Yes, in the end, my playtime clocked in at 315 hours + change, so that's the embarrassing correct answer: e) Pokémon Ruby! No points for any of you.

There was CLEARLY correct answer for #31, and that was b) An "s" was present in the question where there should have been a "u"! There was a "sif" in the question where there should have been a "uif". After all, "sif" would have translated to "rhe", while in actuality, I MEANT "the", in which case "uif" would have been the desirable combination of letters. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes. 10 points to those that caught it.

Question #32: (15 points) Wrigley's "Extra" Peppermint Sugarfree Gum has how many calories in a 2 piece serving?

a) 2
b) 5
c) 10
d) 25
e) 0

Question #33: (10 points) In measurement, 100 ares is equal to what?

a) 1 acre
b) 1 ampere
c) 1 angstrom
d) 1 apostilb
e) none of the above

Things to work for (the SOCK item shop!):

100 points: Tilde (infinite number remaining!)
500 points: Guest-co-host Opportunity #1 (5 remaining!)
700 points: The Final Fantasy 1 "Official" Crazed-Chipmunk-Hold-your-Ears Soundtrack (5 remaining!)
1000 points: The Mattie's Mom Cookie Recipe Compilation (5 remaining!)
100000000 points: All-expenses-paid trip to E3 (can this be yours??)

Well, that's all for tonight, everyone. Tomorrow, the trilogy of holidays finishes off... I think it's technically "All Souls Day" on November 2, but obviously, few people keep track of this, and fewer people bake for the occasion, though with more than six billion people on the planet, I'm sure it's been done at least once before.

E-mail me and tell me what you think of life leading up to these biggie holiday releases. Is your every day spent in quivery anticipation? Are things hunky-dory as usual? What are your thoughts on Shining Force Neo? Alter Code F? Of course, I'll answer any e-mail pertaining to Dragon Quest VIII... we're only two weeks away now!

Ciao ciao, all.
***Matt waves goodbye, until tomorrow!

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What I wouldn't give for a one-week holiday following Halloween... there is noooo break at all between Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it's utterly brutal!


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