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On Top of Cloud Nine Hundred
July 31, 2007

Matt Demers - 17:29 EST

I PROMISED YOU ALL, once upon a time, that if ever a duo of "certain games" were ever announced for release, you'd witness me going absolutely nuts. Well, here you have it:

OMG! OMG! OMFG! YAY! AHH! COOKIES! YOU! YOW! AHHHHH! Oh. MY! AHHAHAHAAHAHA! Lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~!!! Oh ho HO! Lohdaleelye, I'm gonna cry.

Square Enix, I have but one thing to say to you now: IF DRAGON QUEST IV, V, OR VI DS ARE NOT TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH NOW, THERE WILL BE DEATH.

And there will be, because I could very well literally die of heartbreak. One can only have his hopes dashed so many times!

Okay, so that's mostly out of me now... though man, what great news. I've waited for over ten years to hear about new possibilities for North American release, and yesterday was the day. THE day... that my dream began to come true.

The DS just got a whole lot bigger. Can anything stop its greatness?


Not explicitly confirmed for translation yet, but given that they've confirmed we are getting IX and Joker, I can't imagine that they would fail to bring them over.


Yes, and don't the scans look gorgeous? We're actually going to get the PS1 game that we tragically missed the first time around, from the looks of it. Time will tell what DQV and VI will look like, but jeez, I'll take them in any form whatsoever. I'm SO, SO excited for these games.

I think that they have a good chance at being translated as well. Demigod prophet and RPGamer staffer Aethelred seems pretty sure that translations are almost a sure-go, at least based on his reaction over on the boards. It's not like he's an official source by any means, but his opinion alone is worth at least 1000 Gold Pieces- no, 1500.

Of course, the fact that Joker and Swords are being translated only bodes very well. If these spinoff games are destined for our shores, it doesn't seem like FINALLY getting DQV and VI- for the first time ever- is all that big of a stretch.

Now, a new wait begins...

A bunch of stuff.


So I had been holding off purchasing the AEG until I bought my new laptop (so I'd actually be able to write into you) and then I got my laptop, got my AEG and everytime I started writing in I kept thinking "but now Matt will think I'm only writing in to get points for his game! What if he thinks I don't actually read his column?" Odd dilemma but I solved it today. Bwhahaha! Temptation do your worst.


Oh, people are way, way too paranoid about that. A lot of people are all "Ack, I'm sooo sorry I never write in, but blahblahblahblah" and subsequently spill out a nice, long, satisfying letter. You shouldn't feel like it's an obligation to write, or to read! The Q&A discussions are always best when readers have natural questions- things that they want to ask- if you have to think super-hard and make one of those ultra-lame brainstorm charts that they teach you how to do in Grade 4 in order to write me a letter, you're probably better off just reading until you ARE inspired. My secret hope is that if my column is at least somewhat entertaining in some respect, that people will tune in every now and then, and I think I'm doing okay. Anyway, I get lots of people who only write because it nets them contestual points, so it wouldn't be a biggie even if you WERE just using me for my game.

Anyway, now that I'm free to write in guilt free I thought I'd start out by tackling the topic points you have up (I like those a lot by the way, nice way for the column to stay focused).


Heh heh- good! They're there to provoke and inspire. And to fill up empty space. Speaking of which, does anybody have any other decent sidebar ideas to share?

1. Is there an RPG lull right now? If so what are you playing?

I don't know if there's an RPG lull per say, I honestly haven't bought a new game in quite some time due largely to the fact that I have a CD case full of games I still haven't beaten (a problem most people seem to be having as of late) and I've been trying to keep those under control as of late. I just recently knocked off Star Ocean: the Second Story from my list a game I've had for years but never finished and now I'm not entirely sure what I'll play next. I have a lot of friends telling me to play Radiata Stories and I own the game so it seems logical but I just don't like the main character of the game at all. Makes it hard to play a game, wouldn't you say? I'll probably just finish up Okami.


Not only is Jack Russell the kind of ignorant, stupid, brash hero that I love to hate; he shares his name with an annoying yappy dog. That said, it's a tri-Ace game, so if you had fun with SO2, you might just enjoy the Radiata ride as well. If instead you go with Okami, then have fun! I don't know much about it, but it sure looks cool on a purely artistic level.

2. Final Fantasy XI: Played it? Liked it?

Never played it but own a huge strategy guide and fell in love with numerous concepts about the game. Unfortunately the friends who I was going to play the game with got thoroughly disenfranchised with conduct of other players and quit the game so I've never actually played it. I will say this I think it (and other MMORPGs) has a great deal of potential I just don't like the trend of power leveling I see where the roleplaying aspect gets taken away and replaced by a daily grind.


Interesting... a strategy guide purchase even when you don't own the game. That's a new one.

I'm sure that it has great potential too, and based on the comments I've received from others, the game is definitely more than just a daily grind. Sure, it might turn into that eventually, if you become one of those mindless MMORPGamers with no souls, but it looks like there is a good dose of story behind the scenes.

3. E3 2007...discuss

I liked the material I saw of E3. I read about how a lot of it was stuff that had already been seen before, but for me this was the first time I could find a lot of material about the games I hadn't seen before. Admittedly, I'd see a trailer and then when I'd look for more info about that game I'd find out that that trailer really wasn't new at all, but it was the E3 package that got me interested in a lot of games I had been heretofore unaware of. Not so much new material, but more of the same material packaged in a more presentable, easily viewable container.


Yeah. It's easy to forget that I'm on top of new game announcements all the time; I go to different websites every day to try and keep current, and so I'm aware of a lot of these titles already. To most people, however, E3 might have provided a good opportunity to get caught up on announcements that might have been missed already. It's true, though- we've had more awesome RPG announcements in the couple of weeks since E3 than during the show itself.

4. Which Zelda is your favourite?

I have to go with A Link to the Past on this one. There's just something about being able to aggravate the hell out of chickens to the point that they become a hurricane of feathery death that will always have a place in my heart.


Wait, wait- the Cuccos don't come after you in other Zeldas?? I'm almost sure that they do in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess too, because I can't resist going after them at least once per game. The best part is that they're apparently indestructible, since you can slash and slash and never, ever get chicken kebabs. Mmm.

5. Tales games! Yay? or Ugh?

I played Tales of Destiny for the PS and thought the game was pretty cool (it's actually on my list of games to go back to and actually finish) but I never played any of the other installments. I think the battle systems are neat, though, and I have to say there's a part of me that is happy to know we actually have enough RPGs to have series out there that people are actually complaining about. Back in the day we could basically choose from Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, or Phantasy Star; but now look at all our choices! Variety is the spice of life and I'm very glad the RPG genre is finally getting it's fair share.


Now *that* is an understatement! RPGs extend well beyond these main series by now, too. Just take a look at great "stand-alone" titles like Etrian Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Trusty Bell, Odin Sphere, Rogue Galaxy, and more. The list goes on and on! This is why I think that it's hard to justify that there's a real RPG lull going on right now; I think that it's more likely that we're just in a "big series lull" and that most RPGamers would do well to pick up something new and give it a whirl.

Okay that's it for me. I'll be writing in more regularly though now that my laptop is here and my soul has been unburdened of its guilt

Koala Bob


Hey, thanks Bob! Write again soon.

Final Fantasy XI- no, it really IS a game!

Heya Matt!

If theres any questions on Final Fantasy 11's cinematic aspect, check this link out. This is the one end of the first expansion pack (rise of the zilart). You sit there watching it unfold, just like a normal Final Fantasy Game cutscene, can't move your character about but do see it interacting with the characters in the story!

Lakshmi World


Neato. It does look a lot like a "normal" Final Fantasy game, I have to admit, with the glaring exception of having the scrolling dialogue window at the bottom, which seems somewhat distracting. It's funny, because I haven't really seen much of the game at all in the past, so I was almost taken aback at first by the graphical quality, which is nowhere near that of FFX or XII- at least, in my mind- though streamed video can be a poor representation of reality.

Anyway, thanks for the link, Kerra!

Lull, schmull.

RPG lull? Nah -- I just don't see it. Summer is always a pretty quiet time for game releases, but there's been plenty coming out this year. It's barely been two months since Odin Sphere and Etrian Odyssey hit, and I'm still in the middle of both of those. Since then, we've gotten Grim Grimoire, Atelier Iris 3, and Dungeon Maker, and RPG hybrids Overlord and Alien Syndrome, none of which I've played. The Virtual Console has given us Shining Force, Actraiser (unique and awesome, and the only VC game that I've played to completion so far), and Paper Mario (which I missed the first time around and am thrilled to finally be able to play). Coming up by the end of August, we have: Persona 3, Wild Arms 5, and Growlanser on PS2; Mega Man Star Force, Heroes of Mana, Harvest Moon, and Luminous Arc on DS; Two Worlds and Loki on PC; Blue Dragon and Two Worlds on 360; and D&D Tactics, Harvest Moon, Brave Story, Jeanne D'arc, and Dragoneer's Aria on PSP. Heck, I wouldn't mind an RPG lull at all, so I could make some more progress on my several year backlog, but I don't think we're getting one.



It's the truth! I, for one, cannot wait to download Shining Force onto the Virtual Console. Having been a Nintendo-only guy for much of my life, I never had the chance to sit down with any Sega classics, and so I've only played a little bit of Shining Force 2... in illegal ways. However, I loved what I played, and now I'm hungry- hungry like the wolf- for more.

Besides that, though, I still question whether we're in a real "lull" right now. Games might not be coming out like they do around the holidays, but they're still coming out. If you don't believe me, and you've run out of things to play, then I challenge you to take a trip down to the local Gamestop or EB Games and just browse. You might discover something you never bargained on finding!


Dragon Quests IV, V, and VI for the DS! WOW! Cautiously optimistic until North American confirmation and then some (recalls "Coming 2002! Dragon Warrior IV" on the back of the Dragon Warrior VII manual) but...WOW!


Oh, believe me. When that game was cancelled, I sat up late at night, ripped out that page, crumpled it up, then unfolded it while bawling, and then hurled it across the room in rage, before retrieving it, smoothing it out, and making it soggy with tears. OK, it wasn't quite that bad, but it was close.

Now Matt, breath deeply, it only DQ 4,5 and 6 that could be getting the DS remake. BREATH MATT BREATH.

Bainick knows your love for all things DQ


I already suffocated. You can't "die and go to heaven" without dying, silly.


Hah, I almost forgot to update this conclusion part until Xlash wrote in and told me I forgot. Silly me. See you tomorrow.

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