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Piecing Things Together September 27, 2006

Matt Demers - 22:58 EST

I FEEL LIKE I have a slightly better outlook on my short-short term future life than I did earlier this week. With a little bit of direction from my wonderful supervisor, I think that I have the keys to getting through the majority of the questions I'm responsible for on my assignment due next Tuesday. Needless to say, I'm still going to be a very acceomplished man by the time my first column next week rolls around, so expect me to be either hyper, exhausted, or some strange combination of both.

I just want to take this chance to say that while I think this is a fun column to write for, I know that there are probably ways that it could improve. If you will, please let me know what you'd like to see! Is there anything you want included that isn't already? Anything that annoys you that you want to see eliminated? Are the columns too short? Are they too long? Q&A is something that is built by readers, and so I believe very strongly that you should speak up if you have any criticism, ideas, or comments. I really appreciate it, everybody!

In any case, let's get started on #183. Yes, #183. Seventeen more until we get to my bicentennial column, unbelievably. Expect big things that day (unless homework assignments ruin my fun, of course).


I will say it quickly, and then I shall never mention it again. The TGS media posted on RPGamer makes me think twice about buying the 360. In fact, I almost... w... want one *irk*

Bleg! Now I have to wash my mouth out, scrub my brain clean, and disinfect my keyboard. I feel so wrong...

#326 - d) Tidus
#327 - e) 4

Have a good day!
Maggie ^_^


Ick! Ack! Ick!!

Well, why not? They actually have a couple of very attractive games in the works, and I have to admit that I felt a similar twinge for both it and the PS3 upon seeing those screens. In all honesty, I was pretty disappointed that there wasn't more shown from games in development for the Wii. It's quite a bit more difficult to get excited over games you've only heard about (Dragon Quest Swords, Final Fantasy: CC, etc), isn't it?

I used to think that Microsoft was "just evil" for getting involved in the console game industry. To a degree, I still think that it's true; if they aren't making much (or even negative) money from this sector, then it seems like they aren't really in it for any reason but to harm the competition. On the other hand, though, I think that both Nintendo and Sony are stupid in their own ways too. At this point, whichever one is going to give me the games I want to play will be the one I support. The balance hasn't really tipped much for me, but it's nice to see that there will be a little glimmer of hope for Xbox 360-owning RPGamers the world over.

Thanks Maggie! Don't feel too dirty.

"There's always tomorrow," they always say.

Damn me Matt, maybe the questions should have been worth more!


That was a real puzzler, wasn't it? Thank Dermot for coming up with such a fantastic question! I couldn't NOT make it worth a lot.

Anywho apart from Wild Arms 4 and Suikoden 5 being pushed back yet again, and Kingdom Hearts 2 being released this week, I myself am enjoying Wild Arms 3. I've already passed the place where I first reached (About 2 years ago!) and have won every winable battle so far. The ship reminds me largely of a certain Skies of game that i've played ported onto the GC. Also, surposedly Magical Melodies is being released on the 13th but I'm loath to believe if this will be true or not, due to the fact it was ment to be released in May.


Very nice. It sounds like you're well on your way. From what I've heard, if you can get through the first few hours of Wild Arms 3, things really pick up nicely and the game gets more interesting.

As for game companies, I KNOW! A company shouldn't even issue release dates unless they are 100% certain that the game will be ready for release at that time. A general "Q3" or "Q4" would be far better, since it takes away expectations. I've never understood it either, Bainick, since all that announcing unreasonable release dates prematurely accomplishes is that it annoys the very people that these companies are hoping to do business with.

Anywho my question of the month (as it seems anyway) is what finished game/s would you love to see released now?

Bainick spent way to long on question 326 and could be late for work!


Now, that's a difficultly-worded question. I'd LOVE to see some finished Japanese games released in English in North America going all the way back into the 1990s, but I'd never get my wish. Xenosaga I+II for the DS, Mother 3 *sniffle* for the GBA, all Fire Emblems predating 2003, Dragon Quest IV and V's remakes, Dragon Quest VI... the list goes on and on!

As for actually completed games that are just sitting, waiting to be distributed? Zelda: Twilight Princess, easy as pie. And I KNOW it's completely done, because that one blind kid got a copy on the Ellen DeGeneres show a little while ago. I want it too!!

In any event, thanks for writing, as always!

Zeldas past and intolerable music!

Hey Matt!

I feel that I have to stand up for Wind Waker a bit. While the game did feel a bit simpler than Ocarina of Time, I thought it was pretty darn good in it's own right. It had the usual Zelda smooth control goodness. Everything felt natural, even the endless sailing. The dungeons were smaller, but it felt like there were a lot more of them. While it looked "kiddie-fied," I thought the graphics were well done and darn nice (kiddie-fied emphasis, there). Plus, I thought the final battle cut-scene in the rain was one of those freeze-frame moments, where you watch it and go "That's a really cool shot." Of course, you had to suffer through endless sailing to find those things, but I still don't understand the shots that people take at it. Honestly, would you all rather play Alundra 2?


I'm a really big fan of the graphical style they chose to take in that game, even though a lot of people criticized it. It had such an awesomely unique atmosphere as a result, and I thought that the decision to go that route was brilliant. Why does every game have to look the same? I don't know.

I like complex dungeons and tough-to-solve puzzles, so smaller dungeons for me can be a tough pill to swallow. I really hope that Twilight Princess brings back the great marriage of quality and quantity that we haven't really seen since Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. We don't have long to wait, do we?

You've convinced me halfway on Xenosaga II's music. While I still loathe and despise almost every piece of looping music in the game, there are some scene tracks that are very nicely done. Unfortunately, you spend a lot more time listening to the loopable stuff. It's got to be hard to compose music knowing that it has to be able to flow back to the beginning and start over again every three minutes.


...or thirty seconds, if you happen to be on Second Miltia. Ugh.

What you say is absolutely true, but there are so many composers that do it fantastically. I think that there is a lot of annoying looped music in Episode II that could have been done a lot better, but others- "Evading the U-TIC organization", "Subconscious Domain", "Old Miltia", "Space-Time Anomaly", the E.S. battle theme, and both boss themes are all on my video game music playlist, and I never really grow tired of them. It's these tracks and a couple of others that I remember Episode II by; not Second Miltia's background music, not the mini-game music, and not that embarrassing "Robot Academy" one.

Xenosaga III has solid music, although none of it is really jumping out and going "This is great music!" I hope it keeps up to the end, and finds something special to close the series out.

326) D. Tidus (awesome problem, fun to do. Please don't hurt me, confusion!)
327) B. 1 (Utah)




My brother just finished the game a couple of nights ago, and he echoes your beliefs. He thought that the music was, all in all, not something that you ever really noticed. Apparently the battle themes are really boring, too.

It's funny, isn't it? There have been at least some music in every episode that has been of very high quality, but not a single one of the trilogy has hit the nail precisely on the head, it seems.

Thanks, BigWook! And there's yet another compliment for your question, Dermot... you've received a lot of them.

More classification, more next-gen. Guess what the hot topics are right now?

Wow, long time no write. Today, I bring you not one, not two, but three entirely unrelated questions/comments/questments. En garde!



*Matt brandishes a vegetable peeler*

First of all, a question. Can you call the Advance Wars series on the GBA and DS an RPG series? I got into a heated debate with a friend on this subject. First of all, you have COs (commanding officers) with distinct abilities, skills, personalities, and storyline roles, and in the DS iteration of AW you can further customize them with additional shared abilities. Battle takes place on a grid and is turn-based, very similar in appearance to the Fire Emblem series of strategy RPGs. That sounds like an RPG. However, combat features no distinct characters, but rather generic units that are deployed on each map. When you consider that, even after factoring in the game's aforementioned RPG elements, if you call Advance Wars an RPG you'd probably also have to call the likes of Starcraft or Civilization RPGs as well, which of course they aren't. Still, the game's narrative and COs make you think RPG, even if certain aspects of the gameplay don't. My friend and I sort of came to a compromise of "well, neither of us is going to change the other's opinion, so let's forget about and play some Soul Calibur", but I'm not satisfied. So what's the verdict? Is it an RPG or isn't it?


You've worded this so carefully that I can't really tell what side you're on! Darn.

Of course, though, I have to give a resounding "No" to this one. From what I've played, it's true that there are many similarities to Tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem. But, I'd personally call it more of a "strategy" game, if that is a valid genre. I don't think that any units really get more powerful over time; you just have more types of units at your disposal and more difficult challenges to face as you progress. While there are certainly a few TRPG elements present in Advance Wars, I think that I'd be much more comfortable with calling it "RPG-like" rather than a full-out RPG.

Second of all, a comment. I understand why the PS3 has been getting so much negative press recently, with the delays in Europe, the high prices, and the general rush of recent bad news, but is it okay to be a little hyped for it? I mean, the nextgen console games I'm looking forward to the most are without a doubt the Final Fantasy XIII set, Devil May Cry, and White Knight Story, mostly because I'm a sucker for FF, DMC, and anything and everything that Level-5 has ever done. The bottom line is, if I ever get a nextgen console, it'll probably be a PS3. I don't judge systems based on what they are, I judge systems based on what they play: the system that has the most games I want is the system I'm going to get, and right now that seems to be the PS3... but probably not until 2008 or so. In any case, there are plenty of PS2 and DS games I'm still interested in (I do most of my recent gaming on those systems), so that can hold me over for at least a year and a half.


Of course there's nothing wrong with it, for heaven's sake. I'm hyped to see what the PS3 will bring us too, don't get me wrong! White Knight and Final Fantasy XIII look absolutely incredible, despite the fact that effectively, we know very little about the games.

Like you, though, I just have to wait on it. I don't have $750 floating around to pay for a PS3 (since they're going for $659 in Canada, and after adding the 14% sales tax, that brings us up to $752.38) let alone an extra $70 for every game. It's just not happening right now; not with that whole great list of must-haves coming out in the short-term. If those still aren't enough for me, I'm planning on having a Wii before January. There is much to anticipate on the PS3, but as my dad always says, "Good things come to those who wait."

And thirdly, speaking of Level-5, how about some love for Rogue Galaxy? I mean, come on! It's by Level-5, it's done in the Dark Cloud 2 engine, and it's about space pirates. What's not to love? It supposedly comes out in January, and I couldn't be more stoked for it. Of course, by then I'll probably still be working on Final fantasy XII and Tales of the Abyss, but I have honestly not heard an ounce of news about this game since the English trailer came out two months ago. Why is no one else psyched about this game?


LOTS of people are psyched for Rogue Galaxy! I thought that the demo I played back in May at E3 was one of the most entertaining ones out of them all; it combined really genuinely fun and fast-paced gameplay with disgustingly good graphics and some interesting-looking characters and environments. And are you kidding me? You'll be done Final Fantasy XII by then, won't you? ;)

So yeah, that's all I felt like getting out. Advance Wars junk, PS3 junk, and Level-5 junk. I'm sorry to be so incoherent, but I have to do something between classes at college, right?

Long-windedly yours,



That was not incoherent. I'll never understand you people; you're all so critical of yourselves for no reason. THIS is incoherent:

"lwkg.>.1lkj11! sdgfj.w .a2wpopw fjlll apwuq annw.e ofw!Oi ofjjs. AND, tatheoi23 ,f, tooo;'? Zagaowte."

In any event, I appreciate you taking the time! Take care, Lazzie.

I like JuMeSyn Lite... ;)

Dobry den, Matt!


Dobbily-doodly to you too, JuMeSyn! What do you have for me today?

A couple of issues I brought up, you responded to and then I forgot to finish up. We have the issue of modifying one's systems to play import games. I'll have you know that it is absolutely legal to do so, with only the warranty paying the price. But on a SNES or something of similar vintage, the warranties will have expired years ago anyway! As for actually playing the games on there, so long as you've actually got the cartridge there is no legal infringement (unless one is playing a game that has been released in English - but why would one do something like that?). We all are familiar with the aspect of playing the games without owning the cartridges, but that does not require any alteration of the system itself. As for playing a PAL title; did my story about trying to play Terranigma not sink in? Japanese and North American electrical systems use the same structure, whilst PAL regions do not - and I'm lucky I didn't fry my SNES trying to make a PAL title work in it. Amtrak instead took care of breaking it.


This is what I'd worry about. Modding systems, whether through sawing things off or inserting alien tracking chips, is something that I'd never be interested in. With my luck stat (an abysmal 3) I'd almost certainly fumble with whatever I was tampering with and consequently destroy something vital in the system, which would be absolutely tragic. The SNES that I've owned for fourteen years still works like a charm, and I'd hate to do anything to jeopardize it. Besides, playing Japanese imports is, as you know, less than an attractive prospect to me. I barely have the time to play through games I do understand, let alone games I don't!

A quick note about Langrisser 2 while I'm thinking on it: there actually are English words onscreen! It will say 'Game Over' when you lose, Scenario _, and a few other things. Plus certain monster opponents such as wyverns and krakens say deep things like 'Gyoooooh!' and 'Guwoooh!' Isn't that ponderable?


It's interesting, to be sure. My understanding is that the modern Japanese language is full of anglicization as it is, so I guess it shouldn't really be too much of a surprise. Think back to Final Fantasy VII; surely the "LOVELESS" posters dotting the background weren't just changed for non-Japanese versions. Oh, wait... I keep forgetting that you're not a Sony guy. GRABLKJSDV! (How's that for incoherence?)

Our session of Shining Force III Scenario 1 voice acting commences: now. Masqurin joins at the very beginning of the game, and her magic remains useful for the duration and into Scenario 3. When she uses Spark magic, however, that is said. Intimidating? Not really.


She sounds more like a secretary pining for a coffee break than a warrior attempting to conjure great spells, to be honest with you. I'm surprised, frankly, that the spirits listen to that whiny tone of voice.

A couple of things I forgot to mention about Fire Emblem last time, or got wrong and need to redress. First, Fire Emblem Gaiden takes place in a different world than FE1 or 3. Roy can promote, and I believe Leaf also promotes, so it was with FE5 that promotion of the lord began. FE5 also had a fascinating feature in which the player's units could 'capture' enemies, holding onto them until ready to deal properly with them. This is akin to rescuing an ally, and its application could be quite useful - too bad the feature has vanished.


Oh, that's so interesting. It reminds me a bit of Disgaea, where you can "Lift" your foes in order to prevent them from going on the next turn, at the cost of ~20% of the lifter's HP. That 20% can be well worth it sometimes. Anyway, yeah; I wonder why they got rid of that feature? It's pretty neat.

Why not have another link or two to soundtracks most people haven't heard? This is the boss theme in Sailor Moon: Another Story. What one gets out of the game is partly dependent upon how well one knows Sailor Moon's first three seasons, but its music is good enough to avoid turning it down.

Then we have another Panzer Dragoon Saga link: The theme to an area accessible late in the game, under a forest which is afire. Ancient ruins with unpredictable effects are what one will find in this place.

And now a track from Dragon Force 1: This is Junon's theme heard during that particular quest of 8. Junon is the ruler of Tristan, a country farther north than any other on the Dragon Force continent of Legendra. Fittingly it mostly gets snow. Incidentally every Tristan commander at the start can use Harpies.

Then we've got another Shining Force III track: Does this one also remind you of Star Ocean: The Second Story? Every track of SFIII is indelibly placed into my brain...


Many of us have games that will forever be etched into our memories. Dragon Warrior is mine, Shining Force is yours, and there are so many more for so many other RPGamers out there! When you know a game inside and out that well, musically or otherwise, I think you have to know where your heart is in the world of RPGs.

I have to be honest with you. I'm really not a fan of that first link from Sailor Moon; I just can't lie about it. The second one is very reminiscent of other Panzer Dragoon Saga stuff you've sent my way in the past. Very dramatic, but in a quiet, earthy kind of way, if that makes any sense. The third link is highly meh, but I'm not usually a big fan of character themes unless I've actually played through the game myself. By itself, the music just doesn't carry as much meaning. Once it's married to the game in my mind, though, my opinion could totally change. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be playing Dragon Force anytime soon.

The last link sounds different enough from Star Ocean that I would never confuse the two, but it does strike some similar chords. It's a decent piece, all in all.

And now for a new thought bouncing about my brain: what happens when a book is adapted into RPG form? Not a movie based on a book, we saw what happened to that with The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. And there was a lame pseudo-RPG based on the book version of The Fellowship of the Ring I watched some guys in my dorm play, which was amusing only in its ineptitude. But I firmly believe a grand title COULD be created using The Lord of the Rings as its base. Having read the trilogy twice and as I plan to read it again ere the year is out, I know there is ample material.

If the movies prove an irresoluble roadblock on this line of thought, I have read the Silmarillion and know it would prove just as workable - if not more thanks to the enormous expanse of time in Middle Earth it covers - for an RPG treatment.


Could they? Of course they COULD, but they won't. The problem is that now that the series of books has been made into a Hollywood blockbuster, there is no developer that would take the idea and create a quality RPG out of it. I can't imagine the copyright loopholes one would have to play jumprope with at this point. Perhaps if the idea had been utilized before the making of the movies, I could have seen the potential, but now, I just, well, no.

The problem with the Silmarillion is that it definitely connects in with the Lord of the Rings series in many ways. Even if there are some great ideas that could potentially translate into fantastic RPGs, I can't imagine that the product at the end of the day would be an attractive one. Maybe I've just lost my faith in the world of entertainment, but any games like these would definitely not be developed with RPGamers in mind. Nope, they'd be designed FOR the LOTR-fanpeople anyway, because those are the people that would be most apt to buy the game! It's an unfortunate reality. Or maybe I'm just way too cynical.

I'm somewhat surprised that no one has ever made a game based upon Oz. No, not the HBO show! (Although that would very likely turn out to be an Adults Only game.) Considering L. Frank Baum wrote 14 books about Oz, and Ruth Plumly Thompson wrote 19 more, with a few others creeping up in the 40's, all of which painted a vivid and distinct fantasy world, I find it most peculiar that no one has attempted to use the license. Admittedly Return to Oz came out 21 years ago and the original movie came out in 1939 and the majority of the books predate the movie.... Plus Dorothy doesn't really have any fighting aptitude, and Ozma out-and-out refused to fight on a few occasions in the books. But that could be circumvented somehow, if only for the chance to fight those Skeezers in Road to Oz who threw their heads at people and had them all thrown into a deep pit forevermore - heh. The original book The Postman held fruitful subject matter for an RPG, which the Kevin Costner movie turned into a boring patriotic piece. Same for the book Starship Troopers. Actually, many Robert Heinlein books would make for interesting sci-fi based RPGs.


Hey, you have a point there. I'm afraid that a certain thematic and brightly-coloured path would make for a rather linear adventure, but they go through all sorts of interesting places to achieve their goals, don't they? An evil witch, a party of four, shoes that warp you from dreamland to reality... it sounds like it has more potential than it might first appear!

Not many people may have heard of David Feintuch's Hope series, set roughly 400 years in the future in a semi-spacefaring Earth world where a strict version of Christianity has overtaken the world, and the only form of intelligent life discovered is a thing called the 'fish' which lives in space and has taken a great dislike to humanity, enough to come onto human-colonized worlds and attempt to eliminate the humans it dislikes. The setting is unique, check it out. And it could work as an RPG, yes. Remember that alternate history stuff I mentioned awhile back? Turtledove wrote one long-running series in which aliens with technology roughly equivalent to what Earth militaries possess now, only not very much of it, invade the planet right in the middle of World War II. He went off on a long-running WorldWar series followed by the alien colonization fleet arriving, but an RPG with the same sort of concept could be very good. I'll let other RPGamers submit further book-based ideas for themselves, because I'm running out of composition time. So that's my cue to sign off - as if anyone truly regrets it! (Maybe venus577.)



Heh heh, that's all right!

I think that a lesson has to be taken from your letter for some of us. It's a common misconception that RPGs and video games in general have already explored every setting, and that some game in the past has already been there and done that. Not true! With enough creativity, there is an absolutely astounding number of avenues that have not yet been explored, and I think that in the years to come, while there will be a lot of familiar things, there will be a lot of surprises in store, too. The first big wave of video gamers who were inspired by the first console RPGs are coming of age right now. Think of all the potential there is in that!

Thanks for your letter!



House M.D. is an absolutely fantastic show, and I highly recommend it to just about anybody who hasn't started watching on their own. The writers are really creative, and while some of the ailments are a bit out there, I have to say that I've enjoyed just about every episode I've watched so far (and I've watched quite a few).


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Answers to September 26th's Questions

#326. d) Tidus - 750 points/1,500 for Dermot
What an awesome question! This has to be one of the most simultaneously fun and challenging questions I've ever had featured from a reader, so hats off to you, Dermot; I've had no fewer than twelve e-mails with high praise for your creativity. Great job! For the record, all the information you needed was there; I managed to solve it myself. The following was true:

The leftmost shop was the Inn: Zidane, with Ultima, Potion, and Ifrit.
Shop #2 was the Item Shop: Squall, with Flare, Shiva, and Ether.
Shop #3 was the Weapon Shop: Cloud, with Meteor, Ramuh, and Elixir.
Shop #4 was the Armour Shop: Tidus, with Holy, Odin, and the Tent.
The rightmost shop was the Magic Shop: Vann, with Meltdown, Bahamut, and Phoenix Down.

A lot of you put in a lot of time and got this one right. Good work.

#327. b) 1 - 700 points
This one wasn't really that hard. The summon was Kjata, which was renamed "Kujata" in the PC version; "U" is thus the added letter, which starts the name of only one U.S. State (Utah, of course).

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a) Fighter
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Well, I've got news for you! Leaper will be joining us in tomorrow's column for his very first co-hosting! You'd better visit, because there's sure to be more great discussion, and exciting happenings in the ongoing contest. Until then, take care!
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