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My Wish July 21, 2006

Bainick - 17:58 EST

HEY I'M BACK, a hiccup to spoil your day and wish the plague apon you all. Why you may ask does this evil man (and available ladies) wish the plague upon us the innocent? Because I've been attacked by the plague 5 bloody times on my Utopian game that's why. Everytime I attack an undead kingdom I get the plague, and the odds should not be that high. I will have swift and deadly vengence upon the undead. They willl burn (except anyone that shares my kingdom). On other news just about every RPG that I was looking forward to has been pushed back. AGAIN. It looks like i'll be getting Mario Hoops (on my cheap and working second hand DS) before most of the RPGs that were scheduled for MAY! At the moment i'm tossing up between Shin Megami Tensei: DDS, Lunar DS and maybe some second hand ones when I go to Geelong next week. Oh and make sure everone adds Yoshi's Island 2 to your must get game list. Add it!! NOW!!! And listen to Freya's theme. Best theme for a Final Fantasy character ever!

Get out your tissues for this one...

Hey Matt (and maybe Bainick)!


Well that's me!!!

I just picked up Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, and seeing the prologue prompted me to ask this question:


I like questions, they're spongey and squishy and are like fun spongy squishy sponges. YAY!

What is the saddest game you've ever played? We all know that most RPGs have at least one heart-wrenching scene in them, but I mean what game made you really feel sadness? Have any that you've played made your thoughts linger on them a bit more than necessary because of the level of hardship the characters had to suffer? For me, it really is Valkyrie Profile. I'm not gonna say why, because I think the spoiler staute has been reinstated on VP now, but anyone who's played the original, or even seen the prolouge of Lenneth can probably guess why. I mean, do other people get sad because of games too, or is it just that I'm overly empathetic when it comes to such things? Again, thanks as always Matt (and you too, Bainick if you're co-hosting today), and I'll see you again soon!


Saddest? FF6 comes to mind due to the fact that the second half of the game you've already failed saving the world. And you see all of that destruction everywhere and you wonder, this is why I love playing RPGs when they can show you such despair alongside the happiness.

I can't comment on VP (I doubt that the new ones will cross to PAL either for some reason) but I cried at Aeris' death, Maxim and Selan's death (I didn't play the first one until long afterwards)...and when I found out how many cats died in making "Milo and Otis".


Final Fantasy VI is really sad, and so is FFVII at times, but I think that almost all Final Fantasy games grip you in that way at one point or another. Other sad moments involve the ending scene of Disgaea, right before the final boss - and I won't go into details - but, oh man. It created one of those final battles where I just had my feelings all riled up, kind of like when you fight Jenova right after Aeris dies. What do you do?? It's almost like instilling sadness in you is like one of the final enemy's special abilities, making you less able to fight!!

Another saddest moment comes from Dragon Quest... Seven! I know that the game, on the whole, was less than perfect, but many of the scenarios were really quite powerful on their own. The one that I found incredibly sad was near Falrod, where you recover Eri, a robot, who tries to help her master Zebbot because she doesn't understand that he has died. When she's ripped away from her home and taken off, the resulting series of misunderstandings is just heartwrenching!!

There ARE reasons to like that game. I don't care what other people say!

Beauty among men

The Valkyrie calls the souls

Of the heroes home



And of chocolate!

The ultimate dilemma!!

Matt, Matt, Matt, and Bainick too:

Don't buy video games from eBay. eBay is crap. is the way to go. After 3 years of dealing with Amazon and its affiliated sellers, I have not had one bad experience. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I sent you a letter asking you if I should go with Skies of Arcadia or DQVIII for some very reasonable prices. Well, after all the good things the other readers said about both, I couldn't make up my mind. So while I was in Vegas, I managed to win a whole $27 and that motivated me to make a decision. And it turned out to be an easy one to make. I got home and checked Amazon, where I saw Skies for $15 (used but in good condition). I made up my mind then and there and got it. My total with shipping came to about $18.50. I got it about 3 or 4 days later and it's in near perfect condition (the only "problem" is that the case has a few scuff marks on it). One of the things that makes me prefer to use Amazon over eBay is that there seems to be set shipping fees so sellers don't go hog wild with what they charge you for shipping. Also, most people don't even know how to use eBay properly anyway. They don't realize that if they want to bid on an item, they shouldn't bid while there's still 6 days left! That's just upping the price prematurely and unnecessarily and it screws themselves and everyone else over. If it's a highly desirable item, someone's going to outbid them at the last minute anyway. So be patient, people, and just click on the link that says "watch this item." Then join in the melee when there's about a minute left (personally, while this is what I believe is the most effective and efficient way, I can't handle it myself...which is another reason I don't use eBay). And you know, before I started using Amazon and I was joining in the rat race to win things on eBay, I really don't think that I ended up getting a better price using the auction than I would have just outright buying the thing. The stuff I want seems to always be the stuff that everyone else wants too...And I know there's the "buy it now" option, but I find the prices for that to be not-so-great. It seems to me that eBay was devised to be most beneficial to the sellers, not the buyers. Amazon has more respect for the buyers. Anyway, there's my take on it...sorry for the rant.


Bah, don't worry about it! I could use the advice. Frankly, I haven't really bought many things online, outside of a few items I've bought in the past off of eBay. I haven't had a problem yet, but you do bring up several good points: I've seen so many items that look fantastic initially, and seem to have an outstanding price, but then the shipping is like $15 or something grotesque like that, on a $30 item, for instance.

Luckily, I -have- to be done with my online-purchasing ways for now, since there are so many games being released in the fall that I happen to want. I need to start saving my money immediately if I hope to play everything, eventually!

So I have a question for you...

Given the choice between the following:

A) As of this moment, you are only allowed to play the video games that you either possess or have played in your lifetime even if you don't currently own a copy, BUT you will never ever (EVER!) again be allowed to play any games that you've never played before, have just been released after this said moment, or are yet to be released,


B) You have access to the latter group of games mentioned in A (after the BUT), but you never again be allowed to play the former group of games mentioned in A, including any games you're playing now, which do you choose?

It's a very difficult decision, but I think that because I own so many games that I love and my backlog right now is big enough to sustain me for, well, maybe for the rest of my life, I have to go with A.

Oh yeah...and stick with Lunar:SSSC. That game and its sequel may have you screaming at the TV on a few occasions for a variety of reasons, but those games deserve so much respect and they are so worth any aggravation you may experience with them. Now that I remember them, they make me much more confident in my decision to go with A.

So let me know what you think!



That's EVIL!!

You know, despite what some people might expect, I think I'd have no choice but to go with B. Yes, I love old-school games, and yes, there are so many RPGs that I've played that I absolutely love. But, how can I limit myself to experiences I've never had, when there is a potential to play brand new, exciting games over the next forty, fifty, or even sixty years? You just KNOW that I'm going to be leveling up my white mage in Final Fantasy XXVII while my dentures are soaking at the age of eighty.

Really, we have no idea where games are going to go in the future, and to say "ah, I'd rather play everything I've already played" would just shut too many doors. It'd be like going to a restaurant with an awesome menu, trying a few things out, and then ordering NOTHING but those items forevermore... I just couldn't do it.

Thanks for the very interesting question, Laurie!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)

This, that, these, and yes, those.

Dear Question-Answerer,

If you were to go off somewhere on holiday for a ridiculous amount of time, what portable handheld plus RPG's would you take with you? I am stuck in this situation and only have a PSP....And the three RPG's.


You mean like the time I was blackmailed and forced to go to Adelaide. Really for a non-drinker like me, the wine valleys are the last place that you would want to go to! Anywho, I would defintly take my DS. With the ability to play GBA titles too it is handheld playing in its perfection. And if I were to happen upon a WIFI area, well I could lessen the boredom and play against people around the world. Plus you don't need batteries. Other then the DS, maybe my game and watch Cake Factory, if I can find some batteries for it look out high score!

Hmmm,the Gamcube controller is good,is it not? I find it the most easily comfortable.And the A,B,Y and X buttons are well made and placed.The control sticks have good grips on them.The only problem is the random triggers.


Seriously I think Nintendo has made a good choice in allowing Wii game producers the option of using three different controllers. Everyone knows of the Wiimote, but there's also the Wii controller that looks a lot loke the ol' SNES controllers which to me are the second best controller i've yet to hold. The best is of course the Gamecubes. Unlike the PS2's controllers (we've had 4 so far but that's still not as bad as the 7 64 controllers we've got) the GC's controllers have not worn out, are very easy on the hands, and don't feel cluttered, which is probably why the new Super Smash Brothers will be using it. Oh and I don't know what you mean by random triggers???

ANYWAY......I find that a reoccuring theme in RPG's is that of borrowed mythology. Most RPG's contain a person, place or thing that takes its name for norse or greek mythology etc.(Or so my geek senses tell me).

So when i play several and things in the games have the same borrowed name, asgard for example,i often notice acutely for an inexplicable reason.In fact most RPG's tend to borrow a LOT from mythology to more then just names, but actual objects that have the same properties or people.(Valkyrie Profile?)Or inspired settings.

Anyway its just something that i tend to notice often.


Seriously I think Nintendo has made a good choice in allowing Wii game producers the option of using three different controllers. Everyone knows of the Wiimote, but there's also the Wii controller that looks a lot loke the ol' SNES controllers which to me are the second best controller i've yet to hold. The best is of course the Gamecubes. Unlike the PS2's controllers (we've had 4 so far but that's still not as bad as the 7 64 controllers we've got) the GC's controllers have not worn out, are very easy on the hands, and don't feel cluttered, which is probably why the new Super Smash Brothers will be using it. Oh and I don't know what you mean by random triggers???

ANYWAY......I find that a reoccuring theme in RPG's is that of borrowed mythology. Most RPG's contain a person, place or thing that takes its name for norse or greek mythology etc.(Or so my geek senses tell me).

So when i play several and things in the games have the same borrowed name, asgard for example,i often notice acutely for an inexplicable reason.In fact most RPG's tend to borrow a LOT from mythology to more then just names, but actual objects that have the same properties or people.(Valkyrie Profile?)Or inspired settings.

Anyway its just something that i tend to notice often.


I can't talk about Valkyrie Profile, mainly because Enix didn't think it was necessary to release games in Europe. (Scratch that they did release Terranigma which is still one of the greatest games EVER, sorry American and Canadian viewers but that's one game you didn't get, or won't have until Nintendo releases their backlog!) Of course there is always going to be places and names stolen from those lazy story writers. Heck if it's happened in real life it's been taken, rewritten, regurgitated, diluted, corrupted, then labeled as a shiny new story that has nothing to do with anything. Why do they do it? In my opinion it's an easy way to express more about that city or person by associating it with a well known historical or mythical name. Say Atlantis, what do you think of? Probably a city under water, a city drowning, a city with technology superior to the norm of its day. Writers DON'T use these names for nothing. Sometimes a name can explain more about the noun's history then any text can!


It's true. I think that by using more familiar legends or folklore to create names, people might be able to more easily associate with the plotline. Why use Phoenix, for instance, in Final Fantasy games? Most people are familiar with the story of the phoenix, and associate it with both Fire and Life. Also, using more familiar names might help players to easily memorize of people and places.

Jebus, there still churning out LOTR games? Only some of the games >were....alright.I just dont think that EA are fit to make a good one,since >the ones the HAVE made arnt that good. I duno,another company should have a >shot at it. White council does seem like a good idea though.


Looks at Final Fantasy 10 regurgatation, wishes that they had stopped with the poor SNES game. Only wants an open ended Middleearth game!

Ahhh,PC RPG's,the beautiful memories....I remember being addicted to neverwinter nights and playing through the game 1001001010 times because there was so much custimisation that you could do.I would go over it,each time with a slightly different charecter.I would experiment by chaging classes then races.Well that was the main appeal of PC RPG's to me,the ability to experiment with classes,races,stats and skills to a great extent.There were just so many combinations you could find!


I would love to be playing Neverwinter Nights at the moment if it were not for two reasons. One my CCD drive is stuffed and I need a new one. Two I've been waiting 6 months for Neverwinter Nights to be returned back to me. Urge to kill rising....

I have a bad time remembering the plots of many RPG's at once, in fact i had to restart several game because i did't know what the hell was going on.Its the root to my problem of a ridiculus backlog.


Hey why do you think I still haven't passed the first disc of FF7 (dodges boos ans hisses). I play it, leave it and find that I need to start all over again when I return to it. I'm only human, and it might also be that I usually jump from game to game like they're on fire, damn short attention span!

Arnt Sony saying that the PS3 would be a more multimedia orientated device? Useing the PS3 to push the Blu-Ray format seems logical to me though, with the cheaper price.


Sony is evil, or what they are really trying to do is make Blu-Ray the all important new media format, and putting it into the PS3 means that they can sell more of this god forsaken hellspawn to the unsuspecting buyers. If people wanted Blu-ray playing machines they would buy one. Get rid of the damn player and drop the price of the PS3. Wow people might actually like to fork out $500 dollars for a PS3 instead of a grand. I still want to know why us Australians are paying over $100 in unknown extras. In proper conversions it would be around $880!

Well,thats it,have a nice day.


Oh I will. Especially that it is completely sunny outside even if it is still freezing.

From Dr.T


I pity the fool...

Whose snails are you talkin' about?


Back in the halcyon days of the GBA it seemed a new tactical RPG was coming out every week. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tactics Ogre, even freaking Onimusha Tactics. Despite the kiddy feel of some of them, they were almost universally good games. Yet now that the DS is out, a platform that is infinitely better suited to tactical RPGs what with a whole extra screen for stats and maps and a stylus that could forever banish the confusion of awkward grid orientationÖ nothing. Thereís Ys Strategy that vanishes into the ether, Advance Wars, which is completely devoid of RPG elements, and now a WWII game that seems identical to Advance Wars. Because, yíknow, there arenít enough WWII games. I read a rumor that a version of Disgaea will make its way to the PSP, as well as Spectral Souls and D&D Tactics. How unfair is that? On the other hand, I read an interview that said Nippon Ichi is considering branching out to non-Sony platforms, which gives me hope. I know that some DS games look like utter crap, but surely my cute little DS Lite could handle a sprite/3D game like the original Final Fantasy Tactics, right? Well, Disgaea isnít all that much prettier than that! Please tell me thereís a silver lining to this cloud? I really donít want a PSP (nor can I really afford one), but I want my portable to play games with lots of replay valueÖ like a good TRPG.

Onward! Do you remember when Shining Force was an excellent story-driven tactical RPG instead of a mediocre Diablo-clone action game? Whatís up with that?



P.S. Delicious snails! v@


Yeah, I remember. It's too bad that the more recent entries into the series have been met so poorly. With any luck, though, who knows? Maybe we'll see the originals again soon, on the Wii Virtual Console!!

In the meantime... GET YOURSELF A FIRE EMBLEM GAME, AND PRONTO! Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, plays very, very similarly to the olden days of Shining Force, and I really don't think that you'll be disappointed with it. I wish they'd release another FE game for the DS itself, but I don't think any are in the works as of yet.

But, my friend, don't you worry. This fall, the dawn of the age of DS RPGs will be upon us. There are a huge number of DS RPGs in the works right now, many of which look really promising! If Final Fantasy III isn't enough to satisfy you, there's Children of Mana, Contact, Lunar Knights, TWO Dragon Quest games, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Pokťmon Diamond/Pearl, and many more on the way. You're right, there aren't many DS games out right now for RPGamers, but boy oh boy, will there ever be within a year's time. Just have patience! And again, play Fire Emblem while you're waiting, especially if you like tactical RPGs!

Bibbity. Bobbity. Raikou!

Dear Matty Matt Matt Matt:

Iíve been an avid RPG gamer for a good portion of 15 years, and I must say that quite literally most of the RPGís that I have encountered have either been great or just freakiní awesome. I can only really recall one RPG that I have played that has been crap-tastic, and that one crap-tastically filled RPG would have to be Beyond the Beyond for PSX (Ah yes, you remember it, it was crappy wasnít it?). The only reason I re-call it is because I own it, and I really donít like the idea of selling games back, even if they do suck really bad! Maybe itís just me though...


Beyond the Beyond was one of the earliest PS1 RPGs, and you know... to this date, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say a single good thing about the game. I didn't have that console, and so I didn't even have the opportunity to behold the badness, but I've heard about it from readers, RPGamer Staffers, my old roommates, and others; Beyond the Beyond is beyond words in how terrible it is, from the sounds of it, and anyone would do well to stay away from it!

Oh, and I've never believed in selling games either. No matter how bad a game might be, there's always the possibility that I'll want to go back to it and remember something about it somewhere along the line. Every time that I've ever given away or sold a game, I've regretted it eventually.

As an avid RPG gamer, I also must take a much needed break from the genre and play some other well-put-together games that include some action/adventure with some RPG elements rolled in there. The game Iím playing currently is Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for PS2, and itís absolutely fantastic. This is one series that I believe I can just continuously play over-and-over-and-over again because the game-play mechanics and the graphics on each game really hold up well over time. Also, the story for each game is really incredible. The people at Capcom really have a knack for making good action/adventure games, i.e. Devil May Cry, Onimusha, and if you want to somehow count it, the Resident Evil series(even though that might be faaaaar fetched!). I just have that need for playing games that allow me to slash up the bad guys and watch blood go flying everywhere (if the creators were generous enough to put blood in their games).


Capcom is also responsible for one of my favourite passions: The Mega Man series, which I can never get enough of. They used to be able to produce some pretty good RPGs, too, and I only wish that they would announce a follow-up of some kind to Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter... someday, anyway.

Back to RPGís...ahem...Iíve played many RPGís in my day, and beaten many as well, but there comes a time in a man/womanís life where he/she eventually confesses that there are still certain RPGís out there that he/she must play and conquer. As of right now, I only have TWO games on my list (and in my collection) that I must play and beat: Xenogears for PSX and Final Fantasy Tactics for PSX. These two games have been in my collection for years now (literally), and because I know the length of Xenogears (from the wonderful reviews that RPGamers provides) it really intimidates me. I donít want to play a game of that magnitude, get really, really far and ultimately getting stuck after 60 hours. I just think if I got that far, and got stuck, Iíd have to throw the game out the window. Time is scarce (yes, I learned that in Economics), and I donít want to waste my time on an RPG in which I might get stuck on after 60 hours of game play. Final Fantasy Tactics, on the other hand, is another one of those games that has a long over-due finishing quality about it. Iíve had it since its arrival to the United Stateís shore. I got it because I really enjoyed Vandal Hearts and Ogre Battles for PSX. Itís just a matter of time before I get to it I guess!


If you really enjoyed those games, I'm sure that you'll adore Final Fantasy Tactics. That game introduced me into the land of TRPGs, and I haven't looked back since. While it's not perfect, the gameplay is top notch, and the story is too, if you can muddle your way through the shockingly bad translation.

Now we arrive to my final paragraph, and my questions! Yay! I just recently purchase (yes, recently) Final Fantasy Origins and Chronicles for the PSX. I love how these companies are re-releasing these old games as collections. Anyways, after purchasing these games, I noticed that GBA had Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls. Now Iím an avid Final Fantasy fan (I have all games except the ones that require Online play), but I just have to know, is it really worth purchasing the GBA version if I already have the PSX version. Also, were the Final Fantasy Legend games on GB and GBA any good? I never managed to pick those up! Just kind of curious as to what your thoughts on this topic!


Firstly, Dawn of Souls did many things that Final Fantasy Origins did not; Square Enix added much in the way of bonus content to each of Final Fantasy I and II, extending each game by a fairly significant margin. My only problem with the GBA incarnation is that the games were really "easified", and the original spell system of Final Fantasy was axed in favour of a point-based system, which is just wrong, as far as I'm concerned. All in all, though, I've heard that they're pretty enjoyable to play through.

Final Fantasy Legend is actually not Final Fantasy at all! While they might feel like they have some sort of connection, they're actually part of the SaGa series, which was renamed in an attempt to appeal to North American gamers twelve or fifteen years ago. If you've ever played Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, the battle system feels oddly similar. The stories are generally very simple, but by FFLegendIII, it's interesting enough to be fairly engaging. They are, however, far from being the best games out there.

Thanks for the letter! Good luck tackling Xenogears and/or Final Fantasy Tactics!

Tee-hee <3

phewf! just remembered my question.

I was just taking a look at the new Shining Force EXA propaganda (god i hope that's how you spell it, i'm a bit crap when it comes to bloody spelling. Also typing).


You should see my handwriting it's like a doctor's. For shame that my h's are sometime k's and my r's are so lazy that they look like v's. At least my r's aren't swapped with my w's like when I talk, damn speech impediment (though that's more like when I open my BIG FAT MOUTH).

Umm give me a sec I'll have to find this propaganda...........

I have to say, the male character lead (at least i think he is) is quite >attractive.


Um I guess I can see why you think that. 0_0

Am I the only fangirl (you can take away the girl bit :] ) that has ever thought that a character in a game is good looking? OR am I even sadder than I thought I was?


I don't know, being 12 and the first time I saw Ruto.... let's turn away from THAT direction and just say that characters these days are designed to be infatuating to the opposite sex, sex sells afterall, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!!!!


Well... usually the opposite sex. Also, I don't think I've ever seen "sex" used that many times in succession anywhere on this site! We're gonna get SOOOOO many extra hits now!! Mwahahahaha...those sad Google-searchers.

I've come across people who are all "ZOMG CLOUD!!1ONE1ELEVEN11SQUEEEE"

I personally like Cid...haha God knows why. Just cause he's rather groovy and roughish.


And I liked Aeris, but she's dead now. Not that that would stop Cragmire.


You know, none of FFVII's characters really turned me on in a big way. FFVIII, on the other hand? Phew!!

Ok wait. I might just have asked this question before...I remember mentioning Auron...He reminded me of Robert DeNiro ¨¨


............... Am I the only person who thinks Angelina Jolie ain't that hot?


Really!? Even I think she's hot, and that's saying a lot...

Also, I dunno. Maybe there's a little bit of resemblance there, Steffi, but I never made the connection before. He sounded like he had smoked a few too many to be terribly attractive. I always felt like he'd have that kind of simultaneous hint of alcohol and cigarettes on his breath, and bad breath is just not good news.

Ah well, I can't remember!


I never remember, like what happened last week, who are you, never call this number again!

I showed her, Adam We.


who has had to re-type "just" about 10 times.


Fromb Bainick who regurly has problems with his spelling, not tomention that he has only had to tipe this 10 times, and ther's propbably stil huge spellin misstakes splatterred all ove rthe place like a Teddy after Conkker's thorough with it!


Thanks, Bainick, for another job well done! There have been some medium rare hosts in the past, but sometimes I just like them done to a nice brown all the way through. Juicay.


***Answers to July 20th's Questions***

#264. a) Earl - 325 points/650 for Xlash (Almost nobody got this question right. There's really no way you could have known, either, so it was a "luck" thing. Oh well. Thanks for the submission!!)

#265. d) Game Boy Advance - 450 points (This really wasn't meant to be a difficult question, but a few of you tripped up nonetheless. Dekar also appears in Lufia: The Ruins of Lore, the fourth and worst game in the series. That game was released for the GBA.)

***Today's New Questions***

Reader-Submitted #266: What is Edward the Bard's full name? (335 points)

a) Edward Geraldine
b) Edward Damcyan
c) Edward Chris von Muir
d) Edward von Ryshel
e) Edward's full name has never been specified

Bainick's #267: Who is in Queen Mary's RPG dungeon? (450 points)

a) Christopher Columbus
b) Burke and Wills
c) Richard Burton
d) Sir Francis Drake
e) Captain James Cook

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Phew, that came out awkwardly. So essentially, if you guess both of today's questions correctly, you'll have a chance at getting a bonus item, designed by Bainick, called "Bainick's Wand of Chaos", which you can then use at any time as you would any normal SOCK items! Exciting? I think so!

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15,000 points: Bonus Cohost Opportunity- I like giving these out because I don't have to pay for shipping. (1 left)

20,000 points: Cohost Opportunity #4- It might sound like a lot, but it'll be here before you know it. Your next chance to reign over Q&A with yours truly. (5 left)

22,000 points: Slime Keychain Dangler- Fresh from the Square Enix booth at E3 2006, this cute little guy can be yours. Not really a keychain as much as it is something to put ON a keychain, but better used as a figurine, I think. [Slime Snail, Pictured] (1 left)

25,000 points: Full Host Opportunity #1- This is it. Write your own Q&A section, without having me interrupt, break in, or steal your sunshine. Be RPGamer's new idol for a day! (1 left)

30,000 points: Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case- This won't quite fit old-model DS handhelds, but it's lightweight and flashy. White and black with an extra zippered pocket for carrying games, and a hook to attach to clothes, backpacks, or whatnot. I received this at Nintendo's Pre-E3 Media Briefing. [Front, Pictured] [Back, Pictured] (2 left)

30,000 points: Your choice of Megaman X4, X5, or X6 for the PSX (NTSC). The instructions are in each, but the jewel cases are cracked from use. (3 left)

50,000 points: Vandal Hearts (PAL) for the PSX. One of the earliest tactical RPGs of the Playstation era. Latch onto this if you're a PAL gamer and you have enough points! Thanks to Sean for the donation. (1 left)

50,000 points: Final Fantasy VII (PAL) for the PSX. If you're a PAL gamer who still hasn't experienced the greatness of this game, this is your perfect chance! This is another donation by Sean! (1 left)

50,000 points: Suikoden for the PSX. Play the game that started off the entire series! Thanks so much to Ouro and Sean for donating these - it would be cool to send them to a good and loving home. (1 left in NTSC-format, 1 left in PAL-format!)

100,000 points: Arc the Lad Collection (NTSC), for the PSX. Donated by Sean, so thank him! This collection contains four RPGs from an often-overlooked series. If you can get to 100,000 first, you can call this your own. (1 left) *********************************************************

There has been such a surge of mail over the past couple of days, I had no hope of getting around to it all, but I'll be back next week to work on that, rest assured! I really hope that you've enjoyed reading this Friday edition of Q&A. Please, check back over the next few days to see what Ouro has in store! And until Tuesday, have a safe and happy weekend.
***Matt is feeling really, really "glass-half-full-ish" today!

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