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Ballroom Brawl
June 22, 2007

Matt Demers - 22:12 EST

DO YOU EVER HAVE those days where you feel impossibly restless? Like you should be doing something else, but there's really nothing else to do? I'm definitely having one of those. I have a feeling that this is related to the fact that I had a vivid dream last night about being late for a really, really important deadline; I woke up in a cold sweat and a horrible panic at about 9 this morning. What does this tell you? If my life wasn't mundane enough as it is, my subconscious is there to help out the cause.

Let's dig into this massive letter backlog, before it reaches the top and I see a Game Over screen.

Old-school, old-school whoopass, and what can you get for $10?

Hey Matt.

Havent written in months, and I figured i'd chime in on a few things, old and new. Quick note, I just picked up Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter for 7 bucks after you've spoke so highly of it and I started that...very interesting...Anyways, Obscure Rpgs for the Wii virtual console? I'm up for the usual Secret of Mana and Earthbound as well (not obscure), but hey, what about Crystalis? Not so obscure, but I enjoyed that back in the day. How often do you get to use a gas mask in a game? Again though not so obscure, hook me up with DWI-IV, or at least III and IV, the most fun and enjoyable of that age, as well. I admit I have not purchased a Wii yet, but is it sad that I am most likely going to buy it mainly for the virtual console? Few games have caught my eye, aside from possibly FF:CC and the new Dragon Quest. For some reason, i cant see myself playing a new school zelda game.


You can't really go wrong either way if you managed to get your hands on Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter for a piddly $7; you can barely rent a game for that amount of money now. I love the game due to its originality, its interesting and almost tactical RPG battle system, and fantastic challenge. Best of luck!

I'd love to see Dragon Warrior as well, of course, though Crystalis would be neat! Really, if any RPG of the early 1990s or 1980s made its way to the Virtual Console, I'd be really happy. Incidentally, the PAL territories are set to get the original Mega Man on Virtual Console. Mega Man isn't an RPG by any stretch of the imagination, but the idea is sending tingles of electrical happiness throughout my nervous system.

Multiple playthroughs in games. Funny how I find myself playing FFVI through every couple years. Honestly, I play through again to challenge myself in someway, whether its low level, or not using magic, aside from enjoy the gameplay and story again. Also, in several games, I can about recite the whole script, yet I still find myself laughing even when I know a line is coming. Does this happen to you? Are there any moments in games you know all too well but laugh/cry/get angry regardless? I found my copy of FFVII in my parents basement last week and started a game. First time since it first came out. So many diferent things I've noticed and understood playing through that again. Really, how many times does Cloud shrug? And to my earlier point, that certain scene with Aeris still sends chills down my bones, especailly with the piano playing her theme through the Jenova battle. I'm no fanboy, but FFVII is still epic, fun, and exciting, no matter who bashes it.


It's funny that you bring this up, because I was just talking to my friend Mark (Aurelius) the other night. We talked about this very thing: I think that in recent years, it's become much more commonplace to say "Final Fantasy VII wasn't that great." It wasn't perfect, but dammit, I think it was a fantastic game, even IF I enjoyed Final Fantasy VI at least as much. FFVII is a source of incredible memories for me, and I've been craving a playthrough lately. Yes, I've completed it three times before, but it's probably been six years or so since I played it last, and whenever I listen to my FFVII MP3s, I get a rush of pure, unadulterated want.

I think that FFVII was and remains a great game, despite what some may have to say about it.

I always read your column and it seems most of your music library consists of video game music, no? Although only about 20% of my music is from videogames, I've been listening to it more lately and often a song that kicks ass or I just like, makes me want to play, and not nececessarily the game its from. The other day, in succession came...Time's Scar, Chaos's Temple, and Matoya's Cave. Three greats, in my opinion. I just wanted to throw in an RPG and go at it. There are plenty of others that do that to me, the FF Symphonic Suite for some reason does as well as Dancing Mad from the Black Mages. So yeah, are there any video game tunes that just make you want to play or is that just me?


I swear I didn't read this paragraph before I responded above!!

Jenova's Battle Theme is one of those pieces; it always makes me just want to drop everything I'm doing and go back to the game. Outside of FFVII, though, I have to say that any music from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door does nearly the same thing to me. There's just a certain 'atmosphere' that wraps around many of the themes in that game. Who would have thought that Mario RPGs would be most memorable by their musical scores?

So, it's not just you. I'm an RPG-music-oriented guy, and hey, I first discovered this very site through Sound Test. So, stuff like this grips me.

Favorite class? When I was younger it'd be a quick answer of Dragoon, merely because I thought Kain was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I still have a soft spot for them, but I gotta have an ordinary black mage. Not only do they look cool - old school Final Fantasy style - but can cause a whooping.


It's true- those scaly-looking Dragon-Ear-flap things look way too cool on the back of a knight's helmet. I always wondered why spears were a Dragoon's standard weapon, but it's a nice change from the everyday swords. Swords, swords, swords... they always get so much attention. Just like Marcia.

Well, I need me a DS NOW! with everything out and coming out. I can never make myself spend more then 10 dollars on anything. I suppose I should suck it up and do it. All the DS talk is driving me crazy cuz I cant say ansything. You would advise this purchase I presume?

Anyways, thats all i got, adios.



Chances are that they'll come down in price sooner or later, but it might be a long, long, long wait until they drop below the $10 level. I love my DS, and I think that 97% of DS-owners are really happy about their little handhelds, so perhaps it would be a good idea! Plus then, you'll be able to play this Sonic RPG that's apparently on the way...

Thanks, Derek! Write again soon.


Hey Matt,

I guess I'll start making use of my new shiny AEG.

Hmm... favorite class? I've always liked the Wizard/Black Mage classes if only because I've always thought magic was so cool. But, I've come to like the Red Mage class more. Being able to do a little bit of everything is pretty nifty. Even if they don't excel in anything in particular, I guess you could say they excel in their versatility? Also, another class of note is the Sorcerer/Mystic Knight class from FFV. When I first played it on the psx I just thought it was a cool idea to enchant your weapon attacks with spells. It's a shame the class wasn't used again though. Ah, if I recall, there was something similar in DQ7 where you needed the mage class and fighter class to unlock it...

Speaking of which, I should get back to that... I got really far into it, but I was somehow... sidetracked by something else. Unfortunately, it's not a game that you can just pick up again and know what you're supposed to do next. I never figured out where I needed to go or if I was missing any shards. Oh well...

I guess that's it for now.

- Tasukete


See, that was one of the downfalls of Dragon Warrior VII. Those shards and the altars... it was a cool idea, perhaps, but it made the game far too linear and way less exploration-based than previous Dragon Quest games. That "exploratory" feeling is essential! It's part of the reason I love the series so much. And not only that, searching through a billion past places to find a single shard you missed is a friggin' bore. Still, a solid game, but just not crazy-good.

I like the Mystic Knight/Sorcerer-type classes as well, and you're incorrect, because the class WAS used again... sorta! In Final Fantasy IX, I believe that Steiner could use enchanted swords as long as Master Vivi was in the party. Pretty cool, no? It's the closest the series ever came to having Dual-Tech style attacks.

Do take care!

Atelier Iris 3 Update!

Well, I've started in on it a fairly good way, and so far, I'm liking it. Then again, it's sort of hitting the right buttons for me (the guild mission system I mentioned before, completism urges through alchemy and such). I'm not missing having more than 3 characters, or minding the repetition, so far.


Well, that's good. I don't think that that's a terrible departure from the previous games, though, because from what I remember, the original Atelier Iris always had three-character battle parties and was incredibly repetitive. Sometimes, the repetition wasn't really a bad thing, but other times, I just found the game to be more boring than The Mayor of Casterbridge. And that's pretty, pretty boring.

What I especially like (right now, at least) is the fact that only 300 KB is enough for 12 save slots. Granted, most other games give you as many as you have space for, and a lot of the savings comes out of having only one save point the entire game, but still, I appreciate that. The main reason is because I only own one PS2 memory card (my first), and I tend not to clear out old save games until after I sell the related game, so it can build up pretty fast. Even the games I don't have anymore, I have this odd compulsion to save, "just in case." This is probably because I remember how much time and effort it took to get those near-end save files, and I'm reluctant to "throw it away."

Yay, SOCK is finally back! W00t!


That's actually a real strength. I can't stand it when there's only a couple slots available for saving. Sure, that's not usually an issue with PlayStation games, but many DS games, for instance, only allow for a single save slot. There's no way for your friends or family to start their own quests unless you tragically erase your own, and that's really crappy, in my opinion.

Anyway, I hope that the game continues to provide you with a decent experience! I think that the RPGamer review gave it a not-so-great 2/5, but perhaps you'll have a different take on it. "Different folks, different strokes," right?

A visionary.

Hey Matt,

First, according to your June 5th column, you complimented handhelds with this. "Graphical quality is going up, up, up, and so is the screen size and resolution. With backlights finally "standard" in all of today's handhelds, that really helps too. I really suspect that within the next ten to fifteen years, handhelds will become the new standard in video gaming, and that consoles may slowly undergo a distinctive transformation of some kind..." I have a guess on how consoles will adapt to handheld popularity in the next next-gen console race. Keep in mind this is a guess, not a future idea. I guess handhelds will be a removable part of that next Xbox 720 (PS2 has the PSP and the Wii had the NDS) where two modes of gameplay are possible with each game in the game system. You either play it stationary if on the console OR portable if on the handheld. The gimmick here would be getting TWO systems for the price of ONE instead of buying the console and the handheld separately to appreciate the connectivity between the two. Also, the same game disc/download can be played on both the stationary and the handheld consoles, with the game CD slot on the handheld so you can click it off the stationary console if handheld gameplay is desired.


And that "gimmick" is why I'm not sure that it'll be all that successful. We've had stuff like this before: Does anybody remember the lovely PocketStation and Chocobo World? It was sort of the same idea, but it never made it to North America, to my knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised at all if an idea like this was implemented, but I'm worried that console companies would see it as an excuse to jack prices up for that "TWO IN ONE" system, even more than they did this generation. It's an annoying thought, and I don't think it would go over too well.

Besides that, though, it's definitely a neat step in an interesting direction, and it could be really appealing to console-gamers. The problem with the idea is that it takes the "simplicity" out of a handheld game, in a way. Do you charge the battery by snapping the handheld part back on its console dock? Does that mean that we have to set up the whole darn system and get it plugged into a TV and so forth (unless we spend an extra thirty bucks on a wall outlet charger)? Sure, these seem like stupid questions, because who cares? It's just an extra five minutes of setup, initially. But, some people like handhelds for the fact that they can pick up and play and plug it into any old wall outlet if the battery dies out.

It's an idea with a lot of promise, one way or the other. I think that it's very possible that you aren't too far off the mark.

RPGwise, the game on the portable could play out like Golden Sun or Lunar Knights, and the game on the console could play out like FFXII or Xenosaga 3. Different styles of gameplay from the same game dependent on whether its stationary or portable. What do you think of this idea?


That would be REALLY NEAT; it would be like gaining a game and its remake all at once! There are difficulties here, though: I honestly doubt that developers would in general be that excited about essentially having to develop two games for every single title they want to make. You think games take a long time now to be released? You think games are expensive in today's world? If there were two modes to every single game, I'd expect these annoyances to worsen, and considerably so. Furthermore, why wouldn't a developer just make the handheld version for a different company's handheld, releasing the pretty console version for a different stand-alone? They'd make twice the money, hitting the audiences of two different platforms at once, instead of just those of the crazy-cool-combo system.

Of course, this assumes that the world in ten years will be one that still has competition in the video game world. If, like in the days of olde, we have a virtual monopoly in the video game world, all of these points are, yeah, pretty much useless.

Second, according to June 6th, you said, "has no choice but to command a ton of respect for someone who can create a text-based middle finger THAT well." Check these out... and
Your opinion on this?

Have a nice day,


The first one won't work for me, and the second one... well, my PLAN was to write something like "Cool! ...and slimes rock!" in this response box, until I realized that I'd need to convert the whole thing to html, which I'm way too lazy to do. Oh, you learn something new every day. (I wonder what my face looks like in text...)

Thanks, BLG!

Super Smash Realians

Hi Matt,

In response to seeing a character in a fighting game (like Super Smash Bros. or something), I think it would be fun to see chaos from the Xenosaga series made playable. Just think - we have the "high/normal/low" range attacks shown to us in Xenosaga 2, all with his spirity goodness, and special moves as the "powerful attacks"... you know? Lunar Seal, Angel Wings, and all that jazz.


Yes, definitely, and not just chaos; what about Jr. and his gun-toting goodness? MOMO and her arrows of destiny? Shion and her giant arm-weapon-thinger? KOS-MOS was BUILT for a fighting game! There's so much potential there, for sure.

Unfortunately, if they WERE to put in a Xenosaga character in a SSB-type-game, they would doubtlessly put KOS-MOS in there before chaos, with her multiple weapons and such. And probably Shion too, with her potential for long and close-range combat like her machine. What do you think? An interesting idea, to say the least?



Yeah, for sure. I have to admit that KOS-MOS does have way more potential here than chaos. While the silver-haired pretty boy might have really, really cool pants and some nice moves in battle, KOS-MOS is a frickin' battle android fully equipped with the latest in UMN instant-delivery weaponry.

It'd be fun to play as Albedo, too. Stay still on the battle screen, and your wounds quickly heal. Smash the Square button to send out peals of maniacal laughter, and so forth.

Thanks for the letter!

This bandwagon is getting pretty full.

Hi Matt

Given your glowing praise of all thing DS these days I broke down and bought a new ds-lite. Guess what, it has become easy to hold. I am surprised, immensely, to find that games that I have not been willing to play, FF III, are actually as much fun as they are. Who knows I may even send you some moogle mail soon.


Excellent! Yes, the DS Lite is much, much easier on the hands and eyes than its predecessor, having owned both. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and there are more RPGs in development for the DS than there are for any other system out there by far. Just take a look at the games page if you don't believe me.

I have always been a real goody two-shoes in video games. I do not enjoy playing the bad guy even though many games allow and even encourage it. My favourite class depends on the game but generally I like the paladins. (surprise, surprise)


Yeah, you can't get much goody-two-shoeser than that. See, I'm the opposite... I'm easily tempted into doing things that I know I probably shouldn't do, and the only two game overs I got while playing Super Paper Mario are proof of that. *cough*

As far as adopting a real life class all I can say is classes usually belong in games where bad things happen. Personally I might like to be that pre-teen who is able to swing the eighteen foot sword and defeat the monsters but the worlds in which said pre-teen exists tend to be really frightening. I will admit that gaming is nice because it is so comfortable and does not involve tromping round the world being attacked every other step. Besides, being of a comfortable age, the last thing anyone of you wants is to see me in skimpy clothing!!!



You make a good point. Why would we need to run around with giant swords and axes and magic spells when the scariest things roaming the countryside are as fuzzy and cute as raccoons? Even so, though, we live in a scarier world, in a sense: RPG worlds aren't all filled with difficult-to-meet deadlines, business meetings, grouchy bosses, or 150-page thesises either, so perhaps RPG powers would just end up being put to different uses, that's all.

Thanks, Angus!

I need more people like THIS on my side.

Matthmando, the numbers professor,

Whutitdo? Nice letter backlog. I seen you tell a guy one time that people get mad at you for not posting their letters. You can officially not post me anytime you feel other letters better fit the flow of your column, or you've just sat on the letter too long and now it's not pertinent, or you don't buy what I'm selling, or whatever. Life's too short to stress over something you don't get paid for, and best believe my feelings won't be hurt. Just figured I'd mention it since you seem to have some people to get back to.


I wasn't really religious before this moment, but you are now my god.


It's time to raise your streetcred stat from somewhere in the negative to something at least in the positive. I swear I found just the thing to do the trick too. Just punch "mega ran" into google (I'm way to lazy to look up a link) and you'll see an IGN article within the first three deals that pop up which has a link to a few different sites carrying the absolutely free download of an album by hip-hop artist Random, in which all the beats are using samples from various MegaMan games. Now I know you're mostly into videogame music, but this is practically that, and it's not like it's some Gangsta ish either, the dude raps about videogames and such, and did I mention it's FREE? It has something to do with being a tribute to the anniversary of Mega Man. Do that and then all I'll need is for E-40's Dictionary Book of Slang to finally come out, find a way to send you that, and you'll be gaining level's as a Really Real Hustla like nobody's business. Plus I'll be able to converse with you naturally, or at least naturally for me. Maybe I'm just trying to get you to learn a whole new language for my convenience. Ahem.


This is pretty fun... I'll have to give it a quick download sometime soon. I actually have some "harder" sounding rock remixes of a lot of Mega Man themes, believe it or not. I found them back when WinMX was a viable filesharing program, but that era is loooong gone now. I still have the music, though, and it'd be funny if this random Random group had something to do with them.

Besides, it's true; I could really use a dose of this nobody's business real hustla, because my experience level in that class is dreadfully low, and I frequently worry that I sound a bit too much like a cross between my mom and the world's biggest nerd while I'm writing these columns.

So, yo, or whatever people say now, this will be some way cool bizsnatch indeed.

Oh, and a quesion to go with that as well since you seem to have at least an aquaintance with some radio pop type stuff, do you have a favorite videogame sample in a song? My personal favorite is the slowed down sound of collecting a coin in Mario Bros. that Outkast used in Elevators(Me and You).


Hah, I'm actually surprised that I've never noticed anything like that before, because that's the kind of thing I think I'd pick up on first in a "real-life" piece of music. I really don't follow artists or groups at all, so I wouldn't be able to tell you where I heard any video game samples in particular even if I had heard one. Sorry, I lose.

You just watch now though; I bet that I'll hear something playing while in the car over the next week or bar over the next month that will make me jump in surprise.

So, favorite class in a rpg. I'm gonna have to go back to the pencil & paper, rollin the dice days with this one. Early junior high school, how long ago was that? So long ago that I don't actually remember the name of the game it was in. Maybe because I was one of those devil worshipping, D&D playing, dope smoking, delinquents? Nah, I just played way too many different ones back then. I swear the dope had nothing to do with it. Anyways, back to the point. It was definitely a game that had a cyberpumk setting, although I'm fairly certain it wasn't Shadowrun, and the class was called Juicer. Basically your character had some sort of rig set up which constantly monitored your vitals and precisely administered drugs to enhance your performance. You never slept, you were hella strong, and fast, and didn't feel pain, etc. However your character would die in two or three years from all the dope, which had implications for long campaigns. Actually, if anyone remembers the name of that game, it's kinda been bugging me. And, yes, I am a Barry Bonds fan, got the jersey and everything.


Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little juice if it's for the sake of saving the world, right? Besides, who cares if you'll fall over within three years... if the alternative is to be crushed within one due to being fried by some villain anyway.

I was actually in San Francisco a couple of years back, and went to a Giants game, by the by. Mr. Bonds was "juiced-out" at the time, away on injury or for some similar reason. The game was fun, though.

On the topic of sports, I need to get off my lazy ass and write an editorial like you were asking for today. Maybe one about how much more brain power and commitment NBA2K7 has required of me than many of the rpg's I've beaten, just for you.

Calling pick & rolls all day on your pushing x,x,x,


NBA2K7... pshaw. I don't think I'll ever gain levels high enough to ever appreciate a game like that. One way or another, I'm sure that Eds will be more than happy to get whatever you or anybody else would like to send 'em.

Keep it cool. (Is that a cool thing to say?)

Icy. Cucumbery. Ice Cucumber.

Konnichiwa, Matto-san!

Well, I don't often write in when the inbox is bursting to capacity (just the inner lurker in me, I suppose), but since you asked a question yourself, well...

Yes, wonderslime, there is such a thing as Ice Cucumber Pepsi in Japan. It started showing up on the shelves about two weeks ago. I haven't tried it myself, but several of the staff ladies at my school have, and they all state that it is the most awful stuff they've drunk in a long time. And this is coming from women who will eat marinated raw horse meat (basashi), dried seaweed (nori), and pureed sea urchin (uni). Just as annoying, the local convenience store has replaced all the regular Coca Cola with some version called Coca Cola Zero (calories & taste). I am not amused at this point.


Mmm, and why is it that I tell everybody that I love Japanese food again? My experience is limited to a couple of sushi restaurants in the area.

Yeah, I've since heard from other sources that Ice Cucumber is nothing but pure vileness in liquid form, which is what my first instincts told me. Courageous idea, maybe, but courage isn't what makes a soft drink tasty.

So, a quasi-philosophical question for you: If, in a game, you were to come across a spell or item with the description "do not use unless you are truly desperate", how long would it take you to whip that thing out in battle? Without knowing if it was really a magic bullet kind of battle-winner, a possible end-of-reality attack like BoF5's Dragon abilities, or something that summoned plastic duckies to wobble at the monsters?

Getting kicked off the computer now, so TTYL.
Your man in Japan,
Gaijin Monogatari


That's tough! The inner curious-cat in me would probably save (if possible) and use it in the next battle just to see what the item would do. In the actual game, I'd use it if I were in one of those no-hope moments. You know, your MP is sapped to near-zero, and there's one character alive, and you know that the enemy is going to go next, nearly guaranteeing a big, fat Game Over. I'm not big on using items unless I need to, so I suspect that I'd probably forget about it, get to the end of the game, and go "crap, I should have used that either here, here, or even here." This is why I end just about every Final Fantasy game with about 21 Elixirs.

I appreciate the report, Japan-man. If you get a first-hand experience with the undelicious-sounding beverage, make sure to let me know.

Bringing new meaning to "Flying off the handle."

Hey Matt!

I think I would gladly put up with skimpy clothing to gain some nifty magic abilities (maybe a nice heal spell for my wrist...always make sure to have good technique when sliding into third base). I have a tendency to injure myself, so I'd be a solid and well-practiced white mage. I'm not sure it would be a cup of tea for anyone else to see me in skimpy clothes, but I could handle it. Heck, with summer here in Arizona, being required to wear skimpy clothing would be worth it by itself. If I was female, it would make me an ASU student!


I suppose that Arizonans have a bit of that Dalmascan-type climate thing going on, so it's understandable. In Southwestern Ontario, we get excited whenever it gets up to 95 (35 C) in the summer. "But it's a humid heat," Grandma would say. Yes, yes it is.

From the sounds of it, I assume that ASU (Arizona State?) students are mostly female and often wear little? I dunno about you, but no offense; remind me to head elsewhere.

As to your Virtual Concept question, there is a swarm of old games that I would love to see come out (if I had a Wii). I'd love to see the old Ys games come out, I was always curious about those. I don't know if they really qualify as obscure, but there aren't a ton of people who have played them. To keep going, there is a gaping hole in my gaming resume where the Lufia games lie. Then I could go on to Illusion of Gaia, translated versions of Seiken Densetsu III, Final Fantasy II and III...I'd better stop now before I go crazy.


I'd say that the Ys series is definitely on the obscure side, just because I doubt that even most avid gamers have heard of it outside the hardcore RPG bunch. (And then, even among those that HAVE heard of it, I'd bet that a good 70% have no idea how to pronounce the names anyway.)

The Lufia title marks some pretty great moments in RPG history. The SNES games were fantastic, especially if you're into traditional games and puzzle-solving. But really, everybody has a gaping hole somewhere; I know next to nothing about Suikoden and Tales Games, and I think both of those are bigger series than Lufia. Why am I doing this job? Because... I'm special.

I agree, though; it'd be fun to get in on some Virtual Console versions of these old games, and a nice chance to catch up on some things we missed without going to disgusting lengths (like spending $200 on eBay, etc).

Speaking of Wii, I have a friend with firsthand knowledge of the dangers of the Wiimote. On Saturday, he got a nice new Sony Bravia LCD TV. About six hours later, he was in the kitchen while two people played in the next room. Suddenly there was a crash and a yell, and his nice, new TV was now a badly cracked new TV. I think I'm glad he lives in Florida, I would not have wanted to be there that night. So, the stories that came out were not overblown: Remember your wrist straps, kiddies!



Man, that's incredible. It still amazes me that the remotes are heavy enough to cause that much damage. In my hand, I always feel like the remotes would be the loser easily in a match between it and a hard, glass TV screen. Nevertheless, given how many warning screens pop up during games and stories that have been told out there, I'm surprised that some people are still dumb enough to start waving things around haphazardly. So yeah, I can't resist this opportunity: "Never play with your Wii without using protection." Ha ha ha, *cough* (I've been so tame on the Wii jokes, you guys can let me have just one, even if it's pretty bad.)

Thanks much, as always! Take pictures if you decide to adopt a White Mage class after all. <3


What would I like to see on VC/Live? Maybe, just maybe, we could see one of the early Sakura Taisen games finally brought over. Probably not. :(


This is the problem with dreams; some of them are more likely than others. However, with series like Naruto making their way to North America (did you read the news story?) for the first time, anything is possible.

Inspired by the poll of the day at GameFAQs: how vigorously would you defend your collection from someone trying to take it? I might get lucky if the thief saw Japanese and gave up; but I'd risk injury to protect it. Maybe not death though. What would you do?


With your obscure collection, though, it might be all the more valuable. I think that I'd fight using my inner warrior, but I'd quickly back away if the villain produced some sort of scary weapon (other than his/her fists, of course).


Busy week. And no, it's not just people from the contest either, though they're certainly helping; as you can clearly see from the above letters, there are many non-Sock people who are writing in just because they feel like it. This is good news, since more letters means better columns with more variety, which is a winning combo for everybody. Keep 'em coming!

I'll be back next Tuesday for another week in the Captain's chair. I liked Gaijin's question at the end, there, so I'll pick it up as my new hot topic: Are you like me? Do you inevitably save all of your best items for a rainy day, just to get to the end of the game and realize that you didn't end up using them at all? That is, are you an RPG Packrat?

Get to me, and I'll hope to eventually get to you. I'm keeping up okay, but with piles of letters coming in, I can't guarantee that I'll get everything up in a timely fashion. I will, however, do my best!

Have a safe and fun weekend, everyone.

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1. Have sidequests in RPGs gone a little bit overboard recently?

2. Are you an RPG Packrat? (Do you hoard items and then never use them?)

3. What are your favourite NON-remake PSP RPGs?

4. Do you think today's games only "good" while yesterday's were "great"?

5. Are Final Fantasy III's job-change-requirements refreshing or annoying?

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