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Bowl of Cherries June 9, 2006

MagRowan - 17:14 EST

HI, EVERYBODY! I have returned! Just can't seem to get rid of me, eh? Not that y'all would want to, right? Right!

All the recent reminiscing here about watching and/or playing RPGs with your family and friends has me waxing nostalgic. Heck, I'm waxing so nostalgic, I'm watching my bro play FFIX as I write this intro. Okay, okay, technically that's not nostalgic, it's contemporary. Still, I feel validated and relevant all at once!

So yeay for memories past and present, and onto the future and some fun letters!

But what if the grass is greener on THIS side of the fence?

Well, I really felt I had to read yesterday's Q&A what with the inclusion of a honest-to-goodness Irish Ninja and I had the urge to write my own letter after reading his/hers.


Well thank you for writing in, fair reader! If you liked yesterday's letter from the Irish Ninja, you should check farther down, I believe we have another letter from them.

To the point - I wasn't thinking so much about the graphics of next-gen RPG's compared to this generation but more that the last of this generation just look so much better than what were seeing coming into the next-gen. Basically, do you not feel looking at the list of E3 games, that all of the best games (JRPG's at least) are coming out for this generation of hardware. We're getting Tales of the Abyss, Persona 3, Devil Summoner, Ar Tonelico, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria, Rogue Galaxy, Disgaea 2 and any others that i've likely missed. Alright, all the best games are coming to PS2 then. Somehow the FFXIII trailer with the girl prancing about on the train just didn't get me as excited as any of these games.


I can't say that any of the newest promos have 'got me going' graphics wise. The same thoughts have plagued my brain about next-gen consoles. Why should I buy such monster hardware (specs and money-wise) when all they are turning out (so far) are games that look like ones that I can already or soon get for the current consoles?

Take for instance Kameo for the 360. I'd argue that games like KHII or the new Valkyrie profile additions are on the same graphics level. But, there is one thing the better graphics hardware will get you, and that is more objects on the screen at the same time. So large hoards of attacking enemies with little to no stutter! Excellent! That will always be a plus.

Not that this is exactly shocking, you'd expect the last games for any given platform to be some of the best but with all the hype regarding next-gen RPG's, these games, which look to be the best RPG's for the PS2 since launch, are just being overlooked with all the hype.


Don't worry- with the prices for next-gens, and the current line-ups, I think some people are coming to appreciate their current consoles more.

And Secret of Mana, 2-player certainly was the best thing, ever. Hopefully they'll revive this on the Wii with the virtual console and WiFi capabilities. ^^


Multiplayer, non-online RPGing is great, but let me amend your statement. "Hopefully they'll revive this on the Wii with the virtual console and WiFi capabilities..." without having to purchase several GBAs or DSs to activate it. Though, it would be kind of cool if you could use the DS Wireless to hook into Wii games. Speaking of, there's a brief mention of DS-Wii interaction in this article.

A quick reply to Redbeastmage. If you're willing to wait until June 26, Titan Quest looks undeniably awesome.

~ Pikey


Thanks for the letter ~ Pikey! Hopefully, in the future of next gen there will be some games to match some of your graphics expectations.

Paragraph structure. Dragon Force. George Carlin. Golf. Microsoft idiocy. Yes, this letter covers just about everything. Well, everything except for the Egyptian tourism industry.

Zdrast-ye Tovarisch Matt,

I must ask a serious, very serious, question prior to any further ruminations on the world of RPGs. I know this is not necessarily your field of expertise but I'm running low on options other than a call to Microsoft's help center (and if you're a Mac user I'm in trouble). Lately my computer has taken to having the entire toolbar frozen. The icons left of the clock and right of the tabs indicating open windows seem to be unfrozen but cannot be affected by anything I do, and everything aside from those icons is completely immutable. This seems to start when I'm mucking about in My Computer and feel like using the 'Folders' command, whereupon the My Computers window frequently gives me an endless loading hourglass and the toolbar refuses any input whatsoever. As the only solution is to turn the machine off without shutting down, I feel resolving the situation promptly is imperative. Ideas, please?


Frequently, you say, but not all the time? That's a little bit bizarre. Generally, no, I'm not an expert in this area of computerror, since I usually run crying to my nearest friend for help as soon as my OWN computer decides to barf on me.

I'm sure that calling up Microsoft couldn't be a bad idea, unless you can manage to look up the problem somehow online without a software spaz. I'm sure that they have dozens of representatives ready and waiting for you. They'll probably be more than happy to hear about your problem, since it's actually a real one and they're probably used to middle-aged yuppie ladies calling in asking what in the world "double click" means.

Otherwise, I'm sure that re-installing Windows would clear up the problem, though that might be a bit drastic. I always love having a beautiful, pristine, good-as-new computer to work with! The pain of backing up all of your essential files is sometimes worth that glorious feeling. In any event, best of luck with that!

And now - slightly less serious fare (if my computer stops working altogether the serious fare will probably send me into a spiral of hate). I can't really account for the completionist streak in me, just that when games give me the ability to collect bonus content I really like seeing that 100% marker. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones was easy to collect all the support conversations in; just enter the Tower of Valni and wait around. It was much harder to do in the first English Fire Emblem. I had to gather a few C level conversations for everybody prior to the 2-part final chapter and collect everything that way. Oh, and if you're in the mood for a true challenge try Hector Hard Mode in Fire Emblem. I'll save a truly embarrassing story from my play of that mode for another day, but I understand even one of the most challenging things I've ever played through pales next to what Fire Emblem 5 in particular had to offer. To be feared are the players who have managed its conquest.


Sounds exciting! I'm definitely going for the 100% on my first trip through The Sacred Stones, but I'm sure that I'll go bananas and attack my DS in frustration somewhere along the way. I figure that if I've already had to restart one chapter twice, things probably won't get much easier from hereon in. And you know what? I LOVE IT! HAHA!

Dragon Force 2 thoughts clearly appeal more to the people who have played 1 (as opposed to bidding and selling it on eBay endlessly). It is my understanding that Dragon Force 1 was actually released on Sega's budget remake line for the PS2 in Japan - but that Sony didn't want an English version released. Is it true? I have no way of ascertaining. I do believe DF2 warrants a rereleased version also.


Yes, yes, that sounds about correct. According to Wikipedia, Dragon Force was indeed remade for the Playstation 2 as a part of the "Sega Ages" series of re-releases, but it never made it across the great blue Pacific Ocean.

For anyone else wondering, since there are a lot of us, including myself, that never touched Sega systems, Dragon Force is one of the most highly-regarded Saturn RPGs. Dragon Force 2 hasn't even seen the North American light of day before, but if the re-release of the first didn't even make the translation cut, I just can't see anything more for its sequel. It's too bad, really.

I share your utopian vision of the "Way the World of RPGaming Should Be." The Wii presents the opportunity to make it so. I must temper my enthusiasm with the hard cold reality, however, that translating games of primary interest to the readers of this site for the low prices Nintendo touts the Wii as offering means little incentive to do so. Without making a random guess I have no idea how much it would cost to translate, say, Treasure Hunter G for the Super Famicom into English, but I doubt it would be made up by the Wii downloading fee. And using fan ROM translations doesn't seem workable.


Oh, I very highly doubt that any extra-old games will be localized in this day and age, because you're right: How would the effort be at all profitable for Nintendo at all? I'm interested to see, though, if Japanese games will still be available to North Americans for download. We could, in effect, play the original Final Fantasy II, III, and V... or better yet, Dragon Quest V and VI! Sure, we'd have to muck through the language, but wow... what an awesomely exciting (and legal!) opportunity!

Since I brought him into this site's subject matter, I must spread the wisdom of Carlin to the masses! What a curse it must be, to be a bisexual. Can you imagine wanting to f*** everyone you meet??? Ever watch golf on TV? It's like watching flies f***!!! 'The greatest thing since sliced bread.' So this is it, huh folks? The Great Wall of China. The f***ing pyramids, for C*****ake! Even a lava lamp. To me, is greater than sliced bread. 'Please check around your immediate seating area, for any personal belongings you might have brought on board.' Well - let's start with 'immediate seating area.' SEAT! It's a goddamn SEAT! Check around your SEAT! 'For any personal belongings.' Well what other kind of belongings are there? Public belongings? Do these people honestly think I'm going to be traveling with a fountain I stole from the park? 'You might have brought on board.' Well. I might have brought my arrow head collection. I didn't... so I'm not going to look for it!!! I'm going to look for things I brought on board!! Which would seem to increase the likelihood of my finding something, wouldn't you say?


Yep... I heard that one, too. Good old offensive Georgie. Please, all bisexual people, golfers, people affiliated with airports, bisexual golfers, bisexual people affiliated with airports, people affiliated with airports who also play golf, and people affiliated with airports who golf and happen to be bisexual: Take that last bit with a grain of salt, please. Sorry. Thanks.

Now now, JuMe... let's get back on track. What else do you have to say?

I violated a few fundamental rules of paragraphs there - but oh well. I recited all that from memory. (Non-Carlin fans may run screaming now). Okay - back to genuine RPG talk. Golden Sun 3 should have been announced in some form a long time ago and wasn't. Whyyyy? The premise was quite clear and since Alex had gotten very little screen time his motivations could have been damn near anything. Has Camelot been occupied only with Nintendo sports titles since making those games?


Oh, I don't know, but I don't understand it either. Do you remember what representatives said after Golden Sun 2 was released, too? Representatives kind of bluntly stated that "there weren't any other Golden Sun games in the works." While this doesn't really indicate that the series is over with, I remember reading those comments and getting the impression that developing the game had been a painful ordeal or something. I could definitely be wrong, but Golden Sun really caught fire as soon as it was released and made the GBA into an even bigger must-have system. It was far from my favourite game of all time, but there's no way that a sequel wouldn't experience great success. Since I thought that the end really set things up naturally for another sequel, I was surprised to hear that not one was in the works. You never know, though; things could change at a later date!

Skies of Arcadia is a great title. I know since you don't own either of the systems it appeared on you're understandably hesitant to track it down. But if ever you do own a DC or a GC, grab it. And where's THAT sequel? I suppose a little work online would find for me what Overworks has been up to lately but dinner is about to be served.

On that note, SOCK guesses: #220: c. #221: d. I hate pavement primer that gets onto my clothes and WON'T COME OFF.



Good luck getting that out, though I hope you weren't wearing anything you're particularly fond of.

As for Skies of Arcadia, it's not really clear. There was talk about a sequel awhile back, and I remember people talking excitedly about the possibility. For whatever reason, though, it seems like the project, if there ever was one, is in limbo at the very least. Hopefully, based on the success of the original, we'll see a comeback in the months and years to come.

Thanks for your letter, and have a good weekend.

What are Pokémon? Why, they're WII little creatures, of course!

Anwho Hi Matt and or MagWoren (Not a typing mistake just my horendous lisp!


No worries 'bout the lisp. As I say to my friends, I don't care what you call me, just so long as it's not insulting. ;)

My question be from the land of pokemon in the asking of have you seen the recently released video of Pokemon for the Wii. Having not the resources (or the broardband) to doenload it I wonder if it will be a TRUE pokemon RPG with ALL of the pokemon available somehow instead of a gloryfied colleseum battles that the Gamecube versions offered up! As it has been stated that it will have connectivity with Pearl and such maybe both the Wii version and the DS version will have different pokemon akin to Blue and Reds different pokemon (Sandshrew and Ekans). I pray they won't make people use there DS's for a pokedex as that would be most cruel (But innovative).


The trailer, unfortunately, only shows some coliseum style battles between a couple of pokemon trainers, with 2-on-2 pokemon formation, so I don't know how hopeful it is for the Wii title to be more like the titles of the GB generation.

Possibly, the connectivity with the DS will just allow a person to transfer captured pokemon to and from the Wii game to the DS game, but more details are needed for that type of speculation!

Again, this article, as I mentioned above, has some talk of DS as a usable controller for the Wii.

220: (A) Hast thou any proof, for if not then be gone scurvy cur, lest my sword cleave your head from yon shoulders (Nice addition no?).
221: D

And the beat goes on. Bainick, I feel like going SWIMMING somewhere right now. Isn't that random and strange? I don't understand myself.

Oh and i've given up on Ouro's points due to ineptness for daytime soapies and the fact I spent an hour getting it wrong yesterday!


Never give up! You never know how many people are getting the questions right or wrong, and we won't know until it's over, unless Matt feels like divulging said information. Keep up the good work, Bainick!


Indeed! With only 4 chances this week, too, there really isn't that much opportunity for anyone to gain much of an insurmountable lead. I'll let you know if we have a winner next Tuesday; otherwise, this side contest shall continue onward until we do have one!

Just don't fast-forward through THIS letter, at least.

Don't even get me started on people who just hit x x x x x x skipping text. My loser friend would scroll through text as fast as he could and then get stuck, finally he would call me and ask me where he should go next. How the hell should I remember, I beat that game years ago, but hey, what are you gonna do, some people are just dumb.


Of course. Some people just don't have the patience, but I argue that those should be the people that are bigger fans of shorter-attention-span-requiring games, like sports games or racers. Not that there's anything WRONG with those genres, of course.

I once made the mistake of inviting a friend (not one of my "usual" gaming friends) over to see an RPG, though I can't remember exactly which one it was; it could have been Final Fantasy VII, but for some reason, I don't think it was. In any event, he was one of those people that evidently didn't care about anything that anyone had to say, so it was also the last time I invited him to play. :P

Here's a fond memory I have related to RPG's concerning two player RPG's, Final Fantasy 6 on the PSX to be exact. My friend and I both owned copies of the game. Somehow my friend managed to turn on the two player function without his knowledge, maybe he was tired, maybe the menu screwed up on him, who knows. But the next time he loaded his game he had the weirdest error. He could start the game fine, wonder around the world map fine, but once he got into a battle he could choose an action with his first character, but the game kinda jammed on the second. He could still run away, but that was it. Hmm. Eventually he bought my copy convinced it was a disc error, when he still failed in his attempts to play he was convinced it was a corrupt file. I think it took him like a year to finally figure out he had the second character switched to the second player controller. Ahhh Good Times.


Ugh, what an unfortunate disaster of a port. Since the Playstation was theoretically a more powerful system than the Super Nintendo, you'd think that with a little bit of effort, they could have had the game run smoothly and fantastically, but with new errors, horrible load times, and gruesomely manipulated music, this excuse for a re-release made me want to cry. Hopefully we see better for the Game Boy Advance by the end of this year!

Well this is Question and Answer, so I guess I should stop rambling and out with a question. Hmmmm, who would win in a fight, Robocop or the Terminator. Likewise, who would win in a fight, Spider-man or The Ring, meaning that if Spider-man watched the video from the movie the ring, would he succomb to it's curse.....I think that's enough out of me



Terminator, all the way. Since they always show the sequel on TV, I had never seen the original until last year, when they decided to air it on TMN or some similar station while I was at home with the family. Have you ever seen the Terminator in skeletal form near the end of that movie? Jeez. With that claymation-style frame-by-frame movement, I think Robocop would just explode in either fear or humour (or some strange combination of both).

Remember the story about my printer in first-year that gave me a heart? I don't remember if I ever told that one... but read this anyway!

Here are my feelings on the PSP versus the DS: I firmly believe that the DS - not only the developers, but the MACHINE ITSELF - loves you. It loves you, it loves me; it loves us all.


Ah! I'm so happy to know that it loves us! Affectionate hardware is so hard to come by these days... Yes, I'm looking at you my lagging PS2...

And it proves its love for us by providing not just one, but SEVERAL interesting twists on handheld gaming: the microphone, the touch screen, the FREE wireless play (and all that it implies), and even the dual screens themselves.

It proves its love further by providing, in addition to the unavoidable gimmicky games that force themselves to make uninspired use of the system's features, remarkable and innovative games that make full and intuitive use of the variety that such a system provides. I'm thinking of games like Trauma Center, or Animal Crossing (mostly for the wireless), or Mario Kart (again, for the wireless), or Lost in Blue, or Warioware Touched, or even Phoenix Wright. Hell, even Brain Age.


I have to say, the DS is worth it just for Mario Kart with Wireless support. I don't know how many evenings I have sat challenging people (and mostly losing): friends, strangers, dip wads that hop off before the lose...

Oh, and as if that weren't enough, the damn thing is backward compatible. No matter what that jackass from Microsoft had to say on the subject, backward compatibility = awesome. And if you have the good sense to let people play their old games on your new system, or to keep your old system alive and viable for those who never had a GBA (like me, for example), then that puts you far ahead of the game. That's not only a smart business practice, it's a damn nice thing to do for gamers, especially those of us who missed out on the GBA.


Backwards compatibility is what keeps me coming back for systems. You say I can still play my massive library of older games when I buy your new stuff? I'm sold!

I am sad though that the DS is not GBC or GB (old school game boys) compatible. Also, it doesn't hook up to the GameCube like the GBA. *Sigh* Guess you can't have it all. But at least it does play GBAs, cause then I can boast having a lot of RPGs that can play on the DS.

The DS loves us, and it wants us to love it. But I get no such sense of love from the PSP. So far as I can tell, the PSP does precious little to advance handheld gaming, apart from having remarkable graphics and a control stick. Both of which are wonderful, absolutely (though that control stick could use a little work, I feel). Oh, and it also has that free WiFi multiplayer, that's awesome no matter how you look at it.


From what I can tell, the PSP's gimmick is that it is supposed to be your everything portable. Everything you could ever want it to do, Sony wants it to do for you. Heck, I bet if they could swing it, Sony would attach a smoothie maker to it.

The trouble with the PSP is it's too busy trying to do things that other gadgets already do. I have an iPod. If it were a video iPod (it is not), I would have precious little reason to get a PSP. Such as it is, ALREADY have precious little reason to get a PSP, because I've yet to see a single game for the system (except maybe Liberty City Stories, which is ported to the PS2 now anyway) that would pique my interest even remotely well enough to warrant the ridiculous $250 price. Oh, and in order to take advantage of many of the system's features, you need a Memory stick, which you'll pay even more for.


There's only maybe two games I'm yearning for on the PSP, Me and My Katamari and Lumines (both Puzzle games), but neither makes the $250 price tag appealing. Even a couple of the newer RPGs are looking nice for it, but nothing short of gold plating or a price drop will get me a PSP at current market value.

And a word about its ability to play UMD movies: No. I rebuke you, PSP, for your gimmicky movie-playing ability. For charging DVD-area prices for your odd (but growing) selection of movies, to be watched on a tiny little handheld screen. I'm not even sure if those movies can be played on something that ISN'T the PSP (like a PC, for example). But if you can't, that makes it even MORE ridiculous, unless your entire movie collection is based off your PSP, and you're totally OK with that.


For your edification, UMD disks can only be played on the PSP. So, nope, no watching those movies in a PC or another player.

In addition to being a proprietary format, another thing that has always irked me about the UMD movies is the fact that Sony outright said that they were mostly concerned with translating 'guy movies' to UMD because their audience for the PSP was guys. Ouch, burned... They did eventually add two of my favorite movies to the UMD library, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, so I guess they can't be all bad.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is this: strictly from a game system standpoint, the DS wins out. It's innovative, it's really two systems in one, and it has a number of great games that actually make use of that innovation. The PSP is just a gadget that happens to play some seriously pretty games. Both are remarkable in the sense that their technology is incredible: we are playing what are essentially Playstation 1-quality games on machines that fit in our pockets. But, as handhelds, the DS loves you, and the PSP loves your money.

Both seem to be pretty lacking in the RPG department right now. But the DS has an immediate advantage, because the GBA has the best lineup of RPGs of any handheld system to date, and owning a DS gives you immediate access to that library.


And if you play other genres beyond RPGs, I would argue that the DS has a larger library of lovable games, period.

As far as the future goes, I'd say the DS has the advantage again, because the touch screen and all its other features would, if properly used, make for much more interesting RPG experiences than anything the more straightforward PSP could cook up.

Of course, I'm speaking purely hypothetically, as I have very little awareness of what titles are coming up for either system, except that the DS has FFIII and a Harvest Moon title coming up. What I mean to suggest is that the POTENTIAL for RPG greatness is much, much higher for the DS.

Assuming they don't screw it up. Because the worst thing about the DS is how easy it is to turn its awesome features into a gimmick, and crap up your game. I hope that developers don't feel the need to make the touch screen or microphone integral to their games, JUST BECAUSE IT'S THERE. If you can't think of a good use for it, DON'T USE IT! We don't need to be popping out the stylus every thirty seconds to enjoy a game.


Gimmicks are bad, but you know someone, somewhere out there is going to do it. Hopefully, it will be limited to the inexperienced developers and not our beloved major developers. Though blowing up balloons with the mic in Mario Kart is boarder-line gimmicky.

I also wish they'd stop coming up with cutesy-clever uses for the letters "DS" in their game titles. Lunar: Dragon Song? Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow?
Just stop it!

Actually, just stop making Lunar games altogether; they weren't all that great to begin with.


-TV's Adam


Heh, I still have not had the dubious honor of playing any of the Lunar games, though one of the ports for the PSX is sitting on my shelf staring at me, so no worries about ducking me.

Thanks for the letter, hon!

Mwahahaha... that's me! The CONSTRUCTOR, with an O.

Hey Matt

As much as I hate to let go of first place, I've decided that I'd like to go ahead and trade in my points for a co-host position. The loot's nice (Arc the Lad is rather tempting), but co-hosting isn't something I can get to do anywhere else, whereas if I want loot there's always Ebay, right?


Ohohoho, others are gonna be maaaaad at you! For some strange reason, three different contestants held off until TODAY to trade their points in for co-hosting positions, but there was only one left, and you beat out Xlash by less than two hours. Prepare, all! Erika will join us in once again in... probably a couple of weeks' time!

Everyone is in the competition for a different reason, but there are all sorts of prizes, big and small, up for grabs, and I'm more than happy to give it all away. There's word on the street that we might see a PAL title on the SOCK shelf sometime in the future, too... the point is, though, that if you work at it, I think there is an awesome chance that you could have something nice sent your way. It's the least I can do for loyal readers. ^_^

Meanwhile you know how you said in a recent column that until not long ago your were working on an RPG of your own? Is it just me or is SOCK itself is starting to look like an RPG what with all the new items and, in particular, the status ailments (I'm particularly impressed by by the "Dark" status; that's wonderfully evil.)? Hmmm... This would, of course, make all us competitors characters (or pawns perhaps...) within said RPG. And naturally that would leave you as the evil overlord plotting our collective demise......

Hmmm..... Well....


So here are tonight's SOCK answers:

a) Hast thou any proof?

d) Thwomp

Bonus Question #3
j) The Legend of Zelda (I remember seeing this and your comment that they seemed rather unhappy with their jobs. Heh-heh.)



Well, of course! I have to channel my creativity somewhere, even if it is through random day-to-day trivia. I can't wait for things to heat up once more spells and items get fired back and forth. Uwaaaahhahaha! <3

Does anyone have any other ideas for the competition? Let me know if you think of anything ultra-diabolical, and you never know... you might see your idea incorporated into my twisted game one day!

Warning: Many spoilers for various games prevalent. Proceed with caution!

Heyo Matto,

I've been reading everyone's letters about favorite RPG moments so I thought I might contribute. Like Bigwook (6/08/06) I have several, but I'll try to keep a couple of them relatively short.


Worry not! Run on as long as you like, neither Matt nor I would have the heart to cut you off, especially reminiscing.

1) In Dragon Quest VIII, when the Argonian King is describing Princess Medea to Prince Charmless in an attempt to motivate him. Jessica's reaction to the whole "Va-Va-Voom" moment is classic, especially if you talked to a lot of people in Alexandria ( i.e. the little girl who doesn't understand the term) and Port Prospect (Jessica's often described as "a sailor's dream").


You know, I really should pick up a copy of DQ VIII one of these days. I keep hearing good things about the game somewhere, though I don't remember where.

looks innocent

2) I don't know if you've ever played Tales of Symphonia, but the final battle is fantastic. Not only is it fun, but if you actually listen carefully when the boss has lost half his HP, you'll here him and Lloyd argue. I think that combined with the action-oriented battle system made the small moment very memorable to me. It's like telling the story through battle, something that I haven't often seen in games.


I have played a bit of ToS, but I have not completed it yet. I rented it once to see how I liked it, and decided to pick it up recently. Now I'll have to move it up on my backlog list, just so I can hear the argument.

I do, however, love how Colette always leaves holes in the walls in her shape everywhere she goes. Nothing like leaving a lasting impression on your journey to being the Chosen One.

3) The "Yuna's Sending" moment from FFX really is superb. It's just such a simple and elegant scene, I can watch it over and over again in the theater.


It is a very lovely and, dare I say, moving scene. My uncle was the first to encounter the Sending cut scene, and he had to back up to his last save and show everyone it. Even just hearing the song track for the scene brings it to mind for me.

Oh, and can I talk about my least favorite moment? I'm sure I'm not alone in absolutely abhorring the "love scene" at the lake in FFX; you know the one, where Tidus and Yuna drift underwater for like five minutes of tedium. Gah! That couldn't be over soon enough to suit me.


That, my friend, is what we call a 'popcorn moment'. A point in a game or movie where it is appropriate to go refill snacks/drinks because nothing of importance happens for several minutes. Think of it as the 7th inning stretch.


Hey- try having your dad walk in from doing big, manly farmwork outside just as you get to that movie sequence! Don't tell me it's abhorrable until your parents start looking at you funny for playing mushy games. I've only been more embarrassed once, and that happened when family members and friends overheard Yuna "Na-na-na!"-ing as a Songstress in X-2. AHHHH!

It wasn't until later that it actually became somewhat enjoyable. A few months ago I was talking to my girlfriend's brother about the game and I brought up how much I hated that scene. Well, my girlfriend was curious about it so her brother played the movie in the game's theater. When it was over, my girlfriend said something about Yuna's panties being wet and I started laughing my ass off. Oh, sexual innuendo is funny.


Nice. Sometimes all it takes is a new mind set to get you through a once tedious game or section of game. I know some people who were irritated with FFX just because of Tidus's character. I showed them a cut scene from Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, where Ratchet (who is voiced by the same actor that voices Tidus) dances around doing a cheesy 'risque' dance going Um chicka, um chicka, um chicka... Now they have no problem with Tidus, cause all they see is him doing the same routine.

Anyway, keep up the great work!

~ The Irish Ninja


I'll pass on your regards to Matt. Thanks for the letter!


PHEW! That went well, didn't it? MagRowan, thanks for yet another fantastic job! I swear that if something ever happened to me, you could do very well to fill my shoes.

What, poetry? Again? Come on, you're killing me.

~Welcome to this spot
I never know what to say
So I write haiku~



***Answers to June 7th's Questions***

#220. a) Hast thou any proof? - 340 points (a question that hearkens back to Dragon Warrior 1; it's a quote from a townsperson in Brecconary)

#221. d) Thwomp - 275/550 for JokingChimer (thanks for the submission! Thwomps never appear as combatable foes in the original Mario RPG)

Bonus: j) The Legend of Zelda - 1 Star

***Today's New Questions***

Reader-Submitted #222: According to the instruction manual, if the secret love between Cid and Yuffie ever came to fruition and produced a love child what are the possibilities for that childs blood type? (300 points)

a) A, AB
b) B, AB
c) A, B, AB, O
d) AB
e) A, B, AB

MagRowan's #223: Blue mimics are a pain to beat when not properly equiped or leveled, but blue chests hold the best treasures. How can you tell a Blue Mimic from a real Blue Chest? (350 points)

a) The top bands are slightly thicker than those on a real chest
b) The mimic has a slightly more yellow tint in its coloring
c) The mimic will follow you when you get close while the chest remains stationary.
d) Mimics have no light reflection lines on their lid
e) There is no reliable way to tell the difference between blue chests and mimics.

Yikes! Tough questions, these are.

Only one more day remains in the SOCK bonus challenge! There is a link hidden somewhere in this column that will bring you to a secret question, and the person who has accumulated the most stars after this column will be granted Ouro's 2,094 points! If there is a tie, though, the extra questions will continue into next week, where someone will win by sudden death- as soon as someone is alone in the lead, they will be granted the pointage! Goooood luck!

Oh, and a message to CAP. For some reason, I don't think you're getting my e-mail messages!! I've been asking you about items for the last week or week and a half, so check your Spam folders to make sure my replies aren't being eaten up. I need to know what items you want! Thank you!

SOCK's Item List

*You may obtain these items upon reaching the listed point benchmarks!*

2,000 points: Your choice of Fire Spell (1 left) or Point Halver (1 left)
3,500 points: Your choice of Blizzard Spell (2 left) or Sneak Glove (1 left)
5,000 points: Your choice of Esuna Spell (2 left) or Dark Converter (1 left)
7,000 points: Your choice of Mithril Armor (3 left) or Damage Deflector (3 left)
10,000 points: Your choice of Ultra Sneak Glove (1 left) or Confuse Spell (2 left)
14,000 points: Your choice of Blizzara Spell (2 left) or Annoying Curse (2 left)
19,000 points: Your choice of Rename Card (2 left) or Vanish Spell (2 left)

Click Here For Item Descriptions and Contest Rules!

SOCK's Prize Shop

*You may SPEND points here in order to obtain any of the following prizes- new ones may appear at any time*

2,000 points: Matt's Mom's Cookie Compilation- 6 fantastic recipes right out of Matt's mom's amazing kitchen! Yours, upon request. (5 left)

4,000 points: Intro Paragraph Cameo- If you feel like having a piece of Q&A all to yourself for a day, but you're not up for answering a bunch of questions, this option might be just for you! Say the word, and the Intro Paragraph is yours to do whatever you want with for a day. (5 left)

15,000 points: Nintendo Wii Canvas Carrying Bag- It's simple and white, with blue print, and two drawstrings; I picked this up while waiting in the nigh-infinitely long line to play Nintendo's new console at E3 2006. If you'd like it, I'll mail it to you free of charge! (1 left)

15,000 points: Pokémon 10th Anniversary game case- Not as special as it sounds, but useful for carrying up to 4 DS games or 2 DS games and 2 Game Boy Advance games. Translucent plastic with a silver Pikachu and print on the front. (1 left)

15,000 points: Bonus Cohost Opportunity- I like giving these out because I don't have to pay for shipping. (3 left)

20,000 points: Cohost Opportunity #4- It might sound like a lot, but it'll be here before you know it. Your next chance to reign over Q&A with yours truly. (5 left)

22,000 points: Slime Keychain Dangler- Fresh from the Square Enix booth at E3 2006, this cute little guy can be yours. (1 left)

22,000 points: Slime Snail Keychain Dangler- Anyone remember Slime Snails from Dragon Warrior III? I managed to snag one of these, too. Strut with Dragon Quest pride!! (1 left)

25,000 points: Full Host Opportunity #1- This is it. Write your own Q&A section, without having me interrupt, break in, or steal your sunshine. Be RPGamer's new idol for a day! (1 left)

30,000 points: Nintendo DS Lite Carrying Case- This won't quite fit old-model DS handhelds, but it's lightweight and flashy. White and black with an extra zippered pocket for carrying games, and a hook to attach to clothes, backpacks, or whatnot. I received this at Nintendo's Pre-E3 Media Briefing. (1 left)

30,000 points: Your choice of Megaman X4, X5, or X6 for the PSX. If you're into the Megaman series as much as I am, and you don't own any of these, I don't need them any more, now that I have purchased the collection. You can take your pick, and I'll send it to you in the mail with a handwritten note of congratulations from myself. They aren't RPGs, for sure, but I'm working on it for the future. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (3 left)

50,000 points: Suikoden for the PSX. Play the game that started off the entire series! Josh was generous enough to donate this exciting prize, so it would be cool to send this to a good and loving home. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (1 left)

100,000 points: Arc the Lad Collection, for the PSX. Donated by ~Sean~~, so thank him! This collection contains four RPGs from an often-overlooked series. If you can get to 100,000 first, you can call this your own. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (1 left) *********************************************************

That wraps it up for my four days this week, but don't stop now! Ouro will be taking over tomorrow for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday's columns, and he's got plenty of fun in-store, especially with a recently-unveiled game of his own!

From myself to all of you, I wish you a fantastic weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday!
***Matt has another busy weekend in store himself!

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*yawn* I hate the fact that my professor, Herb, is wanting me to come into campus to chat TWICE a week now. It's so annoying to have to worry about always getting something done, just because I feel the need to impress him. Ooh... wait. Perhaps that's the point. Hmm.


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