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Baby Kaboomers May 26, 2006

Michael Cunningham - 17:10 EST

GREETING FELLOW Q&A READERS, this is Macstorm reporting in. Like Ouro, your weekend host, I'm also an editorialist on staff here at RPGamer. I want to invite you on behalf of the eds staff to feel free to read some of our wonderful editorials. In order to co-host with good old Matt, I had to play the game just like the rest of you. He wouldn't let me cheat, regardless of how much I offered him. Matt may not know this, but he's the reason I applied to become staff here. His unique insight and extreme knowledge of RPGs was inspiring, even if he is wrong about things from time to time. *cough*FFXII*cough* Well, if you want to know a little more about me, I won't waste anymore space about it since you can check out my bio here.

I'm sad that I had no letters that would let me share my excitement about FFXII with you all, but I guess we've beaten that into the ground ever since the demo that came with Dragon Quest VIII. We've got some great letters today, so forget about me and let's get to the truly important people around here... the Q&A letter writers.

You can have the padded room right next to me.

I'm on a Livejournal community for girl gamers, and one of the posters mentions that Squeenix


Squee! *yay eds!*

wants to make FFVII and FFXIII a...bloody hell, I'm going to quote it.


Cor Blimey! Don't tease me, just do it!

"Square Enix views both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII as 20-year projects." (It was quoted from The Magic Box in a posting for FFXIII)


First off, I don't tend to put a ton of faith in what I read on The Magic Box. What's it a magic box of anyways, random ideas that they pull out of thin air? That's about all I've ever seen inside that magic box of theirs.

20 year projects, eh? Well, if I hadn't seen what they've been doing for FFVII, I wouldn't believe this. However, with the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII coming to pass right now, it seems feasible. But for SE to state that the Fabula Nova Crystallis project will span 20 years seems really ambitious. If this were to be true, it really seems like they're putting a lot of faith and money into a series way too early in the game. I can understand the FFVII compilation. I mean really, look at the extreme love that people have for FFVII. Do they really expect FFXIII to have the same kind of following? Not unless some of the pieces of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project come to systems other than the P$3 and the horrid arena of mobile phone gaming.

Look, it's been almost 10 years since FFVII was out, and we had a 10th anniversary celebration a little early, mmkay, but please, seriously, I don't want to be going "kyaa!" when they release Sequel 3,568 when I'm in my late 30's.


*takes current age*
*adds 20 to that*
*plus 2+ years for development*
*thinks he might be dead before they finish the project*

I wonder if they are taking development time in that 20 year timeframe? Seems like they've been working on FFXII that long and it's still not out in the US yet.

As for FFXIII, well, we'll just have to wait and see, shall we, especially since they've decided to release the games all at once rather than stretch them out.


They haven't got anything completely set in stone for releasing these as of yet, so they still have room for some spacing between titles. Though it is likely to be on a similar timeline to FFX to FFX-2 instead of FFVII's 9-10 year gap.

I'd say more but I've got to prepare for Anime Boston this weekend. I will be taking pictures like a crazy lady dressed as a librarian with a photographic memory that takes pictures.



Have fun in the padded room afterwards. You might be lucky and get a cool jacket with long sleeves while you're at it. Oh, and do share the pictures!

My oddest-tasting writer strikes again!

Hey there Matt! 'Tis I, the fruit-flavored poultry product again, Strawberry Eggs!

There's still quite a buzz about E3, but most things I would've to say before were already said by everyone else (thought on the PS3's price, the Wii, etc.) However, I thought I'd at least voice my opinion on a few games.


You're right! That's definitely been a hot topic lately, and so I've tried my best to vary the mix in every day's column while saving some "different" letters for future editions. I only hope the topic isn't becoming "tired", if you know what I mean. I hate it when topics fall asleep on me...

One game that did surprise me was the upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. I had heard of the DS version of FFCC, but it never occurred to me that they would come out with a new game for the Wii! I know that a lot of people didn't like the first game, but I actually liked it. I can chalk it up to several factors though: 1) I never played an FF game before, so I had nothing to compare it to 2) I have a game-loving younger sister so I rarely played by myself 3) I have quite a few friends with GBAs, all they needed were the cable links 4) I was blown away by the gorgeous music and still listen to the OST often. ^^ Either way, I'm very excited about this one. More than likely they'll leave out the admittedly annoying extra connections and this one may have more of a story to it (I actually kind of liked that the full brunt of the story didn't hit you until the end of the game though).


You know, I really wasn't fond of the original Crystal Chronicles at all. The gameplay was repetitive, and while the idea of four people playing and having to communicate with each other in real-time was novel and really exciting, the equipment requirement was rather steep.

However, maybe this is Square Enix working its graphical wizardry on me, but the new title at least looks absolutely phenomenal. Sure, we don't know how the gameplay will work exactly at this time, but we can only assume that they'll learn from some of their mistakes. Square Enix might be infuriating at times, but the people that work there aren't stupid.

Children of Mana is looking interesting too. I enjoyed Sword of Mana and heard quite a bit about the rest of the Seiken Densetsu series, so I have a feeling I'm going to really like this one. I have to admit, while I played exactly one game in each series from start to finish, I find the Seiken Densetsu series to be more appealing to me to Final Fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I still plan on checking out the re-releases/remakes of I-VI, but I'm more excited about playing Children of Mana and downloading Secret of Mana on the Wii. Maybe it's because the artwork and graphics are more anime or animated-like than the more realistic Final Fantasy (especially the more recent games) and there seems to be something more whimsical in the Mana world than the darker tone I feel and heard in the FF games. I realized that I seem to prefer RPGs that are more light-hearted and humorous with anime or cartoon-like art style. That would certainly explain my love of Tales of Symphonia, the Mario RPGs, Sword of Mana, Skies of Arcadia and Earthbound.


And that kind of RPG is definitely more appealing to some people than to others. I take it you're not a fan of Shin Megami Tensei? ;)

All of the new Mana games look absolutely wonderful. Between Children of Mana for the DS, whose demo was a lot of fun, and Dawn of Mana for the PS2, which looks so cool, this series' fans have a lot to look forward to. The Wii's ability to download all of these older games is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Speaking of Earthbound, even though it wasn't shown at E3, I'm still hopeful that we'll see a release in North America. After all, they were announcing that Earthbound 64 would be released here up until the whole game was canceled. Hopefully by now NOA has seen that Earthbound has quite a following despite its lackluster sale in the past. Perhaps the only reason Mother 1 + 2 wasn't released was because of the Earthbound 0 ROM available everywhere. Of course I could be wrong and we'll all be seriously disappointed, but let's think positive people!


Well, it's good to be an optimist, but realistically, I don't know if it's going to happen. I'd guess that a bigger reason is (unfortunately) that with the DS catching fire in the western world, putting out a big title for the GBA might serve as a distraction of some sort. Nintendo wants to pump all of its power into the DS right now, because that's what Sony's PSP is in the midst of combat with right now. Of course, I don't know that that's the reason... perhaps the creators of the games just unfairly despise North Americans. Either way, it sucks for those of us who have waited patiently for the last ten years.

Before I end this letter, I felt like mentioning something I recently heard about EB/Mother: Have you heard about what Shigesato Itoi, creator of Earthbound said in an interview about Giygas, the last boss? Apparently the things he/it says during the battle were influence by a childhood trauma he experience when he accidentally walked into an adult movie theatre! Oo Now take a goo look at what Giygas says during the battle: "It hurts, Ness" "I feel...g...o...o...d..." "It's not right...not right...not right..."

Kind of makes you look at the game in a "different" way, don' it? @_@

Anyway, I think I stretched this letter long enough. Bye for now and thanks for reading

--Strawberry Eggs


Ooh... that is really weird, but I guess it could make sense in a scary sort of way. Don't tell a certain JT, or he might try and accuse Nintendo of attempting to indoctrinate our youth with evil lewditude. I wonder if the weirdly-drawn background of the final battle in Earthbound could represent anything strange, too...

Thanks, Ms. Eggs, for your contribution! I hope to hear from you again someday soon.

When jumping bandwagons, watch for spikes!

Since the price for the PS3 was announced, and the capabilities of it, I have been looking solely at getting a 360.


You are not alone in that my dear reader. Well, replace "getting a 360" with getting a Wii and a 360 and still having money left

The only reason I've stuck with Sony in the past was because of the FF series and the systems were usually pretty good (my ps1 never had a problem, ps2 broke, and now my ps2 slimline has been working flawlessly). Gotta love the backwards compatibility and the dvd features. But, the PS3 just doesn't seem worth it.


I've never had any problems with either my PS1 or my PS2. Both still work today. Backwards compatibility is always a plus. I've stuck with Sony for many of the same reasons as you. The main Final Fantasy series being a big part, but the Playstation RPG library has heavily outweighed anything Nintendo and Microsoft have been able to do recently.

As far as the PS3 being worth it, I can't say it's worth $500 or $600. Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid are must have games for me and as long as they are coming out solely on the PS3, I will probably buy a PS3, but not until I have to. I will not be happy when I do it either.

And, here's why... Mistwalker. The company formed by former Squaresoft/Enix veteran Hironobu Sakaguchi. The games he's announced haven't seen much news yet, but Blue Dragon is enough to make me seriously want an Xbox 360. I mean, if you put Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama (of DBZ fame), and Nobuo Uematsu into one game, you're bound to get something that could decimate the sales of whatever FF it is up against.


Well that does seem like a veritable dream team doesn't it? The thing is Blue Dragon is going to have to show me a lot more before I'm ready to jump on board with the 360. It may end up being one of the greatest RPGs ever, but with a new title like this it will take a lot more information before I'd be willing to say that it could even stand up to the Final Fantasy series, let alone decimate it.

Plus, Square-Enix has been really disappointing lately with their sequel/prequel frenzy and major lack of originality. So, where is the future of the great RPGs headed? My prediction says Xbox.

Kain V.


Square-Enix really has been spin-off happy lately. I could do without all of the FFVII games. I'd rather see them take shots at something like Final Fantasy Tactics 2 or other unique games. Heck, give other games in the series spin-offs before you give one game four of them.

I wish I could agree with you about the future of great RPGs heading to the 360. I'm afraid the answer is good and bad for gamers. With Sony putting themselves out of reach of many gamers, the future of great RPGs will be spread across the spectrum this time around. The Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PS3 will all be getting great RPGs this time around. Sony will not be the one stop shop any longer, but they will still have a piece of the more evenly distributed pie. This means that all consoles will be getting something in the way of RPGs, but people that want them all will have to have every system.

A different kind of bandwagon-jumping

Hello Matt.Semi-long time reader, first time writer.

I probably will get a PS3, but not at launch date. I rarely get consoles at their launch date, because most of the time, there aren't many games that I want to justify buying a couple hundred dollar doorstop, beacause that is the only useful purpose it would serve.


From the looks of it, that's what most people are saying, according to the latest RPGamer poll. This should be alarming to people at Sony, because unlike yourself, a lot of these people WOULD have bought one right off the bat if pricing weren't an issue. What are they going to do in the meantime? Twiddle their thumbs and wait for Sony? Highly doubtful; they're going to go out and play games that they can afford to play. This is why Sony is destined for a loss in market share unless something *nutso* occurs (and, of course, such a thing could very well happen).

I almost have a sneaking suspicion that they'll announce a surprise price-drop or make some other jaw-dropping announcement in the coming weeks. Remember last year, when they showed off their "amazing new controller design", and the response was so negative that they came back a few weeks later and said "don't get panicked!! That's not the FINAL idea!" Sony has bent to public pressure before, and the pricing issue has obviously become a major one as well. Will they deal with this, too?

I remember reading that you said that you wouldn't mind having save points in real life. I know an even better feature than that! How about getting all the money that you aquire in a game, and being able to transfer that amount into your bank account?

Well, onto the sock!

# 204. b

# 205. b

That all for me.



And welcome to the SOCK, my friend! It's good to have a new writer, and you're a good example for everyone else to follow. For others who may be pondering it, don't be afraid to write in or get involved with the competition, because there's lots of fun to be had, and some neat prizes to be won.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if I made all of the money obtained from RPG playing, not only would I not have to be in grad school right now, but I wouldn't ever have to worry about work, either! In FFIV's final area, at more than $60,000 per battle, you could play the game for five minutes ONCE a year and be set for the rest of your days. Or, you could play more than that and become a crazy spendaholic. :)

Thanks for writing in! I hope to hear more from you one day, and I wish you much luck in my twisted contest.


I'm getting sortof sick of you ragging on FF7 PC all the time. If you had a problem with how the music sounded in the game I'm pretty sure it was your fault not the games.

I will give you a short lesson on how Midid work. They are essentaially sheet music. They simply say which notes to play and when. The actual sound for the music comes from a seperate pack that assigns specific sounds to each note. If FF7 sounded bad it was because you didn't install the sound pack and the soft synth(which is a yamama product that smooths out the sounds of midis and allows easy switching of sound packs.

The sound pack for FF7 was actually quite large.. if I remember correctly it was around 4 megs. Because assigned to some notes were full sound clips for the chanting in one winged angel and such. But it still allowed for faster load times.. because instead of loading 1 meg music files every time you entered an area or battle or what not it only had to load a 50k midi file because the sound pack is always stored in memory.


Thanks, but I'm fully aware of how MIDI works, and I had the Yamaha sound pack installed. And even so, the music, which was one of my favourite parts of the original game, was clearly inferior to the music found in the PSX version, and significantly so. I asked around to make sure I wasn't hallucinating while playing the game, and everyone else on the RPGamer staff agrees with me.

Also, I think I've mentioned Final Fantasy VII PC about twice, ever, in my column. I hardly think that that's "all the time", though I admit it's possible I could have blocked some of those instances from my memory.

So if you would please stop ragging on a game because you weren't smart enough to set up the sound properly it would be appreciated. Hearing you whine about it all the time is like hearing my one friend always complain that his car stereo sounds like crap because he plays his music too loud and blew the speakers.

The pc version had improved graphics as long as you had a decent video card. So how is a game with better graphics less load time worse?


Games aren't just about graphics and load time, my friend. Not only did I have problems with the music, but during one of the key movie sequences, the game would inevitably crash on me for no reason whatsoever. After spending altogether too much time on tech support trying to find out why, I discovered that it was a very common glitch in the port that many people with certain graphics cards were having. What was Eidos' suggested solution? They offered me someone else's saved game, downloadable from their website. Excuse me? That is NOT a solution... that is a horrible excuse for outright laziness to avoid having to fix a bug that shouldn't have been there in the first place. When I play a game, I want to be able to play it and enjoy it; not have to spend hours on the phone only to have to play someone else's file and be disappointed by the music any time in-between. Sure, the graphics might have been nice, but these other issues were just too significant for me to gloss over, and I'm sure you would have agreed if you were in my shoes.

Another issue I want to address: Many people who write into this column disagree with me on some of the things I write about. Do you see any of them being patronizing or belittling? Do any of them call me "not smart enough" when they have a contrasting opinion? No, they don't; they maintain a level of respect and maturity. The last thing I would do is insult my readers, and I would only expect the same in return. While I appreciate you writing in with your concerns, I would ask that you use a less offensive tone for next time, if there ever is one.

Anyway, what does everyone else think? Am I wrong in my judgment of the PC port of Final Fantasy VII? It seems to me that there is a multitude of people out there who would back my opinion up, but I could be wrong! What about that of Final Fantasy VIII (something I consider to be one of the worst RPG disappointments I've ever had)?

Mmm... ice cream.

Hi Matt.


Hi. Oh wait, I'm not Matt. Well, hello regardless.

I have no idea what system I'll be getting in the next generation. I can't really afford more than one console...


No kidding. Money these days is tough to come by.

I'll probably not get a 360 because MS are evil (I'm writing this in WinXP, but on Firefox.) :)


MS is evil?!?

*wonders if his computer is possessed*

Just kidding.


Now you tell me. AFTER I threw Holy Water on my PC and called for an old priest and a young priest.

The real reason is that there aren't enough interesting games, for me, on it. The Wii looks cheap and fun but the PS3 is more powerful. Since I own about zero console games that are not RPGs I guess it'll come down to the quality and quantity of them on each console. One thing I'm happy about is the region-free PS3. That really raises my hopes for compatibility of imported online games from the US with my PAL surroundings.


Very true. The past does weigh heavily on us. The Playstation has been a staple for RPGamers for a couple of generations now. The Xbox and GameCube were so dry, it's tough to but 100% faith in them to rescue us no matter how much we may want to.

The fact that the PS3 is region free is one major plus for it especially for the PAL community. It seems like PAL gamers are always getting the short end of the stick, so this could be a big boost for them.

As for games from E3, Rogue Galaxy looks gorgeous, I'm definitely getting that when it comes out. I'll also get XG:Ep. 3 to complete the series. You know, I didn't like action RPGs several years ago (mostly because I have the instincts of a sleepy armadillo) but they've really grown on me.


Rogue Galaxy had really flown under my radar until just recently. I like the fact that they are going with a more FFXII-ish battle system. Standard turn-based battles have gotten rather stale lately, so for me, change is good.

Episode 3, the finale of the Xenosaga is nearing. I'm not looking forward to playing through it as I've found both of the prior Xenosaga's to be lacking in the battle system department. They pale in comparison to Xenogears. I do want to see how things play out. I love just still down and watching the story unfold. Some would complain about that, but I enjoy the story. Oh well.

BTW, someone asked about what good games to get - I really enjoyed Radiata Stories and I'm enjoying Suikoden V. RS has 177 characters to get and Suikoden has 108, so the playing-hours to money-spent ratio is pretty high.


Yes indeed. I've heard nothing but great things about both of those games. I made the mistake of buying two other more "mainstream" games that shall remain nameless and have regretted it ever since. Not that I don't like Disney, but some things just need more depth. Doh! I gave one of them away. I would put both of your picks above Kingdom Hearts II. It's not that the game is not award winning, but it would receive the "Most Over Rated Game" award from me.

I'm also fighting my way through Grandia III and while the battle system is most awesome, the story is so vanilla that I've almost fallen asleep during some of the dialogue. So much potential, so little to show for it. Oh well, I'm with you on this. Get Suikoden V, it's probably more than worth it.

I don't really have a question this time... I know, you can ask yourself a question. I'll even provide the question mark:


Now the answer:

See you,
Zohar Gilboa


Hmmm...what would I rather being doing right now? I would rather be asleep instead of at work. If you can really call this work. I'm doing Q&A at work after all. I'd also rather be eating ice cream, finishing Grandia III, playing New Super Mario Bros., and many other things that are not appropriate to mention at this time.


Fantastic job, Mac! You can write a serious ed, but you do Q&A rather skillfully, too. As a fellow staffer, should I be a bit worried about my own job at this point?? Hmmm... I don't want to give Master Roku any bright ideas.

Also, as for Final Fantasy XII, I want to stress that my opinions formed are simply based on the demos that I've played. Since so many people have reported touting the final Japanese version as nothing short of fantastic, I'm still fairly optimistic. It's no secret that I'd love a more traditional-feeling game, but I haven't really been disappointed too badly by Square Enix in the past, and I can only hope that the same will hold for the future.


***Answers to May 25th's Questions***

#204. b) 4 - 320 points (though I think most of you knew this, the game in question was Breath of Fire II)

#205. b) May Fly - 290 points/580 for BigWook (thanks for the submission! The reference was to Xenogears, for those who might be wondering)

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Reader Submitted #206: On the cover of the 2006 Boston Red Sox yearbook, what liquid is being poured on outfielder Coco Crisp’s head? (275 points)

a) Water
b) Gatorade
c) Beer
d) Champagne
e) Milk

Mac's #207: The first editorial I ever wrote and had published by RPGamer was... (275 points)

a) about Xbox RPGs.
b) about the Final Fantasy XII battle system.
c) about the lack of character development for supporting characters in Final Fantasy games.
d) about my love of Nobuo Uematsu and how he makes Final Fantasy games better.
e) about how stupid Square-Enix was for putting Final Fantasy XI as a numbered game in the series.

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Please, have a safe, happy, and fun weekend, and I'll be back to discuss more with you all when I return on Tuesday!
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