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Upside-Down Reverse May 23, 2006

Matt Demers - 15:19 EST

WHY IS IT THAT I can't stop talking about food? I had two different conversations with two different people last night about various food-related topics, including restaurants, favourite desserts, and "What would you make if you knew the Prime Minister would be coming over for dinner?" I went to bed starving as a result, and I'm sure that if someone asked me to go to a restaurant with them sometime soon, I'd end up spending twice as much as I'd need to. Appetizers? Absolutely. Dessert? Sure! Second dessert...? Maybe that's pushing it. Nah, maybe not. Food is *@%#ing good.

Last week was a bit of a heated debate, but I think we'll start this week out with some nice, short, sweet questions to lighten up the tone just a bit. We don't want people to kill each other over this column, after all. Well, I don't want that, anyway. I'd feel so responsible!

And so we begin:

Backlog... the eternal curse!

My question: How many games do you have in your backlog right now, and how long do you think it would take to clear them all if you didn't buy any new games? Are you still going to pick up a new console this holiday season, or will you be holding off until you've exhausted the current generation's offerings?



Well, Eakin, if I stuck it out until I finished everything from the current generation, I'd never get to play next generation's, and probably the one after that, too! To me, practical RPGaming requires some sort of pick-and-choose process. You just can't play absolutely everything and have time for work and play. I generally like to pick a couple of series I know I like and follow them through, though lately, I've been trying to acquire tastes for new experiences. This led me to play games like Wild Arms: Alter Code F and Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Sure, I didn't really like either one in the end, but at least I have a bit of knowledge for what other series are like.

I think that if I don't get a Wii for Christmas, I'll buy one for myself soon afterwards. The PS3 will be just too expensive, I'm afraid, so I might have to wait a couple of years before investing in one. Hopefully I don't miss the boat, but a man must live within his means!

What is my backlog right now? Let's see. I just finished Riviera, so Radiata Stories is a bit of a primary focus, though it's difficult to stay primarily focused on that game, thanks to the unique way it's put together. After that, I'll be really on track to dig back into some older stuff; Shadow Hearts will be first up, since I really should never have put that game on back burner to begin with, and this elusive copy of Shadow Hearts 2, if it ever gets here, should be the one to follow that! If I ever make it through both of those I just don't know what I'll do with myself! A Final Fantasy VIII replay, maybe? I figure that it'll take me easily a few months to work through the things I have planned, though, and with many new games on the way, I'm not sure I'll ever get to be "finished" my backlog. Ever. Waaaaahhh~

Bye bye boomerang!

Hey Matt!

Okay, I'm off my Nintendo kick for the time being. Now I'm curious about the Sony controller. I haven't gotten the chance to dig through all of the E3 editorials, but I was curious about who got their hands on the Playstation 3 controller. Is it really as awkward as it looks? The thing is shaped like a freakin' boomerang. Now that would be a motion sensitive controller!

Is it odd that I'm more interested in the controllers than the actual systems? It really has to eat at Sony and Microsoft's minds. And it probably would make Nintendo very, very happy. Just what they were planning.

On to Sock!

198) D. C sharp minor
199) E. Hungry



Let's just hope that Nintendo's controller lives up to the hype in the end! The ones that I played with were comfortable and very nice, not to mention nice-looking. Actually using them in games will be an experience, and hopefully a really good one, as long as developers put play control at the forefront of the list of priorities.

You may be pleased to learn that Sony took the negative sentiments about their previous design and brought back the old controller; I really couldn't tell the difference between it and a PS2 controller from a few feet away on the floor of E3. Apparently, there's some sort of motion sensor involved, as we all know, but the word on the street is that they took the rumble out. Surprised? I'm glad they got rid of the huge Spock-eyebrow handlebars, too... I have no idea where I'd store a controller shaped like that. Really.

Anyway, the controller is a very important part of a console, so it should come as no surprise to companies that such emphasis is placed on them. Hopefully, the next-generational gamble taken by Nintendo turns out to be a goodie, too.

Oh, but I saved some passion for this week, too!

Now that we have that out of the way, I also would like to share my thoughts on E3 and a few other subjects. First of all I agree that Nintendo had the best showing by far. For the first time in quite a while I am considering buying the Wii when it is released if it isn't too expensive. Though Nintendo has not released the price yet, I read somewhere that they said it will be significantly lower than the PS3, and not too significantly higher than the Gamecube on its release. So that makes me happy.


Me too. It's all speculation right now, but I'd really like to think that they'll be able to market it for $199. Right now, I think most people are debating between a $199 and $249 pricepoint, both of which are all right; I really hope that Nintendo isn't idiotic enough to go much higher than that. Because they don't have to put virtual this and giga that into brand new neo-hyperspace-age processors in the console, they should be able to get away with an affordable offering.

Also, the price on that PS3 sucker, I totally agree with you in that it is a huge slap in the face. Does Sony even realise who their target market is? 'Cause it doesn't seem like it. And in response to Flamethrower, your right. I don't have to buy it! And I'm not going to. At least not until the price drops to 250 at least, however long that will take. Another reason I'm not even thinking about buying it right now is its current line-up. The only thing that looks good (all worries as to the direction of the series aside) is FF13, but the price of buying the console and then buying the game is not worth it.


I'd love to get it, but I just can't at $660 in Canadian funds. Perhaps that's why I've been so embittered over the last week and a half; I do feel a little bit excluded, which is maybe not a valid way to feel. You're right, though, that a lot of gamers are in the same boat. "Two months' rent, or a new gaming system?" shouldn't even be a possible debate, but it is now.

I also wanted to comment about Sony's track record for products that fall to pieces upon plugging it in. The interesting thing is that this has never happened to me. The only reason that my current PS2 is my second is because my first one was stolen out of the trunk of my car along with FFVIII around Christmas time two years ago. To this day I don't see how that could have happened seeing as my trunk and car was locked. However, to this day I have never met anyone who owned the original NES that worked perfectly after a couple of years after it was purchased, and Nintendo has always been known to have made their systems rock solid. Furthermore, my first gamecube quite reading disks after a little over a year. However, Nintendo will always have my vote as a fan and here's why. I called Nintendo's tech support about my problem and the guy told me to take my Gamecube over to them (as I've mentioned before I only live a half hour away from the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, WA) and exchange it for a brand new one free of charge. And I'd like to think that with that kind of service, they would have sent me a new one if I lived far enough away. Kudos for Nintendo on that one.


Wow! Well, good for you. I guess you're the unlucky one, though, since I really can't think of anyone at all who have had difficulties with the Gamecube. The fact that your PS2 still works great is a testament to the fact that of course there are many Sony consoles out there that work fine. It's just that the probability of random deterioration seems to be much, much higher. My poor PS2 took fifteen seconds to load one of the battles I got into while playing Radiata Stories this afternoon. I definitely fear that my next Sony product won't be a PS3... it'll be a PS2!

One thing I do have to disagree about is what you said about the graphics at E3 being the worst. Remember the old saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I wouldn't say that they had the worst graphics, but the best. Of course, that is just one Nintendo lover's opinion. I love the cartoony graphics of most Nintendo games, and especially the ones coming out on the Wii. I could care less about the realistic, mind-blowing graphics for the PS3. In fact, I think It's quite rediculous that the graphics technology in the new PS3 is way over the top if a 600 dollar price tag comes with it. Don't get me wrong, I do think that the PS3's graphics are really cool, but if you think about it in the terms of the kind of games Nintendo comes out with, the Wii's graphics capabilities work the best. It would be very hard to play a Mario game that had real-life graphics, don't you think?

Anyway, you have my best regards. You have been doing an awsome job on this collumn, so don't go anywhere anytime soon.

All the best,


I guess I have to say "to each their own" here, but up close and personal, I really did find the graphics for the other consoles to be breathtaking. The problem with saying "I don't care about realistic" is that the graphics don't have to be realistic, right? You could easily have an incredible-looking cel-shaded cartoon-styled game for the PS3 or Xbox 360, too... it's just not too likely to happen, since developers for those systems tend to favour guns 'n' blood instead. What you could say is "the graphical style of Wii games is much more attractive!" Better graphics, though? Nah. Give credit where credit is due, especially if it's the one area where Sony and Microsoft really do shine. In the end, I don't really disagree or agree with you; realism in games really depends on the game itself. It can be good sometimes, and not so good at other times.

Anyway, thanks very much for your kind words; I'm glad you hold me and my little guinea pig section here in such high esteem! I only aim to do as well as I can, because if I did any better than that, I'd have to be possessed by something scary (do you remember what things used "Possess" in Final Fantasy VI?? That's right! ?????!)

I hope to hear from you again sometime soon!

Gamecube and Wii queries, here.

Hey Matt, time for some RPG goodness today!

So what is your opinion on how the Wii will utilise both the Wii controllers and the Gamecube controllers with the next generation of RPG's. Does the fact that the Wii can use the gamecube controller mean that those who have complained about the 3rd party titles playabillity with the Wii controller no longer have a leg to stand on?


To tell you the truth, I think that most if not all developers will be using the Wii controller for new games. I'd guess that the fact that Gamecube controllers will also be able to plug in just demonstrates that the Wii will be compatible with all of the Gamecube's games as well. Since the controller for the Gamecube was laid out so differently, it would be difficult to map all of those weird buttons to the simpler Wii controller. I could be wrong, though! It's definitely within the realm of possibility that developers have more games in mind for the Gamecube; I just doubt it, seeing that the current Gamecube lineup is rather short.

With Crystal Chronicles coming to WiI, will they make it so you don't have to have four Gameboy DS's to play multiplayer this time, not that I know to many people that have ever played FFCC with multiple players!


I doubt that Square Enix would make the same mistake twice, since that feature of the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was not taken too well by the populace. The criticism it drew was deserved, too; I don't know about you, but I barely know three other people in the area with Game Boy Advances, and besides, I really wouldn't want to play multiplayer role-playing games with the ones I do know anyway. I'd bet that the next Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will get away from the hefty multiplayer technical requirements.

Finally, do you think with next gen systems no longer being area discrimiimate will countries like Australia, England and other non NTSC but mainly English speaking countries will be able to get their game releases sooner?

Bainick, who has had a haircut, and this time not by his sister!


Absolutely! I think that this really promotes a big opportunity for especially European and Australian gamers, since you'll now have the ability to import anything you don't get without the worry of having to modify your system in any semi-suspicious manner. This promise is a nice, and very welcome leap forward in gaming... one that I think is long overdue, personally.

Thanks, Bainick, for your letter!

A trail mix of current topics!


Hello again from Clarksville. With all the hubbub about this yearís E3, I thought Iíd throw some coin into the community chest.


Won Second Prize at a Beauty Contest? Collect $10?! Sweeeeeet. OK, what's on your mind?

First, the Playstation 3. Wow, thatís expensive. We all can agree on this. But the hateful words seem a bit too much to me. With all of that hardware inside, itís really not a surprise at all. I expected it to be higher, actually. Can I afford it? No, of course not. But that doesnít mean I wonít eventually get one when its price lowers. And I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people who claim they wonít will when all is said and done. Even taking a look at RPGamerís own poll shows the Playstation 3 in the lead of ďwhat system will you own?Ē


It's true, and not only that, but the number of PS3-only buyers is more than double the number of people that say that they'll own just the Wii, as well.

If the system does well and there are a lot of attractive games that come out for it, then surely I plan on picking up the PS3 eventually. One day. The price has just got to come down first, though. I really expected it to be priced lower than it was, though; we talked about this in the column a few weeks back, and I really thought that it would be somewhere between $400 and $500, with the likelihood being tilted towards the $400. Why? Well, the specifications of this new console might be impressive, but I was also told that LAST generation's specifications were impressive a few years ago. I don't know what a gigaflop is, and I don't expect that the majority of people do; these lists of numbers are honestly meaningless to me, so I really wouldn't be able to tell a "quantum leap" in gaming from a mere "big jump" from a hardware point of view. The graphics were really nice at the show, but they weren't really that much better than anything I've already seen from the Xbox or the 360. So, why should I expect that the price should be soooo much higher than the last generation? Admittedly, I feel inside that the hype is just Squealer-ing people into justifying the exorbitant costs. It could easily just be that I'm ignorant and naive, but I don't know.

And as RPGamerís, I think we all need to take a step back and realize that the games we love will end up on it. The major Japanese developers have been with Sony for two generations now, and I donít see that changing. Square-Enix, Konami, Capcom, Namco. Theyíre going to put a lot of major releases on this machine, and if we want them. Weíre going to have to buy the console. It will sell. I have no doubts about it. Six hundred dollars isnít a lot to some people. Hell, how many people lined up for hours to buy an Xbox 360, or even a Playstation 2 at outrageous launch prices? And most of them were casual players, to boot. A serious gamer wonít have any qualms about laying down that kind of money, especially one who has no other hobbies. They exist. I know my local stores have sign-up lists for a phone call when theyíre available for preorder. And theyíre long lists.


Maybe so. And I'm sure that the lines WILL be very, very long, and that the media will cover it as the system to end all systems, as they did with the Playstation 2. We have to remember, though, that once upon a time, there was this company called Nintendo, and they had 90% of the market share for two generations, until Sony came out of nowhere and stole the show. History will repeat itself one day; if not this generation, then some other one in the future. I'd bet my bottom dollar.

The thing to remember is that most people arenít buying these things just for video games. Home consoles have become media centers. With all of the online services, picture sharing, music, and movies, itís not about the games anymore, and I think Sony realizes that.



That might be true, and I'll say that a major reason I got my PS2 originally was because of its promise to double as a DVD player, a promise that turned out to be empty in the end in my case, as I've mentioned far too often by this point.

However, I think that many people, or at least the vast majority of people, will buy the PS3 because it's a gaming system. The other things are side dishes to accompany the main entrťe, realistically. Who would buy a $660 system for picture sharing when the same amount of money could be spent on a computer to obtain the same sharing capabilities plus so much more?

Moving on to happier things, the Wii sure had a nice showing, with a lot of titles that have Nintendo fans salivating. While I donít care for most of the games shown, I am very interested in seeing how the new Dragon Quests Swords game ends up. Add that to a Final Fantasy and a Zelda title at launch, and itís looking mighty sexy.


Dragon. Quest. Swords. With Controller Wielding.


While the Wii does look to have a mighty fine-looking lineup of launch titles, I'm the slightest bit worried about the post-launch. I really hope there are ideas in the works for some post-launch titles... maybe another Paper Mario game? OH I hope!

I really hope they can get some developers behind them, though. Many of them seem to be very interested in the new technology, so I suppose thatís a good sign.


Agreed. Nintendo, the game developer, isn't everyone's favourite animal, and one of the major weaknesses of the N64 and Gamecube was that there really wasn't much to talk about beyond the titles that Nintendo itself produced, however good they may have been.

A good sign for RPGamers, though, is that Square Enix seems to be really getting on the Nintendo bandwagon, though, with a remarkable number of Wii and DS AND Game Boy Advance games (still!) in development. Surely there's more to life than Square Enix, but this shows a little bit of promise, at least. If Nintendo can't attract third-party developers, the Wii will inevitably meet the same fate that its predecessors endured.

What kind of things would you like to see here? And do you think itís wise to buy a system at launch? Iíve always waited a few years for some price drops and a large library to accumulate, but itís really tempting.

Finally, I thank Nintendo for making a direct sequel to The Wind Waker, the best Zelda title since A Link to the Past.



What is that one called again? Phantom Hourglass? Some people were complaining at E3 about the fact that the controls are largely touch-screen based, but others fell in love with the idea from the beginning. I didn't play the game myself.

As for third-party support, I don't really know. Nintendo is one of my favourite developers in the first place, but it would be nice to once again see some Megaman games released for the console. On the same kind of note, I haven't really played any Castlevania games since they went either 3-D or portable, and I'm not sure why. Both Konami and Capcom have been quite good to Nintendo's handhelds, so the jump shouldn't be that big, either, should it? Other than that, I guess I'd just be looking for more RPG developers to join the club, since RPGs are mostly what I play.

And buying systems at launch is definitely not always the wisest idea, though it depends largely for me on the price and the "risk factor". Are there any decent games in the starting lineup? Is there major promise of a lot more greatness after the initial hype has worn off? Nintendo seems to have a wicked launch setting up (over 20 titles, many of which are actually attractive!) but the jury is out on whether what comes afterwards is equally exciting. We'll get a better picture as we get closer, of course.

Square is really pushing out the Final Fantasy titles. With that many games on display, I can already feel my wallet cracking. Iím happy XII is being released on my birth month, however. Thanks, Square!


Final Fantasy is Square Enix's American cash cow, so it can only be expected! I really hope that they trend towards releasing original titles, though, in coming years. After this wave of Final Fantasy VII craziness and the annoyances of FFX-2 and FFTA, I've felt that S-E has been abusing the name ever so slightly.

And yeah, we're definitely on the home stretch for FFXII, at long last. This game has been what... three, or four years coming? It's about time, if you ask me!

Iím shocked at the number of people already hating on XIII. A minute clip is shown and the game is suddenly n action franchise that deserves scorn from the gaming community? Come on, people. It had menus. It was just flashy. It was also probably a pre-rendered video that we canít judge actual gameplay on. To say that because the trailer features flashy action automatically makes it an action game is jumping the gun a little bit. Take a look at the trailers for Final Fantasy X or Knights of the Old Republic. They donít look like old-fashioned RPGs, either.


Exactly true. It is so far away from completion at this point, in all likelihood, that passing serious judgment now simply cannot be done. There is no denying, though, that from the demo, it looked even faster paced and less traditional than even Final Fantasy XII, and I have to admit that my heart sank a bit because of that. I guess a little piece of me keeps hoping for a return to basics one day... but for now, I'll be patient.

I will say, however, that I am disappointed about the high-tech setting it seems to sport. When I saw that Amano was supposed to be involved, my hopes for a high-fantasy setting were sparked. Iíd love to see a strong Celtic influence.


I'll have to tell you the same thing, then; we don't really know what the setting is going to be, and there are zero storyline details on the table. Think of the number of Final Fantasy games that spin off into weird settings at one time or another! FFIX, for example, definitely had a "traditional" feel, yet it included different planets, artificially-created cyborgs, and enormous spaceships. FFVI had giant pieces of rideable armour that shot lasers and missiles, and bosses that used computer programs. FFIV had spaceships to ride, the moon as an overworld, and giant destructive robots to destroy! Showcasing one techy-looking setting in a very preliminary demo shouldn't be too disheartening, so try to remain positive.

On to the classics, did they have the Advanced remakes of V and VI on display? If so, what did you think of them? Were there any truly awesome new features that you saw? I heard that theyíve added new job classes?


If there was one disappointment at the show other than the fact that Mother 3 was not shown, it was that Square didn't show off their prospective remakes. All I've heard about them is through this very site, and yes, it does seem that they are planning to add new job classes to the game. I'm really excited about both titles!

How about III? I havenít heard any new news coming out of the show for that one, save for a few VERY nice looking screen shots. Did you get any face time with that one?



Here I can give you a solid "yes". There was no way I was going to go all the way across the continent without playing that game at one point, and I have to say that what I played was most impressive. The graphics in reality look a little more pixelly than the screenshots might lead you to believe, but they're still beautiful. The gameplay was remarkably faithful to the original, though, which was a big relief. I strained to hear the music above the crowds, and it definitely sounded wonderful, too. This DS title is one I've been waiting for since many years ago!

And I suppose itíd be rude of me to ignore Microsoft, but they didnít have any games on display this year that I actually care about. I suppose itíll be a couple of years or so until we have something solid from Mistwalker. So, for now, Iíll just quietly ignore them.



There were definitely enough action/shooter games on display in Microsoftland to make the average gamer giddy with delight, but I guess a lot of us here aren't "average gamers", are we? Microsoft's showing was mostly unattractive to me, too, though the one Xbox 360 game I played, a traditional-styled turn-based RPG called Enchanted Arms, actually looked pretty good. It certainly wouldn't be enough reason to justify buying the system, but if I had the system, then sure, I'd probably get it.

And finally, the short and sweet version, in answer to this morningís questions...

"Does Sony deserve the negative sentiments?"
Nah. See above.

"Is Nintendo really that set to become a real player in the video game industry once again?"
I truly believe so, and genuinely hope so. While I personally donít care for most of their first-party titles, as long as they have Zelda, they have my support.

"How important are graphics in games?"
To me, not very. I used to play the Super Nintendo on a twelve-inch black and white screen. And to most RPGamers, the answer is the same. But we all need to realize that serious hardcore gamers make up maybe twenty percent of the market. The casual players demand flash.

"And most importantly, does RPGaming have a bright future among the next-generation consoles?"
Oh, yes, sir.

Wow. That was long-winded. Anyway, thanks for time, as always (Provided this gets printied, anyway.), and keep up the smashing good job.

- Joshua


No problem at all, Joshua! Thanks for taking the time to write such a broadly-based letter! I hope that I was able to reply semi-usefully, anyway. A lot of the answers really won't be made clear until these next-generation systems actually make their debut. Scarily enough, their debut is really not that far away, either.


Ah, so we got into a few more serious letters in the end, but it's obvious that you all have a lot to say about the future of video games. You should, too, because it does indeed look like the next generation holds a lot of promise for RPGamers. Whether you want to take Sony's side or Nintendo's side, there are plenty of reasons to be very optimistic. If you're taking Microsoft's side over the other two, well, write in and tell me so I can smack you.


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#199. e) Hungry - 250 points (Earthbound makes me happy)

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d) above Yumel in lightning
e) named Askus

Reader-Submitted #201: In Japan what is the Dragon Quest monster "Red Slime" (or "She-Slime" from Dragon Quest VIII) called? (240 points)

a) buchisuraimu
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How about we turn our focus towards the titles we haven't heard about yet for the next generation? I'd like to see some letters from people with suggestions on what next-generation games SHOULD be unveiled that haven't been already. I'd love to see Capcom get back on track with a sixth Breath of Fire game, for instance; whether it'll happen or not is definitely in the stars. What are your thoughts on the matter? I'd love to know!
***Matt only wishes he could win second prize in a beauty contest...

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16. Cap
3,394 pts

17. KnightTrain
2,714 pts

18. Rexy
2,334 pts

19. Ourobolus
2,094 pts

20. Gaijin
2,073 pts

21. Aurelius
1,925 pts

22. TalonX13
1,285 pts

23. DMJewelle
1,260 pts

24. CW
1,143 pts

25. Macstorm
1,052 pts

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