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Skin Deep May 19, 2006

Matt - 17:28 EST

UGH, THESE DAYS. These disgusting days where I actually have to get up like everyone else in the world. Since I don't have a job outside of my graduate program and this website, my hours are flexible. As a result, my sleep schedule has warped terribly over the past year or so; I generally get to bed around 4 in the morning and wake up around noon. There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, but problems occur when I have appointments to meet professors at 9:30, thus requiring me to rise at 8:00. It just doesn't work... and now, here I am, definitely with "zombie" status, typing this blathering introduction that no one really cares about, in all likelihood. Well, welcome to Q&A! This is my day. I have to write this thing so I can take a nap and then play THE NEW SUPER MARIO BROTHERS, which I purchased on the way home. "Squeee!" as some would say!

*drags his zombie self over to the mailbag to look for brains*

Sock antics and memories of promises left unkept

...Seeing that Colabottle has just passed 5,000 points, s/he should have just received a good item, which I shall attempt to swipe with my Sneak Glove.


And that, my friends, is how it is done!! Just let me know when you want to use an item in the competition, and it's as good as done. Sorry about your luck, Colabottle...

Our first question involves a recently revived hero, Pit from A) Kid Icarus.

This next one is a cruel shot-in-the-dark question, and C) sounds as arbitrary as anything else. It's also the thing you'd most likely be looking at whilst devising a title.

Remember Capcom's "Nintendo 5"? 5 exclusive titles for the Gamecube. What happened to them? One sucked, one was cancelled, and the other 3 end up on the PS2 anyway. So, in other words, Capcom bailed. I'm hoping that all the developers of exclusive titles for the PS3 such as FFXIII and Metal Gear 4 (and possibly Gradius 6?) will bail if the PS3 fails. It's little more than wishful thinking, though, but a man can dream, right? The PS3 looks bad now, and I'm not putting my money on it, but we could be surprised. I doubt it, but it could end up on top.


Well, you'd hope that gaming companies wouldn't be stupid enough to cling to a sinking ship when lifeboats are available and non-sinking ships are in the vicinity. That said, I don't really think that the PS3 is going to capsize. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes some damage to the hull, perhaps, but nothing too serious.

While the PS3 is going to be expensive and it will lose a lot of initial support, I would be quite surprised if the best "core" games don't come out for that console. Once the hardware comes down in price, it'll likely catch on... the big question is, will Nintendo have rebounded fantastically by that time? Or, will Nintendo have fallen off the map completely?? Who knows?

These aren't things mere mortals such as us can predict..

Though the answers may no longer be valid, and Cola may have used their item. I suppose it's up to you whether or not to accept them. In any case, I'd still like a swipe at Cola's stuff.

Today's answers are d) 6750 and b) Guts man.


Alexander M. DeMichiei


Nope, nothing is predictable quite yet, and they really won't be until we get final details about the Wii, especially when it comes to pricing. Could you imagine if Nintendo dropped a bomb and released it at an unexpected price? Say, $150 (shockingly good, but of questionable profit-making ability?) Or $300 (which could kill the momentum and hype completely?) In any case, thanks for writing in, and for playing my crazy little game!

Another take on the next generation of gaming!


You can cheer all you want for the Wii, I'll be cheering with you. E3 made me so proud to be a Nintendo fan. But I digress. Here is my question: Considering the price of the PS3 do you see more Japanese RPG developers going to the 360 to make their games? It's starting to happen a little bit with Blue Dragon and Enchant Arm, but I wonder with some titles like Disgaea being able to secure a home on the PS3. I also keep hearing rumors that Sony has the tendency to reject games that look "too 2D." Obviously that didn't happen with N1 games but I wonder if in the upcoming generation they may be even more strict with that if the rumors are true.


Well, there's absolutely no question that Nintendo's E3 showing was about a million times better than last year's, when they decided to unveil the "Revolution" without really anything to back it up with. The result? They looked like they had thrown together a few ideas on something cool before the show, and barfed it at the media ungracefully. This year, however, things were much different. Details aplenty, a huge number of games to play, and a revealed DS lineup that would have shocked anyone who thought the system would be dead on the spot a year and a half ago. Tsk, tsk, you people! Nintendo knows what it's doing when it comes to handheld gaming. There was never any question!

As for Microsoft's Xbox 360, I'm not really sure what to think. Perhaps the relative success of the console as compared to the original Xbox in Japan is inspiring some game companies to jump on the bandwagon. I still don't know that the Xbox 360 is the safest place for Japanese RPG developers is the safest place to go, but there are indeed a few quite promising titles in the works. I played Enchanted Arms at E3 a week ago, and I can't lie; I was pretty happy with what I played. If a few more can get pumped out, the 360 could indeed become a viable option for RPGamers.

And, sorry to go on forever, but I'm not aware of any Sony rejections based on graphical style, but I'd hope that's not the case! You can have fantastic graphics in two dimensions, too... just look at LocoRoco, an upcoming blobby platformer for the PSP. That game really does look awesome, as much as I hate the PSP.

Considering Microsoft's goals to try to woo markets that haven't normally given them the time of day (such as the fans of Japanese RPG's like myself) it wouldn't surprised me if over time their share in Japan grows. Sure their launch was a failure but look at the lineup they had there. But once Blue Dragon comes out, especially if it gets good reviews I think could help sell 360's in Japan. It makes me wonder if other companies will follow suit (or just release the games for both the 360 and PS3). I'm just surprised more RPG-related places haven't talked much about this and I wanted to know what you think.


Again, as I said above, I think you're right. I'm pretty sure that the 360 has done better in Japan so far than its predecessor, which tanked right from the getgo and never picked up the pace at all. New games that are appealing to the Japanese are key to the console's success, and a few traditional RPGs may just do that trick.

I'll also throw in my two cents from E3. I agree with you that the price of the PS3 REALLY does scare customers away, and for someone like myself who has been a loyal Sony customer for almost ten years it DOES feel like a slap in the face. If the PS3 launched at $300 like the other two, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. But I would rather not have all the features in exchange for a cheaper price. I'm a gamer and I want to play games darn it! What's the deal with making these "multimedia machines?" It just feels like a pissing contest to me (not sure if I can say "pissing contest" on RPGamer but you can edit me if you need to. I couldn't think of a better analogy). Maybe I'm just afraid Squenix will announce Dragon Quest IX for the PS3 in 2008 or something and I will have to justify in my mind getting the expensive machine for my DQ lovin'. Sigh....




Yep, that's more or less the way I feel. It's okay to want to introduce new technologies, but if their introductions are going to double the price of hardware, isn't that an indication that it's not quite time to take that next big step yet? There are going to be a lot of sad little kids this Christmas, because I'll tell you, there's no way my parents would ever buy me such an expensive toy. It's really a shame, in one sense, I think.

On the other hand, though, it is, needless to say, really exciting to see what possibilities these expensive new advances have. The graphics of the first playable PS3 games were undeniably droolworthy, and one would hope that the potential now exists to create truly huge, wide open games in the RPG world that contain worlds of detail and incredible depth, simply because now there's the space to do so. The story is still unfolding, though, and it's up to developers to take advantage of what all of the next-gen consoles have to offer. I've been wondering what Q&A will sound like one year from now... what things will we be talking about then? This battle shall be most intriguing to watch.

Sorry to let most of you down! ^^;;

I know its not your thing, but you could have included one picture of a booth babe just to prove to the official E3 propaganda that they were there.



Well, I did hear that they were present in much fewer numbers this year, so apparently the floor was crawling with them last time around. There were a few of these so-called "booth babes" here and there, but yeah, they're not my thing. Doesn't Zelda count?? I only wish that picture of Link, Zelda, and I included a more enthusiastic version of (a male) Link and Zelda (both of whom looked pretty suicidal) and a less-idiotic looking version of myself. Ah well.

I promise you that if I'm lucky enough to go to E3 next year, I'll get my picture taken with booth babes, and display the pictures for all to see. Deal?



Look who's back! And he even brought some goodies to share. Gleee! Seems like the Expo was just as much fun as it should be. Let me ask: I know E3 is not a convention like the fan concentions so you won't see so many "freaks" (no offense), but are there still visitors who cosplay?


Perhaps a very few, though most costumed people act as mascots for companies, like those depressing Zelda/Link girls that I described not thirty seconds ago. Most everyone there was outfitted in casual business-style attire.

Since it seems to be console discussion day: In my opinion Sony don't wants to bring out a mere gamestation, I believe they think about it as a whole entertainment system for home theater etc. that's also why they use Blue Ray.


Ah, but you see, this is what attracted me to get a Playstation 2 right off the bat. It showed promise of being a CD player, DVD player, and ultimate game system all in one! Of course, they failed to mention that it would cease to work after an altogether laughable amount of time. I'm not holding my breath when it comes to the PS3, though I certainly hope that it breaks Sony's unattractive track record.

Of course for gamers (who likely are still attending school or university) the price is waaayy too high (500 Euro, eeek) but I'm optimistic that they'll lower it. Or maybe they want to appeal to a more well funded group of buyers.


What would be the advantage to appealing only to the richest cut of gamers, though? I think that the pricing comes mostly as a result of trying to include technology that is a little bit ahead of the game, not because of a deliberate drive to exclude. Of course, with this price, the result is a certain amount of exclusion, which I'm not fond of, but no, I don't think that they're trying to make that appeal. That would be... mean.

The Wii looks really taunting with the possibly features but when it comes to buying a console I think wait a few months (maybe a year) after their start. How long is your usual waiting time before buying new sytems?


It depends on the system, really. I waited almost a year before buying a DS because I really wasn't sure that it was going to be successful until it became quite evident last summer that it was destined for awesomeness. I got the PS2 for Christmas unexpectedly just after it was released, though if I had had the choice, I probably would have waited a little longer and obtained a (hopefully) more reliable system. My parents bought myself and my younger siblings a collective Nintendo 64 right after its release too, which I think was a really exciting time to own it. I remember how amazingly cutting-edge it seemed at the time! I got my Game Boy Advance not long after its release too.

In general, I guess I buy systems without waiting too long at all, but ONLY as long as I'm very confident that the system will be a smashing success. If they're just given to me as presents, then hell, I'll take them anytime, thanks. ^_^

Now for a quick defence in they name of Sony: Although I never owned a PSX I have the PS2 for 5 years now and I never experienced any problems with it nor with memory cards or games. Till today (knocks on wood) it gave me no reason whatsoever. I even send it to a company for dissambling and to install a mod chip to play imported games Maybe the european versions were a little better in terms of quality although they start was quite similar. Or do you think there's another reason? Maybe a conspiracy?


It could very well be that you're one lucky ducky! I used to say that "maybe I was just unlucky with my PS2," but since such an enormous people wrote in complaining about problems of their own, I have to say that in general, Sony's stuff hasn't been reliable compared to other companies' products. That's not to say that most people will experience problems; I'm positive that thousands of PS2 owners have been perfectly happy with their systems, of course.

The thing I don't like with E3 is that there are so many new games I want to play but there's a pile of old ones I still have to start. I already stopped counting them. (I think there are more then 10 now) Is it just me or is it a fact that less and less time is left for playing games?

Before I forget: Sock answers:

#194: a)
#195: a)

Suikoden is really a great gift by Josh. I bought it a few weeks ago for 36 bucks so luckily I don't have to compete for it.

Well, wish you a nice day and a good recovery from the EEE



I'm recovering nicely, thanks!

Plus, you know that RPGamers are in good shape when we're complaining about the fact that there are "too many" great-looking games on the horizon, right? Isn't that far better than the alternative?

Finally, yes. Josh's addition of the original Suikoden to the prize list is fantastic, and incredibly generous. I'm sure that many people are drooling over the prospect of getting their hands on it! Only one man, though, will be the victor of that prize. Thanks, Belthasar2, for writing in, as always!

The trials and tribulations of trippy trailers

Dear Matt, White Mage of Legend,

I have just one last thing about FFXIII before I shut up. Another speculation, since they seem to be so popular. I guess I am like you in some aspects, because there is one thing about Final Fantasy games that I will be mad if it gets changed...having a party of characters. The trailer showed only one character. I like a whole party, the more the merrier, and the FFs have done a decent job with that.

FF - 4 characters
FFII - 4 characters
FFIII - 4 characters
FFIV - 5 characters (Why never 5 again? /cry)
FFV - 4 characters
FFVI - 4 characters
FFVII - 3 characters (Why did they have to drop to 3? Maybe that's why FFVII angers me.)
FFVIII - 3 characters
FFIX - 4 characters (<3 the increase)
FFX - 3 characters (At least you could swap characters in and out of battle..)
FFXI - 6 characters
FFXII - 3 characters + 1

Please, oh please, don't go less than 3. Heck, if anything, please go up to 4 or 5 even!

Oh well, time will tell.


You bring up a good point that no one else has touched upon yet in Q&A, but that everyone has been whispering about in the background. Final Fantasy XIII has only one character? What!?

My friend, I wouldn't worry. At this stage in the game, FFXIII is most likely more than a year away for Japanese players, and likely two years away for us. What we saw was a demo designed to get us all psyched up, blood pumping and all, and I'm sure that the game itself has a long, long way to go. If FFXIII were to contain only a single playable character in the end, I really don't know what I'd do, though I'm sure half the RPGaming world would freak out and then love it in the end anyway, as people always seem to act where FF games are concerned.

In another random thought, I've been playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance again. While I think the combat/class system was much improved from the original Tactics game, I would really like to see another game that has some story. Sorry for that blast from the past, but I had to get that off my chest.

Macstorm, Warrior of Honor


I'm sure that you won't have to worry. With Square Enix games such as Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy XII, and Valkyrie Profile: TakeYourPick coming out over the next few months, you'll have plenty of story to keep you occupied, let alone all of the amazing things that so many other companies have to offer. Xenosaga: Episode III comes to mind.

If the shoe fits...

Dear Matt

I've been thinking about it, and my biggest gripe with the Sony isn't how they stole the motion-sensor idea, or even the price of the PS3. Rather, what bothers me the most about them is just how much and how often they copy their competitors in every facet, never admitting it, and acting as if they were creating those ideas themselves.

Obviously, the PS2-PSP connectivity, the E-Distribution (emulating PS1 games onto PSP), and motion-sensor controller were ripped-off ideas from Nintendo. Furthermore, throughout their press conference, they touted how they going to create "constant interaction among users... to be able to socialize and to communicate" when they play online. They include features like a hard disk drive, account management, a Friends List, making a Player Profile (complete with photo), Ranking, and text messaging to “create a virtual society or community,” and even a distribution channel for the player to make micro transactions for stuff like extra game content, movie trailers, and music. In other words, they're doing exactly what Xbox Live has been doing for years now, but they were talking as if they were pioneering a way of gaming or something. They are even establishing an Entitlement system where they reward players with points from completing certain tasks in game. So it's basically the Xbox Live Achievement system under a different name. The "inspiration" is so obvious and so blatant, right up there with the motion-sensor controller, but Sony was passing these things off as if they were completely original, Sony-made ideas. Watching the whole press conference was definitely a weird experience as they presented each one of these things one right after another, and slyly avoiding any mention of Nintendo or Microsoft. Sure, some supporters who acknowledge the thefts may say that "You can't blame a thief for stealing." Oh CAN you?


The ultimate judges, Alan, are the consumers. People don't care if ideas are stolen from other companies, in general; they just care about what's cool. McDonald's did the same thing with Pizza, Fajitas, McFlurries, and Mandarin Chicken Salads, and while it bothered me, it didn't stop thousands of hungry people from becoming fans. Many companies will find ways to continue "borrowing" ideas until the end of corporate society, and that's just something we'll have to get used to.

Of course, you know already that I think that Sony's motion-sensor announcement is just another example of why I thought their E3 performance was disappointing and could have been much better. It makes innovative, more creative companies appear so much more exciting, you know?

Now, as for the PS3 being so expensive because it outdoes the Xbox 360 in graphics by a WIDE margin, I'm not so sure. Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki doesn’t think that the PS3 outdoes the Xbox 360 by much at all, and there are others who agree. And as for it not being overpriced, well, I’m not so sure that changes public opinion. It seems more than ever that Nintendo and Microsoft, both being behind Sony, are trying hard to come up with new and awesome ideas for gaming and moving the industry forward, while Sony, being in leadership position, is just resting on their laurels and just copy off of their competitors and still expect to win. I believe that this said it best.

Well, that's what I think anyway. I guess I should ask a question too. Yeah, the PSP getting GPS capabilities. What do you think about that?



Now, there's a little piece of innovation in the midst of a lot of thievery! Give credit where credit is due, now. At the same time, though, how exciting is GPS from a practical standpoint? Do they think people are going to buy them to use during road trips or something? It seems like an interesting gimmick to me, but a gimmick nonetheless.

Also, while your links are interesting, a single forum doesn't provide really enough information to base an entire opinion on, though I will admit that based on the first few posts I read, it looks like a pretty good cross-section of the public point of view. A lot of people are definitely wide-eyed at the prospect of having to drop so much money for the system they were originally going to get "for sure", and some of those people are probably stepping back and thinking things over carefully now, because of that.

I honestly couldn't tell you exactly how much the PS3 outdoes Microsoft's newest pet, because I don't even know what half of the specifications mean in the off-chance that I do decide to read them. The only thing I really care about is the system's library, because at the end of the day, the best system in the world is useless without a decent game to play on it.

Thanks Alan!! I hope to hear from you again sometime soon!

Flex your wrists and do some jumping jacks; it's time to warm up for some video gaming!

I'm worried about carpal tunnel with the Wii controller. I didn't see this mentioned in any of RPGamer commentary. With your hands-on Wii E3 experience, do you think this will be a problem? I don't want to feel like I'm exercising when I play video games.



Nah, I wouldn't worry. From the few games I played, most required nothing more than some very light flicks of the wrist, and I certainly wasn't dancing all over the place or running amok crazily. In Twilight Princess, notably, some of the movements I had to make were so slight that they might have been difficult for someone to notice simply by watching my hands. The controller is really, really lightweight, and I really don't think that pain is going to be a problem in the least.

Flamethrowers can burn...

Most people say Nintendo had the best E3. It's interesting to note that Nintendo seemed to have the worst graphics of anyone (Zelda is the exception). Compound that with the fact that it's hard to relay through TV or other coverage means how "fun" the gameplay is (the only thing the N has going for it), and you have a very interesting E3 result.

With my Wii I want to play games I have already bought on the TV. Gamecube games will fit in the DVD drive (they are using DVDs this time, right?) enabling playback through an emulator, if the big N makes one available. Will they make something like a Gameboy Player that plays all handheld games? Will it communicate wirelessly with a DS? Time will tell.


Oh yes. Nintendo definitely had the worst graphics out of the three, but that's not really that different than the current state of affairs in the current generation, is it? I'd say that the graphics I saw playing in Wii games were at about the level of nice-looking Gamecube games, so while they weren't bad by any means, they didn't hold a candle to anything that Xbox or Sony had to offer.

I guess I never even thought of the media, but I figure that Nintendo will likely either go DVD or stick with its cute little mini-disc format. I don't know if it's actually been officially announced yet.

Matt rebuttal of the day:
"$600 for a new console feels like a slap in the face!" - A paraphrase, but you meant this.

Nobody said you had to buy it. If you think the price is too high for you, I suggest you don't. Raising the price will always reduce quantity sold in all markets except perfectly inelastic ones (In a perfectly inelastic market, the quantity sold is always the same, regardless of price). Perhaps the potential sale of a console to you has been lost because of the high price. Sony made a strategic decision: They wanted top notch hardware at a top notch price. You could argue whether this decision is good or bad, but it's apparent that this strategy excludes some (Read: Low budget gamers), and that is fine with me.



It is? To me, that's a little bit "rude" from a social perspective. Call me a communist, but I think that it's a shame that some gamers might not get the chance to play the next generation of games simply because they don't make enough money. During the last fifteen years, consoles have more or less been priced at accessible levels. At $659 + tax in Canadian funds, the PS3 is approaching the price of a desktop computer. Not everyone can afford that... but it's not fine with me. Video games should not be experiences that are limited to the so-called upper crust of society, plain and simple. I have a feeling, though, that priced the way it will be, it won't take long after an initial release for a price drop to go into effect. I hope so, anyway, for the sake of those of us who live paycheque to paycheque, but might like games anyway, god forbid.

Phew. Sorry. This is what you get for having a left-winger as a Q&A host, I guess. Deal with it!


Argh, I'm a tired soul, and my hands suddenly got really cold, so I'm both tired and uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to the impending Victoria Day weekend, however, along with prospective partying in Toronto. Yay for friends with birthdays!


***Answers to May 18th's Questions***

#196. d) 6750 HP - 250 points (the game in question was Final Fantasy VII; Bad Raps have 9000 HP and Demi3 does 75% damage)

#197. e) Snake Man - 250 points/500 points for Leaper (thanks for the submission! Most of you got this right, bizarrely)

***Today's New Questions***

#198: What key is the Tower of Mysidia's theme in? (315 points)

a) F sharp minor
b) E minor
c) D minor
d) C sharp minor
e) A minor

#199: The name of an innovation on the HP-Sucker begins with which adjective? (250 points)

a) Bubbly
b) Perfect
c) Happy
d) Slick
e) Hungry

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30,000 points: Your choice of Megaman X4, X5, or X6 for the PSX. If you're into the Megaman series as much as I am, and you don't own any of these, I don't need them any more, now that I have purchased the collection. You can take your pick, and I'll send it to you in the mail with a handwritten note of congratulations from myself. They aren't RPGs, for sure, but I'm working on it for the future. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (3 left)

50,000 points: Suikoden for the PSX. Play the game that started off the entire series! Josh was generous enough to donate this exciting prize, so it would be cool to send this to a good and loving home. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (1 left) *********************************************************

It's been a really emotionally charged week around here, but I suppose that's to be expected after such an incredible week of video game news, isn't it? There will be much more to talk about next week, but in the meantime, enjoy Ourobolus' company over the weekend and make sure you send him plenty of new letters! Thanks very much to all of my readers and writers; I hope you'll all come and join me again when I return in Q&A!
***Matt may be tired... but what are weekends for? Sleeeep!

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