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Guru of Thyme April 27, 2006

Matt - 16:19 EST

I WENT BACK to part of the massive ongoing programming project that accompanies my thesis research tonight for the first time in a couple of months, and I'll tell you something that I just have to admit: I am NOT a programmer. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It's not that I can't do it, necessarily, it's that I have absolutely zero patience to do it. I hate the stupid intricacies and random rules involved, I hate it when programs fail to compile, I hate it even MORE when programs *do* compile and then crash while running, and if that wasn't enough, bugfixing is the ultimate in horrible things to do, in my humble opinion. I would pay great sums of money to not have to do this crap, but unfortunately, I don't seem to have a buy-out option. Had I known that a math degree would end me here, I would definitely have gone into something much less frustrating, like, say, cooking.

OK, letter time! I hope you enjoyed the relative semi-break from me yesterday, but I'm back to make you all SUFFER again today, so let's get started.

And the black sheep gets some attention...

Wild ARMS 2nd ignition features a horribly translated story, a way too easy too exploit battle system, more characters than you'll need etc etc etc in short it's the WAACF for the PS1


I've heard from a couple of people I've talked to, namely, Nwash from over in The Saving Throw, who says it's far and away the easiest RPG ever created, ever, ever, ever, EVER. Ever. He also mentioned something about the crumby translation, too. Here's the kicker: He's a Wild Arms fan!

That aside I loved the game purely because of Ashley turning into Knight Blazer and Overheat Blazer, and the puzzles I LOVE solving puzzles with tools, just stay away from Marivel's microphone unless you want to get murdered by the super bosses... I learned that the hard way...


Well, certainly, no matter how bad an RPG might be in some ways, it's awfully difficult to find a game that doesn't have at least some redeeming factors. I think Andrew would interrupt here and say something about Rhapsody, but then again, I'm not Andrew.

The only other WA game I've played is WA3, which is good but watching everyone pointlessly scurry about reminded me of Skies of Arcadia only with no point to it all...


Heh heh... "scurry." I was puzzled from the get-go why having characters run randomly around the battle is supposed to make things look more realistic, which is what I assume they were going for. But scurry is the PERFECT word for it, because that is exactly what they do. There's nothing wrong with it, necessarily; it's just funny.

Even though I own 1, 4, and ACF I haven't got arround to playing them or the other 50 or so games on the old backlog ^^;;;

Arros Raikou


Well, don't pass judgment on Alter Code F until you've given it a fair chance of your own. My perspective is exactly that, and while there ARE some people out there that agree with me, many others have really enjoyed the game. So, give it a whirl yourself and write back to tell me what you think, firsthand, someday soon!

Musical chairs!

Music Man Matt,

I meant to say whatever the FFVII boss music is called. A quick check confirms that I was mistaken, and meant to say Still More Fighting. I have absolutely no idea what musical nook in my mind the track name "Those Who Fight Further" was pulled from (if it's even a track name in any game), and I apologize. I have so many video game tunes floating through my head and car stereo on a daily basis; oftentimes I have difficulty identifying the exact names of songs (even though I could hum it or strum it if you asked). But yours is a great list. Thinking back, I didn't even make mention to Final Fantasy Tactics music on my list---there are several battle tracks from that game that I could easily rank in my top 5!


Oh, heavens yes... Final Fantasy Tactics was a musical treat, though I don't know that I'd rank any individual theme in my top list. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was as well, and even though the rest of the game had its ups and downs, I thought that the music was top notch. From the looks of it, I think that we're going to be in for a real treat as far as FFXII's soundtrack is concerned, as the same composer has returned from those games to do this one, if I remember correctly. The SAME guy did Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, did he not? The thought makes my loins tremble in excitement!

And yeah, I'm definitely a late bloomer in terms of RPGs; I was primarily a rental gamer when I was growing up---but this was back when the rental stores weren't charging $arm.leg for a weekend of fun. Video games as gifts were a rarity, and I spent most of my allowance at the local arcades. Even after I picked up FFVI, I didn't go back to revisit any NES RPGs because of it. I should do that someday... eBay is my friend. I'm still partial to all the greats of the past, but my interest in RPGs has waned over the years.


That's too bad, you know- you really should look into more RPGs from even the early years of the SNES. It might perk you up enough to rekindle your interests nicely! Now, with Square Enix's confirmation that FFV and VI Advance, a lot of people will get yet another chance to see what made that era as great as it is. But yeah, there are tons of games that you should check out, one way or another; Secret of Mana, FFIV, Breath of Fire II, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Lufia II, and Earthbound might be great places to start, if you're looking for SNES games. Then there's all of those wonderful NES games, too, and the other platform titles that I'm not quite as familiar with.

The strongest point that keeps me with RPGs in the current generation is the music. Many people have different things they enjoy in a game, like plot, story, battle engine, graphics, etc. But for me? First and foremost, if the good music isn't there, I don't care to play it. In my mind, good music adds too much---it's what put RPGs on my radar to begin with---and the absence of good music in a RPG is too great a void for me to ignore. It pains me to say it, but many newer RPGs do not have the musical strength to keep my interest in playing. This probably accounts for 50% of my apathy towards newer RPGs these days (the other 50% split between time, money, and a healthy social life). I don't know if the video game music industry is trying to go in a different direction or what, but something about the newer game music does not appeal to me. I had difficulty listening to FFX's music, Suikoden III's music, and the music in a few other games. It didn't grasp me. The original Kingdom Hearts is perhaps the best example of this. I had to force myself to play it because, for some reason, the music drove me bonkers. I finally completed the game after putting it on the backburner for a few years (with special thanks going to the mute button). Hopefully KH2 does not suffer the same fate in terms of annoying music. I have yet to buy it because of other obligations. What's your opinion on the music in KH2, if you've played it or heard the music?


Hmmm, now THAT is definitely interesting, because to my ears, Final Fantasy X had a pretty amazing soundtrack, and the music was the only part of the original Kingdom Hearts that I actually enjoyed. While I haven't heard anything from the sequel yet, I've heard that it's at least "good," and perhaps "great," though I really don't know if it's describable as "different."

But yeah, strolling down memory lane through the sound channels of video game music is something I enjoy. Whether I'm jogging, biking, driving, or just sitting here at my PC, it's on my playlist in large numbers. When my favorite person calls the cellphone to talk and I am greeted with my favorite video game tune as their ringer, my inner geek is pleased. When an unknown person calls my cellphone and the invincible star music from Super Mario starts up, I can at least hold my cellphone out in front of me and run around aimlessly while that crazy music plays. Trust me, I HAVE done it. It's the only joy I can draw from constant wrong numbers.


Ha ha ha, that's wonderful! I'm about the last person on earth to not carry around a portable audio device of any sort, mostly because I'm too busy investing in new games that I don't have time to play. I don't have a cell phone either, because I really can't stand the phone in the first place. However, as many of you know, I almost always have some RPG theme going through my head at any given time to suit the circumstances. The number of final exams I've gone to with evil boss music blaring through my mind's ear is truly staggering. I haven't "gotten Game Over" thus far!

If you found the time and energy to read through that mess, my hat's off to you.


Pssh... you think THAT is a mess? Do you read this column much?

-- Kaz (currently listening to SM:RPG "Forest Maze" ringtone play instead of picking up the phone to answer my sister's call)

P.S. I've been negligent in playing Mario Kart DS. Lately I have not had the time... maybe tomorrow night I will. Hope to see you on the wifi circuits in the near future! And I'll be getting Tetris DS on payday.


Ooh. Mariokart is fun, but it's actually been almost a week since I've played, as I've been busy with other games, including Tetris DS, which is all right, but perhaps not worth the $50 I paid for it. Ah well, bad purchases make the good ones seem all the more sweet, no?

Thanks for writing in again, Kaz!

More Wild Arms TWO!

Hello Matt

i just read your Wild Arms Review, good review(i hope that your next review is for a game with less bugs and better localization)


Thanks very much! Reviews aren't something I do every day at the site, but I'd like to get more involved with them, so I guarantee you that it won't be the last I write around here.

ok, i have seen people singing praises about Wild Arms, and im here to talk about how i didnt like the first two games(yeah, im really bold im going to talk about WA2)


Whoo-hoo! Way to prompt some good discussion about games ne'er-before-discussed, Matt! OK, now, I'm all ears (or eyes, such as the case may be).

Well, a long time ago i played WA2 so my memory might be a little fuzzy, but i simply didnt liked the game. i bought the game because it was supposedly a Western Themed RPG, and hey that sounded like a good change but the game turned out to not be as good as i was expecting

i dont remember that much of the game, except that the story felt rushed and lacked that something that makes you care for the protagonist(s), also the battle system was nothing to write home about, pretty simple system. but the thing that i do remember very well is the overworld map and i HATED IT. I really HATE HATE HATE HATE that sonar thing. i mean, i can be standing on top of a city but cant enter(or see the city) until i use the sonar thing, that was really annoying.


Oh YEAH! That's definitely something that I forgot to gripe about before, just because it came so natural as the game went on. The echolocation system makes absolutely zero sense to me either. How can you walk about the world map and then suddenly discover "Oh! I'm standing right on top of a town I didn't even realize was there! Golly gee!"?? This kind of system would make sense only if the hero was blind, but that was in last week's discussion, and as far as I know, the Wild Arms heroes definitely aren't blind (though it would make the ARM a curious choice of weapon, wouldn't it?).

The worst part is that isn't even necessary; you can't echolocate storyline places until you're "supposed" to go to them, and even then, their exact location is clearly marked on the map with a blinking red dot... so, uh, there isn't really much to search for, is there? Yeah, this part of ACF made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, though the item-finding extension was a nice addition, sure.

not everything was really bad about the game, i liked a few characters, the tools idea was very cool, the music was so-so, but it had mor bad points than good ones, so ill give WA2 a 6/10


Indeed. Like you say, the character-specific tools idea is a really good one that makes exploring dungeons a lot more interesting, I think. I'm a really big fan of that aspect of ACF, at least, as well as dungeon design on the whole, which was perhaps better-than-average. This is another example of how games can tank in some areas but come through in spades in others! And yes, the music in ACF also was "just all right," and besides a few outstanding tracks, there wasn't really much to write home about.

and about the first Wild Arms, well to me that game deserves 2 different reviews: one for the battle part of the game, and other for the rest, the battle part should get something around 3-4 of 10, and the other around 7-8.5/10, yeah, on one hand you got a god awful battle system with ugly models for enemies and characters, hideous sound effects, boring music and sloppy controls


It was a real eye-opener to see the first screenshots for the original, though, I'll tell you. I had no idea that it looked so wonderfully "primitive." Just that old look makes me more interested in trying it one day. Anyone else who is in my shoes, having only played ACF: Go look at the screenshots of the original, and prepare for your jaw to drop. It's quite "cute," really, in a good way.

and in the other hand you have the beautiful overworld, very good songs in t he world, dungeons and towns, very good graphics, a so-so history, good puzzles, nice controls and again a very good use of tools. i swear i liked the game, it has a lot of extra side quest, but to me battling was a hideous chore, so i really didnt do sidequests, but still has lots of extra content. I still dont understand how come a game can be so good/awful at the same time.


Such is the difference that separates the boys from the men, as far as RPGs are concerned! There aren't many games out there that have it all, so to speak, but to me, games like this one are great reminders of how there ARE many more polished games out there.

oh yeah, a question Right? well.... do you like comics? (if you do you should read Earth-X, or at least Watchmen, and if you dont, you HAVE to read Eart-X and Watchmen)


Bah, people ask me about comics all the time, and I have to say that largely, I'm not that interested in them. It's not that I DON'T like them; it's that I don't really have time to take a new hobby under my wing. Between RPGamer, RPGaming, grad school, and my personal life, fitting something new into the whole puzzle seems like a daunting task, and I wouldn't really know where to start in the first place. Perhaps, one day in the future, if life ever calms down, I'll be more in the mood.

Thanks for the letter!

Now, for a completely different kind of question

Hey Matt,

I have friend who would like to get into rpgs but has cerebral palsy. If you don't know, cerebral palsy is a birth defect that can cause a wide-range of abnormalities, from a lazy eye to near-total paralysis. My friend can walk with assistance of a walker and has about 70% mobility in her right hand and 30% in her left. So, I'm trying to think of an rpg that doesn't require any fast reactions or quick button mashing. I really need one that can be operated with one-hand. She tried Suikoden but didn't like it. Dragon Quest VIII is actually designed to be operable by one-hand, but I don't care what anyone says if you don't know what your doing or are new to rpgs, that game is very difficult. Any suggestions of really good quality rpgs for any platform that would fit this situation?


For any platform? With that stipulation pushed aside, I can say only one thing: EARTHBOUND! It's kooky, funny, modern, and turn-based, though at times, a little bit of speed can be helpful (not essential, though, I don't think) in battle. The concept is basic and the game, while a little bit difficult at times, is pretty handleable, I think. Plus, it's Earthbound! If I have any reason at all to push the game, let alone a good one, I'll certainly do so, because it's one of my favourite RPGs of all time. Your question, though, is really a more difficult question than it might at first seem; I guess you could also try Chrono Trigger on wait mode, though a few of the mini-games or puzzles might pose problems (push these three buttons at the same time, etc). There's Breath of Fire, or its sequel, but they might be boring to a first time RPGamer, I'm afraid. Let me know if you have any luck!

As for sex in rpgs, I think I may have mentioned before that I believe strongly that mature themes such as the ones in Shadow Hearts: Covenant should be included in future rpgs as much as possible. We need to get away from this 15-17 year-old hero nonsense, but I feel outright sex, as in intercourse, is going a bit far. I think violence is more prevalent than sex in games but violence is more prevalent in most media in American (possibly Canadian) culture. Check out your evening news, it's like watching "Faces of Death" some days.


American culture = Canadian culture on this front, though I think Canadian broadcasters would be slightly less likely to burst a blood vessel/blow a fuse/what-have-you upon seeing a booby. I think that it's a bit silly, though, don't you, that our species has grown to make the very thing that keeps us going a completely taboo subject, while showing murder and death on TV is perfectly acceptable. Oh well, I didn't make the rules up...

Along the vein of sexuality in games, I was replaying Star Ocean 3 the other night and was reminded of the topic of homosexuality in rpgs. Have you ever noticed how extraordinarily close Nel is to Claire. (Nel the butch ass-kicking honor-bound hot-headed fighter and Claire the responsible feminine leader whose father is constantly trying unsuccessfully to get her to get married) There is one scene in particular after you rescue Nel from the Kirsla Training Facility where Claire and Nel hug for a REALLY long time. I know they're supposed to be best friends but...

Oh, man. I was looking for FFV to answer #180 and went to DQV by mistake and looked at the screen shots for the PS2 remake. They looked sweet. God, I wished we got those games over here! Anyway the answer is e,red.

#181: e, Jack-Rabbit



Yeah, I remember the same thing going through my mind, too! Further, Nel doesn't really show any interest in any males at all over the course of the game, as far as I can remember, and besides, they'd make a cute couple. While being a butch ass-kicking honour-bound hot-headed dangerous redhead fighter with a powerful voice behind her doesn't make her a lesbian, necessarily, I can see why you might make that point, especially when you bring up her father.

Thanks for the letter, Cap. And yes... the fact that Dragon Quest V's remake was never ported over here is absolutely, positively tragic. If only I were born in Japan~

One take on FF:AC...we'll have a different one tomorrow.

Advent Children was great. Not perfect-- I'd trade some of the battle scenes for a little more time with the characters and occasionally the dialogue earned a raised a eyebrow ("dilly-dally shilly-shally" what the...?)-- but beautifully animated and thoroughly enjoyable. Makes me sad, though, that I can't really find the time to replay my old games. I used to replay games during summer vacation and I haven't had one of those in five years. I can't even remember the last time I played through an old RPG, aside from DWI and some of my NES action games which I played for nostalgia's sake back when I got my NES up and running again two years ago. It's a sad thing. After all it's tricky enough trying to juggle real life and new releases without throwing old favourites into the mix. I trust this is the case with most gamers? There should be statutory holidays made for gaming. What do you think? Would you vote for that? ;)



Ah, Final Fantasy: Advent Children mail has started to roll in, predictably! For those of you that haven't seen it yet, you're not alone, since I haven't either. I might go to Blockbuster this weekend and see if any copies are remaining, but I'm not holding my breath. Then again, I'm not really in much rush to watch it, either. Why? Meh. I already played the game; I'd rather move on. I'll see it eventually.

As for old games, it's always nice to be replaying something at any given time, though I'll confess that I haven't had the chance to either, lately. I don't think a year has gone by, though, where I haven't played through at least one of the SNES Final Fantasy games and at least one of the NES Dragon Warrior games. It's like Christmas (or alternative) for me; sure, it happens every year, but if it wasn't there, something would be missing. Hopefully, I get the chance to play through Final Fantasy V this year when it comes out on GBA. You haven't seen? It's going to be at E3 after all, and it's going to have new jobs, just as I predicted it would! Exciting, no?

Music to my ears (how many more of these music-related titles do I have to come up with?)

Dear Matt

On the subject of best RPG battle music, I think the best kinds of boss battle themes are the ones that can a) get you all fired up, ready and raring to battle, and give that boss the beating of his life, or b) literally make you tense and nervous, maybe even make you fear the boss more than what is warranted. For both categories, my kudos goes to Final Fantasy IV. The standard boss music and the final battle theme were extremely effective in getting your blood rushing. The fight where Cecil takes on those Baron guards to defend Rydia really sticks out in my mind, and fighting Zeromus couldn't have been more satisfying thanks to the stirring music and sweet-looking background effects (even though I always thought that Zeromus himself looked rather weird).


Absolutely! Final Fantasy has always been fantastic at this- Final Fantasy IV isn't the only one, for sure; FFV, VI, and VII, and perhaps even X all shine through in this way. One of the biggest disappointments to me with IX was that despite the HUGE amount of music in the game, there was only one boss theme throughout, besides the final boss musics. Many other games, of course, manage to heighten the tension really well, too, and I think that such music is best when it actually does get paired with a really, really tough battle. One such battle that I'm thinking of is a particularly dramatic one that occurs midway through Dragon Quest VIII. The music is, as many of you probably know, wonderfully evil-sounding in its orchestrated form. <3

I digress a little bit, though; Final Fantasy IV does indeed have some incredible music of its own, and not only is it good, it's the kind of music that claws nostalgic memories into mind. I can't think of Baron's music without remembering how freaked out I was the first time I played the game when I returned to Baron castle to find it empty, save the evil Baigan.

Even more awesome is the theme that plays when you fight the Four Fiends. There's just something about the building string and percussion part that really makes the fight seem epic. But the part where the music cuts back and you're left with an almost moaning-like horn solo somehow makes it seem like you are losing, and that you're completely outmatched against a hopelessly powerful opponent. When this part of the song cued right when Rubicant cast that devastating-looking Fire 3 spell on my entire party for the first time, I swear, my heart skipped a beat. Not knowing if your party will survive such an attack with that kind of background music is a feeling like none other. It was the moment of my life.


Or your death. ^_^

I've got a better one though! When he opens with the "Glare" attack that makes the throaty hacking sound and does double one character's max HP in damage, you know you're in for a real fight. When I think of the Four Fiends battle music, though, I think of "Must stop her spin! Kain!! Jump!!" wonderful.

To change the subject a bit, there's just something about the airship music from Final Fantasy IX that strangely really made me want to fly. More importantly, it made me want to explore the vast world, as it somehow made the world seem so expansive and everything about it worth discovering, almost in a Jules Verne kind of way. I think that this is the best kind of airship music, the kind that complements the exploration and traveling factors of riding in a vehicle in an RPG world perfectly. So my question is: what is your favorite airship music? Keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily have to be an airship, per se, but music that plays when you ride any kind of traveling vehicle of some sort in an RPG, whether it be a ship, Flammie, Rheaird, etc.



Final Fantasy IX's airship theme is my favourite of the entire FF series. It's a crying shame that they just eliminate it from the fourth disc (along with so many other things... I absolutely despise those extraneous Iifa-Roots-of-disc-space-saving that appear in all-too-convenient locations), in favour of inserting sorrowful music of dread, which isn't bad music as it stands, but shouldn't replace that wonderful airship music at all. Tragedy!

My very favourite airship music for me has to come from Dragon Warrior III/Dragon Quest VIII, though; Ramia's theme just strikes a huge chord with me, and it did even back in the days of the NES. It was so fun to be able to soar over the world for the first time in a DW game.

Music, music, music is a wonderful thing; we shall never tire of talking about it, shall we?

A third opinion on #2


In response to your wonderment at Wild Arms 2, it is actually a really great game. A lot of people feel 3 to be the worst entry in the series (or so I've heard) but I really thought 3 was well done as well. I have yet to play 4 so I cannot effectively comment on that. In regards to ACF, it is awful. And I loved the first one. The original WA 1 is so much better, with the only real upgrades in ACF being graphical, and perhaps having more party members, though that is debateable. In the original each character could equip weapons, armor, and accessories, with there being an ultimate weapon/armor for each person. Also, Rudy attacked with a sword and his ARM was only used after building FP. Another great aspect of the original is that each character could summon a guardian based on whatever 'guardian stone' was equipped. And equipping guardian stones had various effects on that characters stats, allowing for more customization IMO. Plus there were no 'glitches.' My copy has crashed several times, and I have only just gotten to the first Elw temple. Long story short the WA series has a lot to offer, especially in terms of puzzles and gameplay, but unfortunately ACF was probably the wrong place to enter. If you can track down the original PSone WA (1 and 2) go for it as they are great games.



Well, I really picked ACF up to get a basic taste of the series, since it's one that a lot of people ask questions about; I couldn't really answer them without having dabbled a bit!

One of the main problems with obtaining 1 or 2 is that by this point, they're not going to be the easiest games to find. You see WA3 on the shelf from time to time, and the EB Games in town seems to have a limitless supply of used copies, but it's been years since I've seen its prequels on the shelves.

I was talking to Nwash the other day about how it's silly that some enemies can disrupt Rudy's ARM in ACF, because it renders him completely useless, unless you dig into your gems, which aren't really that powerful for him anyway. Such enemies would have made far more sense if Rudy's ARM was only a secondary weapon. Oh well. In my case, I'm glad to have had the experience, because even if it was unpleasant at times, it wasn't ALL bad, and it has endowed me with new knowledge.

Thanks for your insight, Ben!

The best things in life are... free!

Hi Matt,

You're right, I never understood why people didn't like Xenosaga II's OST - it's like everyone's conveniently forgotten (or really didn't know, saaa) that it's Yuki Kajiura. On the other side of the Pacific, she's fairly popular, maybe we Asians like our pretentious techno female chanting, maybe we like Noir and Madlax and My-Hime and all those licensed anime she composes, we just like the music. Except for Petit Cossette, that one is just cool all over.


Now now, I don't like the soundtrack just because of the composer; I like it for just being wonderful. Sure, there's one or two themes that get annoying after awhile, but the battle musics are top-notch as far as I'm concerned, and certain area musics are just unbelievably wonderful to listen to. A few others are treats here and there; for some reason, I just love the UMN Control Centre's music in a strange, techy way.

However, I despise all the town music - that was composed Shinji Hosoe, who composed the music for...something else. Everyone can go look it up.


Ah yes; the jumpy, happy, Second Miltia town music was really cool for the first minute or so, and then two hours later, you were ready to claw the insides of your skull out to make it stop. Ah well, it's a small price to pay. related question...are you aiming to get any free stuff from E3? If you do, will you take pictures and show them off?

And SOCK answers, my guess is #180 (d) and #181 (a)



Not only am I hoping to get some free stuff from E3, but I'm hoping that YOU READERS will get to experience much of it first-hand! If I score anything neat, you can bet that the SOCK shop will sport some flashy new things for sale, so if you haven't gotten into the game yet, it'd be a great time to start! It's easy to move up through the ranks, anyway, if it seems intimidating...just ask Colabottle or Alex!

And, for sure, I'll be bringing my camera along, as well as about three hundred AA batteries, since my camera's battery life is somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes on a good day, it seems. So, expect pictures and excitement upon my return to Q&A after the show!


Uhhh... wow. I just read the news about Revolution's new name. How interesting. Hmm. This will require some getting used to. A lot of it. Time, that is. Needed. Regardless of whether it's a good or horrible name, the games are what will make the difference. I, uh, hope.


Yesterday's questions were certainly worth quite a few points, so it was good to see some of you do very well! #182 came from the second level of E.V.O. Search for Eden, that obscure Enix title that comes up in conversation around here every now and then. If you watch the background and count carefully, there are c) 39 fish in the smaller of the two schools on loop, for 300 points. #183, Chris' question, had to do with American money matters that I didn't have a clue about! The correct answer, according to him, is b) March 15, for another 250 points.

Question #184:
Which of the following is a playable character in an RPG? (240 points)

a) Thyme
b) Turmeric
c) Tarragon
d) Cinnamon
e) Nutmeg

Question #185:
Survey Says!-->Which of the following non-sword weapon types will be the most popular answer among SOCK competitors? (250 points)

a) Spear
b) Axe
c) Staff
d) Hammer
e) Gun

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30,000 points: Your choice of Megaman X4, X5, or X6 for the PSX. If you're into the Megaman series as much as I am, and you don't own any of these, I don't need them any more, now that I have purchased the collection. You can take your pick, and I'll send it to you in the mail with a handwritten note of congratulations from myself. They aren't RPGs, for sure, but I'm working on it for the future. (Sorry, NTSC-format only) (1 left)


One more day to make another full week tomorrow, and there's lots of news in the air. We'll be chatting a little bit more about Square Enix's newest movie, Advent Children, and I'm sure that you'll have a few things to say about a "wii" little piece of news that gripped the world earlier today. I look forward to hearing from you!
***Matt thinks that wii should all just be friends.

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I really hope that the name itself doesn't come back to haunt them...


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