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Happy Birthday December 22, 2006

Michael Cunningham - 09:45 EST


If you are having a birthday today, have a happy one. You know who you are. So, I'm back. I know you are all so thrilled about that. Hahahaha. Ok, maybe not, but everyone needs some time off, so here I am. I'm fine with being the backup from time to time, but it helps to have letters. Well, I'm sure none of you really want to read my comments here, so in that case...

Let's skip right to the inbox.


Herr Macstorm, goeden dag.
Something tells me I went a bit overboard with the obscure titles last time. In retrospect, it's understandable that you wouldn't know much about titles even I can't unearth much information on. With that stated, could you give me a reasonable rundown on your Sega gaming experience? If you were to stick with your Saturn alone for a few months, what games on it have you not played that always seemed like a good idea? Yeah, I know you're not gonna do it - I can't expect others to emulate my dedication to getting the most from older systems, especially if your time is crimped the way you've hinted at.

Purely hypothetical here. And I must say that the Shining Force III Premium Disc is damn fun, if not necessarily worth what it took for me to acquire it. Did you never have the funds for it, or was it just not a priority? Either way, taking down Zeon and Darksol in the special battles takes skill: imagine Darksol with 7000 HP and recovering 60 every turn, with Spark 4 and replenishing MP. I take mild pride in being able to conquer all of it.


Yeah, I wish I had the time to play all of those great classics, but alas I hardly have time for my new games. My backlog is dying down though, thankfully. Oh, the Shining Force III Premium Disc. I never could find a copy that agreed with the contents of my wallet. I guess I will just forever live in the dream world where this game gets ported to some modern system. A portable system wouldn't bother me in the least.

As I'm watching The Touch of Satan right now, I feel compelled to ask you about your MST3K knowledge. So - shoot. I've asked this of Matt and Josh, with no success. But maybe you have secret contacts they don't, eh? So - can you locate the music from Sakura Wars 2 (1, 3 and 4 are welcome, but their soundtracks aren't out of print) anywhere online? Remember that there are two soundtracks, one for the vocal music and the other for the instrumentals. Actually, gimme your knowledge of Sakura Wars while you're at it, eh? What think you of having an RPG set in the US Civil War? This idea just occurred to me, so it's kind of ill-formed.


I wish I could say that I had some MST3K knowledge, but I don't. I had a friend in high school that loved it, but that was as close as I got to it. My loss.

Sakaru Wars 2 OST? Try this site and let me know if it works for you. It was the first site I found when doing a Google search, so try it at your own risk. Other than what you've talked about, I know little about the Sakaru Wars series sadly. However, it seemed to steer you toward the thought of an RPG in Civil War times, so it must have some inspirational value. Maybe you could flesh that out a little more. Sounds like Shadow Hearts territory.

Guess I'll do another in the popular (?) saga of giving people mockable information about the music I listen to: Beethoven's 5th Symphony, 'If It Makes You Happy' by Sheryl Crow, Sibelius's Violin Concerto, 'Psycho Killer' by the Talking Heads, 'While You See a Chance' by Steve Winwood, 'In My Room' by the Beach Boys, 'Chase the Chance' by Namie Amuro, and a track from Shining Force CD I really need to find the name of.


I try never to make fun of the music that people listen to, because I have odd taste in music as well. Here's a rundown of a random iPod shuffle.

  • 1000 Words - Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection
  • Spirit - Xenosaga Episode I
  • So Long Self - MercyMe
  • To Love Somebody - Bee Gees
  • Caught Up - Usher
  • Praise You in this Storm - Casting Crowns
  • Everything Changes - Staind
  • The Hornburg - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • Wond'ring Aloud - Jethro Tull
  • End Credits - Star Trek: First Contact

Oh, and can you find a FAQ that explains exactly how to fight the battles in Langrisser III? It wasn't intuitive the way the first two games were, and I have to be coerced into giving it another chance. While I've got you searching avidly, can you find the original soundtrack of Shining the Holy Ark anywhere? Sure, there's the supposed soundtrack that consists of Remixes, but I want the original music. Oh, and a quick note to Bainick: I don't know if PAL gamers were spared Bubsy, but that's my logical assumption given that you put it into the list of Genesis titles you quickly came up with. 13 years ago I learned never to trust advertising thanks to the dully infuriating nature of Bubsy, and you would very quickly regret having bought Bubsy if that list was indeed implemented. I'm also impressed that you listed Langrisser 2, because I didn't know you were prepared to deal with a Japanese-only title. Not that I'll fault you when the game is quite good.
Sooo -yeah. Better end it here.
But Macstorm, I very much hope you know what 'It stinks!' refers to.
Sono teido ka!?


I'm not even going to pretend that I know what to say to this last part. I'd love to answer you, but I just don't know... and I'm not Bainick, so farewell for now and have a Merry Christmas.

Echo! Echo!

Hellooooo . . .
Is anyone here?


Crap, you found us. We need better hiding spots.

Oh, there you are (whoever that might be.) Just curious if anyone else saw the FF Crisis Core hands on on IGN. I bought my PSP when it came out partially because I was under the impression that game would come out soon after, then I kinda gave up hope on ever seeing it. Now I read this preview that says it will melt my PSP (a little too hyphy, true, but still) and now I'm all excited for this game again. Those bastards.


Yes, Crisis Core will make it someday, though still not soon enough I'm afraid. Being a PSP owner myself, I wouldn't mind giving this title a spin. IGN sure did hype it up quite a bit. Let's hope they were telling the truth. I'm not going to judge this one too harshly until it comes out.

Thanks for taking the time to write.

You have NOT seen this letter before.

Dear Ailise Macstorm,

I demand to know your thoughts on the current state of handhelds! What do you think about DS RPGs? Does the PSP still have legs? Pontificate!


Hey, I could be Ailise, but I'm not. So there.

The current state of handhelds is top notch and still getting better as days go by. I love portable gaming and love the direction it is taking. I want more and more portable RPGs and it looks like I'm getting my wish. From Final Fantasy VI Advance to Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion Wars for the PSP to Dragon Quest IX on the DS, it's hard to imagine handheld gaming getting any better. The best part? RPGs for the bathroom. Hey, what else are you going to do there?

The DS is clearly the dominant system. With DQIX, FFXII: Revenant Wings, It's a Wonderful World, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and many more RPG, the competition is not even close. I think the PSP still has some interesting games coming like Jeanne d'Arc, Crisis Core, and the Final Fantasy Tactics enhanced port, but that just doesn't seem like enough to make a dent in the DS lineup. At least for me like me with both systems, we will have something to play on each.

You have NOT seen this letter either!!!

Hey Ailise Macstorm.

Having started playing RPG games when my brother and I rented Secret of Mana due to its "pretty cover", I ask what introduced you into the RPG world?


My first RPG experience was on a trip to Florida when my cousin, DeLisa, introduced me to Final Fantasy for the NES. Though I just got to watch her play it, I was hooked. I was gifted an NES later that year and got Zelda with it. The next visit I made to Florida, I traded her my copy of 720° for Final Fantasy. I've had it ever since. Final Fantasy II for the SNES really brought me back into RPGs as it was the next one that really drew me in.

Also with the slew of RPG's released this year and whats going to be released next year, what games are you looking forward to getting?


Next year? There are too many RPGs without solid release dates right now. I guess the first one on my list would be Final Fantasy VI Advance. I might try out Pokémon Diamond or Pearl. I would also like to see a US date for Blue Dragon to play on my new Xbox 360. The system is kinda lonely right now.

Bainick bowled his best figures ever of 6.4 Overs, 7 Wickets for 15!


I have no idea what that means and am too lazy to research it, so I will just say... Good Job!

T H E   E N D
All Good Things...

I know with Matt and Josh both taking some time off these columns aren't popping up left and right like normal, but we also aren't getting a ton of letters. In the meantime, if you want people to fill in for our dynamic duo you will need to send us letters. Tons and tons of them.

If you don't feel like e-mailing, just do what JuMeSyn did and e-mail me directly. It prodded a column out of me. So, feel free to write me anytime. You never know when I might be filling in.

Just in case you need some ideas, try the following...

  • What games do you want for Christmas?
  • What is your biggest RPG accomplishment for the year? (Mine was beating a certain Man of Mystery for the second time at level 44.)
  • What surprises are you wishing for in 2007?
  • What older title would you like to see remade in 2007?
Please share. We really do want to know.

Also, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
***Macstorm is the arch-rival of Ourobolus...

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Mac wishes Jesus a Happy Birthday for Monday as well.


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