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LordBrian - October 22 '01- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

In case you missed the brief filler column yesterday, Aegis isn't here because of a dislocated shoulder and an excessive amount of homework. I sympathize with him on the second reason. So here I am, and here you are.

I enjoy my rights, and I enjoy reserving said rights. I reserve the right to feel however I want to feel about someone, as long as I do so in a non-destructive manner. I reserve the right to stay up as late as I want to, regardless of the results. I reserve the right to re-use my quotes if very few people saw them the day before. I reserve the right to play only as far through a game as I want to. I reserve the right to cut a shameless plug for your personal webpage if you don't deserve it. I reserve the right to back up my opinions with a well reasoned argument.

And next time, remember to reserve your right to have me post your letter anonymously.

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You, sir, are looking for pain

This isn't a question. Its a rant. Post it if you like, or dont. Or foward it to the editorials, Or just read it and pass it on. Or read it and throw it out. The choice is your.
   Why is everyone talking about Cowboy Bebop. Everyone acts like it's so cool. It's the greatest TV show since sliced bread (ahh sliced bread, Tremendous in the lead role as father Danny Tanner in Televisions "Full House") I'll tell you why. Cause it's the cool trendy thing to do. Stupid kids think other stupid kids will think theyre cool if they seem into the underground anime scene. Staying up late past your bedtime to watch some televised tripe on cartoon network. I've only watched one episode of the show. And its not a bad show. But to people on message boards and other various websites talk about it like if you had the choice between having the answers to all your questions and mysterys and philosiphys on life explained to you in a brilliant flash and glimpse at the lords face, Or watching another episode of Cowboy Bebop. Then the clear choice would be Bebop by a landslide. I hate people that try to impress eachother.
  Maybe they all just like the title. "Cowboy Bebop".Kind of rolls right of your tounge,Your sixth grade tounge, in the middle of Mrs.Belchers math class. Kids like this are why I stopped watching Dragonball. Man that was a serious schill.
   Anyway my point is that people are stupid and they're just saying the words Cowboy Bebop to seem cool.

Bang Bang!

You know, you're pretty lucky. Normally I wouldn't print trash like this, but I'm strapped for letters today. Now, which points to address first?

Why is everyone talking about Cowboy Bebop? I hadn't noticed that this was happening more than usual, so I have to assume that either you suddenly started listening to people, or more people now realize that this series exists because of Cartoon Network. All things considrered, though, I'm more tempted to blame you.

Another thing: I don't think there has ever been an instance where claiming that a particular anime series has been the "cool" or "trendy" thing to do. Ever. I mean, come now. I can understand peer pressure causing people to start drinking, smoking, doing drugs, whatever, but saying Cowboy Bebop is a great anime series? That has gotta be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot of stupid things in my time. Of course, this is coming from a person who references Full House to seem cool or trendy, because anyone who wants to be popular watches that show.

A third thing: people say Cowboy Bebop is excellent because it is. If you don't like it, that's fine -- you're more than entitled to your own opinion. However, before making such a judgment that it's only "not bad" and condemning people for liking it more than you think they should, try watching more than one episode. One of the things that makes it such a good show is the way the characters interact with each other, and you can't get a feel for that from a mere 22 minutes. And if someone asked me if I would rather know the meaning of life or watch some CB, I'd probably take the anime too. If I wanted crap, I'd go to the bathroom -- and that's all you'd be able to give me with the offer for the secrets of the universe. Also, I personally have never liked the title "Cowboy Bebop." It's stupid. So sue me. So for at least one person who likes CB, it doesn't just roll off their tongue, their sixth grade (or in this case, collegiate) tongue.

And yet another thing! One of the things I really hate is the type of person whose tastes change because of what other people think. Uh oh, that band went from indy to popular. Can't like them anymore! Uh oh, that video game series suddenly went from 2D cutscene driven storylines to a 3D FMV driven interactive film. Won't even touch that one, because it's the tool of the devil. Uh oh, more than 5 people watch that anime. Get it the hell away from me! Now who's being childish? If you like something, like it for yourself, not because of what other people think. And if you're going to dislike something, dislike it for the product's own fault, not for how other people act about it.

Good final point, though. I'm all for blanket statements that don't make any sense. Now remember, kids, Goog doesn't want to hear your feelings about any of this. Goog wants letters about RPGs, not this. I'm sure you can find some way of directing any mail related to this elsewhere, but not to Goog. Again, don't mail Goog about this. Mail RPG questions.

What cave did you just crawl out of?

I haven't been playing many RPGs for nearly a year due to college and other constraints, which means that the only new ones I've played are Final Fantasy 8 and 9, both of which I played to the end boss and gave up. Suddenly, I have an epic pocket of time and, incredibly, the money to buy around four or five Playstation games. What RPGs have come out lately that I've missed because I haven't been paying attention?

--Corey Garriott

Not all that much, actually. Recently, the only ones I can think of have been Tales of Destiny 2 (a surprisingly fun game, with lots and lots of stuff to do), Saiyuki (it's decent enough for a TRPG, I guess, but I found it a little bland), and over the summer, Final Fantasy Chronicles (damn, I love those games). Going farther back, if you haven't gotten around to them yet, there's always Chrono Cross and Valkyrie Profile. If you can wait a bit, there's Hoshigami and Dragon Warrior VII coming up, too.

Take better care of your games, and this wouldn't happen

Greetings my Lord!

How many unfinished RPGs do you have? Sometimes I have a tendacy not to finish RPGs even though I like the game. But that happens rarely. I have been on the last CD for FF8 for 2 years now. Why do you think people do this?

Also what's a good way to clean cds? My first disc of Chrono Cross is totally unplayable because of scratches. Should I buy a CD repair kit? Thanks for your time!

Peace---Lyle Smith, another Canadian

I have my fair share of unbeaten RPGs (and perhaps more than my fair share), but if I ever get to the last CD of a game I make the effort to finish it. More often I only get a third of the way through before losing interest. Why do people do this? Probably because the game isn't good enough or interesting enough for them to put in the time and energy necessary to rough through the boring parts, even if those boring parts consist of the whole game. I know that I've quit some games because of what I call "game killers," which are certain parts that are just unnecessarily difficult. If the headache that would result in working past the trouble part is worse than the idea of wasting money on a game, then the game goes into the unfinished pile.

And I keep my games in such good condition, I've honestly never had to deal with cleaning problems. I suppose CD repair kits work for some damage, but it all depends on the extent.

In short, no

Have you ever wondered why when Sephiroth can cast Super Nova and destroy the world like three times? Or how your characters can survive this normally incinerating heat? Well, after hours of research and study my friend (...some call him..Tim) discovered why. In reality, this amazingly cool summon is only an illusion that causes sensory paralysis (like one of the Gung-ho Guns from Trigun). While your party is paralyzed Sephiroth, being the cunning villain that he is, bitch slaps you to semi-death. Bitch-slapping of course, is a fairly weak attack. This is why Super Nova takes so long to do. Think about it, while your characters are stuck in zombie-like trances Sephiroth is going down your row of characters and slapping them enough times to do 9000 or so of damage.

~The Untalented Bard

I guess that's as good an explanation as any. Except for this one: it's a game. Of course, that would be too simple, now, wouldn't it?

*LordBrian waves back*

*waves at Lord Brian*

I've got a dilemma. Soon I'll be getting a female red-tailed boa (translation - big snake) and I don't know what to name her. Got any ideas, preferrably from an obscure bit of RPG or anime lore? Or should I go with Kamarike? (the Age of Legends name of Greandal from the Wheel of Time. Yes, I am a dork.) Might just take the easy way out and name her Eve =) Thanks for the input!


Call it Oroborous (or however you feel like spelling it). You know, the snake that's eating its own tail. It probably isn't a boa when depicted in mythology and RPGs, but a snake's a snake.

O! I am slain!

Hey (Crono and Serge speaks) ......... (like they would)
O wonder what possibilities will happen in games now since Kingdom Hearts is real. What wierd combos would you like to see? Still want to see Amano Disney characters though which wouldn't be that odd considering circumstances. Also in Suikoden III we got ducks in football helmets which is just odd. Are you worried that Pilika will show up again? Maybe she goes mental from experiences in the second one and becomes an enemy in a very Luca Blightish sense.
Imperial Mog

I don't want to see any combinations, actually, and I plan on staying as far from Kingdom Hearts as I can when it comes out. I don't find the idea appealing in the slightest. As for Suikoden III, I can only assume that the helmet-wearing duck is one of those throwaway characters that you use in one battle or less and then store in your headquarters for the rest of the game. At least, that's what I'm hoping. And to have Pilika as an enemy would alone make the price of the game worthwhile, just to be able to kick the crap out of her.


Which is gonna succeed best, x-box, Ps2, or the Cube?!?!?


What do you think?

Before I Go:

Those are the kind of letters I like, the kind that roil up the blood and allow for a good venting. But again, don't vent towards Goog. Goog wants to hear about wonderful, non-offensive RPGs.

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