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LordBrian - August 13th '01- 0:00 Eastern Standard Time

So I finally went out and got Skies of Arcadia today (and by got, I mean stole from a friend...he's not getting it back any time soon, either). I'm about 7 hours in, and it's by far one of the most fun RPGs I've played in a while. It's got a certain...I don't know what to call it, a sense of immersion, detail, enjoyment, whatever. It's just got a goodness to it that I haven't felt in a while. I'm just wondering why more companies can't make games like this. Just felt like saying that, now onto the letters.

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Because there's lots of RPGs, and only 5 top spots

It's been awhile LordBrian, no I'm kidding it hasn't obviously...anyways.

I was looking at your profile, you know, the get-to-know you type deal on RPGamer, and was astounded when I didn't see FFT as one of you top 5 RPG's. I just need to ask why? It's at my top 5. I thought the story built up great and had wonderful cinematography(if you could call it that). Not to mention the music is brilliant. But it's not as though it didn't have competition amongst your other titles though, all of your games listed are primo. Well take it easy, not anyway you can get it.


While FFT was a great game, it had some flaws that kept it out of my top 5. The biggest offender for me had to be the presentation of the story. It was a decent story, but it was way too convoluted. I'm not talking about the cruddy translation, though that didn't help. All the characters looked the same, and had such strange names I couldn't keep them all straight. In the end, I just stopped caring about the story and played for the battles. Nice graphics and (very) good music aren't enough to boost a game into my top 5 if the story can't hold its own.

Enough with the EVO letters already

Heyo Bri-o.

EVO was indeed a classic. Loved that game. To answer the fellow gamer's plea, there unfortunately IS a recent evolution game for the Dreamcast... called Evolution. Not Evolution: World of the Sacred Device (or whatever), which was a different game altogether, just plain Evolution. It basically takes the coolness of EVO and shoots it point blank in the head, and then adds on some utterly pointless paint-by-numbers random way to choose what new type of thing you can evolve into. Basically, I'm saying steer clear, but it's there if any evolution game fans are REALLY desperate.


I knew someone would find another evolution game. I refrained from mentioning the crappy DC dungeon crawler yesterday because it really had nothing to do with evolution despite its name. I never played (or even heard of) the other Evolution game, so I can't really say much about it.

The game's really easy, trust me

Dear Brian,

This may have been asked before, but I've decided I need to beat FF7. My main three are about level 52, and I don't have many special things, so I'm pretty sure I can't beat Sephiroth. So, where would be the best place to level up, other than the northern cave on the way down to Sephiroth? Are there any special enemies that gave out massive Exp. and AP? Or special items? Thanks.


First of all, I think you probably do have enough levels to beat the game, but if you really want to gain more and you don't want to fight in the Northern Crater then you can always go to the sunken plane. I forget where it's located exactly, but drive your sub around for a while, and you'll find it eventually. Also, you can get an Experience Plus materia by fighting in the Gold Saucer battle arena.

Can't go a weekend without getting one of these

Hi Lord of the Brian variety,
After reading a couple Q and A's. I figure your pretty darn smart when it comes to RPG's. So I think your the appropriate person to answser my desperate question. Here's the deal, I have a collection of RPG's.. well, after you have a trip to the Philippines you should come back with like 231235 games and dance dance.. but i just got a couple RPG's. I just beat Suikoden 2, which is a pretty good game, and I don't have any game to occupy me!! Eep!! The games I have are:

Castlevania: SOTN (Mastered)
FFTactics (Almost completed Deep Dungeon with everything)
FF7 (Mastered)
FF8 (Eep... just sitting there, I had a file with 15 hours on it, but I erased it to save games with Suikoden...)
FF9 (Pretty much mastered)
Suikoden II (Beat it with all the stars...)
Legend of Dragoon (Haven't started)
Front Mission 3 (Mastered, 100+ hours)
Star Ocean 2 (Pretty much beaten, Claude is lvl 200+, best weapons)
Xenogears (I did pretty much everything, but didnt make perfect file.. hehe ;])
Chrono Cross (I played through it and got directors ending, but nothing much)

So what should I play, I choosing between FF8 and LoD, but from the reviews I heard FF8 is better... But ive beat it before I bought it. Eep! I am giving you authority to control what game I play, no matter the time it takes!! Thanks.. you 0wn!


Here's my good deed for the day: do NOT play Legend of Dragoon. It sucks. Ass. FF8 is pretty good though, so play that one. If you haven't played them recently, pick up Final Fantasy Chronicles. I also don't see the Lunar games on your list, so make sure you play them, too.

Multipart Madness

Greetings, oh great Lord!

1. Do you think Enterbrain will eventually release their new PS2 game RPG Tsukuru in America? From what the RPGamer article said, it looks like a great game.

Possibly, though I wouldn't expect it soon. It took RPG Maker a long time to get here, but it did eventually (granted, it wasn't the only version Japan got, but still). And it's not really a game, it's a program to make games.

2. What webcomics do you read? I noticed the 8-bit theater reference in Sunday's hidden text.

Too many to list here, but the biggies (aside from 8-Bit Theater) include Penny Arcade, MegaTokyo, Life of Wily, and...uh...more. I hate making up lists. It's boring and hard to do late at night.

3. The Ico trailer looks cool, but i still think the Neon Guilty Exodus one is better. Maybe because the name reminds me of Evangelion.

Aside from both being anime-based, and having the initials NGE (and the word neon), I don't think they have that much in common. But the question is, why would you want to play it at all? The main draw seems to be scantily clad anime chicks. Not a bad reason in and of itself, but it's just as easy (if not easier) to get that in most real anime. I think I'll stick to something I haven't seen before.

4. River City Ransom. Your thoughts?

"If history is to be changed, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh."

Good game. Needs another sequel.

Well, good then

Lord Brian, or whoever happens to host the day this may be posted,

Everyone complained when Tactics was rereleased and didn't work. But how come no one, not in the news or in the QnA has mentioned that now the working copies are in the stores? I bought mine and it works fine on my PS2.

Arcadian Winds

Possibly because nobody told us? Or maybe because it shouldn't be big news when a game that's been in stores for a couple weeks finally works.

And we're not getting into anything of that nature

I heard some where that japanese imports work on american dreamcasts and was wondering if that was true. Anyway are there any really cool dreamcast games not realeased over here. They don't have to be rpgs. The only one I could think of is langrisser millenium. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Sage "Ignorance is bliss but Knowledge is power" of the Stars

Japanese imports do not work on North American Dreamcasts. At least, not without some sort of modchip/boot disc thingy. And I'm fairly certain there are some good games that never made it over here, and never will. I'm just not familiar with any of them. However, I'm sure some readers are, and will point some out for tomorrow.


vorpal blade, i do belive that refers to the sword the man uses to slay the jabberwocky in the same titled poem by Lewis Carroll ^_^ am i right?

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"


Good job, to you and anyone else who guessed correctly.


Two words - FFVI + Live orchestra.

Well, that's a bit more than two words... Two terms, perhaps? It can be five words... Anyway, you get the point. That would be... heavenly.

Gyaah, I think I just wet myself imagining such a game.

Everybody knows Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek. Don't you agree?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm bored, so I think I'll go buy some unlicensed merchandise with the words "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" are on it.

You sick, sick person. First, Babylon 5 blows goats. Second, I'm not even gonna comment on your last comment.

Before I Go:

Aegis can't come to the mailbox right now, so tomorrow TRC, our newest New Media-ite, will be babysitting you guys. Here he is to say a few words:
Hi, my name is TRC, pronounced turkey. I will explain why tomorrow. I can't really think of a topic, so how about you just ask some random questions?

LordBrian "Nor are there any allusions in this quote!"
Nobody wrote in to guess at the source of yesterday's quote, though.

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