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LordBrian - August 11th '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

With the recent string of lots of different column hosts, my return was inevitable. I was kinda hoping for a longer column, though. As it is, I didn't get many letters at all (and a lot of them dealt with older issues), so don't expect to be here all that long.

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Q&A, minus the Q

Someone mentioned that they can't find the Lunar art book. Try searching for it at Sasuga Books ( a Japanese bookstore in Cambridge, MA. They do online ordering (minimum $20.) I've seen it there a couple of times. If you live near a Kinokuniya, you might as well try it too (the webpage is completely in Japanese so I wouldn't reccommend going there.) Be prepared to cough up a lot of money though, I think my friend mentioned that it was around $50.

Card Captor Ribby

There you go.

Again, lacking the Q

Ummmm...yeah LordBrian, what's up.

Yesterday, a letter was sent to Rebbeca about a plot synopsis. Well the only text for Radical Dreamers right now, is Japanese, it hasn't been fully translated. I just don't want there to be any confusion on that. But it's such a tight game, I really can't wait until it is translated. It's a text RPG, but it's got a hella cool story Mitsuda does the music too, and it's really beautiful. The battles are done quite well. The battle music is the same as Chrono Cross, but it's crazy to hear it in old 16bit mode. Anyways, there you have it man.


I've heard the Radical Dreamers soundtrack, and anyone who's heard the Chrono Cross soundtrack basically has, too. I'm also eagerly awaiting a complete translation for this game like you, but we could be waiting a while.

More helpful readers

High Lord Brian,

I wanted to mention in response to a question asked last night by Sandman-Ash. In xenogears if you input the button sequences for the combos you are trying to learn, you will learn them faster.secondly the moves you are able to learn are limited by level, and you cannot learn your last few moves until a later point in the game(you'll know when). And now my question so that this will qualify for the Q&A page. Do you have any expectations of the upcoming star wars rpg Lord Brian? Thanks.

striding cloud

I expect that I won't like it, because I don't think I've ever liked a Star Wars-related game. That's about it, though.

Blast that giant Kuraselache

This question may seem rather off subject as the game im writing on wasnt a true RPG and isnt covered by this site, but at least a break from bashing sony on screwing up FFT. Anyway I remember one of my favorite games for super nintendo was E.V.O. where you took on the form of different animals and could evolve yourself into a better version of the same type. (fish to shark, or rat to human) by gaining experience and spending it on new body parts. It was one of the most fun and original games i can remember, unfortunatly it never really caught on and there were no sequals. I was wondering if you or any other readers had played this game and knew of any games resembling it. Any help would be appreciated.

I vaguely remember playing this game a long time ago. It seemed decent at the time, but nothing that blew my mind or anything. I seem to recall being a fish with big teeth, then getting mauled by a big shark a lot of times, then getting fed up and quitting. I can't think of any other evolution-based games like that off the top of my head, sorry.

The first part of this letter cast confusion on me

There has been alot of differentiation about what kind of RPG games people like. Cuz lets face it... RPG can barely be one catagory anymore. There are so many different kinds of RPGs that the catagory name "RPG" has been replaced by sub-catagory names such a Final Fantasy. Everyone knows that Final Fantasy is not just a series anymore... it barely comes close to any other RPG game out there. Well in my opinion anyway. Another series working its way into the sub-catagory title is Xeno. That was another series unlike any other. I really don't know if what I wanna say is coming out the way I want it too, but if you understand what I'm tring to say then print the letter. Anyways on to my questions...

Actually, I have absolutely no idea what you're saying. Are you talking about genres? If so, then nothing you said makes sense. Final Fantasy is not its own genre, and it's most definitely still just a series. Xenogears and its sequel are just a series, too. Just because something seems better or worse to you doesn't make it something completely different. At any rate...

What is your favorite RPG series or single game for that matter?

My favorite single game is FF4, and by association the Final Fantasy series is my favorite overall. Other games (Xenogears, the Chrono series) come in at close seconds, though.

What do you look for in a RPG villian? Hero? Heroin?

In a villain, I look for someone who I can have some serious respect for. If they're cool, stylish, and all around badass, that's good enough for me. By my standards, Sephiroth is a good villain, Kuja is just a girly man. The only thing I look for in the main character is the fact that they're not completely annoying. I don't need to be able to relate to them or anything, i just need to be able to make it through the whole game without vomiting in disgust (which can really put a damper on the whole gaming experience).

Do you support the multi-ending style of say the Chrono series or do you like one ending all the time?

Anyway I think I covered everything I wanted to ask.

Dark Paladin

I like a game to have one "true" or "good" ending, and for that ending to be the one gotten the first time through. After that, it can have as many as it wants.

LordBrian refrains from making a bad "Gimme Cat's rocks" pun in this letter

Hola LordBrian,
Don't you wish you had starred in Monty Python's "The Life of Brian"?

Um, no.

But that's not why we're here today. My main question was this: have you played FF9, and if so, do you remember the Gimme Cat that asks for diamonds when you run into him? Well, my friend and I have always thought he was kind of weird, because whenever he asks for diamonds, he motions towards know. Surely people have noticed this, and if you don't believe me, just go back and look. I am NOT making this up.

Sincerely, -Illegal Allen

To answer your question, yes, I remember that bastard Gimme Cat. Steal my diamonds, will he? I showed him by feeding him a faceful of white hot death! I never watched him close enough to see where he was gesturing to, though. Sicko.

I'm just putting things in for length at this point

Chrono Cross spoilers

I remember reading in's Q&A/Letters section/colum/nonsensathon that Square INDEED revealed that Guile was Janus. I remember one of you columists saying that it was on PlayOnline's Messageboard. Although, I never found the Forum and found Playonline to be the most unnavigable website in history. Shed some light on this please!


I dunno about the link between the two characters, and I'm not gonna debate it cause I don't care that much, but I find the fact that Square revealed official information like that on a message board to be highly doubtful.


Hello Lord Brian!

A quick question: not long ago, there was this contest about Dragon Warrior III. When are the results going to be known? I want to see if I won :-)

- Dr. Cossack

The results will be known when they're posted. Patience, grasshopper.

Before I Go:

Told ya it was pretty short. Ah, well, go play some games and get some questions (or comments) ready for tomorrow. I'll be back again, mainly because nobody told me otherwise, but it's always a pleasure talking to you guys so I don't mind.

LordBrian "A heap of broken images, where the sun beats"
My shortest column yet! Not really a good thing, though.

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