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LordBrian - July 16 '01- 00:00 Eastern Standard Time

We finally come to the third column in what I'll now call my Trilogy of Power, and it's a biggie. Uh...hmm...intros are really hard to write when you have nothing to say. Why don't you just scroll down a little and start reading the letters? I think that would be best for everyone concerned.

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By the way, we're talking about Anachronox

Wow.. it's nice to know someone else out there has this game.

For a Quake 2 (highly modfied) engine game, it looks damm good. I have had a couple problems with it (I mean, how was I suppose to know that you have to put disc 2 into the drive in order to play, it's not like anyone reads the manual anyway.), but luckly only one crash. I have heard of a bug around or after a big battle towards the end, which I happen to be at, but haven't seen it yet.

I'm waiting to see what the mods for it will be like. I would like to see someone modify the battles so that the ATB fills up a little quicker or maybe someone make CT skins for all the characters.

Now, back to the game..

- GuruClef - - Buy me!

Yeah, it's crashed on me a few times despite the patch they put out. Nevertheless, this is the kind of game you want to play regardless of the bugs cause it's that fun. The main quest can get a little tedious, going from one place to another and back again, but the multitudes of sidequests you find on the way relieve this problem. The player mods should be cool, once things get going.

Hey! What did I say yesterday about more ROM questions!

Do you sign some agreement to totally discourege ROM usage before hosting? All the hosts totally look down upon it, ONLY mentioning how ROMs are illegal, not mentioning the morality of the issue. Someone will say "yah, but no one cares if I download pong for Atari", and RPGamers answer will be "That is Illegal." I just find it interesting that you (all the hosts) are taking a defensive 'I dont want to get in trouble" approach as opposed to the realistic, down to earth one.

Have you been following the conversation at all? This is exactly what we've been discussing, the morality of it. Since it's a legal gray area, it's a philosophical argument. Without any substantial facts (and by facts I don't mean official positions or baseless conjecture), it's a completely moral issue: do you have qualms about stealing from the companies, or don't you? Chances are you won't get caught, so it's completely up to you.

Furthermore, the only reason why we mention it's illegal so much is because the way most people go about it, it blatantly is. However, I'm not saying this because I'm scared I'll get in trouble if I don't. Yesterday I outright said that I was a fan of emulation, so what's that tell you? What would you have me say, "Emulation will spur amazing growth in the video game industry, so go download lots and lots of ROMs now, and never pay for games again"? It's not gonna happen, so don't hold your breath.

Anyway, Heres and idea! Go to the squaresoft website and buy the Chrono Trigger ROM for $20... Hell, id pay it. FF7 is $20 in stores... hence, FF6 should be cheaper as it is older. Subtract all manufacturing costs from a sub $20 product, eliminate the retailer, and they can sell FF6 for like $9 and still make a profit.... Seems like a good solution to me... I wonder why no one else has mentioned it.... or maybe they have, and Im just blind... although, there is probobly some licenscing issue with Square and Sony/Nintendo, but who knows.

Uh, there's lots of reasons why this won't work. First, (and I'm only taking Square as an example), if they were to start selling ROMs on their site, they would effectively be legitimizing emulation, and that's the opposite of what video game companies want to do. Second, they would have to develop their own emulator, or license one of the existing ones. By giving money to the people who make ZSNES or Snes9X or whatever, they again legitimize emulation, and will incur the wrath of every company who DOESN'T want to see that happen. Third, they would have to develop all new tech support. Take the problems that they have with FFC and add in uncountable new ones, with computer specific errors: graphics, sound, control, speed, etc. would all be affected individually. Fourth, they're making plenty by re-releasing those games on the PSX, so why go through all this trouble? Etc., etc. In theory it seems like a good idea. In theory communism works.

Let's Xenogear-in!

Xenogears spoilers. Deal with it.

What exactly are the Contact and Antitype and what is their relationship to one another? ALSO! Who is the coward within Fei that Id mentions? Id is his Hatred. But whats the coward? If you don't know pass it around the RPGamer staff, I've been dying to know this since I BEAT IT LIKE A YEAR AGO!


And I beat it like 3 years ago, but you still expect me to know the answer. The Contact and the Antitype are a pair of people who live in the same time period and complement each other. Throughout the generations the names change, but the people remain the same. The pairs are: Elly and Abel, Elly and Kim, Sophia and Lacan, and Elly and Fei. This pairing of Contacts and Antitypes is perpertuated by the Urobolus Ring through transmigration, until the Contact frees the Wave Existence (which is his destiny to do). The original Antitype, Elly, was created when the original Contact, Abel, made...uh, contact with Zohar. Elly was created by Abel's desire for his mother's love, and they are destined to be together through the ages.

The coward is a part of Fei's personality, just as Id is. The coward was Fei's original personality, the one he was born with. In Fei's early childhood, Id was created to help Fei deal with the testing he was being subjected to. Id was later repressed, but resurfaces when Fei is under intense emotional stress.

I guess I asked for this

More Xenogears spoilers

What exactly was the thing that destroyed the Eldrige in the beginning of the game, and what is Deus, is that hte lass boss fight (I haven't played through this game since spring 2000)... To my knowledge, Zohar is the prison of what is called god. A scientist in the 21st century tapped into the 4th dimension wave-existance and it brought the entinity known as god into the zohar prison. And then they realized that it was a never ending power generator, so they put it on th eEldridge so it could go the expanses of the galaxy searching for a new place for humans to settle?

I'm also confused on the Abel/Fei Mother/Miang thing.

The thing that destroyed the Eldridge was, in fact, Deus. Deus was used as an interplanetary weapon, but it was deactivated and dismantled when on the Eldridge. At some point along the journey when Abel made contact with Zohar, Deus reactivated and took over the ship. In an attempt to destroy Deus, the captain self-destructed the Eldridge, and it crashed on the planet the game takes place in. Deus is not the last enemy in the game, but the second to last; the final boss is Urobolus.

The Zohar Modifier was basically just a power plant capable of drawing an infinite amount of energy. It received this energy from the 4th dimension, where the Wave Existence (what you are calling "god"), lived. The WE got trapped in Zohar when it started drawing power.

As for what the purpose of the Eldridge was, and why it was carrying Zohar and Deus, I'm not really sure. I'm guessing that the Eldridge, considering its size and population, was a colony ship. It was either going to dispose of Deus on an out-of-the-way planet somewhere, or use it in conjunction with Zohar as a terraforming device, or something.

::Deep breath:: AND FINALLY! Abel was Fei's first incarnation (the original contact), and he was the sole survivor of the Eldridge crash. Mother (the naked blue haired girl from the intro) was created by the WE after the contact with Abel, because of Abel's need for his...uh, mother. At the time of the crash, Mother created Cain and the Gazel Ministry, then split into two beings: Elly and Miang. Elly represents the nurturing part of the Mother, while Miang is the personification of the guardian part, doing what's right for her children despite her feelings.

No doubt there's some mistakes in how I answered the previous two letters, but it's close enough to get you by.

Musica Machina

Oooo, music! I'll come up with some random vaugely-related questions for you-

1. Why the smurf didn't Nobuo Uematsu do the music for the Final Fantasy movie? As it is, the music isn't bad, but it sure ain't worth writing home about.

Probably because he was busy with other things, like FFX. I'm not a fan of the music in TSW. There's absolutely nothing that makes it stand out one way or the other.

2. Who's your favorite game composer? I'd have to say Yasunori Mitsuda, which reminds me-

Mitsuda's my pick too, followed closely behind by Uematsu.

3. What games has Mitsuda-san done besides Chrono Trigger and Xenogears?

He's done a lot of games, actually. Of most relevance to this column are the CT and XG albums (and arrangements), and Chrono Cross. These all rank as some of my favorite albums, without exception. You can find a full discography here.

4. Where do you get game music? I only managed to make two very cool CDs before Napster pretty much died, and soundtracks are expensive, not to mention tough to get ahold of.

They're not all that tough to find, depending on the age of the album. However, they are ungodly expensive. It's a lot easier to download complete soundtracks off FTPs than it is off a filesharing program like Napster. There are various websites dedicated to these FTPs that, through a bit of searching, are pretty easy to find.

5. Do you watch anime? If you do, what's your favorite series, and do you prefer subbed or dubbed?

Thank you for boosting my tiny ego by paying attention to me.

"I guess justice goes before pastries."

No problem. Yes, I watch anime. My current favorite is probably FLCL, though I like a lot more than that (Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Kenshin, Evangelion, etc.). And if it's not subbed, chances are I won't watch it.

And for those of you still curious about the FF6 thing...

How's it going, LordBrian?
With all of the talk about leveling up and economizers in FF6, I thought I'd just let some people in on MY little secret: you only need two people to beat those dinosaurs. The best way to do it is to use any combination of Relm, Sabin, and Gogo. Either Relm or Gogo needs the "control" ability, and the other person needs blitz. Now all you have to do is control a dinosaur with Relm, but instead of making it attack itself, tell it to do nothing. With your other character, just keep bum-rushing it until it dies. Pretty cool, huh? Kind of lame, though.
"Wanna see my batteries?" That's from Anachronox, right? PAL-18 says it to the secretary on Sunder. No tildes, I'm allergic. Anachronox is such an awesome game. I think I'll write a reader review for it.

Well done. I didn't think anyone was gonna catch that quote.

Bugger all

Lord Brian: Hey, just to let you know this is the first time I've written to RPGamer, even though I read the Q&A column all the time. I feel, however, that it is nececessary for me to write a question, for there is a very pressing matter I need to know (ok, mabye not that pressing). I want to buy Final Fantasy Chronicles, but I've heard there are bugs in the game, and it doesn't work sometimes. I don't want to buy the game and have it not work, but on the other hand, I want the game. I heard Square was going to fix the bug and ship new copies of the game, is this true, cause if it is I'll wait till then, but if it's not, could you go into some detail about the bugs and if I should really care about them. Oh yeah, and one more thing, you should really print this letter, and I'm not just saying that because I want my 15 lines of fame, I think people should know about this (unless of course you've already answered a question like this in the Q&A, in that case you don't have to print it).


The issue with FFC is that sometimes a PSX or PSOne can't load the games, and gives you the "Insert PlayStation Disc," or something to that effect. I can't verify this, as I only have a PS2 to test them on. They work fine for me, however. Square was going to issue a statement on the matter at some point, but that statement is still forthcoming, apparently. I recommend waiting a few days to see if they say anything, and if they don't just go out and buy it. If it doesn't work for you, take it back. The stores know something's up, so they'll understand.

However, "Time's Scar" is one of the greatest pieces ever written

All hail Lord Brian! (Whoa, I can spell your name!)

I have two thing to say. One is a question, the other is a comment. Here's the question (if you can't answer it, just say you can't answer it, and I'll bang my head on the monitor again).

You know that lovely piece of music in Chrono Cross that plays when you're fighting Miguel? Well, I've looked all over the web and I can't find what that piece is called. Do you have any clue? See, I'm a musician, and I'd really like to remix that thing and send it in to the Sound Cave, but I don't know the title of what I'd be sending them. I've got some pretty good ideas for it, too.

Now for the comment. You know this FF6 business about leveling up before the final battle? I'd like to give some advice. Don't make that mistake. My best character was level 70 or so. I had some 50-60 level characters, and a handful of 48 or 49 characters. With these levels, the last battle was terrifyingly easy. I was bored through the whole thing. When you fight a final battle, it should be a challenge. Therefore, when you're about to fight Kefka, just make sure you're about level 50 and spend the time you saved in reading a good book.

With that done, I now conclude my session. This letter will self-destruct in 3.1 seconds.

Captain Faris (or Amethyst Gold, whichever you prefer)


I believe the music track you're looking for is called "People Imprisoned by Destiny" (track 16 on disc 2 of the OST).

Your comment serves as a good counterpoint to the (far too many) level building letters we've seen lately. Why spend all your time fighting dinosaurs and whatnot when you could just as easily go battle Kefka and spend your time watching the ending and listening to the cool music? I'm sure you people aren't dangerously under-leveled at that point in the game.

If you want multiplayer tactical fighting, join the army

Lunar 2 spoilers

Master Margie: I'd like Square to do a Re-Make of FFT, but only to add in a Multiplayer mode.

I seem to recall someone in an earlier column talking about a gameshark code where you could select a battle field, then put your own team members on opposite sides and control them both. That's as close to "FFT Multiplayer" as we'll ever get. I just can't remember the code... by the way, why is it that the Star Dragon of Lunar 2, being the final boss of the game, is ridiculously easy? The water guardian gave me more trouble than that! Oh, and the way I see it- if the cops don't know you have emulated games, then you're not breaking the law ^_-

~Casey Edwards~

The Star Dragon is so easy because when you finally get to that point in the game, you just want it to be OVER already. For the love of god, let it end! The Star Dragon knows how you feel, and takes pity on you. In a heroic sacrifice, he lets you off easy.

And it's good to see your morals are in the right place.

Speaking against Dragon Warrior? Blasphemy!

Hello LordBrian and everyone who reads this!

1- A comment for Master Margie, who asked about the X5 endings: there are only three endings, no more.
- Play as X, Zero is normal
- Play as X, Zero is maverick
- Play as Zero
Don't listen to what other people might say. There are three endings, no more of them.

Mega Man 2 will always be #1 in my book, though.

2- Game music eh? Then, in your opinion, what game had the better soundtrack of all time? I vote for Chrono Trigger, even though Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Cross are near.

Hmm...that's a tough question. Are we only counting OSTs? If we are, then it's too close to call between the three you listed, with Xenogears thrown in as well. However, if we're counting arrangements too, then Celtic Moon wins. (And if we're counting everything, Potion wins.)

3- Favorite music composer? Yasunori Mitsuda is THE man, in my opinion :-) Uematsu works is good too, but I somehow prefer his older work (read: SNES days)

Yes, Mitsuda is superior to Uematsu, but not by much. I too prefer the SNES FF music to the PSX stuff, but the newer stuff is still excellent. I can't wait for FFX to come out, if only for the soundtrack.

4- Dragon Warrior Week, rejoice people! Do you plan to get Dragon Warrior III when it comes out? (Two days and counting...)

- Dr. Cossack

LordBrian: Frown if you must, but I never liked the Dragon Warrior series very much. I played part of each game, but I just couldn't get into them. Dunno why.

Leggo my ego...sorry

Hey Lord Brian,

I was reading EGM when I came across a preview for a game called "Project:Ego". It was for the Xbox, which I don't plan on buying. The game seemed very interesting and it has a cool idea. Apparently the game takes place over the main characters entire life. Actions you do will affect how the game turns out, so every different player's world will be different by the time they are old! I was just wondering what you know about this game, and if it might be coming to some other systems, per chance the PS2? Thanks a lot for the answer.


From what I've seen, Project: Ego looks very interesting indeed. If they can keep it as open-ended and unique as it is now, it'll definitely be worth looking into. Of course, it's by Peter Molyneux so no matter what system it's for, you probably won't get to play it until at least three years from now. I'm willing to bet that despite being developed for the Xbox, we'll see it on other platforms as well.

See if you can guess what got this letter printed

Hey LordBrian

One question I always wanted to know is... do the people who work on RPGamer get paid? Ok anyways on to my rpg related question.

I need a new game to buy... I got bored of my other games so I was wondering what you could recommend. I'll give you some examples of what I like. First and for most it has to be an RPG game for the PLAYSTATION. Second I like a game with a really good story and character development. What else... oh right I tend to like the bad guys better than my own characters... don't ask why, but I do so if that helps your brain to think of any games then think away. I can't think of anything else so I'll just tell you some of the games I've played. All the FF's, CC, Both Suikodens, Tales of Destiny, LOD, Star Ocean, Shadow Madness (which by the way sucked), Xenogears, FFT, Luner, etc. I ca't think of them all right now. But anyways thanks for whatever help you can give me.

Well, this one's easy. You've listed practically every decent PSX RPG out there, so all I have to do is name what's left. If you like cool villains, play Vagrant Story. I wasn't a big fan of the gameplay, but the storyline and atmosphere are excellent, and it's well worth playing. Other games to check out include the first Wild Arms, Front Mission 3, Valkyrie Profile, and Legend of Mana, in that order. Keep an eye out for Hoshigami in a few months, too.

Oh, and one of the prerequisites for working at RPGamer is that you have to be rich enough that you don't HAVE to get paid. We all sit on our private beaches and sip our fine wines as we indulgently play game after game on every system known to man, all the while laughing at the poor sods who actually have to save up money to buy games.
I'm sorry, I was somewhere else for a minute. No, we don't get paid. We're as dirt poor as the rest of you.

It's like those Where's Waldo books

Possible FF:TSW spoilers for anal people

Dear Lord of Brai...Brians.

I think I've found where the Moogle is in TSW...I was watching it again today (still didn't like the plot, grr!)...and in the beginning when Aki's jet/plane/ship/whateverthing is touching down, you can see a moogle-ish smoke cloud building to the right. I noticed it cause of the eyes ^_~
Ah well. Can anyone else confirm this, I'm not going in there again! ^^;
~Oni no Davin

Hey Omni-Brian, ( hey that sounds pretty cool)

If you were gonna look for things in the FF movie that relate to the series heres something.

when they showed the map of the Barrier city ( i think it was NEW YORK) the sectors and the whole city looked exactly like Midgar from FF7.

Also.Was i the only one who started to laugh when Sid said "It feels warm." when the little light passed through him?

That's all i have to say.
Oh wait! The movie was pretty coo'. I didn't go to see it because it had "Final Fantasy" in the title, I'm a fan of all animated movies.


I dunno about the sightings, but you weren't the only one who laughed at that line by Sid. A few people around me did as well. I didn't laugh; I just thought it was stupid.

For some reason, I found the last sentence of this letter unusually funny


How can Goog and Chesh be dissin' PS2? If I may look at the title of this site, '', and then look over at Gamecube's selection of RPGs, and then glance over at PS2's selection of RPGs, I must say, my eyes may be deceiving(SP?) me, but PS2s selection of RPGs, in the next few years, FAR outnumbers GC's. It appears Sony has the quality and quantity over Nintendo.
-Curtis   sorry if i didn't put spaces inbetween somewords, my dad broke the spacebar

There are some points I disagree with my coworkers on, and this is one of them. Despite what they would have you believe, the PS2 is not a total piece of crap as it stands now. While it's true that there aren't any decent PS2 RPGs out at the moment, that doesn't mean there aren't any good games out at all. Also, the hardware is well-built and I've never had any problems with it.

Now that I got that out of me, I'm looking forward to both consoles' games equally right now. Yes, the PS2 will have more RPGs, and presumably better ones at that, but Nintendo's games have always been extremely high in the elusive "fun factor." I want to play Mario, Zelda, and Metroid just as much as I want to play FFX, Xenosaga, and Shadow Hearts. Just because the PS2 has more RPGs doesn't necessarily make it the better system.

Oh, and for the record, Zelda's not an RPG.

But really, who is famous?

Hey Lord Brian

I just saw the FF Movie for the first time this evening, and at the end of the credits, it says "In Memory of Someone Liao" (I can't remember the first name). Do you have any idea who that might be? My web searches have not produced any information on the subject. Thanks!


It's just one of those people movies are dedicated to. Nobody famous or anything.

Speaking of emulation...

Disgusting Warning for part 1

Hello Again Lord Brian, how're you today?

Peachy keen, thanks.

1. Yeah, thanks for the tip on the wax. I woke up with blood in my mouth this morning. That really sucked, but the wax has stopped any more from leaking. It's not gross though, it wasn't really that much blood, just a tiny bit.

Uhhhh...glad I could help. Now, let's ty to stick with the games, shall we?

2. OK, Tales of Destiny was the coolest. It was absolutely hilarious. I actually think that the thief and hero from RPG World Comic were based off of Stahn and Rudie (SP?). They just have this whole we love each other but neither is ever gonna admit it cuz we both fight constantly sort of think. Plus the cool fighter like battle system is great. I love having complete control over a character and the AI isn't bad on your party members either.

I like that comic. Maybe I'll check out ToD one day.

3. Yeah, I know about the scams, but I never fell for a single one. I started a new account and everything and now I have an Elite Mace and a Bonesnap (Unique Maul). Ask the other guys in the staff room If they're interested.

Sadly, nobody is here at the moment who would be interested. Maybe later.

4. OK, last thing, and this is actually a question. Is there any American version of Tales of Phantasia or am I just screwed on this? I loved Tales of Destiny and I wanna play the prequel. Where is iiiiiiit? OK, I'm done goofing around now. Hopefully you'll be around tommorow too. Later, Ender

There's no official version of Tales of Phantasia released in North America, but there is a really good fan translation for the ROM. You can find the translation here, but you'll have to look for the ROM yourself.

Ignore the first paragraph, cause we're done with that now

Well, let's get this whole 'Emulation' thing out of the way now. I don't care wether it's legal or not. I take part in it (not by posting on wabpage, but by downloading them). Just remember, you have a better chance of getting caught if you post them on an obvious site (or any site for that matter), than if you just download them and share them with a few pals.

With that said, thanks for the MegaMan/LUNAR info. I'm glad that got cleared up, I'm gonna test that 4th ending tomorrow. I'd send you some Xenogears plot questions, but I've yet to play it (I know, 40 lashes w/ a wet noodle!). Instead, I'll ask you if you know a place where I could find it (and for fewer $$$ than usual). "Do you know where I could find Xenogears (and for fewer $$$ than usual)?"

Oddly enough, we were just discussing this yesterday. If you want to buy Xenogears new, your best bet is probably eBay. and might also be getting some shipments in soon, but that's only a maybe. You probably won't find it for any less than $40 anywhere, though.

Okay, now on to your other topic. 1) "What's your favorite RPG music?" Mine would have to be "Fallen Angel" (FFVI - the final Kefka battle music).

I think you mean "Dancing Mad" as the Kefka battle music. "Fallen Angel" seems to be a weird mix between one of Kefka's attacks and Sephiroth's final battle music (Fallen One and One Winged Angel, respectively).

There's far too many tracks to choose from, so I'll pick one at random: the orchestral version of Aeris's Theme (track 19 on FF7 Reunion).

2) "What's your favorite VG music in a whole?" Mine would have to be the music from Super Mario 64 when your sliding sown the icy slope racing against the giant penguin in the snow level (That song won't get outta my head. Ever.)

Also, I've got a trivia question for anyone who thinks they know it. I'm gonna send in the answer on Monday (it might not be posted then, but whatever =P) Send the answers to me (link is below)
"In what game did Nintendo's Princess Daisy debut in?"

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Keep up your good work.

Master Margie
"You know what you doing? For great justice."

I'm not sure how this question is different from the last, so I'll just pick another one at random: the EarthBound ending theme (track 21 on the Mother 2 OST).

And we can't forget this one

Yet another Xenogears (and possibly a Xenosaga) spoiler

Hey (monks sing) LORD BRIAN
I was wondering on Xenogears. Am I the only one that can't pronounce anima in anima relic. It ends up sounding like enema relic. Also, isn't it odd that they don't think anything odd on them pairing up Bart and Margie even though they're cousins. I've seen inbred people and it's not a pretty sight. Also, on Xenosaga, am I the only one who thinks chaos will be a villian. There are too many cliches at work and here's a fun question for you, what RPG cliche's would lead to believe that chaos will be a villian and there are several one's at work. I was wondering, how does music notes cause damage? Is it that they play or sing so horribly?
Imperial Mog

Anima does sound like enema if you say it really quickly. That adds a whole new depth to the game that I hadn't thought about before...and never wanted to in the first place. Yes, it's odd that they pair up the cousins, but after watching something like Tenchi it becomes almost mundane. I mean, what other show can you watch where practically every character is related by blood, and they all want to get together with each other? What other show that's allowed on TV before midnight, that is. I dunno about chaos being the villain. It seems a little too obvious, and I'm hoping that the story will be as mind-numbing as the first one. Besides, he doesn't have a black trenchcoat. I've always assumed that the musical notes were just a safeguard, a representation of what the enemy is perceiving in visual terms so we don't have to be subjected to the awfulness that is the music playing. I couldn't really tell in FF4 though, because Edward kept running and hiding like a little pansy before I could tell him to attack.


hey brian,
I feel kinda dumb about this...but in Chrono trigger, I cannot find Crono's house. Where the heck is it!?

...Congratulations, I can't tell if you're joking or not (and that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish). Crono's house is, uh, the one you start the game in. It's on the east side of his village, near the dock.

summoner is A GREAT ps2 rpg, I liked it better than Final Fantasy 9.

Just goes to show you. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Before I Go:

Ta-da! And there you have it, the end of my weekend stint as Q&A host. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Don't cry, though. I'll be back one day (approximately sometime between soon and never). For now you'll just have to make do with Aegis. Treat him nice; he gets scared in front of large groups of people.

LordBrian "Gah! Why does this <expletive> always happen to me?"
"<" and ">" are harder to make on webpages that it would at first appear.

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