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LordBrian - July 14 '01- 14:00 Eastern Standard Time

Muahaha...I'm back again, albeit on extremely short notice. To save time, I'll cut the intro short and go right into the letters.

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Wish I had owned that trademark

Remember back when there were a ton of Xbox rumors, but nothing was official? About that time, a little company in Florida changed their name to X-box Technologies and registered the trademark. Either they then sued Microsoft, or the reverse happened. In any case, the case was eventually settled, with Microsoft ending up with the rights to use the Xbox name and to hold on to; one assumes that X-box Technologies got a fair amount of cash out of the deal.

-- Dave Rothgery

This is pretty much the story as I remember it, too. Now watch closely as I post something on the Xbox without disparaging Microsoft!

Despite all this, I'm a big fan of emulation

I'm no lawyer, but let me still take a few shots at you.

" 90% of all things emulation related are illegal. "

Whaaaaaaat? Better check on that again. It has been determined in court many times that "emulation" is legal. On a side note, 42% of all statistics are made up.

"Fan translations aren't, under certain conditions."

They're fully legal, yes. Like you said, as long as you don't distribute the ROM itself. Translation patches have nothing illegal about them. However...

"Downloading a patched translated ROM is illegal. "

Not exactly. If you happen to own the cart or whatever, it is legal. You are allowed to download ROM images for games you own, translated or not.

" Once something has been officially translated however, as I understand it, it's no longer legal for fans to do their own translations. "

Are you really certain about this? This does happen, actually. For example, there is a fan translation of Phantasy Star 2, which contains better grammar and the like, than the original cart itself. I haven't heard of Sega suing those fans, yet.

Finally, there's the difference between illegal and immoral. While it is technically illegal to download old 8-bit and 16-bit console games, no one seems to care too much and thus it is easy for anyone to find something like Phantasy Star and play it on their PC.

"Emulation GOOD! Spinach BAD!"

- Chief Ug

This was the most accurate letter on the subject that I got. However, there are still a few points I want to make. There are qute a few "grammar" patches available for games, but just because the creators of these aren't getting sued doesn't make it legal. Companies probably just don't see it worth their time and effort to go after these people. Of course, this doesn't make it illegal, either. More than likely there's not a legal precedent yet for cases like this.

To try to dispel some of the crap people believe in:

1) It is NOT legal to download a ROM for 24 hours if you don't own the game. This doesn't make any sense whatsoever, and is just an invention of ROM sites to try to legitimize what they're doing.

2) Commercial ROMs aren't anywhere near old enough to be considered "public domain," so don't even try that argument.

3) Just because you see a site distributing these things doesn't mean it's allowed to be there. ROM sites are shut down all the time. In fact, from what I understand, it's more illegal to distribute these things than it is to actually have them on your computer.

What a roundabout way of asking a question

^_^ Hi! Me again!

I just recently starting posting some stories on another website ((GameFaqs)) that doesn't deal just with RPGs. And it doesn't have to be in a certain format. I have a story about Secret of Mana ((but the story isn't finished)) but then I realized it needed to be in a different file. >_<

Anyway, you asked me to be specific on a console. Well, I only have a PS2 right now. My older brother has the N64. And I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on a good RPG.

Anyway, I'm just writing this e-mail because you're my favorite guy/person/thing ((Still have no gender?)). And, because RPGamer is my favorite site. ^_^ ((Did we ever talk before? I think we did.))

-Lord Kaiser

You have possibly the worst combination of consoles for RPGs. For the N64, I highly recommend Paper Mario. Despite being sorta childish, it's still a very good game. I hear Ogre Battle 64 is pretty good, too. As for the PS2...well, you're SOL for finding a good RPG. Sorry.

Y'know, we do have FAQs on the site...

Alright, first off, I finally beat FF9. Great game, good endind. Second, I went and saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits within. Not a bad movie, though I found it to be allitle drawn out in story.

Anyways, here is my actual question.

Okay, I am in the middle of Chrono Cross (well, almost) and I am in Home World's Water Dragon Isle. I have tried to beat that damn Hi-Ho Tank about four times, and obviously, I can't beat it! How do I do it? And is there any spacific characters I should use? I have been using Kid, Serge and Razzly. Basically, whos should I switch Kid with? I have quite afew characters (Nikki, Pip, Mojo, Lucia, Mel, Grecco (or whatever his name is) and a few others. So, can you help me?

Thanks alot,


I don't remember this battle being all that hard. Take out the two little dwarves next to the tank first, so they can't heal it. After that just keep your HP up, and since the tank is innately yellow, use a lot of green elements. As for who you put in your party, it doesn't really matter. I had Kid in my party as much as possible, but Mojo was there a nice bit too (because he just looks so funny with that nail).

Lots of continuing threads today

FYI, Square USA's staff was layed off when Square made the jump from the SNES to the PSX (and Redmond to LA). They didn't quit. Some of those employees formed a new company (now known as Craveyard) which was bought out by Crave.

FF7's translation was so awkward because it was localized by SCEA. You know, the great writers that brought you Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, and Wild Arms 2. ;)

And as for PS2 games that aren't short or shallow... Gran Turismo 3, Dark Cloud, Kessen, Ring of Red, and Armored Core 2 come immediately to mind.

-Nick, who will buy any game that features Scratch 'n Sniff advertisements...

Ah yes, Craveyard. Makers of one of the worst RPGs ever, Shadow Madness. The only game I played where the "miss" percentage in battle was around 95%.

Some questions are really easy

Dear Whoever Volunteers
Surrender your piles of money or I will do this: qwwdesfswafdjiidsugsafiujkfhbvIDSAGFBVIKSAGFDIJAFU

Maybe next time.

1)Do you have info on Skies of Arcadia 2

You have everything I have, which is a whole lotta nothing.

2)don't know

Nor do I.

3)is there any way to get Playstation games that were released a few years back

IKPL ps:I am the king of the penguins!

Yes. It's called going to a store and looking where they keep the PlayStation games.

It's really not that bad

You mean....the Spirits within movie does not have ANYTHING to do with the games?

That Blows !!!

I mean....I know the people change from game to game, even though they use names like "cid" over again, and I figured this was the case when I saw the trailers and commercials, but I was atleast expecting to see a chocobo or a moogle, or someone summon Buhumut or Ifrit. Something to link it to the game series.

But now I hear it has nothing to do with the games at all. It's just another Si-Fi Cartoon thingy. And they used the "Final Fantasy" words to lead me into thinking these things so I would go spend my hard earned cash on their frickin movie instead of maybe getting a game.


( i turn around to my wife)

honey.....where's my sword?


Actually, there is a Cid (er...Sid) in the movie. And while the story doesn't have anything to do with the games (just as none of the stories of the games have anything to do with each other), it just feels like a Final Fantasy story when you watch it. It's nothing I can really put into words, but the motivations of the characters, the settings, and the storyline (not to mention the eye candy) reek of Square. Also, it's not a cartoon. And I'm a bit confused about your complaint about the price. I pay $6 for a movie, and $40 for a game...I'm not exactly blowing my bank account by going to see their "frickin movie."

Blasted delays

Okay, now I'm confused.... I remember reading on the Q&A that Hoshigami would be coming out on the first of next month.... but says that it won't be released until october 1st. Please don't tell me I have to wait another month and a half for this game... =(

I feel your pain. Hoshigami was the next game I was looking forward to buying, but now I have to wait. I suggest you do what I do when something like this happens: cry myself to sleep grin and bear it.

Yes, we need more female-only casts

Actually, the SNES version of Rayearth was a standard turn-based RPG. The SNES version was a: much longer, b: had a better written script. Though it lacked the pretty anime cutscenes the Saturn version boasted. And to actually put an end to this argument, there IS a RPG out there with an all female ONLY cast: Nage Libre. It plays like a tactics game, but the battles use cards!! Very fun! I picked up the SFC cart at my local Toys 'n Joys ( . Kind of a shallow storyline but being able to change costumes during battle is cool ^^;;.


I rather enjoyed the Saturn Rayearth game, and I find it hard to believe that the Working Designs script was inferior to whoever did the SNES version. As for Nage Libre, never played it.

I haven't found a bug yet, myself

Hey Google,
There was a news item about some announcement from Square about Final Fantasy Chronicles some time ago. Does anyone know what that was about? It seems to have disappeared.

-Dragonwynd (Sorry about the essay answer for my last email)

When I bought my copy of FFC they replaced the discs in the original package with new ones, so I'm under the impression that they're dealing with the problem of the bad discs quietly.

I never got SotN either, so don't feel that bad

Yesterday, I went down to my local FuncoLand and asked about two games: CastleVania: Symphony of the Night, and Tales of Destiny. ...Yes, I did know trying to find the former would be a wild goosechase; however, I did get my grubby hooves on Tales of Destiny.

I was chatting in #rpgamer about the value of the game, and someone mentioned that the game itself wasn't really valuable, but that there might be different versions of the game (IE, there's different characters on each CD). Is this correct? Or do you know? --- Moux Cow Petau

It's possible that there's different character art on the CDs. I don't know if this was done for ToD, but I'm pretty sure the PSX version of Lunar has this, uh, feature.

Online = not good

Hey, i wanted to know something about ff11, why does the game have to be online to play...i mean i only want to play the game not get online and play it or chat with other people, i'm a big fan of all final fantasy's and i love all games by square...but i was wondering did you have to be online just to play it? plus, i'm scared that something could happen to my PS2 if i did get it hooked up to online, please write back..


I believe that FF11 is to be completely online, and I agree that this is a bad thing. But I'm going to wait and see, and hopefully be happily surprised to find my fears were misplaced. Don't worry about anything bad happening to your PS2 when going online, though. Things like virii and such won't be able to make it explode, so go online with confidence.

What's with all these people calling me Google?

Hey! Hey! Google!

I actually have some questions, after all this time! Okay. The first one is: I was looking at as well as other online vendors, and I have seen that you can get 3 to 5 used rpg's for the price of one new one. (LoM, Vagrant Story, Saga Frontier 2, and BoF3 to name a few) Should these people be trusted? Is it too good to be true?

I've never had a problem buying things online, and I've been doing it for a while. You can usually find a better deal online than in a retail store. The thing is, you just have to use common sense. If you buy from a big name, like EB or Amazon, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you give your credit card number to some AOL homepage that disappears a day later, then you might have a problem.

And my second is: Is the music played in the FF piano collections the same as in the music books you buy online? I am led to believe the answer is no. But is there any way you can get the sheet music in the piano collections cd?

Kuh-yee piar ni ma? (I know, it's bad, bad mandarin chinese)

-The Shrekster

The Piano Collections originally came with sheet music for those specific CDs, so if you're buying something else, the answer is the separate stuff is probably not the same. However, I'm positive that there are sites that have scans of the PC sheet music, so do a little searching.




"...only people who play FF are computer geeks and RPG obsessed teenagers with bad braces, messy hair, and corrective shoes."

Don't you just hate people who know nothing yet give their opinion? So do I.


Wait...there's something wrong with being RPG obsessed? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Ribby said: "We'll end up getting a bunch of bishonen Gackt clones singing "It's a Small World After All."" I know a good 10 people who would camp outside the nearest EB for a week to get a game like that... 8^P

--kate sith

I would not be one of them.

I just slaughtered the White Dragon in Chrono Cross and I thought you should know
- Galvatron

I just came back from the bathroom and I thought you should know.

Before I Go:

I probably did that column a little too quickly, so feel free to correct me on anything that seems amiss. I'll be back tomorrow to give you the answers you're dying to hear.

LordBrian "Hurry, faster!"
Anyone playing Anachronox besides me?

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