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Brian Rogovitz - March 14th, '02 - 1:00 Eastern Standard Time

Welcome to RPGamer's Q&A section. Here we will try to answer every question you may have and t-- what's that? You know the drill already? Why didn't you say so in the first place? Well then, let's get started.

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I know you won't read this FAQ, but it's always nice to dream

Among lots of other neat things never leaving Japan...

Hey, I'm an RPG fan with a question and I don't know who to turn to. I came across a website showing all of these cool screenshots from the japanese version of Atlus' Brigandine: Grand Edition. The original is probably my favorite game, and I'd love to get GE. I checked the Atlus site, but there was nothing about the game on there. Do you know if there are any plans for them to import the game to the US? Thanks for your time.

Considering the PSX is nearly just as dead as the Dreamcast here in North America, I wouldn't go holding my breath if I were you. Atlus will probably stick to something that'll earn them more money, like the PS2 or GBA. Of course, you can always hope that Working Designs will pick it up one day!

You are in for some m4d b34tdownz from the 1337 AOL kiddies

If you play online games for PC you will notice that there are alot of hackers that cheat. A good example is Counter-Strike. I'm just wondering if Final Fantasy XI will have it's files stored on a server(just the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot) so there isnt' a possibility of hackers/cheaters since square has the character files. I very much hope that this is the case cuz hackers make me so pissed.

I'm not sure if we know anything about that yet, but it would certainly be the preferable choice. The last thing that FF11 needs is a massive amount of cheating. Saving character data on their own servers would certainly make playing the game on different systems easier, too. No system is perfect, though, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Letters devoid of any actual content are fun for the whole family!

Hiyas LordBrian ^_~ ™ (That's right! I got dibs nobody better tradmark this before I can get the money to do so myself!)

Ok, you asked me to right you a letter since you where hosting so here goes, I geuss. First the manditory question or two, or three, or, well you get the idea.

1. What's the hotest RPG girl in your personal opinion

As adverse to these types of questions as I usually am, I'll answer it anyway (cuz it's late and I just don't care). Aeris. She can equip my materia any day.

2. What are your favorite game soundtracks (pick one from any genre and then a specific one from the RPG genre, if different.)

This is one of those questions that changes depending on the day you ask me. At the moment, I'd have to say that Xenogears is my favorite OST (though Creid beats that out, if we count arrangements). If we're not counting RPGs, then right now I guess it'd be Silent Hill 2. That opening track is great.

3. In all serious folks I want you to hunt down and hurt $@^&# @#$^% (edited name) He "borrowed" my PSOne memory card and erased all my unfinished RPGs! (close to 250 hours!!)

I'll get someone on that right away.

4. Would you have considered posting this letter if not for the fact you told me to write it?

Probably. I'm funny that way.

5. How many questions did you want? I ran out of ideas at question 2.

When will the pain stop...?

6. Can I ^Please^ stop asking these stupid question now?


7. So I have your permission?


Thanks. Ok now since this is only my second time to be posted on the Q&A column (maybe if I would have sent more than 2 letters I would have been posted more = I'm going to do a shameless plug ^_^ My Fanfic please I'd love to hear what any of you think when you read this. I love all comments, suggestions, flames. just send them to

Well I geuss that's all the space I'll take for this Q&A session Ja,
Acend AKA Acend_The_Poll_Guy (at least in IRC)

P.S. LB since you're so funny on IRC I'm gonna give you a, whatever this is called...

Er, thanks! I'll put it to good use.

This also happens in FF4. That Rydia is such a hottie :O~~~~

Hey B, I've got a complaint...

Why is it that in every (numbered) Final Fantasy since FF7, the main hero always finds that the wimpy, lame, white-magic using "girl" to be his main romantic interest? In FF7, Tifa is obviously a better match for Cloud than Aeris. In FF8, Quistis could beat out Rinoa any day of the week. In FF9, Dagger is no match for Freya (so what if he's a monkey and she's a mouse... remember the end of Little Nicky?) in the style section. In FF10, Yuna is just plain annoying, when we all know that Rikku or Lulu is more his type... My point is this, all of the heroes go for the weak, sterotypical leading lady role, when the more hardened, deeper, darker, moodier girls get neglected. It just makes me mad...

Well, I've said my piece.


As much as I hate disagreeing with people, I must do so in this case. I would personally choose the same way as the games do, if given the choice. FF7, no contest. FF8, I'm not into all that S&M stuff, so Quistis' whip really doesn't do anything for me. FF9...a rat over a human? And FF10, there's the whole bondage thing again with Lulu and I try not to go after jailbait with Rikku. Sorry. Oh, and I am proud to say that I never saw Little Nicky, so I have no idea what you're talking about.


I may\may not be the first to notice this but...

You have revealed Googleshg's gender!! The Google-gender thing has been solved!!

....Either that or it WAS revealed in an earlier column and I missed it.

-A shocked RPGamer visitor exactly did I do that?

Just a wild guess, but does the quote come from Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption?


Nope. I stay away from game quotes. Too many people know them, so I keep mine a little more...literary.


Those darn Access Gods are making hell for me too! My Q&A guesthost world premire has been axed thanks to them! That means another week of waiting to tell you people what I want in return for this comfy chair! I'm going to go insane! Wait a minute, I get paid tomorrow...insanity will have to wait till next week... =)

-Kamikaze "Mortal enemy of the Access Gods"

When Goog doesn't have a stable Internet connection, life sucks for us all.

Before I Go:

I'll be back again tomorrow for a second heaping helping of Q&A. There's been some interesting news lately, got any thoughts on it? Have other video game questions? Questions about anything? Send 'em over this way, I'll see what I can do with them.

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