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Mike Tidwell
Q: How many versions of Pokemon are going to be released in the U.S.? Some people tell me that there are 2 versions (red and blue) and some tell me there is a third (green). Who's telling the truth?
     ~ x9

Mike: There are only two versions coming to the U.S. The Japanese have red, green, and blue. The U.S. will receive red, and blue, which I am told is the Japanese green version. You can't find every monster in the game (150) without both copies. The idea is to trade monsters using the GameLink to achieve every one.

Q: You do all this work on RPGamer but never do anything on Esperville (telnet:// Mike? It's like you got your priorities straight or something. What's up with that? Okay, so now I'll get serious, no more shameless plugs. Anyway, I've heard a lot of people think the way Kartia does summons (phantoms) is a lot better than the way Final Fantasy does. Personally, I like the FF approach, but I was wondering what you thought.

Martin Drury

Mike: What? Being the Idle King of esperville isn't enough, I have to work as well? Man... why didn't you tell me this before I signed up?
    You really can't compare Final Fantasy summon spells, and Kartia phantoms. In Final Fantasy, you can call up a monster, he or she whomps the bad guys, and then vanishes back to their own world or dimension. In Kartia, you will summon the monsters using a mixture of Kartia cards and texts. After this, they are your army, where you equip and control them as you wish.
   So what do I like? In Final Fantasy, the summons are very limited. You chose the summon based on what you need, there is no adaptation on the summon. In Kartia, you build what you need, and you have to adapt in every new situation. I like the idea behind Kartia's system more, but then I just adore a great strategy RPG.

Q: I'm getting pretty excited about Parasite Eve. The script is written by the same guy who wrote FF4's script. And the battle system seems innovative enough. The weapon and armor system also seems pretty good. The only problems I've really heard are it's shortness, which isn't really too big a problem to me. What are your pre-game thoughts?

Mike: My initial reaction was too much graphics, and not enough content. The length of the game is a big factor. A 10 hour RPG seems really short to me. As more information was revealed, I have become interested in the game, but I still do not classify it as an RPG. It sounds more like an interactive movie then a video game. While some people may like that, I prefer to have control to some extent in the games I play.

Q: What's the idea behind games where the main character doesn't speak (CT, BOF3)? Chrono Trigger was one of my favorite games of all time, and (aside from FF6, which is in a class by itself) would probably be my favorite game if it weren't for this minor, but EXTREMELY annoying detail.

Thanks for any info, and good luck.
-Matt "The Jedi"

Mike: I think the idea behind the non-speaking characters is that the player gets to fill in how he or she would respond. They don't want to assign any more the personality then is neccessary for the game. That way, you can fill the role easier.

Q: Has Xenogears really been delayed to November, or was that just a rumor? EB's web site still lists it as October 21st, and EB's dates are usually right. Are they just out of it, or has Xenogears not been delayed after all?

Oh, and BTW, a couple editions ago, somebody said that there were no RPGs in which two characters had the same name. Actually, there's two characters named Lans in Tactics Ogre, which ends up being part of the plot...

- Fritz Fraundorf

Mike: Square and EB both give release dates in October. It seems odd that both sources would be behind, so it's now possible that Square reversed the decision to delay it. The original story came from PSMonline, and their release list has it set for November, so it seems you and I are not the only ones who are confused. I have always treated EB's dates as official, so I'm going to assume they are right once again.

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