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Q: I know you only recently started to play Alundra, but I hope you could answer this for me. After the water way at the home of the last giant, how do you get past the room with the spikes, herb, two switches, and the sign that says "hit each switch once, then twice in alternating order" ? I also want to agree with an earlier letter. This game is too, too hard for it's own good and those blasted monkeys are annoying!

Mike: Luckily, I passed this part late last week, so the answer is fresh in my mind.
When you reach the room with the spikes, you'll see the platform in front of you. If the platform is not moving, go back down to the room with the large hole and many pillars. Push the center pillar into the large hole and jump down after it. You should land on top of one of those giant statues. Push the statue to the left, and go through the door. You will be in a room with two statues, and four red-green switches. Push both statues to the left, and stand on the right switch to activate them all. Read the sign. It will tell you the order to flip the switches, which are located downstairs from where you are now. When you flip the switches properly, the motor will start, and you can go back to the room with spikes, and proceed onward. (whew)
   As for the game itself, I love a good challenge. I will admit some of the actions it requires are very tricky, almost to the point of annoyance. But overall, the game is great. I look forward to finishing it soon.

Q: I saw the new Zelda screen shots. Does Z64 look to be ready come November 23?

Mike: As they now have released the title shot, and so many screen shots, it looks very promising that Nintendo will not have "yet another delay". While the Nintendo 64 is far from struggling, this is the game that people like me will buy the console just for this game. Just as millions rushed to buy the PlayStation for Final Fantasy VII, I forsee the same thing happening finally for the Nintendo 64. However, if there is any delay on Zelda, they will miss the holiday season, and a huge chance at having the game for the end of the year.

Q: Now we're gonna have to start all over again. So, Mike, what's your favorite band? Please, don't be another R.E.M. guy. Did you see the tribute to R.E.M. that Corky and the Juice Pigs did on MadTV called "REMember"? That was hilarious.

Oh yeah, RPGs. Um.....Are we gonna get to see any promotional video for the Final Fantasy movie anytime soon? Still pictures? Anything?

By the way, I want to go into a career as a game designer. I was wondering, how is design broken up in RPGs? I mean, does one person design the cities, another the world map, and so on? Or do just a few people do a lot of design areas?

Mike: I like R.E.M., but they are not my favorite. I did see that tribute, it was very funny. I thought the tribute to Meatloaf was even better. I listen to a large variety of music, from Sting to Metallica to Weird Al Yankovic. Also, as corny as it may sound, the most music I listen to is Square music. I always seem to have midis, or a CD playing at sometime during the day. For example, when I sat down today to write this, I started up my midi player and played my FF IV collection. As for an absolute favorite, I will have to go with Weird Al.
   No word yet on anything about the movie. They say it's still in early production, and is not far enough to release any media. Remember, it's set for 2000, and we barely started getting pictures and demos for FF VIII, which should be out next year.
   I think most of that would depend on the game, as well as the company. It would also depend on how variant the graphics are. If all the graphics are similar, the team may work on it as one group. Otherwise, you may have inconsistency with quality. If there are larger variances, especially 2D and 3D scenes in one game, then working separately would occur, since each artist would have their own talents in their own area.

Q: Where do you get the quotes you always put on your site each day? You should say it somewhere so it lessens confusion.

Anyway, does the quote "A slime is approaching" come from Dragon Warrior? What about "You spoony bard?" Thank you for your time!

-PSX Master

Mike: The quotes are usually easily found in one of the many RPGs we cover on our site. If we told you where each one came from, it would defeat the purpose of the funny quote. If you already know where it's from, then you probably have a good laugh at the image it brings to your mind. If you don't know, then you use that as a reason to play older games.
   Yep. Dragon Warrior has the infamous slimes, and before each battle, it would tell you "A <monster> is approaching!". The second quote comes from Final Fantasy IV. Tellah is enraged over his recent loss, and shouts this while attacking Edward.

Q: I've got a few questions to ask, and, following the trendy method of numbering them, here I go:
   1.) I've played FFT recently, again, and I've noticed some disturbing examples of Square's poor proofreading on the game text. In the intro sequence, Alazam makes reference to the "Duray Report." Some length into the game, a character named Olan Durai makes an appearance. Then, in the ending sequence of the game, Alazam makes another reference to the "Durai Report," written by an "Orlan Durai." Is his name Olan Durai, or Olan Duray? Orlan Durai? Orlan Duray?
   2a.) On average, how often do you update your Editorials section?
   2b.) About how many editorials do you receive weekly; again, to put it less bluntly, what is the chance that an editorial I submit would be placed in the section?
   3.) I know that several people make up the staff of RPGamer. Do all of these people live in one place, or are they spread out? Do you collaborate over the Internet when deciding to make changes and do other such things?
   4.) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Mike: 1) In Brave Story, the character's name is Olan Durai. The first one, Duray, must be a translation mistake.
   2) There is no set number of editorials that are posted each week. It is based on the guidelines of the Editorial section, and a few other criteria. The main one is does it make its point clearly, or does it wander from topic to topic, never making a clear stance. Editorials are currently updated every Friday.
   3) The staff of RPGamer lives all around North America. We have one staff member in New York, one in Texas, three in Utah, and one in Ontario Canada. We communicate online, through e-mail, and IRC.
   4) A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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