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A correction from yesterday about the FF VII figures:
The first US release came in the form of the Cloud/Barrett/Tifa/Aeris 4-pack. Then they released individually carded figures (apparently just the Japanese card with US copyright text sniped in) of Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Barrett, Vincent, Sephiroth, and Red XIII. But, Barrett and Red XIII are packed 1 per case, whereas all the others are packed two per case, making Red XIII all but impossible to find
Thanks to J. Parish for the explanation.
Note: There will not be a letter section tomorrow (Sunday), because I have always spent my Sundays away from RPGamer. I like to take some time off "work" too. No worries, there will be another new section on Monday.

Q: I have played through the US Release of Final Fantasy Tactics around seven times. I have gotten Cloud, I have done the deep dungeon, I've gotten the Materia Blade and the Zodiac Summon Spell- but despite all this I am still confused. What is all this about "I had a good feeling"!? I've never seen anyone in the story say this. Is it something I am missing? Something in the Tutorial or the Brave Story? I just don't get it.


Mike: The quote comes from the propositions in each city. Enter a bar, choose a proposition, name the three characters to take the job, and choose the number of days they will be gone. After those days have passed in the game, return to the same town, and Report Job. Ask to hear about the story, and as long as they did well, one of the chosen characters will say "I had a good feeling!"

Q: If Square was able to ship copies of Parasite Eve already, why not ship as many as fast as they can. I think its stupid that they would hold back copies if it was clear they were ready to be I sold. Since I am not sure about buying Parasite Eve, I was going to wait and see what other thought anyways, but I don't like the idea of holding back a release when games are ready. I don't like the whole release date thing.

Mike: As you read in the news story, many fans are very upset that there were simply not enough copies for everyone. That is why companies have official release dates. The release date means to the buyers "We will have enough copies in the stores, ready to be purchased on this day". There were only 248 copies accidentally shipped early, not nearly enough ready for the entire United States.
   As for the date being changed to the 15th, there has been no explanation that I have seen, so your guess is as good as mine.

Q: On the FFVII OST Disc 4, track 16, the One-winged Angel, are the lyrics being sung in Latin and if so, any idea what is being sung? I am surprised no one else has asked this.
    Secondly here in the UK, we are suffering a lack of Square games, the most recent one was Bushido Blade in February (that should give you a fair idea of how out of date we are), there is a growing campaign for Sony Europe to release them and we are sitting in hope that something comes out of that Square/EA deal, because while it is great for the US to receive these quality titles, over here in the UK we get the feeling that we are being left out in the cold for some strange reason, especially when FFVII did especially well over here like it did in America. How did you manage to get so many RPGs titles released in the US? I feel it is time for us to learn a few lessons.

Mike: Yes, the lyrics are in Latin. The original words, and translation, can be found in our Final Fantasy VII information section. The title of the page is One Winged Angel Translation and Background.
    The easy answer is sheer numbers. The United States has over three hundred million people, while the United Kingdom has a significantly lower population. This means that the U.S. is a much larger market. But the more complex answer is that there isn't an easy way for the company to release games in the U.K. Square/Electronic Arts have no real presence in Europe, and therefore advertising options are extremely limited. There are also no production facilities on that side of the Atlantic, making shipping costs very non-profitable. Unless the game is a guaranteed hit, the company has a good chance for large deficits for the export.

Q: In Final Fantasy 6 (3 U.S.), what do those guys in the Veldt cave in the World of Ruin mean when they talk about a dragon in a forest to the north?

Mike: The forest they are referring to is the ones with dinosaurs in the area. The word "dragon" is a translation error.

Q: I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the new little quote thing thats been showing up in the title bar. Is it automated, or does someone really sit up that late and change it?

Mr. Saturn

Mike: For now, our own Brian Glick changes the title every day. We hope to have a more automated system soon, so Brian can get a full night's rest someday. As for now, we just hope he can hang on with his few hours and occasional naps. One never knows when his brain may snap though...

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