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Q: I have some Final Fantasy III (6j) questions:
    1. How many dreams does Shadow have? I've heard somewhere that Square said there were 5 but people were claiming to see 7. I've also heard somewhere that Square said there were 7 but people could only see 5. I've also heard that the last 2 are just very hard to get. How many does he really have?!?
    2. I've also heard that Relm has some dreams in which there is proof that Shadow is her father that I can not see because I saved Shadow at the floating continent. If you have seen these dreams could you please tell me what happens in them? If Relm has no dreams can you please tell what proof there is in the game of her being Shadow's daughter?
    3. What significance does Sigfried's quote, ''Someone's been pretending to be me don't be fooled!'' which he says in the coliseum play?

Mike: He has only five dreams. Each one is slightly harder to view then the previous dream. The last two are fairly hard to get. Every time you sleep at a paying inn with Shadow in your party, you have a chance of seeing a dream.
    2) Relm has one dream. If you let Shadow die on the floating continent, and you save Relm in the cave of Thamasa, then you'll be able to see it. I have not seen it, so I couldn't tell you what it is.
    There is significant evidence to support that idea. First off, Relm and Interceptor get along just fine, even though the dog hates everyone else except Shadow. The Memento rings can also be worn by only Relm, or Shadow. I haven't seen his last dream, so it's possible there is more evidence in that one as well.
    3) Sigfried is one of the most confusing people in Final Fantasy VI. I'm not sure if the translation confused his story, or if there is more than one person. Needless to say, there is a lot of things he does that simply make no sense.

Q: 1. Do you have any idea if Bandai will release the remaining FF7 figures (Red XIII, Vincent, and Sephiroth) in America, or should I just buy imports when I see them? (it's easy to find Vincent, but I only ever saw a Red once, and he seems to be quite rare) Bandai themselves seem to never update their web page or answer e-mails and comments.
    2. I may be jumping the gun a little here, but does Working Designs have plans to port the remake of Lunar: Eternal Blue to the PSX, as they are doing for Silver Star?
    3. Now that AK's gone, who can I keep my friendly Orioles-Rangers rivalry up with?
    4. Maybe your new letters section title should have a RPG-themed title like the Imperial Scrolls of Honor or something? I'm trying to think if there were any RPG's involving a post office or something of that nature.


Mike: 1) I don't think they will. FF VII is now out for PC, and if Bandai was going to cash in on that, they missed the boat. Good luck on finding the imports, I owe someone a big favor, and haven't been able to get any to send to him.
    2) Working Designs is always very secretive about what they are working on. Until they are almost sure of a release date, or if it's a big hit, they keep it all under wrap until they feel it's ready.
    3) Hey, I love baseball. In the A.L, I like the Mariners, so we could start a new rivalry there. For the record, in the N.L., I like the Padres, and the Rockies. I also watch the Mets, but only because Piazza rules.
    4) This is a good idea, but not perfect, if you know what I mean. It doesn't hit me with "This is what I want!" So far though, this idea and an inn title are the best ones.

Q: Mike Tidwell... so you're the new letter answerer... good luck! You realize that you have some big shoes too fill and a lotta crazy people out there to deal with , but I'm sure you'll have fun. It will at least be interesting.
   What I want to know is who is Playstation is the In the PSX section for? Is that yours, or just for anyone who wants to play it? And is PSX all that you all play over there? I have played Alundra, and personally, it drove me nuts. For the Zelda style game that it is, it is too "3D" for its own good... it made game play TOO hard. But to whoever is playing it, have fun.

Mike: That would be my PSX over there. It's whatever it is the machine while I am typing up this page. So far, I am having a lot of fun with Alundra, but I'm only about 24 hours into it. I hear it gets a lot more difficult as you try to complete it.
    I own a PSX, a SNES, and a NES... somewhere. I have a GameBoy as well, but I haven't played any games on it in some time, since my battery pack died.
   I am looking to buy the Nintendo 64 again. I have had one before, but I sold it so I could afford a PSX and Final Fantasy VII. I had already found all 120 stars in Mario 64 anyway, the only game I was interested in at the time, so it was sitting there unused. However, with Zelda coming out, I will have to get another. That game looks too good to miss.

Q: Mr Saturn recently asked if he is the only RPGamer that loves fighting games. I would have to say your not the only one, I love fighting games and rpgs both, and the same is true for many of my friends. I also have a question to pose you you great Mike, what is your alll time favorite RPG for the SNES? Chrono Trigger for me.


Mike: My favorite SNES RPG would have to be Final Fantasy IV. Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana were close behind, but the plot in FF IV just wins me over every time I play it.

Q: 1)Have you decided not to have a links page, or have you just not gotten around to putting it up yet?
    2) While all of the other new graphics look nice and match, the "RPGamer" below the swords in the menu seems simple and, well, different from the rest of the site. Do you agree?
    3) Why do you only use green, white and black?!?

Mike: 1) We decided to remove the links page completely. I don't think we'll be adding them back.
    2) I made that image myself, as well as the logo. I thought it fit perfectly. It doesn't pull attention away from the Table of Contents, and is it very clear, and precise for holding our name.
    3) It's a very simplistic color scheme. Complex and noisy color schemes are generally distracting to the viewer. The grey columns have been around for many months from our predecessor site. We used to have teal bars instead of green, but because our RPGamer logo is green, we decided to change that color.

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