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    Thanks to everyone who responded to wrote back about the text in Japanese in the Final Fantasy Tactics logo. The text reads "Fainaru Fantaji Takutikusu", which does translate to "Final Fantasy Tactics". On a side note, the person who told me originally was my lovely wife. I simply had to clear that up... heh.

    The name game is still going on. I received many good ideas, but I would like everyone to think RPG. Of all the ideas, the ones I liked best were RPGish. However none were just right, so keep sending in those ideas!

Q: Please tell me the answer...what IS Suikoden II's US release date? RPGamer has 1st quarter 99, and so do a few electronics stores that I asked at. But others I've been to say that it's November 2nd of this year. Can you clear this up?

Mike: The release date for Suikoden II has not been set. First quarter 1999 is a fair way off. Fourth quarter 1998 does not end until it's almost spring in 1999. Pretty confusing, huh? The quarters are based the companies' fiscal year which starts in June. I think they should base them by the calendar year for clarity, if for nothing else.

Q: Okay, here's some questions that haven't been asked yet (at least, I don't think they have). What kind of computer(s) is RPGamer coded on? What browser(s) do you use for checking? What program do you use for images? What Editor do you use (for your HTML)? Are you aware that the Games page doesn't look quite right on IE3 on Win 3.x? Okay. There's my technical questions. Now, for my other, more important, questions. Am I the only die-hard RPGamer out there that also plays fighting games? Both Mr. Kaufmann and Mr. Glick alluded that they don't like them. Anyway, I'm bored and should probably stop before I insult myself.

Mr. Saturn

Mike: RPGamer uses a variety of machines to insure the best possible web site for everyone. We decided long ago that the page should look good for any browser or machine. Brian G. and Ryan own and adore their macs. The rest of the staff makes fun of them on their PC's, hehe. Almost all of the code is written through text editors, or programs that deal directly with t he source. WYSIWYG programs almost always have excessive code or in most cases, simply bad source code. As for images, we use PhotoShop. I was not aware that the games list looked awkward. None of the staff have a Windows 3.x machine anymore.
    Fighting games are an interesting breed of game. I have watched other people dump tons of quarters into the latest fighting game and play the same guy, and lose to the same guy. Eventually they pass that guy, and then there is another guy. Most of the staff likes variety in the games we play. However, I had a lot more fun with the Erghiez demo then the Final Fantasy VIII demo. I also don't mind playing fighting games against other people, as long as it's free to play and doesn't become personal.

Q: Why don't you guys have anything on your web page about Diablo or Diablo II? Do you not consider them RPG's, or have you just been too lazy to put up much info about them? Before I go, just one more question. If God is all powerful, can he make a rock so heavy that he himself can't lift it?

Mike: We have become an almost strictly console site. The two PC games we currently have are console-style, but it's a very grey area to even cover. IGN has many PC sites that will cover the PC RPG genre much better then we could as a side project. Perhaps someday if we have all the console games covered (ha ha), we could expand into the PC area. For now however, we will cover strictly console and console-style RPGs.
   If God creates a stone so large he can't lift it, it would have to take up as least the entire universe as we know it, and we would all be crushed to death. I hope He doesn't try that, for everyone's sake.

Q: 1.) Just why did Andrew Kaufmann resign from RPGamer? It might have been on his last little message to us in his last Letters column, but I have a terrible memory. In case it wasn't, could you tell us all why? Or, in case the great AK doesn't want anyone to know...well, we can't help but honor his wishes, right?
    2.) This isn't really a question, but a statement. Flutes and baritones are not the only instuments that can maim. I'm a trumpet player, or at least used to be, and trumpets are quite able to cause severe damage to your ears, along with mess up your concentration and cause general breakdown. I should know, it almost happened to me once.
    3.) Is numbering questions a new trend? An old trend? A trend at all? Or is it an ingenious plot for the diabolical letter-writers across the world to cause nervous breakdowns in all the RPGamer staff, and thus able to usurp power, rule the world?
    4.) On average, how many letters do you receive a day? To put it in less subtle terms, what is the likelihood of my letter receiving a prestigious place in the former Q&AK column?

Mike: 1) AK's reasons were undisclosed in his closing Q&AK, and I think we should leave it like that.
    2) Any music can damage your ears if it's close enough. There are always warnings about listening to headphones too loud, and causing permanent hearing loss. That never stopped me from jamming to the latest CD or anything. What? Darn it, stop mumbling, I can't hear you... What?? SPEAK UP! Bah, forget it.
    3) On the contrary, numbering questions makes each question easier to answer. This is turn prolongs the life expectancy of the person answering the questions, making it possible to live a very long and happy life running this column for all the fans. It appears to be an RPGamer is unique that it answers multiple questions from people. My guess is we're leading the way by creating numbered questions.
    4) As I have only been doing the column for two days, I couldn't say for sure. Let me ask Brian Glick... uh huh... woah. Heh, it seems Q&AK used to receive between 50 and 80 e-mails per post. Yesterday's column forged 56 e-mails in my box for this column, so I assuming that's average. Five or six are chosen for each post, so you have about a 10% chance.

Q: Hey Mike.
    There is a little problem here. Ever since I let my friend play Final Fantasy VII for the first time(!), he is now addicted. Well... to you it may sound that there's nothing wrong, but, he's obsessed with the game more than you think.
    He says that he's Cloud Strife, and that he has a whole bunch of Materia. I asked if he'd show me his Materia, he would just run home and act like a freak, while humming that victory music in the game. When he is tired, he says is HP is low. When he is bored, he says his MP is low. He even claims that he gets a Limit Break when he is excited. He also calls money "gil". Even worse is that he is 14 years old.
    Please help. He's giving me a headache.

Mike: You only have one choice. You have to find the Black Materia and destroy the world. Once your friend hears of this challenge, he will have no choice but to come and stop you. Since it will be a very trying battle, he will have to resort to magic. If he has no materia on him, then you'll laugh, and hopefully be able to turn away the meteor. If he does have materia, it's been nice chatting with you.

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