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    Hi, I'm your host, Mike Tidwell, so I'll be taking over where Brian left off. I consider myself lucky that the janitors came and cleaned up AK's little office, the sheer abundance of R.E.M. propaganda worried me to no end. I hope they weren't too rough with it, I would hate to see all that money go to waste. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with R.E.M., just with Andrew's *tiny* obsession.

    Meanwhile, this place is really bare now. We even lost our catchy name, and "Letters" is really dull. However, we burnt out our creative brain cells on this awesome new page design, so we're going to leave it to you guys to help us name this column. Send all your crafty and creative ideas to me, and save me from this mundane name!

Q: In response to Aeon's statement in the 8/27 issue, you can make loud and offensive notes with a flute. Play the highest possible note (Triple High C, I believe) at top volume. That will make a deafening screech. It's even worse if you use a piccolo instead! (Quadruple High C). It is VERY possible to hurt someone with a flute.

Mike: (ha ha, I bet you thought I'd use MT, but I am sneaky... er.. anyway...)
Ouch, I will remember that the next time I see a so-called innocent flute player walking down the street. Maybe they are planning a major assault against the rest of the music world. You never know what their real intentions are now days. Hopefully, now that their secret is out, they will have to find a new way to rule the world.

Q: Man, an extra click just to get here. WHEW! I'm wiped out! Isn't it kind of strange how all the IGN sites have changed except Well, never mind. I have some burning questions for you to answer. Is Grandia coming to the US on the Psx? That is what is says on your site, but I thought it was just a rumor. Next, is Squaresoft working on another SaGa? Square should NEVER abandon any of their series because they are all awesome. Speaking of series, what's the deal with Seiken Densetsu? I know they aren't adding to the trilogy, but can't they at least translate SD3 over here?


Mike: I warned Brian about that extra click, that people could pass away working so hard to get here, but he was in charge of design, and did it anyway. Now we all have to work extra hard, but at least when you finally get here, it's worth it!
   IGN changed their site last night, and it looks like this is the IGN 2.0 we've all been waiting for. It's really the place to go for comprehensive information from all across the gaming industry--just watch our for the bright neon colors.
   Grandia is a hot rumor right now that Working Designs is going to release it as their "surprise RPG", since the time table fits very well. However, it's a rumor for now, WD hasn't said yes or no at this point.
   Square has made it very clear that they will not be translating older games, and then reversed that trend by allowing Eidos to port FF V to the PC. Assuming this does happen, and if this product sells as well as I think it should, you never know what is next on Square's list. As for another SaGa, there has been no evidence that would support another game in the series.

Q: Hey all you people at RPGamer! Why did you get rid of the logo at the top of the page? You know, the one with the sword going through it horizontally? Put it back up! It was really cool!

Mike: The swords were saved nicely in the side frame, and the logo, as a main site image, really didn't fit. We still plan to use it for advertising, and for fans to link our site with, however. More details will be explained in the RPGamer FAQ after it's updated.

Q: On your web page, in the titlebar it says "Less fat, more taste!" and I was wondering if there is anywhere to go on the page where I could get more fat and less taste. After playing Dragon Warrior 4 for many hours, I have aspired to become more like Taloon, and I could use the extra poundage. On that same note is there any place you know of where I could get an Abacus of Virtue? or maybe a Sword of Malice? Thanks.


Mike: More fat and less taste? Don't you realize all the fatty foods taste great? That's why it's so easy to fill up on them. As for less taste, I guess you could try eating pure fat, ugh. As for the header, we are working on a quote system, which will change that title every once in a while.
   As for those special items, you have to get a certification from your local knights' guild before they can sell you any, and they have some rigorous training now days. Taloon would not make it through, trust me.

Q: Alright so far I've just been told that SaGa Frontier is part of the Final Fantasy Legend series.  Before this I found out the Seiken Densetsu started off as Final Fantasy Adventure (I'm assuming it wasn't FFA in Japan) and that Secret Of Mana was the sequel. Are there anymore Square made games that have names different from what we got? I'm taking a wild guess, but Final Fantasy Tactics is not the actual name of the game. If I'm wrong, may I be struck by lightning.


Mike: This is close, but it's better to say that the Final Fantasy Legend series is actually part of the SaGa series, since the title was changed for the United States. The Japanese names are: Makaitoushi SaGa, SaGa 2 Hihoudensetsu, and Jikuuno Hasha SaGa 3, for FFL, 2 and 3, respectively. Square thought the games would sell better with the FF title, then with western names with the same name. FFA was indeed the first in the Seiken Densetsu series.
    As for Final Fantasy Tactics, I don't recall who I was talking to who could read the Japanese in the title, but they had told me that it was similar. If someone knows exactly what that text says, please tell me, as my Japanese is barely off the ground. Meanwhile, I wouldn't go outside during thunderstorms, Alex... just to be safe.

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