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   Day .5: JD Returneth  
Jeff Davis - June 04 '01- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Howdy kids, this is your friendly host Jeff Davis -- or JD, whatever -- speaking. You may remember me hosting the weekday section of this column in the summer of 99, if not then, you all need to learn your archive history. Oh, and in case you forgot, I was the person who championed the Falcom/Ys cause. Yay! As well as the one responsible for posting Goog's comics, by doing so I bear the unfortunate distinction of being the first host to promote our dear slimeball friend's appearance here a more ubiquitous one... I dearly apologize to readerland for that. ^__________________^ -- I only jest, I assure you! Goog's been doing an amazingly steadfast job in said person's tenure, kudos my slimy friend.

Unfortunately, this update doesn't consist of actual letters yet as quickie one liners doesn't make a column, plus I'm strapped for time. Since my departure -- some of you may remember I relaunched the music section last year, under the Audiophile banner, and made a brief appearance here to promote the music section...Ah, nostalgia...But more recently, you may have seen my works at The GIA (no promoting here!).

Now that we've gone on a myriad of tangents, to get to the point, I'll be guest hosting this column for two days, tomorrow and the day after. I was supposed to do this after Thor's turn, during E3, but it was a busy time for us game journalists, and now was the most opportune time for me to do so. Whether it's E3 talk, next-generation system wars rants, old/new school rpgs, videogame music -- I'm game for any kind of letter/discussion.

One final obligatory note before I leave you to your letter writing, go Falcom/Ys and Skies of Arcadia!

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