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I Thought You Were Dead July 21, 2005

Heath Hindman - 11:59 EST

I THOUGHT I WAS DONE with this, but when Andrew fell victim to scheduling difficulties, we all knew only one man could step in and fill the gap. That guy never showed up, so we're hoping you'll settle for dealing with me again.

A lesson to be learned

ok i would like to noe if you noe when HM another wonderful life is comming to canada and for how munch also in the game do you only live for 6 years or can you live up to 36 or something like that ok plz answer my qustions and e-mail me back bye ;}


Bitte freundlicher geehrter Herr, Ich verlange bescheiden, daß Sie erlernen, die englische Sprache zu sprechen, bevor Sie mir Briefe schreiben. Sehen Sie? Sehen Sie, wieviel Mühe Sie, mit dem Ziel zum Übersetzen dieses gehen mußten? Das ist, was ich tun mußte, damit ich verstehe, was Sie zu mir sagten! Betrachten Sie Sie, dort sitzen mit Ihrem on-line-Übersetzer, der versucht, dieses zu verstehen! Pathetisch!

Ich arbeite an einem Kaffee und an einem videospeicher. Beide Jobs sind recht einfach, aber ich mag videospiele besser spielen. Ich wünsche, daß Leute mir bessere Tips am Kaffee gaben.

ON the topics


For the topic about getting owned while playing, I can only think of the first time with FFT. This was the first TRPG I ever played and was not prepared. I actually died on the first story opening fight. Man did that open my eyes, you can not play that game casually. I did eventually get through to the meat of the game then got stuck at the part where you get cut off from the first part of the map. I still haven't gone back to get passed it.

Yeah. This one guy tried to tell me he made it all the way through FFT without getting the crap kicked out of him in any battles ever, not even once. I was like "Stand right there." I drop to K-Mart, bought one of those mini trampolines, drove back, set it in front of him, got a good running start, then used the trampoline to spring myself right into a nice dropkick. No one lies to me without getting the same treatment.

For the topic of associating music to a video game. When ever I hear a song from Metallica's black album, I reminisce about Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers for the NES. My brother, cousin and I rented the game and played it for the 7 days and listened to nothing but the black album. So many memories



I think if James Hetfield ever reads this and find out his music is attached to memories of Chip and Dale, he might drive his Hummer H2 right through your house.

Couldn't print this in MMORPGamer, so here we are


This isn't a MMO question, sorry, but how do you feel about Grandia III?



There are two things that became obvious in the most recent Grandia III trailers:
  • "In the Sky" is a rockin' theme song.
  • There is a lot of unspoken sexual tension between Yuuki and Alfina.

  • But I did

    in response to heath's answer about favorite game title movie, he should see Star Ocean 2 and 3's title movies. simply magnificent.



    I'll make a note to watch 3's. I used to own Star Ocean 2. I sold it due to the suck factor, though. I don't remember a thing about the opening, and don't want to risk repolluting my mind. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Tunes and that

    Hello Question Duder of the day, First with the music statement. I find that whenever I listen to the album "Ænima" by Tool, I get a hankerin to play Parasite Eve 2. Though listening to "Ride the Ligntning" by Metallica makes me want to play Earthbound(I love that game). I also tend to listen to video game soundtracks when driving so that tends to make me want to play that specific game.

    Again...Metallica does not mix with Earthbound. Wait, I guess this is coming from the guy who listened to Dry Kill Logic while playing Saiyuki: Journey West, so carry on.

    On to the question! What game do you think has the most "WTF where did that come from" boss? FFIX holds the candle when I think about it because of Necron. Thinking about it, I understand what thats all about but the first time I played the game I was beyond confused.

    Also, has it been a pretty slow RPG spring/summer? Only new game I felt the need to buy when it came out was Atelier Iris. Which I loved by the way(at least until I synthed almost all the items at about the halfway mark). I enjoyed making items more than fighting around in that game, which is strange for me. Obsessive fighting around is usually my friend.

    Thanks for reading the letter,



    FFIX holds the same place for me. I thought it was over when I beat Trance Kuja.

    Slow RPG Spring/Summer? Nah. We had the new Arc the Lad, Guild Wars, Jade Empire, new Fire Emblem, Riviera, Digital Devil Saga, Atelier Iris, FMA2 just came out, and there are others too. Quite a few are real close to release, as well. It's been a steady stream.


    Dear Heath,

    Okay, don't burn me at the stake just yet for this bit of blaspheming I'm about to do... but... I've always thought that Amano's art... isn't as awesome as everyone says.

    I mean, I'm not saying that he sucks or anything. I'm just saying, in my opinion, that I've never seen is art as that great. I never really liked the design of FF characters until Tetsuya Nomura started doing the art for them. His art style is so clear and detailed. Amano's reminds me of pea soup >.> I always remember looking in my FF6 player's guide (where they had some art of course) and wondering what the hell all those random little bitty things floating off in the picture were that Amano tends to use in his art. It also freaked me out that he gave the whole FF5 cast white hair o_o Or so the FMVs indicated.

    Then again, not like I'm an art buff. Just my two cents. I totally respect Amano as an artist, but I just don't really like this art.


    Nah, I don't behead people simply for not liking what I like. When they have no *reason* is when I start murdering. Like with that Breath of Fire V thing I talked about a while back.

    Oh, and who did the character designs for FFXII anyway?

    -FF fan #65,536

    I did. And I really get mad when people complain that I designed Vaan too feminine, because he was the first character I actually designed to look exactly like me. I don't see what's so effeminate about perfect hair that always falls right back into place after getting tossed by the wind, or big anime-like eyes sitting atop an innocent expression, or great cleavage. You people have it all wrong.

    C L O S I N G

    Okay, seriously, NOW I'm done. Tomorrow's host will be one Charles Marasomethingorother who prefers the nickname "Harry Carrey." Yes. the hall of fame announcer...who is dead. I'm as clueless as you, trust me. Anyway, good luck with that. Adios.
    Heath Hindman is really leaving this time

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