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A Likely Story July 20, 2005

Heath Hindman - 11:10 EST

MY LAST HORRAH is like the longest Q&A column in recent memory. Thanks, gang! Just be sure you keep this kind of steam up when Andrew takes over tomorrow, yeah? Anyway, this being the last time I'll do Q&A (outside of my MMO column) for a while, I'm pulling no punches and excluding no letters. If you sent in a letter that got here before outro time, it's here, you just might have to scroll way the heck down.

The topics continued on the "My most hardcore gaming moment" thing and also picked up the topic of what non-game music you might listen to while playing games that have sucky music. I tell you what, I took that "hardcore" thing a little to seriously earlier today. I had some aching in a couple of my right fingers, so I decided to take some ibuprofen, even though my doctor told me never to take it because I might be allergic to it. "Nah, I'm awesomely hardcore," I convinced myself. I made sure no one was looking and popped a single 200mg pill. This was a mistake. That pill smaller than a child's fingernail ended up owning me. My throat got dry, my sinus filled up, and my chest got tight, but hey, my hand felt great. Not a trade I'll be making again. You win this round...Ibuprofen.

Intoxication part 2

I forget when this happened but a while back my brother and I bought a case of Surge (that drink that was like Mountain Dew but ten times more caffineated. What ever happened to it anyway?) and spent the next 72 hours playing Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy 6 from start to finish. I also seem to recall sleeping for 24 hours after that but it was all a blur at that point so who knows.

Also, not my accomplishment, but my brother managed to get all the level 9 weapons in Secret of Mana which I thought was pretty amazing considering the pain you have to go through to get just one.

-- Kalledon --

*Looks in his fridge sadly*

Yeah, Coke stopped making Surge. Too bad, too. I loved that stuff. It has a more citrusy flavor than Mt. Dew, if I recall. Nice work on the runthrough. It's amazing what a case of Surge could help one accomplish back in the day. And oh yeah, crack cocaine.

Speculation of Mana

Hi Heath, Iīm sending this letter in an answer to the letter you just received about world of mana, well, in the Square Enix Party 2005 homepage, Square Enix revealed that World of Mana will be a PlayStation 2 title, and it will not be an online RPG as speculated.


While I appreciate the thought of trying to give the site a news tip, Square Enix indeed has said nothing about its system on that page. If you're referring to where World of Mana is grouped with Grandia III, Final Fantasy XII, and a bunch of other PS2 games, that's still wrong. Note that Slime Mori Mori 2 is also in that group, and that game is for Nintendo DS. While PS2 is still a likely candidate, it has not been announced officially.

And here goes my question, lately everyone has been only talking about making games more real on next gen consoles, but i am more interested in how the anime-like games will look in next-gen consoles, i want to see how a next game will look like using cel shaded graphics, and my question is, as game are looking more and more real, will we ever see a graphical improvement so big that we will actually be able to play games with cel shaded graphics so clean, that it will look as we are really watchin an anime??? am dying to see a Shin Megami Tensei title looking like i am watching an anime. On the othe side of the coin, do u think that we will be able to play rpg with the same graphics quality as the CG videos of Grandia III? cuz itīll be superb. Well have a nice day, angelcurio.


Anime games are already looking more and more like their TV counterparts. Look at the videos under "special" on the Fullmetal Alchemist 3 site. They're getting slowly closer and closer, and that's on PS2. PS3 and Xbox 360 will bring even more possibilities in.

As for Grandia III CG type graphics in gameplay, well, we've just got to wait and see.


What's your favorite game soundtrack? Chrono Cross is probably my favorite. There are only 2 or 3 songs I skip when I am listening to it.

What's your favorite title movie to a game? Wild Arms, Chrono Cross and Super Smash Bros: Melee are the ones I likey a lot.

Soundtrack: Too many to list, really, but um...both Chrono games are awesome work, Final Fantasy VII is a classic, Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ was impressive, Xenogears can hang, and Baten Kaitos earned a lot of my respect.
Movie: Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy XI, Suikoden III, Breath of Fire IV. I don't count Chrono Cross because it made me want to fight a big cat right after watching it. That turned out to be a pretty bad scene. A lot of kids at the zoo were throwing up that day....

Most hardcore things I've done: I did beat Kingdom Hearts in about 2.5 days and I did essentially nothing but play and sleep during those days. I also rented Earthbound about 6 times and started from the beginning every time, each time getting a little bit further. I did rent Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals and beat it in a few days.

You ever play games upside down. I'm pretty good at Super Mario Kart while I look at the screen like that. Of course, I am the best SMK player in the world, so it should be expected.

I don't remember ever listening to non-game music while playing, but I can think of a few crappy games with crappy music that I wish I would've been better off doing so.

Chronoboundgear signing off...


No, I don't play Mario Kart upside down. That messes with my head and then I start driving my real car with my orientation funny and people get killed.


Hey Heath,

Most hardcore gaming moment huh? Well, I'd have to say mine was when I got hooked on Turok for the N64. I refused to quit playing, and my friends had to tie me up with duck tape and throw me in the back yard to make me stop.



Man, your friends suck at taking hostages. I'd have tossed you in the Niagara River and let the falls do the rest.

Buried Treasure

Since im not a MMORPG fan and I thought FFX-2 was absolute garbage (tried to play it...TWICE!!) I really havent played a FF game since FFX which was like a decade ago... Luckily Shadow Hearts came along and I didnt need a new FF... Since FFXII doesnt seem to be coming out in 2005, when can we expect the new Shadow Hearts to be released in the US?!?

BTW: I usually play almost every RPG on all three consoles and have been playing them since NES days, but Shadow Hearts is the only game to break me out of my Final Fantasy fan-boy status...

Cecil Harvey


We can expect to see it whenever a publisher announces its North American localization ;)
Believe me, if I knew, you'd see it posted on RPGamer somewhere. Till then, let me add to your antsyness by mentioning the new game got a 35/40 from the Famitsu editors.

What's my name?

I remember playing Final Fantasy 3/6, which is yes the best video game created with also the worst ending ever, anyways I was playing the game for over 48 hours and loving every second and ignored ever scream from my mom such as "that f*****g game needs to be returned to the video store today" ignoring eating, going to the bathroom and anything else normal humans do, well after playing for over 2 days I decide to save for the 1st time and just as I get to menu screen.......BOOM out goes the power, and after sitting in darknesss for over a hour in shock with the feeling of someone sticking a knife in me and not letting go, I eventually soiled myself, at was at this point that I knew I was one cool hardcore video game player and this story has landed me a whole whopping amount of ZERO friends, but even to this day I still hear kefka laughing and mocking me for what happened on that dreadful day.........

Thanks for listening, your funny as hell Keith keep up the good work


1) Don't call me Keith.
2) You went that long without saving? No offense man, but you were asking for it. You might as well have been like Bruce Willis in that one part of Die Hard know, when he had to walk around in Harlem...with that sign on. Yeah. You were asking for disaster, man.



My name is Andrew and I was wondering if someone could help answer my question. In Megaman Battle network four red sun Megaman turned evil. It started off in the final battle with Shade man when I selected my Battle chips 2 Dark Swords appeared. In the eagle tournament the first match was with burner man. Again, 2 Dark Swords appeared. When I used the first one, Megaman turned evil. Can anyone advise me what to do. So I can get Megaman back to normal? I would really appreciate any advice that anyone can give me to help me out. I really want Megaman to get back to normal.

Thanks for your help,
Andrew Trumbore


You're forgetting that Mega Man Battle Network 4 is subtitled "Revenge of the Sith." That turning evil thing isn't an accident and isn't to be reversed; it's part of the plot. It's right after Megaman kills his dad, right? I think that's where you are. Minor spoiler: in Return of the Jedi, it sure does come back to bite him. He dies by electrocution from the Emperor's bolts.


Hello Heath

I guess my most hardcore gaming related moment was way back in 1997. But I warn you, it's quite the evil tale. Back then, I had the financial stability I so enjoy today. Final Fantasy was comming out the next day and I still needed 25 more dollars to buy it. I made a deal with "the mother" and accepted to lend me some money. I should have know back then... -_-... She even offered to go get the game for me.

So the next day, I get home from school. Had to wait a full 3 hours before "the mother" gets home and finally I am able to sink my teeth into the game... WRONG! She gives me the game and says "You have 15 minutes to try it out and then you have to do chores around the house" "What treachery is this?!" I asked her. She would only reply "The clock is ticking"

I ran upstairs and played all I could... the irony is that when the 15 minutes were up, I was at the exact same place as the end of the demo that came with Tobal #1 (which I had played countless time... to the point where I discovered that when you are close to levelling up, in the demo, random attacks would stop)

Around the house I worked, the next day I had to go to shool (What an awfull long day it was) then I got home and when "the mother" finally arrived, late no less. She told me I had to cut my grandma's grass before I could play.

Now it may not be the hardcore you were looking for, but that was the most hardcore moment in my life... Oh, if you want to know why I call her "the mother", let me just tell you that in 1997 I was 17 years old and for her to have a grip on me like that at 17 is testament enough of her evil powers.

So you lost. THAT's your story, getting tooled around by some female? Any woman ever treated me like that and she'd learn pretty quick that she made a mistake.

...unless it happened to be my mom ^^;; So I guess you're off the hook. Still though. Psh.

Oh yeah! With the last letter, I forgot to ask you about Saiyuki. I got this game but never played it and I wanted to know how it was. From your closing yesterday, it seems you have played it. What was it like?

~Soul Maru~


I have indeed played and cleared it. Oddly enough, I wrote a review of it over two years ago, but it's not on this site. You can check it out here though if you like. I thought it was a very well-done game. If you like tactical RPGs, don't hesitate to give it a whirl. The music gets very repetitive though, so much like I said before, turn it down and put on some of your own.

Theme music

most hardcore gaming moment. moments really. i got final fantasy 8 for a early birthday present since it came out a couple weeks before my birthday, and played through the whole game in one sitting. 22 hours. good thing you didn't have to level up. that was really a waste though. you just can't enjoy a game as much if you've already beat it. and more recently. i went through metal gear solid 3 snake eater on extreme mode without a the use of a strategy guide and beat the game in 2 hours 51 minutes, no kills, no continues, and something like 8 meals used, and no alerts. got foxhound. i'm proud of that. here's to you hideo.



I always hoped that if I were a supersecret agent like Solid Snake, my theme music would start playing before I started killing people. Like, picture a bunch of the MGS bad guys sitting around a table in a darkly lit room, making plans to blow up the white house or something, then, unannounced...

Bam, Scotland the Brave starts playing, and they all freeze. They look around at each other, most of them confused, but Revolver Ocelot knows perfectly well what's going on, and it shows on his face. "What is the meaning of this?" someone asks him. Ocelot sighs and reveals "...It's Hindman...and he's gonna represent. We're all gonna die." Then I'd drop down from the ceiling and start the show. Or maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I'd drop down and just stare at everyone till the song was finished, THEN start the show. Style points.

Old Skool

sup Heath

I have to say the most hardcore thing ive done in a game is clock up a total play time in one file of FFVII of at least 450 hours. This was partly because my second disc was defective which I only realised after i had finished the first disc. So i stayed stuck in disc one for 90 hours, during which i reached level 90 for my main group of Cloud, RedXIII and Cid and made 42 Million gil after selling some of my many unneeded mastered materias. Almost a year after finishing disc one when i was 13 i got my hands on second disc, beat the weapons, mastered knights of the round 3 times(battle count after the first mastering was 2225 taken from the sleeping dude in the mythryil cave) to get 3 master summon materia and got everyone to max out. And lucky 7's only happened once unfortunately.

As a question, how old were you when you played your first rpg. FFVII was my first, i was 11. Those days were some of the best in my life.


Unlike many people you'll find in this field of journalism, I didn't grow up with games, at least not fully. I didn't get a Super Nintendo until 1997 when they were dirt cheap and my family could afford a game system. I was 14 at the time. I played sports and adventure games exclusively. After getting a paper route the following year, I bought a PS1 and borrowed BoF3 from a friend, so I guess I was 15 when I played my first RPG. Not to get all dark and boring, but those were not the best days of my life. Though I do occasionally miss the fighting all the time, things have greatly improved since getting out of that school.


whats goin on man

ever since i started gaming up until recently i never listened to the in game music, i always threw a cd on. the intoduction of voice acting and nosie dependent game features in games like metal gear solid forced me to stop, and im glad i did. music is games today is really well done sometimes, and hell, look back at the games made for the original nes. 98% of those songs are opuses. zelda, mario, castevania, megaman, all those tunes and a heck of a lot more for that system are complete, recognizable classics, and are extremely well written. as for strange music association, i had a very strange period in my younger days maybe eight or nine years ago when i would listen to Weird Al's Dare To Be Stupid record while playing sonic the hedgehog 2 and 3, and whenever id put that record on i would be reminded of that game. something very intristic goes on in your mind, some strange connection. ever see that seinfeld where george combines food with sex, then associates one with the other? same thing.

cheers bro
matt e


Those ones you listed are definitely top notch. If you like Megaman stuff, check out the Ys: Ark of Napishtim soundtrack. Some of it sounds like it came right from the Blue Bomber himself. I generally put on a CD when my in-game music really sucks, or like in an MMORPG, when you hear it for periods of time that are soooo looooong. So for any MMO other than Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online, I'm sure to have a Winamp playlist active and minimized.

And you get points for a Seinfeld reference. Nice.

The Herpes

if it's not too late to share something on the topic of hardcore gaming.... back in the day (not so much anymore), my brother and I used to have a bad habit of quitting our RPG games halfway through, without beating them, just because we liked the storyline so much and wanted to go through it again. At one point I had practically memorized every line Terra ever uttered concerning her internal struggles and decision to join the Returners, which I suppose is kind of hardcore in itself. Anyway, my brother had maybe two half-playthroughs of FF7 under his belt, when the spring break of his freshman year in high school came around. And phew, he tired of this, much like Vargas. So he began another game as soon as Spring Break started, intent on finally beating this bad boy, and he played pretty much all day. And into the night. He didn't miss out on any sleep, but he did start going to bed later and later, and waking up at the crack of noon to fix some fish sticks and get back to fiddling with materia combinations to take down the next boss in line. He downloaded an FAQ on how to breed a gold chocobo (for KotR purposes of course), but other than that, he played the game guide-free. When we went on vacation to visit relatives, he brought the PS2 and kept hammering away to the neglect of everything else. The last dungeon took him about two days, if I remember correctly, and when he finally got to Sephiroth, he just pounded away at each form with KotR and mimicry and all those wonderful tricks. No contest. And then there was the time when, some three or four years after its release, my brother had a sleepover for the explicit purpose of beating FF6 (he had a save file ready to go at Kefka's tower). But that's another story.

-Jackson Ferrell


Spring Break is the perfect time to bullrush through an awesome RPG--way better than getting a sunburn on some crowded beach and then herpes from some ho (or if you're a girl, a "manwhore" is the one giving you the herpes). Good job by your brother there.


Greetings! Let's see now... Hard core gaming and sound association.

Usually when I'm playing something and mindlessly levelling up I'll toss something else on to occupy my mind. Not always music, but I have definite TV/Movie associations. World of Warcraft is tedious when running fetch quests or grinding away near the Crossroads, and now the game makes me think of movies such as The Life Aquatic and National Treasure.

The late, great TV Comedy Titus now brings to mind the cursed 100 floor dungeon of Final Fantasy X-2. (_nothing_ that mind numbingly annoying should be part of the overall story % totals. I would have happily skipped that dungeon otherwise)

As for my most hard core gaming moment, I'd have to say it was when I picked up FF8. I'd been hearing from everyone how easy the game was since everyone could summon right from the beginning of the game. I made it my mission to beat the game without using any summons. Whenever I picked up a new summon, I'd wait until I was free and clear on a random world map battle so I could check it out but other than that I never touched them. It really forced me to learn to use the junction system and learn the card game so I could acquire parts for weapon upgrades.

Hardcore or stubborn? You be the judge!

Shona - Slayer of Five


A lot of hardcore gaming moments seem to be centered around FF8, but I overlook that one and focus on the fact that you actually played Final Fantasy X-2. Wow. That's hardcore. I'm not sure if I could bring myself to do that. Even if I tried to use the lure of staring at the pretty girls, the fact that any given one of them would give me the clap ruins it. For those of you keeping score at home, that's the second STD I've mentioned today.

P.S. Titus rocked.

Story time

I know this is a day late, but I figured I'd share my hardcore experiences: One day I rented Paper Mario on the good ol' n64...I played, and played...I didn't get a good count on the exact number of hours, but I didn't set the controller down except to grab something to drink. All day, I played it straight from the beginning to the end. It was intense.

And then on the topic of music. I listen to non-game music more than the actual game music most of the time, actually. I'll turn on some Machinae Supremacy and play...but I suppose in a way that's cheating since a lot of their songs use a SIDStation and try to mix game music in with their own. Anyhow, I definitely prefer to throw on my own tunes.

As far as asking a question goes, you'll have to make due without one, it's getting late and I'd rather not think too much.


Playing music of your own during the Paper Mario games is an excellent idea because the music is just THAT bad. I'd rather be deaf than sit through that.

Story time

hey heath if your still here,

its good to see someone who likes the lunar series and tactics ogre. now my question was do the plan on making a direct sequel to either of those games? im a major fan of the 2, and was ashamed to see dragon song coming out for lunar, a prequel, also for the ds which disappointed me. I want the game regardless of the crappiness but im not paying... 150...200? for the ds which blows in my opinion, they should have made a lunar 3 and made it for ps2. Also tactics ogre knights of lodis i bought it and it was decent but nothing compared to the orignal, another prequel i assume, but why didnt they just make a sequel for the ps2. whats you opinion on this?

You can't spell "disappointment" without "DS," not to mention "AIDS." I also would much prefer a Lunar game to be on my TV instead of on some douchey 2-screened handheld. Did you hear that you escape from battle in that game by yelling "run" into the microphone? Oh my friggin'... Who the hell came up with that? *Imagines a board room* "Guys I have this amazing idea. Why not make players yell 'run' into the mic to escape!?" "Yeah, Larry, that sounds like a great idea." "Yeah, no one will look like a total frickin' retard yelling at their handheld game." I'm calling it right now: if some unlucky punk does that in my neighborhood, he'll be shot.

The reason for Tactics Ogre not appearing on PS2 is because it was developed by Nintendo.

p.s ive still yet to play stella deus upon the fact that the rpgamer's review basically said the hype was false. so if i bought stella deus would it infact quench my thirst for a good trpg (always the best rpgs)


Stella Deus, eh? Have you also read MY review of it though? Mine's better. I make fun of the main character more. He deserves it. What a pansy. If you want you thirst for a good TRPG quenched, either backtrack to the PS1 and get Saiyuki, pick up Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones on GBA, or get Makai Kingdom (PS2) in a week.

For those of you keeping score at home, above lies the third STD I've mentioned in this column.


Heath -

I guess this doesn't really count, as there isn't really in-game music to begin with, but I am almost always listening to random CDs and or Shoutcasts while I play Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates.

(Ahem. Yes. This is a plug, especially for you as the MMO guy. Puzzle Pirates, best MMO I have ever played! The free trial just extended to 30 days! They even have a micropayment server!

Erm. Yeah. Sorry, I've just been meaning to give that game some public love for a while. So, to remedy, a question:

Am I the only one who feels sorry for poor widdle kiddie Albedo in XS2? I just wanna give him a big ol' hug. ;_;

- Shinrai (/tell Shinrai on the Midnight Ocean!)


Arrrgh! I be tellin' me shipmates about yer Pirate game. Gyar. And don't feel bad about the plug. Some Korean guy emailed me about game without even anything legit attached to it. I wanted to respond in Korean, asking him help me with MMORPGamer, but alas, EditPad Pro won't display the characters.

To answer your question, yes. Yes you are. I more wanted to hit kiddie Albedo with a Dodge truck than hug him.

Get a Job! a TRPG, that is :D

Good day Heath,

So you want hardcore. back when i was playing FFXI i pulled many all nighters, but this one took the cake. I came home friday night at 3:00 am (saturday morning for all intensive purposes) and found that my PC was still on. being slightly impaired i decided i'd log in to FFXI and see if anyone was around. After chatting with the linkshell for a few minutes while making some juices, i got a request to bring my lvl 16 paladin to the koroloka tunnel for some leveling. I decided i would since they claimed it was empty and all they needed was a meat shield. hopped the airship from sandoria to bastok and went to korroloka tunnel. we chained those worms for a few hours without another low level party coming through and leveled 16-20, the party fell apart but by now i was sober again and been up so long that i wasn't tired, so put up my flag and worked my way to jeuno. got to jeuno and got the call from a party in qufim "our tank's leaving wanna jump in" did i ever! off to qufim fought many clippers and pugils and possibly some gobbies in delkfutt tower for 20-25. Note that it is now sometime saturday afternoon. looked outside to see torrential rain. i thought ok i'll fly to kazham and log off, caught the airship to kazham and right away got bombarded with party requests, seems no tanks were online at that time, so i figure what they heck, why stop now? into yuhtunga i go! by far the most stressful and longest part of the grind. after 7 different parties and a death (yay gobbie train!), i managed to make it from 25-30. by the time i hit lvl 30 it was around 11:00pm. so after 20 straight hours of FFXI i called it quits and logged off. never did one of those again.

Man, if I ever meet you, I will shoot you, out of respect.

anyway as for a question.
i've never really attempted a TRPGs to this point. but in reading the QnA on a regular basis I hear so much about how good they are. so... which TRPG, new or old, would you recommend for breaking my virgin self into the subgenre? preferably a game that has a story worth following.



Having read your above story, this one came to my mind without even thinking about it: Final Fantasy Tactics. You'll be able to find it for less than $20, so it's not a huge expenditure, and since you've played so much FFXI, the idea of having a job and subjob will work naturally into what you're already familiar with.

Where'd that 'e' come from?

Hi Heathe (I think?).

Music is actually one of the biggest things I notice in games (and movies too). I pay a lot more attention to music (NOT sound) than I do to graphical style or quality, for example.

So I never listen to music that's not part of the game while playing (although I have contemplated doing so while playing Civilization 3). Even when listening to the horrendous battle theme in the first part of Shadow Hearts. I have no idea what Mitsuda was thinking of there.

Which composers do you like? Yeah, boring question, I know... I like Mitsuda the best (Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Xenosaga 1 and other stuff). I also love the FFT OST and Uematsu is pretty good too. Lunar's music fun at times though sometimes too corny.

And how about favorite j-pop single from a game? My current favorites are "Pain" from Xenosaga 1 and (surprisingly) 1000 Words from FFX-2.

Zohar Gilboa


I like any composer that doesn't suck. Mitsuda, Hamauzu, Sakuraba, Uematsu, Tamura, Naruke, etc. Just not that Iwadare guy; the Radiata Stories soundtrack sucks.

I unfortunately don't know the names of many J-pop singles, so I couldn't tell ya. That "In the Sky" theme from Grandia III is fantastic though.


Hello Heath, or whoever receives this email. I haven't been keeping up with the Q and A lately, but I saw a letter in the 19th's column that struck me, in which someone noticed a similarity between Aria de Mezzo Caraterre and Aeris' Theme. I too had noticed this, as well as many other similarities between different pieces Uematsu has composed. Try listening to Sephiroth's Theme (not One Winged Angel, but the one that plays when he is around for many other parts of the game, a sort of sinister one) and the music from the Castle where you find the sealed weapons in FFV (The Sealed Book, I think. Parts of the Waltz music from FFV are also a bit like Waltz for the Moon (FFVIII), although the latter also contains heavy elements of one of the main musical themes in FFVIII, found also in such pieces as Eyes on Me and Julia's Piano solo. The Mine Music from FFIX is a LOT like the Volcano theme from FFI, but I think this may have been a deliberate remix.

Actually, I think FFIX had a few purposely redone soundtracks from older FFs. Those are just some examples I thought of offhand and I can't remember all of the official titles for the songs I listed, as I haven't listened to much FF music lately. There are more examples, I just wish I could remember them at the moment. Maybe I'll compile them all later and send them in to another Q & A host that has no idea where this topic is coming from. It seems as though Uematsu, consciously or unconsciously, draws on elements of some of his past compositions when making a score for a new FF, even other than the givens of the Fanfare, Chocobo Theme, Prologue and Prelude. I've noticed this for the longest time, but never really heard anyone else mention it, so it was neat to see it in the column.


In FF9's soundtrack, I noticed a lot of similar sounds and tones to previous games. I think I remember connecting it to 6 and 8 and some points. Whatever it sounds like, it sure did kick tail, eh?

Always scheming

Hi Rage,

After reading your column for the past couple of days Steve(the monkey) and myself have to agree that you are indeed "hardcore". And as someone of your hardcoreness we thought that you could help us make Castomels life a living hell ! We're still sore about the treatment he has given Steve and myself in the past as you can plainly see.

Any advice on a good hardcore prank that we can do on Cast is welcome! We've already gotten him kidnapped by aliens so we're not sure where to go from there.

Thanks in advance!

Oh and I find Linkin Park makes interesting background music for RPGs!

Best Regards
Christopher Beaupre


I tried pulling a fast one on him last time I was at his house. I swapped all my boring, green, American money with his mean *colourful* Canadian money. It was real funny, till I remembered that little bit about the exchange rate. The joke got less funny when I found out that Canadian money is no good anywhere in the world--even Canada. That got frustrating.


Yesterday brought a lot of letters, and today has twice that--enough to fill 4 columns. Thanks! There were two more in the inbox just as I went to write the outro that are just a hair too late for the press. Andrew will answer them tomorrow, though, and if need be, I'll email you back myself. In my exit, I thank you guys for the support and compliments. That kind of stuff is why we at RPGamer keep doing this.

One last bit on the music you associatewith games thing... I noticed a few weeks ago that the words to "False Advertising" by Bright Eyes could be applied to Cloud Strife from FF7 almost exactly. Think about it. Then maybe write in about it.

So now that you've spent all this time talking to me about times you went all out and got super hardcore on your games, twist things the other direction and write about times you've totally gotten owned.
Heath Hindman is the only one who knows what it is to burn

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