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What It Is July 18, 2005

Heath Hindman - 11:04 EST

A3 is going to end up being my death. Point and click movement in a 3D world where you have to rotate the camera every five seconds just doesn't fly. Let's answer letters.

World of Mana

Hey Heath...cliff???

I am bursting to know about World of Mana. how bout you? Now I think it will be on DS (or Revolution) and NOT the PS2 purely because of the PS2's tiny life span remaining. I also think it will be online (due to the fat clue WORLD). What do you think about it? If anything??? Could a MMO game work on a handheld?? Or would it need to be more of a Mission based affair such as Phantasy Star Online?



I'm with you there. I'd like to know more just as much as the next guy. If I had to make a system prediction, I'd bet on the DS, thought that's based on virtually nothing. Nintendo has a Secret of Mana DS page on its website, but you'd think that if the two were the same, they would have said so by now, yeah? So I dunno; it's anyone's guess. As for online play, I sure *hope* it's not an MMORPG. Something like PSO might work fine, but Mana MMO is needed.

Finally, I know there are online games with "World" in the title, but there are also some offline ones like Pac Man World, Digimon World, and probably something else. It's still too early to predict much about the game.



Just the man to answer this question. I used to play FFXI, but due to time and financial circumstances, I retired. I am thinking about getting into another MMO, but with a two year old son, a newborn son and a wife, my gaming time is sporadic at best. Is there any particular game that I can not play for a few days, and play for smaller stretches of time (ie, not for 6 hours straight), and still enjoy? Everything I have read seems to point at WoW, but I would like your opinion on whether there are any other as good or better options.

Thanks much,


World of Warcraft gives you boosted experience when you come back from a long time off, so if you're gonna work an MMORPG into a schedule involving a job and a family, that's probably the one to go with. I hate to sound like I'm tapping the common well with that answer, but that's probably the best way to go.

Guild Wars might be considered a backup plan, though you'll be playing at the loss of the ability to encounter new adventurers in dungeons and fields, so, it kinda depends on your play preference. There's no EXP bonus like WoW, but Guild Wars is free of monthly fees, so prioritize as you will.

Triple Triad

As far as I have heard/read, Dragon Quest 1-3 was a trilogy in every sense of the word. An original, a sequel and a prequel. I have also read that 3 was the end of the Loto, or Erdrick, storyline. So what my question is, have the remaining titles went the same way? If this is true, 4, 5, and 6 would all be one story. Also 7 would've been a new one while 8 continues it.

That is my main reason for asking. Should I track down 7 so that I get parts of the story for part 8?


I've been told the same as you on that trilogy matter, but can't seem to dig up anything official. They seem much more like solo games if you ask Heath, which you just did...

From what I've seen and read about Dragon Quest VIII, you don't need to play VII to get it. I talked to our resident DQ fiend Phil Bloom about this. He agreed with this view, expressing that there was nothing to gain by playing the DW's in order.

Weird Science

With a playstation to PC adapter, can you transfer your playstation game to the PC and play it?


All those .iso files had to come from somewhere. I dunno if that's how, but it might (not) be!

Also of note, if you go the reverse way with that, and include a toaster, you're halfway to building a really high-quality time machine.

Had to pull this one from MMORPGamer

I'm going to come right out and say it: I support Sony Exchange Station.

I don't play MMORPGs unless I think I can make some money off them, so this comes as great news to me. I don't play EQ2 yet but I plan on starting soon and it's good to know that they'll let me freely sell things to buyers, and those buyers don't have to be afraid of anything and neither do I. Everything is wide open and AOK with Sony so a lot more trading will get done.

This is a great idea and Everquest II is now going to go down with the same kind of legacy that the first EQ did.



There's one glitch I foresee. This is that the selling of gold and items will only be allowed on a few select "Station Exchange" servers. That's it. I haven't done intensive research on the subject, but let's think about it logically. Take a server with no one on it yet; it's empty. Now fill it up with people like you, looking to use the game as a way to make money. Many people who like buying items can already do so from eBay and IGE, and have wealthy, powerful characters on other servers. Most people on this new server are only looking to who are your buyers? Furthermore, when the buying players do come onto the server, they're going to see that forming a party and building a strong guild on this server is really hard to do. It won't be long till they realize, "Hey, wow, gameplay on this server sucks." Then they go back to that other server, leaving all those thousands of sellers without enough buyers. It might happen, it might not. If the gameplay on those Exchange servers ends up sucky, then this won't be the ground-breaking move some think it will be.


I was sitting around keeping it real yesterday, as I try to do as much as possible, and thought "Man, I'm a hardcore mofo." That brings me to the desired topic: what is the most hardcore thing you've ever done while playing games? Maybe you played FFX the whole way through without going to the bathroom. Maybe you got shot in the back while fighting Magus and just...didn't...put...down...the...controller. What was it? What gaming achievement do you brag to your friends about?

If that doesn't suit you, talk about any of the above stuff or send an original. Either way, everybody's happy.
Heath Hindman will tell you his if you tell him yours

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