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Matthew Stuckwisch - June 12th ’02- 11:55 pm Central Standard Time

So, here too, is my first time hosting Q&A. I was hired about a month ago, just in time for the great E3 frenzy. I had basically no letters around noon Central Time, so I was a little worried about how it would turn out. Seems like it did though. Not too much about me other than what’s in my bio. Oh yeah, the beginning of that Mexican film Amores Perros is a tad disturbing. The graphicness of the dog fights just creeps me out. That and how much Octavio tries to get his girl to have sex with him.

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Deus Ex: RPG or not? (part two)

In the last column some guy was talking about why Deus Ex isn’t on RPGamer. Richmond, not having played it, said it was because the game itself dosen’t classify itself as an RPG. This would be wrong, the box itself says right smack on it: blah blah role-playing something blah blah (I don’t have the box in front of me because people why geting rid of game boxes around here...grr..) And yes, I AM WELL AWARE I AM TAKING THIS TO THE WRONG DEPARTMENT, I’m merley correcting richmond.

Onward to the questions!

(1 I have a problem, nearly every game I pick up I can’t finish. I either get half way through and stop or near the end and stop. Is there anyway to get myself to finish crap for once?

(2 Where did you get your name.

(3 Why am I typing this?


1) Like richmond, I haven’t played Deus Ex. Hence I’m going to say "someone says they’ve corrected you rich ;-)

2) Guifa is the slightly modified name of a character from a Cirque du Soleil show, «O». The “official” description of him, which perfectly fits me is as follows:

Guifa: The young Sicilian boy, whose curiosity and quest for adventure transports him to a magical realm where all his hopes, fears and dreams come true. He is the willing prisoner in this kaleidoscopic domain–the witness who is everywhere and every man.
3) Yo no sé nada de las razones de Vd.

Blame Canada! (part two)

“I haven’t much to say on your, er, politically-themed letter except...
I’ve got my money on Canada. ”

Saki you fool, you have revealed too much!!!


Can you recommend a good 2 player rpg for PS2 other than Baldurs Gate: DA (Good Game) and Legend of Alon’ Dar (Bad Game)?  Are there any others?


I’m just going leave that whole Canadian mess alone, I like the whole idea of ignorance being bliss.

In terms of two player RPGs for the PS2, yes. It’s called Legend of Mana. (yeah, so it was made for PSX. It runs on a PS2 like butter on a biscuit) Oh? Good ones you say? Nevermind. ‘No.’
Disclaimer: I enjoyed Legend of Mana, but honestly, compared to the other games in the series, it played, well, not so well.

Paws would never accept these as reviews.

In 12 words or less, review the Elder Scrolls series of RPG’s from Bethesda Softworks...yeah.


have fun
dongoodman (aka CaptOblivious)

I can’t say that I’ve played Elder Scrolls because I don’t play PC games outside of and (soon) WCIII.

To try to make up for my lacking an answer, I’ve compiled some answers from other people on IRC:

  • “Way too much latitude to do as you please. Too little plot.”
  • “Heard of them, but have not played.”
  • “I have not played the game. I guess it is okay then.”
  • “Whatever it is about, it is good. I like to kick puppies.”
  • “Um... no. You’re not printing that.”
  • “Turkey caffiene.”
Um...the answers seem to be getting less and less helpful, so I think I’ll stop getting them now. I suppose it’s just a good series that a lot of people haven’t played.

Now a days, everything is being researched, RPG battle systems included

I’m doing research for a college project on computer game system interfaces. I was wondering if some of the editors, readers, etc. could help me identify RPG’s that had excellent interfaces for battle systems, etc.

The basic idea is just to study the battle systems and UI of some of ‘best’ RPG’s out there. Since some battle systems are really complex, I was interested to see which ones people liked the best.

Thanks for all of your help,

Doug Wolff

Whoa, this is a pretty cool sounding project. Good to know games are no longer seen as things that require no thought. Some battle engines I’ve seen are so ridiculously complex I only use half of the engine (Ogre Battle 64 ... legions were too much work for too little good). I too would like to request that all of you out there (yes, that includes everyone of you who didn’t send in a question last night) send a message to Doug here to help him out with his project. If you do, FireMyst has a shiny nickel waiting for you, just ask him for it.

Square games and manga

Fwee! I have a few questions to ask of you people...well, gee, here they are:

1. Will the Final Fantasy XI PC version come to America? I think it would make everything a LOT easier for us, and for Squaresoft, if they did

2. Who is the publisher for that Puppet Princess of Marl’s Kingdom manga? I can’t import it unless I know who published it!

3. Who do YOU think is going to VA as Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts?

4. Okay, I heard the FF7-9 remakes were all just some rumors gone haywire. Well, I don’t think so entirely. Don’t you guys think that in a couple years they’ll finally do it, or at least make a sequel to FF7?(they’re making one for 10!) I mean, they "remade" FF4-6 AND Chrono Trigger. Shouldn’t they start on FF7, FF8, and FF9 anytime soon?

5. Are they going to bring(or make if they haven’t already) FF1-3 remakes to America any time soon? Like on the GBA or something?

1. Okay, while it may make it easier for you, I disagree that it will make it easier for Squaresoft. You’ve forgotten Fundamental Problem #1 of producing games for PCs, and that is that there are thousands and thousands of possible hardware/software/firmware/etc combinations that makes it a living hell to provide tech support. Having said that, in all likelyhood, FFXI for the PC should ship in North America; I’d say it’s about a 99% chance.

2. Unfortunatly, I don’t read much manga and the only results with which I could come up with various searches on the web were games or game soundtracks. erhaps

3. Hearts? I haven’t payed too much attention yet since I don’t have a PS2 yet. *looks through some stuff* Hmm...I’ll have to go out on a limb and say <insert random female actress>

4. The FFVII-IX remakes were not rumors. However, due to a myriad of problems, Square canceled the project. I suppose that after the sequel to FFX, they could do one for FFVII. My guess is that since FFX is fresher on their minds right now they are planning on doing it immediately; don’t be surprised if FFVI or FFVII get the next special treatment. However, FFIV-VI and CT weren’t remakes. They were direct (and rather shabby) ports, that is, unless of course, the FMV at the beginning/end makes them completely different somehow. (read: it doesn’t). They’ll start on FFVII-VIII when they feel that the money is there for it to be worthwhile. But I think they’ve got more than enough problems with FFXI.

5. To quote one of my favorite traditional Spanish songs, «Quizás, quizás, quizás». That’s to say, perhaps so, perhaps not. Square and Nintendo have made up, but whether or not FFI-III will be released on the GBA is anyone’s guess at this point. The WSC already has the in Japan, but I have no idea how well they’re selling (or how much money Bandai may be giving Square to support its little handheld system).

Shadows and hearts and....spoilers.

Hi Guifa!!!
I’ve never asked a question on a web site before, but the guys that did it yesterday seemed in need of some real questions.  So, here it is....I’ve played through Shadow Hearts 1.7 times now and I can’t seem to find the alternate ending to the game. 

Shadow Hearts spoiler!!!!

What I’m looking for is the ending were the female lead DOESN’T DIE!!!  I mean that’s fine and all for the first time through but I don’t need that kind of thing on my consciense twice.

Hoping for Help,

P.S. In case you noticed I’m beyond help with my spelling problem but it’s the thought that counts.

Okay, from what I can read pull from this FAQ I’m looking at (having not played the game myself), you have to do something close to the following:

Read the Oath Grail you got at the London Rat’s Hideout. Get Malice to Red. You’ll fight some masks where pocket watches don’t work. The gold one can’t be hurt by physical attacks, the staff by special attacks. Kill the masks, and they’ll run away. Kill them again (they’ll be much weaker). Go to the graveyard and examine the gravestone there. Doing all three supposedly gets you the good ending.

Not having played it, and with no one I know having played it for an extended period of time, I can’t verify that this is exactly what you want; if it’s not, I’m sure our next Q&A guy or a reader can fill you in with more details. Sorry if I’m not being helpful at all.


I finally made it onto the staff! Can I have a cookie!






Finish that update and you can have a little nibble.

What’s your favorite kind of music?


Hmm...close call, but right now I’m jammin’ to some trance, at present Castles in the Sky (Peter Luts Remix) by Ian van Dahl on Massinova.

Why does my roommate watch the movie Armageddon five times a week? It isn’t even new!

I haven’t seen it once yet. I saw Deep Impact instead :D Might want to try, oh, I don’t know, smashing his DVD? They can’t be THAT hard to break *doesn’t attempt*

What animal left bones in our boat and paw prints on the boat’s windshield?

I would have said my little evil tree sprites since they killed Geothermal and I told them to dispose of the bones, but I could have sworn my little evil tree sprites didn’t have paws. Ah well.

Well, that was quite interesting. I’m about to fall asleep becuase of many multiple things, but oh well. Oh yeah, after the beginning of Amores Perros, the dog fights stop and for the next hour or so the plot follows two completely unrelated couples (or so you think until you get to the last 30 minutes of the movie). It was such a sad movie too, good, but horribly tragic all the way through.

Matthew “I’m Sleeping My Day Away” Stuckwisch

Quod fuit est sicut quod erit. Et quod erit est sicut quod erit.

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